Real Money Streams Review: Is It a Scam?

Skeptical about Real Money Streams? Does the idea of earning $500/a day completing simple tasks sound realistic?

Is this another scam to avoid like all the others? In this Real Money Streams review I'll do my best to examine the product and share my personal opinion. 

Continue reading to see what I think about Real Money Streams.

​Real Money Streams Review: 

Rating: 20 out of 100

Pros: ​Small collection of training material and eBooks. You can also get a refund from Click-bank. 

The Cons: ​Far too much hype. Redirects you to online job boards and survey websites. Expensive. Outdated training material. 

The Bottom Line: Not a recommended product. If you're really looking for something to build an income-generating website, hit the button below. 


What is ​Real Money Streams About? 

Real ​Money Streams is a Clickbank product that is supposed to teach you how to find simple tasks to complete and earn money online​.

It provides you with links to resources you can use to find some quick work online. Most of the work is in the form of gigs or small jobs, as well as surveys and other tasks. 

How Do You Make Money? 

You make money with Real Money Streams by signing up to other platforms and looking for work on them. It's about finding a real online job. 

They recommend a host of gig-style platforms where you can advertise your services or respond to requests. One of the websites they recommend is Amazon's Mechanical Turk, a platform where you can complete simple tasks for a few cents here and there. 

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Overall, Real Money Streams doesn't actually show you how to make money, although there are some advanced training that teaches you the basics of setting up an affiliate website.

Real Money Streams website headline

What You Need to Know:

After trying out Real Money Streams, there are a few things I need to share with you. The product itself is more like a portal to other websites, it doesn't have much value on it's own.

Is that worth $37? Not to me.

Real Money Streams checkout price, total $38.85

Another issue is the blown out of proportion income claims. They say it's possible to earn $7,000 a month and more, the skies the limit. The truth is you can probably make a decent amount of income with a real online job, but not the ones Real Money Streams recommends. 

What the product recommends are small gig-like tasks, for a few dollars here and there, which is no where near the amount they advertise on their website. Good for online pocket change but that's about it.

The platforms Real Money Streams recommends are usually affiliate links to survey websites. In other words, when someone signs up to a survey site through their link, they earn some cash. Nothing wrong with that, although most of the survey sites they recommend aren't good in the first place.

On the other hand: 

There is some training material in the member's area. There is one section called Advanced Method, which walks you through the basic steps of creating an affiliate website.

​There are also a few eBooks and video training thrown in, one eBook is called Blogging Professional which is about the basic methods bloggers use to make money online. There are also some videos about marketing on social media, Twitter in particular.

Overall, the bonus training is okay, nothing amazing although not bad, although it could use an update.

Image that links to a free course to learn online marketing.

Is Real Money Streams a Scam? 

Although I'm not happy with this purchase, I honesty don't think Real Money Streams is a scam. Yes, it is a little misleading and the value inside the member's area isn't great. 

Nevertheless, they do deliver something and I can see how total beginners can benefit from the training material. In short, Real Money Streams is not a scam. It's also not something I recommend.

Would I change anything about this product? Absolutely!

​What I Would Change: 

​If I was the owner of Real Money Streams, I would make a few immediate changes:

For one, I would beef up the value. Throw in more training videos, case studies, and show actual proof of the money that can be earned. Update all the outdated strategies and links. 

Secondly, I would clean up all the dead links, and only recommend survey platforms I know pay well. 90% of survey platforms pay peanuts and are not even worth thinking about.

Third, I would make some videos that teach people some skills they can advertise on those gig websites, like Fiverr and what not. Oh, and I would cut down all the hype and crazy-income claims.

I think if Real Money Streams makes those changes, it could be a much better product, because at the moment it lacks a lot of value.

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​Real Money Stream Pros: 

​Having said that, here's what I liked: 

1. Good Amount of Training Material:

​As mentioned earlier, there are some videos and eBooks included in the package. This extra material can be useful for beginners, but I feel like there's much better training out there

2. On Click-bank, Refund Policy:

The good news is the product is hosted by Click-bank so you can contact them for a refund if you feel you got scammed. Click-bank usually refunds orders within a few days. 

​On the Flip-side: 

​Besides the points mentioned already, there are some more downsides we need to talk about.

1. Very Outdated Strategies:

Most of the strategies were based on what worked in 2010, and since then things have changed quite a lot. They recommend strategies like using article directories for backlinks to boost your site rankings, and what not. These strategies are dead.

If you need help understanding back-links? Check out this post to get 5 Solid Strategies to Build Backlinks that will boost rankings in Google. 

2. Expensive, for What it Is:

​I felt like whoever made the product quickly threw together some PLR eBooks and links to online job boards and called it a day. The quality is quite low, and I feel like the price is far too much for what they offer. 

​Do I Recommend Real Money Streams? 

​I'll say this, I wasn't impressed with Real Money Streams. It felt like another run-of-the-mill internet marketing course that everyone is making nowadays. Nothing new or original.

Not a scam, but not a good product either. Felt rushed and like the owner was only looking to make a quick buck, not interested in actually helping people make money online. It's a shame, really. 

So is there a better alternative out there? As a matter of fact, there is one. My recommended training center walks you through all the steps required to build a successful online business. The best part is the community is active and the training material is regularly updated. You've got all the Support, Tools and Resources in one place. Plus no stinking Up-Sells. Gotta love that!

​Thanks for taking the time to read this Real Money Streams review. If you have any questions feel free to leave them below. 

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