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What are the reasons people fail to make money online?

Most people fail because of a combination of the following; unrealistic expectations and the lack of proper education, support, and training.

Let’s face it, most everyone would love to be able to make good money online.

To have the freedom of being able to work from home or the ability to work and travel is incredible. Not to mention avoiding some of the hassles of  of the daily 9 – 5 grind.

To get to this level of freedom in one’s life, let’s take a look at the reasons people fail to make money online.

Hopefully you can use this post to inspire you to take on the behaviors of those that succeed online.

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3 Reasons People Fail To Make Money Online

Not Taking Their Online Business Serious:

What I see with most new online entrepreneurs is unrealistic expectations for the amount of time, effort, and dedication they are willing to put into their goal to…work and make money online.

Most people want to make money right away, and although this is a natural way of thinking when entering into a job, this is highly unrealistic when starting a new business.

Online or Offline – Doesn’t Matter.

When we take a typical hourly wage job, we know the deal. We go to work at a set hourly rate and work X amount of hours per week.

It’s a simple and straight forward process.

But when we start a new career, we need to enter an educational system in order to learn the career.

Makes Sense.

And so we enroll in a university or training program not expecting financial compensation.

Instead, we expect to lose money from the cost of tuition as well as loss of income from not working while attending classes, studying, etc.

So before one decides to see if working online is the right fit for their life, they need to go into it with the same expectations as if they were going to go to college to learn a new profession.

Not Investing Enough Time:

When people enter the online money making business, they think that it’s something that’s going to be easy, that they’re going to make money right away.

This is exactly what Online Scams prey on.

Everyone wants to make fast and easy cash online.

People who fail to make money online do so because they fall for these types of scams that advertise things like..

Make $9,700 per Month with Our Automated Income System!

This is what we want to hear, so we check it out.

Usually it involves some sort of ridiculous monthly fee or huge one time payment only to enter the scam program and be bombarded with up-sells and bogus systems that don’t work.

People are then left bitter and angry and leave their online money making dreams behind.

Here’s the Reality:

The reality is that to become a website developer, internet marketer, or create your own unique website that makes money, you need to understand that it’s going to take time to develop your skills and knowledge.

But the cool thing about making money online that’s different from a traditional education is that you can begin to make money online while you are learning.

Earn While You Learn: Here’s How I Do It >>

You can usually start to make money online within 1 – 6 months while your are attending your school or educational program.

This is much better in my opinion than going to university and waiting 2 – 8 years before being able to earn ANY kind of money from your desired profession.

Lack of Proper Education and Support:

This is probably the most important factor as to why people fail to make money online.

There is so much bad information along with poor educational programs on the internet these days.

I’m talking about Online Scams, MLM’s (multilevel marketing), and Pyramid Schemes out there that provide horrible information to people.

They prey on peoples lack of education or strong desire to improve their financial situations by making fast and easy cash online.

I know a ton of people who make awesome online income and each one of them has a one thing in common.

They have the ability to create websites, services, or promote a product that provides a beneficial service to someone.

If you can create a website or online service that helps people accomplish something, you’ll be very successful online.

Think about successful online companies that you know, what do they do, what service do they provide? If you take a moment to think about it, you’ll find this to be true.

And when you look at traditional courses at Universities you’ll find over priced educational systems that are typically taught by someone who knows the theory, but has never really made there own successful online business.

News Flash: You want to learn how to make money online from people who have already been successful at creating their own online business.

Have you ever heard the saying, Those who can, do; those who can’t, teach. Just a little something to think about.

Need Some Inspiration on Education?

Check out my friend Jerry. He’s 21 and crushing it online. Quit college and took up an online educational program instead.

He was able to develop a website that is bringing him a consistent 4-Figure monthly income.

Plus he lives in Taiwan. Do you know how much a couple thousand dollars goes in Taiwan? Check out a few of his blogs by hitting the photo below. His check last month (not shown below) was over $4,600. Pretty cool!

An image that links to a college drop out success story on Wealthy Affiliate.

Perspective From an Experienced Internet Marketer:

Thanks for the chance to weigh in on this topic Todd!

Like you, I’ve been an Internet Entrepreneur for years, and honestly, I fell close to what you’ve described.

But, it was only when I shifted my mindset that turned me around.

Here’s my take on why people fail: LACK OF CONSISTENCY

For me, and many others, earning the first dollar online is the toughest milestone that many didn’t achieve.

It’s difficult, it’s tough, it’s unjustified, and you don’t even know that you’ll earn any money, but you have to put in hundreds of hours without any promises.

To put it simply, many people just aren’t prepared to be an entrepreneur.

An entrepreneur is someone who is so passionate about their business that they didn’t mind sacrificing their time for that little idea they had, even if there is no guarantee for their success.

Success won’t come overnight, and it is through consistent efforts that build on. You’ll never know when success will come, and honestly, this is why people give up.

My secret to being consistent is NOT to think about “success”, but focus on what really matters, which is the reason that you entered the business (to serve the people).

Along the way, you will face with many obstacles (even your mind and body could tell you to stop), and successful people find a way to overcome it, while the failures submits to the temptation.

Compliments from Jack with

What’s Next? A Solid Online Education

If you’ve ever visited my site before, you’ll know that my goal and focus of this site is to HELP people build profitable online businesses.

I spend a great deal of time reviewing online programs and teaching people things like…

I’ve reviewed 100’s of online money making programs and you’re welcome to check out my reviews at your leisure.

I really have only a handful of programs that I believe are rock-solid educational programs that will help you with your online goals.

Take a Look at the Tools I Personally Use:

2 Essential Educational Systems You Need To Get Started

The best and most all inclusive online educational program to build websites and create your own online business is a company called Wealthy Affiliate (WA).

They’ve been in the Make Money Online Industry for over 10 years and have helped 1,000’s of people create their own online money making businesses.

WA has a structured educational program with 1,000’s of hours of content in the form of online training videos, Webinars, and tutorials.

An image showing the first ten lessons inside Wealthy Affiliate's training center.

Plus they have amazing community support!

My second program you need is more for finding keyword competition, website rankings, and is really complimentary to those who already have a good understanding of how to put up websites, but need help on learning how to get their sites to rank in order to bring in website traffic.

The logo for the Jaaxy keyword research tool.

This keyword tool is called Jaaxy, you can enter and try it out for free as well, and they have training videos on how to use the tool to help you once you’ve got the foundation of your website established.

If you’re serious about making money online, I’d recommend both, but would encourage you to start first with Wealthy Affiliate.


I’ve investigated and used several programs to make money online and I encourage you to use the information presented here if you are serious about creating your own online business.

If you’re looking for just a regular job online like data entry, online surveys, or PTC (pay to click) websites, you’re going to find it to be a challenge to make any real money.

Most of these types of jobs earn less than minimum wage.

When it really comes down to it, if you want to make money online, you need to think about creating your own online business.

And if that is the case, start with a proper online education and make sure you have at least a couple of extra hours per day that you can work on your online business.

If you have any questions, please leave me a comment below and I’ll respond back asap. If you know anyone that might benefit from this post, please share it via the social share buttons below.

Well, I hope you understand the reasons people fail to make money online and I really hope you can benefit from my experience in the online world.

Best of luck,

Need Help Making Money Online?

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