Should I Buy Identity Theft Protection? Consider This…

Should I buy identity theft protection? Do I really want to invest in a protection company to keep my confidential information safe?

Is identity theft really something I should worry about?

Identity theft, in a nutshell, is the use of another person’s identity to gain credit and other financial advantages.

Besides losing money, identity theft could make it more difficult for you to get insurance, a loan, a mortgage, and even a job.

But how to prevent it from happening?

More and more people looking to keep their personal information safe are turning to identity theft protection and insurance for help.

Before you go shopping for an identity theft protection service, know this…

No Identity Theft Protection is Full Proof:

It is important to note that these type of products will not completely prevent identity theft.

In fact, there is no full proof method to prevent this crime from happening.

However, it does help prevent it. Plus, many identity protection services offer an insurance policy to cover you financial loses.

And that’s why an identity theft protection service can be useful.

But not all products are made equal.

So, in this article, I will show you what the best identity theft protection service is for you.

But first up, let’s answers this question…

Should I Buy Identity Theft Protection?

To properly answer this question for yourself, you will want to know what identity theft protection actually does.

Of course, services will vary from product to product. But, they all generally offer the same thing.

Here’s a quick run down of what to expect with most ID Protections Services:


Most protection services will monitor your files with at least one of the official credit reporting agencies. These are ExperianEquifax and TransUnion.

Some companies take the extra step and monitor your credit card and bank accounts. There are even a few products that include monitoring the black web and/or sex offenders in your area.


Obviously, the alerts and monitoring services go hand in hand. If there are any unauthorized changes or uses of your credit card, social security number, bank account, etc, then your identity protection service will notify you.

The alerts usually come in the form of emails or instant message.

Credit Reports:

The credit reporting agencies in America are required by law to give you a credit report every year. However, a report per year simply doesn’t cut it.

Getting more regular reports can help you catch credit or identity fraud faster. This will reduce the amount of damage done.

Monetary Loss Coverage and Recovery:

All respectable protection services will include an insurance plan into their product.

If you become a victim of identity theft you could receive a maximum insurance payout anywhere between $1 million to $5 million USD.

However, you will want to read the fine print, as they usually only cover certain types of “loss”. Besides having insurance, they will also help you get your files in order.

Customer Support:

You can usually determine whether a product is good or not by their customer support.

If they offer professional, friendly, around the clock support, then they are typically a company you can trust.

On the other hand, if you are constantly on hold, and only have a few hours every week where you can call their support, then I advise you choose a different product.

What You Can Do Yourself to Protect Your ID?

ID Theft protection services aren’t essential as there is a lot of things you can do yourself to protect sensitive information.

For instance, the very first thing you should do, if you suspect your identity has been stolen, is to freeze your credit files.

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You usually only have to pay a small fee to unfreeze your account again. It may even be a free service depending on your credit card company.

There are also a lot of free services that allow you to keep track of your credit score and reports. This will allow you to monitor for fraudulent activities yourself.

Furthermore the federal government also offers a recovery plan, that is entirely free.

However, if you decide that you want something that is more convenient and arguably more safe, then Identity Theft Protection is for you.

Which Identity Theft Protection is Best?

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There are several services that outshine all the rest.

However, after much research, we’ve concluded that ID Shield (Legal Shield) deserves the title as the best identity theft protection service.

The reason behind this is that it offers many features at a very low price.

With this product you have access to basic services such as bank and credit card monitoring, recover assistance, credit reports, credit bureaus monitoring, etc.

Thrown in to the plan are alert systems for sex offenders in your area and data breaches. You are also given a password manager for free.

To top it off they have a professional customer service that is available most of the time.

They also of course have recovery plans, and you will receive assistance from qualified professionals.

While most companies have a maximum amount of $1 million USD for recovery insurance, ID Theft’s maximum amount is $5 million.

They also offer the best family identity theft protection. At only $24.95 USD a month for the family plan, you can cover two adults and up to 8 kids.

Check out our review on Legal Shield/ID Shield to learn more about this product.

If you are looking just for a personal plan, then that will cost you $9.95 USD a month.

Keep in mind, that most other identity theft protection services cost more than twice that amount ever month.

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The Bottom Line on Identity Theft Protection!

There are a good deal of things you can do yourself to protect your identity. 

People choose identity theft protection services because they like the idea that someone is keeping an eye out for any suspicious behavior.

It also is a life saver to have an experienced company work on restoring your identity! 

If you do choose to buy a protection product, it is always a good idea to read the fine print.

This way you will know what to expect.

With that being said, answering the question “Should I buy identity theft protection?” is entirely up to you.

But, I hope that this article will help you make a better, more informed decision.

Want more info? Check out our recent post on the best identity theft protection service.

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