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Hello, Future Online Entrepreneur!

My Name is Todd.

I have been making a steady four-figures every month from affiliate marketing! 

Let me show you something real quick...

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Here are some of my affiliate commission checks for June, 2018...

learn to grow wealth online homepage image

Guess how many hours I worked in June? 

A Grand Total of 10 HoursThe Whole Month!

How Cool is That?  

Pretty SWEET. 

But I didn't make that overnight. It takes time. 

The real reason I made such good money online without doing that much work is because I put in the work years ago. Yes, this paycheck was a few years in the making!


That's one of the greatest advantages to building a niche website based on Affiliate Marketing.

Here's a Secret:

"The Work You do once can Pay You time and time again."

And that's why I love building niche websites as a way to not only bring in a monthly paycheck, but to actually build a Passive Income source as well.  Money always coming in...

This Is The Single Training Program That I Attribute To My Online Success.

And I'm Not Alone...

What Other Members Say About Wealthy Affiliate:

Get ready to take your first steps towards building your own online business. Lesson 1 is going to help you understand how the whole process works. It will be the base on which you build your online business to start earning an income. Work your way through the lessons and ask questions when you get stuck.

Strap in cause it's about to get interesting.

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"Wealthy Affiliate is where I got started online, and it helped me lay the foundations for growing a 7 figure business.

While I can't say that 100% of my success came from just one training centre, I can absolutely say that without WA I probably wouldn't have ever even tasted any of that success."

Notice these are real Wealthy Affiliate testimonials.  I've included their websites for your reference.

How I Make Daily & Passive Income Online:

This might surprise you. Ready for my secret? 

All I did was build a niche website with the intention of helping people.

That's it! That's My Secret.

But Todd, That Doesn't Sound Hard. 

And You're Right.

All I did was follow a proven path  to online success.

Thankfully, I didn't have to do it alone. I found the education I was looking for at a training center called Wealthy Affiliate. 

I completed every single class they offered, and completed every task to the best of my ability.

It wasn't long before I started making online sales. I continued the training until I completed their program.

The End Result? 

I Learned Some Amazing Skills.
Skills that allow me to generate a consistent, and ever-growing
- online income. 

And You Can Too.  

Here's What You Can Learn How To Do... 

  • Bring Internet Traffic to whatever Product You want to sell online.
  • Take that Traffic and turn it into Online Sales and Long Term Customers.
  • Scale the business to reach any income level You desire
  • check
    Create "Systems" (so you can eventually hire-out the work to make more money on auto-pilot)
  • check
    And Much Much More.

Wash, Lather, Rinse, and Repeat... 

Let me ask you a question: 

How Much Money do You Want to Make Online?

$100 dollars a day? 

What about $1,000?
Could you earn $10,000 dollars per day?

The Sky's the limit when it comes to online business.

What is Affiliate Marketing? 

The term "Affiliate Marketing" is the act of promoting someone else's product or service for a commission.
In theory, it's quite simple, and you'll find tons of high-profile online retailers with affiliate programs.
For example, Amazon has an affiliate program. Walmart does too.

Even tech-giants like Apple and Microsoft have affiliate programs. 
The idea is to find a suitable program and use your website as a tool to promote it.
Your job is to send people to an offer. That's it. 

Be Realistic:

You're sick of claims like, "Earn 6-Figures in 1 Hour on Auto-Pilot Without Lifting a Finger!"

We see these claims all over the place, and unfortunately a lot of people fall for them. 

Scams are rampant. Here, we keep things realistic. Facts over hype. 

And here's the best part:

Once you learn the basics of how to build your site, the results can come in pretty fast. 


You're not going to make money right away, let's be realistic. I think I made my first $1.00 about 3 WEEKS into it.

You'll find, as you continue to build something of value,  your online business will snowball.

As you continue to add layers to your online business, the snowball effect grows larger and larger

Until you're bring in a steady stream of cash. 

Here's the Kicker: 

When you set up your website correctly, it's easy to bring in warm (free) traffic.

Traffic that is already interested in whatever you  want to sell online. Buyer Intent. 

Then it's just a matter of connecting that traffic with a quality product or offer. 

And you're on your way to making online sales!

Not too complicated, right?

See what new students say about 

Working with wealth affiliate...

Click on the photo to read each individual blog post

learn to grow wealth online homepage image
learn to grow wealth online homepage image

Turn a Niche Website Into ANY Kind of Online Business...

The cool thing about this industry is any website has the potential to bring in income.

There's always something to promote. 

You could make a website about any subject, and it has potential to bring in cash.

Other Ways to Make Money From Your Website: 

  • 1
    Email Marketing
  • 2
    YouTube Ad-Rev, Make a Channel
  • 3
    Write Books, Sell Them
  • 4
    Sell Advertising Space
  • 5
    Create a Physical Product
  • 6
    Offer a Service
  • 7
    And Much More. 
There's no limit to what you can do online. The only limit is one's imagination.

Starting a Niche Website is the perfect way to get started online.

Especially since there's very little risk involved.

Meaning You DON'T Have To...

  • Buy and Ship Products from Overseas.
  • Deal with Customer Service.
  • Depend on Your Suppliers for Quality Control and Consistent Income.
  • check
    Risk money on products that May or May Not Sell.

Is it Hard to Build a Website?

This is where most people get stuck. They think building a website is far beyond their abilities.
Here's the best part: 

In today's word, you can make a website in about 30 seconds. That's it.
It's so easy to make a website, and even easier when you've got someone there to Hold Your Hand.

Literally, it's Like Taking Baby Steps...
Wealthy Affiliate Includes a Free Website Builder called Site Rubix.
To build a site, click on the theme you want, and fill in the details. 
That's it. Boom. Done. You Have a Site.

Now, as you build out your site, and learn how to structure your sales content, you will want feedback and advice. 
And that's what's perfect about having the support of the Wealthy Affiliate Community.
If you're stuck, fire off a message into the public chat.

Ready to Go? Here's What You Need to Do Now:

Excited? I know I was when I first got started online.

The best part: Everything is in one place; tools, training, support, everything you need to run start and run a profitable online business. 

What you need to do know is just follow the steps.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does Wealthy Affiliate have any up-sells? Is there anything else I'll need to buy?

No. There are no up-sells in Wealthy Affiliate. There are only two memberships:


  1. Starter - Completely Free. No Credit Card Required. 
  2. Premium (Recommended) - Paid Membership. Unlocks access to every feature (including hosting) and all training material. ($49/month or $359/year or $1 dollar per day). 

2. What about the Hidden Fees? Is there any in Wealthy Affiliate?

No hidden fees. But you will have to pay for a domain name which is usually between $14 - 16 a year. 

3. What Do I Get Inside with my Wealthy Affiliate Membership?

Wealthy Affiliate is the absolute best online business center out there, so a membership includes a lot. 

Here's a peak at what is inside: 

  1. Online Entrepreneur Certificate Course 
  2. Web Hosting (25 sites)
  3. Website Builder (Site Rubix)
  4. Keyword Research Tool
  5. Unlimited Tech Support
  6. Access to the Community (Make friends, inspire, network) 
  7. Access to Weekly Webinars
  8. And a Whole Lot More! 

4. How Much Money Can I Make?

The amount you can earn entirely depends on how much effort you put in. What a website needs to make money is traffic, and to get traffic you need to write articles and/or produce videos and market your website. That takes work and time. But soon you'll notice your earnings are compounding each month. Chances are the first month won't bring in any cash, the second might not either.

This is where most people abandon their sites because they assume it's pointless. Be patient. As long as you're following the right advice and building the site, the results will come in. It might take awhile, but they'll come. You could make $0 one month, and the next $100, then $1,000, and... the sky is the limit.

The cool thing about online businesses is once they're making cash you can re-invest the cash into the business to grow it even further.

And that's where amazing things happen. 

5. How Long Does it take for Me to See Results?

As I mentioned in the previous answer, it depends on how much effort you put into your business. I get it. We want fast results. In every industry people ask these questions, and the answer is almost always the same. In the fitness industry people ask how long it takes to burn fat or transform their body to  world-class Bodybuilder champion levels. You have to work on it. 

It also depends on the niche you target and the product you choose to promote as an affiliate, as well as your source of traffic. Some niches are extremely competitive and difficult to break into, while others are easy to start in. Typically, if your niche is not too competitive, and you regularly write articles/promote your website, the sales could be right around the corner.

But it's best not to give yourself a time-frame. Just stick with the plan; the sales will come when they come. 

Got Questions? 

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Once you create an account with Wealthy Affiliate, if you have any questions you can contact me via my personal profile.