5 Best Free Stock Photo Sites – Without Pesky Registrations

The 5 best free stock photo sites to use without having to deal with pesky registrations.

It’s no doubt that an image can often times illustrate a situation better than words.

If you own a blog or a website, you want to put up high quality photos to captivate your audience without paying an arm and a leg for them.

A stock image of a bicycle parked next to a garage.

Today I will show you the 5 best free stock photo sites that I use to find my photos.

Note: you don’t want to use Google images for fear of legal problems or copy right violations, don’t do this, just read ahead and you’ll get all the great photo sites you’ll ever need.

Including free Google images 🙂

As I was researching websites to write this article, I found more than 20 good websites that offer free quality photos.

However, if you’re like me, you want to find photos quickly without wasting time with registrations.

So this article reviews my top sites to pull free high quality stock photos where you DON”T have to register to use their photos for free.

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Best Free Stock Photo Sites: Update

After years of writing website content and using photos for visual references, I have got my system down to where I mostly use Google Advanced Image Search.

I have developed a simple system to find photos, and then I use Picresize.com to decrease the actual size or cop the photo.

To optimize all your photos by reducing their file size, use TinyPNG.com

Both these can be used together to fully optimize your photos.

Photo Sizes for Blogs and Online Businesses:

Try to keep my photo file size as follows…

  • Background Images – try to keep the file size around or below 10KB.
  • Banners or Header images – try to keep the file size less than 60KB.
  • High End Photographs – try to keep the file size to or below 100KB.

In general, I try to keep the photos under 40KB’s, the smaller the size the quicker your site will load.

Below I have added a video walk through on how I go about this process.

Please have a look so that you can see how efficient my system is for obtaining new photos for any website.

5 Best Free Stock Photo Sites:


A screenshot from Photo Pin, one of the best free stock photo sites. Photopin.com provides an easy platform to search for whatever type of photos you may be looking for.

You just have to put your topic in the search box, and they provide thousands of photos for you to view.

The first two rows of pictures are sponsored by Shutterstock photos.

But after that you have thousands of photos to look through to find the right photo for your website.

All the photos in this picture above are free photos for the subject of Coffee.

They have a nice preview feature that allows you to take a closer look at the photo. Once you find the photo you want, you hit get photo.

Most photos just require you to copy & paste the photo contributors link to the bottom of your webpage. You can save the photo as an image in your picture folder and done, too easy.


A stock image of a bowl of honey taken from Unsplash.

If you’re looking for incredible professional stock photos, check out Unsplash.com.

You just go to their website and scroll down to look through hundreds of super high quality photos.

Once you find the photo you like, just right click on it and press save the image as option.

They have a download button option, but my method is faster with the same results.

Save it to your Pictures folder, and then upload it to your website.

The only drawback with Unsplash.com is that they don’t have a search option.

You just have to scroll down to find a photo you like.

So that can slow your search process down, but for high resolution photos, it’s worth the extra time.


A macro picture of colorful puzzle pieces.

Kavewall.com is another great site to find professional macro photography.

So if you’re looking for high quality detailed photos, Kavewall is your source.

There are 18 categories to choose from, and the quality of the photos is superb.

The site is easy to browse.

You should definitely bookmark this site in your browser.


A screenshot from Stockvault showing a search bar for stock images.

Stockvault.com offers close to 46,000 free photos and has a great platform that is easy to navigate and loaded with great photos.

The only drawback with Stockvault is that most of their photos are smaller in size.

So you don’t get the super high quality photos that can be enlarged to fit the entire web page.

This is fine for placing photos on the right side of an article. But if you want them to fit the entire page, look at Kavewall, Unsplash and Imagebase.


A picture of a cup of coffee with a bookshelf in the background. Imagebase.net offers absolutely free high resolution photos. So if you’re looking for great quality professional stock photos, check them out as well.

Imagebase photos are mostly taken by David Niblack, a professional photographer. And his photos can be freely used for personal, commercial, non-profit, artistic, and creative purposes.

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Conclusion on Free Stock Photos:

There are around 25 sites to get free stock photos for your website or blog.

These 5 sites (plus the Advanced Google Search) are in my opinion the best way to get free stock photos for whatever photos you are looking for to express your creativity.

It’s no fun to spend hours of your time looking for the right photo.

There are thousands of free low quality photos out there, but if you want to streamline the process and get the winners right away, check out the above sites and the video, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

Feel free to leave a comment below about which site is your favorite stock sites and I’ll get back to you right away.

And please share this article with anyone you know who might need help finding free quality photos for their own website, blogs, or social networks.

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