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October 13, 2020

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Wondering what is a Gigwalker? Gigwalk is an app that you can use to earn money completing various tasks outdoors. But is it worth your time? Is this one different? In this Gigwalk review, I'll be taking a close look at the app and showing you how to use it and how much money you can earn with it. 

Gigwalk Review:  


  • Interesting Outdoor Tasks
  • Possible to Earn Decent Income (Depends)
  • Pays via PayPal, No Minimum
  • Available Worldwide


  • Very Location Dependent (Clusters in Cities)
  • The App Can Have Technical Issues
  • Sometimes Extremely Strict Reviewers
  • Business Owners Might Question You


Gigwalk is a legitimate platform that has been around for over eight years. The main problem with the app is performance can vary dramatically, such as members earning between $0 and $50 or more day. There are a lot of factors that affect your potential income, the most important is your location. But if you do fit the requirements, it can be a good way to make some side income. 


What is a Gigwalker?

A Gigwalker is a term used for members of the Gigwalk app. Gigwalkers are paid to visit locations and completing on-site tasks, such as product price audits, snapping pictures of buildings, checking certain businesses' inventory, and so on.

The way the app works is rather straightforward. The more complex the gig the higher the earnings, but these are usually exclusive to members with a higher performance score (more on that later). 

The amount of money a Gigwalker can earn will depend on a number of factors, such as the tasks available near you, the types of tasks, how easy it is to get to those locations, and your reputation on the platform.

Some people claim to make good money from this app while others can barely find a single task. Where do you fit in?

P.S. Gigwalk should not be confused with Fiverr which also uses the "Gig" term. 

The Basics: 

A screenshot of the Gigwalk app on Google Play

The general idea of Gigwalk is to connect market researchers to a mobile task force. The researchers are often referred to as clients; they send out,  review, and pay for the gigs.

The data collected from Gigwalkers is shown to the clients in reports and charts, making it very easy to gain marketing insights. That's the whole point of the platform.

Let's make one thing clear right off the bat, Gigwalk, and almost every other similar app out there, won't make you rich. The point is to make some extra cash on the side, such as one the way back from work, or when you're already at a store. 

Getting Started with Gigwalk: 

While Gigwalk works everywhere, the vast majority of gigs are in the United States and Canada, near major cities. Getting started with Gigwalk is fairly easy and straightforward. After creating an account, simply open the app and you'll see a map of your area with available gigs.

A screenshot of the steps required to get started with Gigwalk app.

These are the jobs that you need to complete to earn cash. You can organize the gigs by deadline, reward, time, and other filters. Find a gig near you, read the description, and tap on "Apply" to claim it.  You'll be given a countdown timer, which is usually more than enough to complete the tasks.

From there, follow the job instructions, submit the information (usually pictures) and move on. Make sure to closely follow the instructions because the results are reviewed. If they're not approved, you won't receive the reward. Let's talk about the potential income. 

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How Much Money Do Gigwalkers Make? 

Now that you know what is a Gigwalker... 

Depending on the number of gigs in the area, Gigwalkers can earn from $5 to $50 a day. In major cities with multiple gigs within range, it's possible to make more than that. In remote areas, the income is much lower, usually around the $0 to $5 range. 

In other words, the income potential is higher for people living in major cities. On the other hand, for everyone who lives in more remote areas, it's probably not worth the trouble. There have been cases where the closest gig is hundreds of miles away, and only pays a few cents. 

Another factor to consider is your performance score. The way it's calculated is a secret but it factors in activity time, completed tasks, unsuccessful tasks, and many others data points. The higher your performance score, the more jobs you'll unlock, specifically, the higher paying ones. There's also the option earn private gigs which tend to pay much better. 

How Do You Receive Payments? 

Once a Gigwalker's tasks have been approved by the client, they can only receive payments via PayPal. The client has a 14 day window to manually approve submissions, but after 14 days it's automatically approved and payments are released. In other words, there's a chance you will have to wait 14 days or more to access your earnings. 

The good news is a client can review and approve work sooner, some times on the same day, and in that case, you'll receive the PayPal earnings much quicker. There's no minimum payment threshold, members can withdraw as soon as the client approves work, for any task, even the $3 or lower tasks.

I personally like how the payments are handled. And most clients will approve work before the 14 day limit, but sometimes you do have to wait a while. While waiting you can complete other tasks. Make sure to check the PayPal fees in your region, it might not be worth withdrawing after every task. 

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Downsides & Concerns:

Gigwalk does have some issues.

1. Highly Location-Dependent

In my opinion, the location issue is the most notable. As I mentioned, the app works worldwide, and there can be gigs in your area, but most of them are centered around major cities in the United States and Canada. On that note, not all major cities will have gigs either. I feel like it's up to chance if you happen to be in a city where it's popular. 

2. Technical Issues

The app has some technical issues, like connection problems, bugs, and infinite loading icons, and crashes, that plague a lot of members. It can be quite bothersome to arrive to a location only to have the app refuse to work. 

3. Strict Review Process

The review process can be strict too. There have been cases where it's difficult to satisfy a client's requirements. But my main issue is the lack of tasks in certain areas and I wish the payment was a little higher. 

4. People Might Question Your Motives

There's also the possibility that you'll questioned by store owners as to your intentions taking pictures of their products, but usually it works out fine. Remember, everything that you're being asked to do is completely legal, so don't worry. 

Is Gigwalk a Good App? 

Yes. Gigwalk is a good app, and if there are lots of gigs in your area, you can make some decent side income. But if you don't check the boxes, it's probably not worth it.

There's no point driving hours to complete a task that pays a few dollars. Long story short, it can works great, but it can also not work at all. The only way to know for sure is to take a look yourself and test it out. 

An Alternative: 

I hope that explains what is a Gigwalker. Do you want to make money online but you don't want to drive or complete surveys? You can. It comes down to following a legitimate business plan and sticking to it.

I happen to be a member of a really cool training center that will teach you how to build profitable websites. Who knows, maybe one day the income you earn online can replace your job! 





  • Interesting Outdoor Tasks
  • Possible to Earn Decent Income (Depends)
  • Pays via PayPal, No Minimum


  • Very Location Dependent (Clusters in Cities)
  • The App Can Have Technical Issues
  • Sometimes Extremely Strict Reviewers

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