What is a Website Builder? Site Rubix Review and Website Building Tips

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What is a website builder you ask? Better yet, what is the best website builder for you?

If you’re looking for an easy to use website builder, this post has what you need.

So you’re interested in setting up a website, but not sure where to get started. Maybe a bit afraid of the learning curve?

In this article, I’ll show you how to create a beautiful website for free in under 30 seconds!

One that’s indexed quickly with search engines like Google, and I’ll also throw in a proven training system to guide you.

Got questions? Leave them at the end of the post.


What is a Website Builder?

– A website builder is a platform or service that simplifies the process of creating a website.

There are a lot of different website builders out there, but most of them lack core features. Before we get into our recommend pick, lets run through the basics:

Image that links to a free course to learn how to build your own online business.

Is Setting Up a Website Easy?

Most people think creating a website is ultra-complicated.

Here’s the deal: 

Nowadays, creating a beautiful website is easier than ever.

There are a host of services and programs you can use to set up a fancy website in just a few minutes. Almost every web hosting company has a website builder, including SiteGround.

It hasn’t been long since websites were built from scratch by typing HTML into notepad documents.

But those days are gone (thankfully!).

If you’ve been looking into setting up a website, chances are you discovered a few companies that offer website builder platforms and services.

It can be difficult to find the right website builder that suits your needs and desires.

That’s why I’m writing this article; to make it easier for you to build a website for your business.

One that ranks quickly, and offers you all the basic features you need to get your website to do what you want it to do.

And I imagine that’s to…

  • Build traffic
  • Increase sales
  • and give your business the boost it needs.

Speaking of traffic and sales… want to know how I drive targeted traffic to this website on a daily basis?

I reveal it all in the free eBook below… 

Image that links to a free eBook where you can learn to drive targeted traffic to your website or online business.
This is basically my game plan for every targeted post that I write. I want you to have this knowledge too.

Best Free Website Building Platform – Without a Doubt

So what’s the best free website building platform?

One of the best tools you can use to create a website is WordPress.

It’s the most popular blogging platform in the world, about 23% of the world’s websites are powered by it.

The platform also allows developers to create their own tools, plugins, and themes; there is a massive marketplace for WordPress products (and plenty of them are free).

This allows developers to create plugins that can simplify complicated processes, making it incredibly easy to set up a new website.

It’s all click-based, all you have to do is choose your theme, plugins, features, and what not.

Don’t worry about editing the code, in fact, there is really no need to edit the code at all these days.

I recommend WordPress for anyone who is looking to start an online business.

But even though it’s possible to set up a great-looking website with WordPress in under 5 minutes, that’s not the tool I was talking about at the beginning of this article.

Welcome to Site Rubix – The Best Website Builder

There is another product (which is powered by WordPress) called Site Rubix, and you can create a website with a nice theme in a few seconds.

A picture showing a cube of Site Rubix, a free website builder.

Lets take a look at the details.

What is Site Rubix?

Site Rubix first launched in 2007, and since then, it has undergone several major updates to create a extremely user-friendly platform that anyone can use.

Even complete beginners!

To show you: 

You only need to do two things to create a website:

  1. First, choose a domain name.
  2. Next; choose a theme, and that’s it.

– Two clicks and you have a website.

A screenshot from the features included in the free website builder Site Rubix.
Check Out All The Cool Features SiteRubix Offers. Click To Enlarge

Site Rubix also has a lot of cool features:

  • Premium Hosting For Up To 25 sites
  • Detailed Website Management & Back Up
  • In-depth Site Analytics
  • Wide Selection of Themes
  • 24/7 Support
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Website Health Monitor (I’ll expand on this)
  • Mobile Friendly Themes
  • 100% Secure Website Host

To build a site, hit the Site Builder button, and walk through the process (it’s really simple).

Take a Look at the Member’s Area: 

An marketing banner that says, "Start Your Free Trial Today".

These are just some of the features that SiteRubix has to offer…

And these are exactly the things you want in a website builder.

Easy to access and use, and a planned training system to teach you how to build your website out correctly from the start.

This is by far the best feature for people new to building websites. Fast access to support and easy to follow training..

One of the better features that I found extremely useful was the website health monitor.

In order to make sure a website see a steady increase in traffic, there are several aspects that you need to work on.

It can be difficult to remember all of these aspects, but Site Rubix’s website health monitor analyzes your website and lets you know which areas need improvement for ideal performance.

Take a look at the screenshot below:

A screenshot showing Site Rubix's website health metrics and scores.

Normally it would be difficult to remember which areas of your website need improvement.

Maybe you publish awesome articles on a regular basis, but you are failing in other areas; this feature let’s you know.

It will save you a lot of frustration because you’ll see exactly what needs improvement.

This is much better than having to waste time trying out different tricks.

This feature is incredibly useful for internet marketers who want to make the most of their website.

 I never have seen this on other website builders (and I have tried a lot of website builders).

Healthy websites will be easier to find in search engine results and they’ll receive more traffic, something that all online business people need.

The best part:

These scans aren’t random. They’re actually what Google recommends.

You Need a Website Builder That’s Up-To-Date

The Site Rubix website builder is updated with new training models daily.

The very best part to Site Rubix is the free video training classrooms that guide you through the set up and building of your website.

Get the Help You Need:

Build an Awesome Website that’s Fast, Responsive, and Optimized >>

The training they provide to set up your site is great, but it’s easy to follow training that allows you to grow a site that naturally brings in traffic.

Site Rubix Website Builder will maintain a healthy and secured website, but it’s the free training that makes this the premium website builder.

They provide you with sound information on how to build your website and/or online business right from the start.

Why Site Rubix Websites Index Faster in Google?

I’v mentioned sites with Site Rubix index faster than other builders, but why is that, exactly?

Kyle & Carson (the founders of Site Rubix and Wealthy Affiliate) pride themselves on creating internet marketing tools that are based on proven marketing strategies and techniques.

They’ll never recommend black-hat strategies or other unethical marketing tricks.

  • All of their information is based on what Google recommends.

Generally speaking, Google’s algorithm has got to a point where it can instantly determine the value of a website and thus rank it in search engine results accordingly.

But only a few years ago, marketers would take advantage of certain loopholes in Google’s algorithm, thus forcing Google to update their algorithm.

A lot of marketers still recommend outdated marketing tactics, that’s one of the reasons why people find it so frustrating to earn money online.

So it’s really helpful to have a visual guide (like Site Rubix’s website health monitor) and the sage advise of professional internet marketers/website developers to guide you with your online journey.

That’s just one of the many cool features that this website builder has to offer, there are too many to list here.

The best part is that you can access these features completely for free.

Want to Build a Website for Free, Right Now!

You can create a free account and even create a few websites (hosted on a sub-domain) that you can use for your marketing purposes; no strings attached.

You can start by placing your desired website name in the box below.

So if you feel like setting up a website is too much of a hassle, Site Rubix can solve that problem, and you can have a website up in a few seconds.

Thanks for taking the time to read this article.

About Author: 

The above article was written by Timothy Gagnon, a freelance writer and travel blogger. When he’s not writing SEO-optimized posts, he’s blogging for his travel website, A Flying Timothy.

Now you know what is a best website builder, and better yet,  you know what is the best website builder, so go out and create a few free websites for fun.

About the Author

Hi, I’m the founder of Learn to Grow Wealth Online. My goal is to help you create a brilliant online business. One that is profitable and will grow wealth for you and your loved ones well into the future. If you're willing to put in the effort, I can help you create your own source of online income.


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  1. Really great post. With so many website builders out there, it’s tough to know which one is best.

    I think I’ll try this recommended site. I think it’s more important to learn what to do after you get your site built so that you bring in traffic.

    Do you have any guides for getting traffic.


  2. Pingback: Fred J
  3. If I create the website with wealthy affiliate or site-rubix can I create multiple website themes or templates and download the XML file so I can sell it as a design on my website?

    1. Hi Michaelite,

      Not sure if this totally answers your question. With WA’s Site Rubix platform, you can build up to 25 custom websites and 25 free websites (with siterubix.com suffix name added to the end of the site name).

      So the 25 personal sites are sites with domain names that you own and you can upload 1000’s of unique themes and landing page templates. You then can customize those sites and If you want to create another website with the same layout then yes you can restore it with the XML file.

      You could even screen capture the site you want to sell, add it (through a photo and link) to another site, say on the side bar and link people to the site with the specific theme or template you want to sell on that site.

      There’s a student at Wealthy Affiliate that has an entire site dedicated to selling pre-made niche websites. He made over 100K in one month from selling his niche websites.

      If this doesn’t fully answer you’re question, you can sign up to Wealthy Affiliate’s Free Starter Membership and send a help ticket to Site Rubix’s Site Support.


      ou can create multiple webiste theme

  4. Man, I’ve checked out Weebly, Wix, and some others and I think Site Rubix looks better than anything I’ve seen.

    I mean, I think I’ve got it straight. It’s a WordPress Builder but has additional features like getting comments on your posts, website feedback, and free hosting.

    Am I missing anything else here?

    1. You’ve pretty much got it Steve. And Site Rubix is easily the best website builder because of those additional features.


      One thing that you’re missing that’s so important. Being a member of Site Rubix is also the same thing as having a premium membership with Wealthy Affiliate, the leading internet marketing/online business training center.

      So you get access to a community of online entrepreneurs, updated weekly webinars, loads of training’s, and even daily course work to help build out your online business. Oh, and you can host up to 25 sites with Site Rubix as well.

      It’s the sweetest deal online for anyone with any type of online business/blog/website.

      Check them out right here..

  5. The free website is more of a sub domain right? Would it still be possible to make a lot of money with a sub domain?

    All I really see online are domains with .com and .org etc, therefore I feel that it would be a little difficult for others to find my website

  6. Hello Todd,

    thank you for sharing this very interesting article about the website builder called siterubix. I have to point out, you really explain in detail everything one needs to know about this amazing website builder.

    I’ve used it personally and love it. I think it is great for anyone who wants to start an online business and build website. Great tool

    Kind regards

    1. Thanks for your feedback on Site Rubix. I think it’s easily the best website builder on the market.

      The Site Comments and Health are well worth it. Not to mention the amazing training provided by Wealthy Affiliate.

      All white hat SEO for long term success.



  7. Hi Todd,

    I’ve found SiteRubix to be the easiest site builder on the market. As well, the additional classes and business training offered by Wealthy Affiliate puts this site builder over the top. I can host a ton of sites with SiteRubix, build sites in seconds, and take advanced training courses with WA for practically nothing.

    It’s already helping me improve my website traffic and there’s so many topics to explore.


    1. Thanks Mark for your feedback on SiteRubix as well as WA. Two programs that I use on a daily basis to improve my knowledge and online skills. Good to get your take and best of luck to you and your online business.


  8. Even to this day, I think that people get overwhelmed by the thought of building an online business solely due to the “website creation” phase. In reality, it’s never been easier to do.

    Years ago, it required advanced coding knowledge and could take weeks/months to complete, but now you can use a website builder like SiteRubix to generate the backend of a website within seconds/minutes. It’s an amazing advancement in technology that should be taken advantage of by entrepreneurs.

    1. Really nicely stated Matthew, this phase of creating a successful online business is the really easy, at least establishing the website, adding widgets/plugins/etc. But what’s critical is building out your site with helpful content that targets and serves a niche audience.

      And this is really what I learned at the Wealthy Affiliate Training Center. This is the best source for any online business regardless of your level of experience.



  9. I agree with you that siterubix is the way to go.

    I used to host my websites elsewhere but am so glad I took away all the hassles of building website by moving and continuing my sites on siterubix. The website builder is also super easy to use.

    I especial love that you can see all your sites and the health of them on one dashboard which makes life a lot easier.

    1. Hi Michel,

      Excellent point and I agree, I am so impressed with the additional features that the SiteRubix website builder provides, it actually makes my job as a content writer and website developer so much easier.

      Appreciate your feedback.



  10. Hello. As I have tried few website builders, I liked site.pro very much, it is the easy and cheep way to build simple personal website, even e-shop. I realy enjoyed creating my website and recomend to try this builder – site.pro.
    Have You tried it? It would be great to read a profesional review.

    1. Hi Tomasas,

      Never heard of SitePro. But nothing compares to Wealthy Affiliate’s SiteRubix website builder. I can host 50 sites via cloud hosting and have access to step by step training on how to develop my site as well as my online business.

      I took WA’s classes daily for 9 months and created this site which currently earns full time income and I manage it for 5 – 10 hours per week. This allows me to work on a new site to develop that into a passive income resource.

      If you’re looking for a complete online training program to do the same, there’s no better place than Wealthy Affiliate.

      I also don’t bother with eCommerce because I utilize affiliate marketing to make my passive income, no customer service issues or buying products. This is way easier.


  11. Hi Todd,

    Thank you for an excellent review of the website builder SiteRubix. As someone who started off using website builders like Wix, I can say the SiteRubix platform is incredible.

    I fully endorse your review of SiteRubix. This is one of the most simplest ways to build a website for free. And if you go for the premium service offered by Wealthy Affiliate, you can host 50 websites for nothing extra.

    Plus the training on running your website and building out the foundation to your online business is amazing.

    I hope more people will read your post and give it a try. They will not regret it. I certainly don’t.


    1. Absolutely Rodney, SiteRubix is technology and training wrapped in one package. It’s really the owner Kyle and Carson. They pride themselves on building top notch internet marketing training products and have done nothing but benefit online entrepreneurs build and grow successful websites and online businesses.

      Wealthy Affiliate, Jaaxy, and SiteRubix – pretty impressive.



  12. Great review Todd, I use both Siterubix and WordPress. I haven’t got one single complaint with either. It especially makes life so much easier having a full community at Wealthy Affiliate willing to help with any issues that may occur.

    The last thing you want is added stress when it comes to creating a website the process can be a little overwhelming as it is. Keep the awesome posts coming



    1. Hi Julian, as for your feedback on using the SiteRubix website builder. I couldn’t agree with you more than the sun forward of the community and guidance from other members as well as the owners makes Wealthy Affiliate an absolute must if you are trying to put up a successful online business.

      I really appreciate your personal feedback about using both of these awesome services.



  13. Great review Todd, I use both Siterubix and WordPress. I haven’t got one single complaint with either. It especially makes life so much easier having a full community at Wealthy Affiliate willing to help with any issues that may occur. The last thing you want is added stress when it comes to creating a website the process can be a little overwhelming as it is. Keep the awesome posts coming


    1. You are absolutely correct Julian. All the training that Wealthy Affiliate is awesome and easy to apply, but it is great to have that extra support from the community and owners themselves. WA is simple the best online business training in the market.

      They’re so successful because they care about the success of the students. There’s no other website builder like SiteRubix because it was created by Kyle and Carson of Wealthy Affiliate. And these two guys pride themselves on creating helpful internet marketing tools.


  14. Hi, I really like the website health feature that would be really helpful when you are trying to manage so many things while building your website…

    The security feature is nice also, nobody wants to be hacked and have to start over on building a website.

    Thanks for the info I will be checking into siterubix


    1. Hey Scott, I agree with you hundred percent, these extra features help you focus on what you need to make a better website.

      The website builder SiteRubix really stands out by providing feedback to a number of website metrics. They also have added a few awesome additional features.

      Like site comments and feedback are great for any beginner who’s trying to create an online business, e-commerce website, or blog.

      Comments only improve your rankings in search results. Such an awesome benefit to working with these guys.

      Thanks for your feedback working with SiteRubix. For these reasons, the best website builder by leaps and bounds.

  15. Hi Todd,

    I agree that Siterubix is a very easy way to create nice looking websites. You don’t even need to have any prior experience. When I had to create my first website in school it was in html code so I can say that I know what I’m talking about. With Siterubix you can create something that looks better and in just a fraction of the time.

    My html knowledge gives me an advantage so I can’t speak for somebody without experience. But all my noob friends that want a website are being forwarded to Siterubix’ sollution.

    Great article, keep it up!

    1. Hi Tom, I really appreciate your feedback, especially from someone with your level of experience. SiteRubix is a godsend when you compare doing all the work it used to take to write HTML. Now you can just focus on trying to create quality content in the form of videos and written content which ultimately make your website more successful.

      Hopefully more people can get exposed to this type of training from SiteRubix to improve their awareness of how online businesses work.

      It’s a better website builder because it just provides so many more benefits and features than any other website builder on the market.

      Thanks again and take care,


  16. Hi!

    Thanks for all those information! Very helpful! Building a site is not that easy, though, especially for a very beginner like me! I’m having problems even with the keywords! :/

    Would you have the time to have a look on my site and give me your impression about it?

    Any opinion would be very appreciated!

    Thank you!

    1. Hi Elder, sure I can take a look and give you some feedback. Just send me private email under my Privacy Policy.

      Don’t worry about how much your website looks at first, just use a free and clean looking theme. Focus on the keyword research based on your niche and start writing posts about those keywords.

      You can always come back to a post and improve on it as well. And then try to hit a WA webinar 1x/week as well as do your daily classes to the best of your ability and give yourself time.

      Remember you are learning a career here as well as building your online business one day at a time.



  17. Hi!

    Thanks for all those information! Very helpful! Building a site is not that easy, though, especially for a very beginner like me! I’m having problems even with the keywords! :/

    Would you have the time to have a look on my site and give me your impression about it?

    sleep paralyses dot com

    Any opinion would be very appreciated!

    Thank you!

    1. Hi Elder,

      Your header is way too big, it eats up too much space from your blog roll. People want to see a cool header, but then be able to see the various pieces of content your have.

      You have 4 blog posts or so and 3 pages. In your blog content, strive for each post to be at least 1,000 words. Go to the SiteRubix Website Builder and look at your sites health. It’s going to give you some really good tips about how to improve your SEO.

      Also, within your posts, make Headers that stand out and lead up to your content in the following paragraphs. Make your paragraphs shorter as well.

      All this advice is within the first 2 courses at Wealthy Affiliate and within the webinars. There was a webinar a few years ago that talks about the aesthetics of a website. You should review that one and this one on email marketing.

      Hope this helps,

  18. Your explanation of Site Rubix was very thorough. I have a little experience with a few different website builders and I agree that this one definitely comes out on top with ease of use and versatility.

    The cloud hosting deserves some limelight as well. You can’t really beat it.

    I love how a well-made Site Rubix site and with the training it’s easy to rank. The search engines seem to love these sites, especially when you take note of the health and try to improve your site as well as adding content regularly.

    1. You’re onto a piggy. I think you should just keep going with the training that you’re getting from Wealthy Affiliate and you will have all the knowledge you need in order to rank your website, bring in traffic, and convert online sales.

      Thanks for your feedback on what we think is clearly the best website builder on the market, and that’s SiteRubix.



  19. You have given a lot of information here regarding the website builder SiteRubix and building a website. But is it really that easy?

    I personally had to change up my website theme a couple of times in order to suit the niche I selected and had to learn how to navigate the platform in order to make it work in connection with my site theme.

    I would like to know a quicker way to build trust with SEO though? Do you have any suggestions or how long does it really take?

    1. Hi Troy,

      Building out your website can be a constant evolving process. Depending on how your online business changes, which is usually an evolving process as well, dictates how much time it takes to build your website.

      The initial learning curve to work your site theme and so forth doesn’t take more than a week or two to learn. And a month to learn basic website building and SEO.

      If you’re producing a purely online business like this site that makes consistent daily income, it’s going to take time and you’ll get better with time, but don’t think this happens overnight. Think of this like going to college, except you can start earning while building/learning a few months into the project.

      I have a couple of guest homes in Colombia and a major part of how we draw in clients is through the site. It took me a week to build and I haven’t done a thing to it except plugin updates, etc. So that site took a week.

      Now as you define your niche or expand it, you’ll have to update your website. And the truth of the matter, if you’re always posting content, you’re always building out your site.

      It does take a little time to learn to use WordPress as well as how to find SEO based keyword driven content. How long, depends on your niche and content quality. I’d say you need about 15 – 20 posts before you start to get organic traffic.

      Then the more you produce, the larger your site is, the easy it is to rank and pull in lots of organic traffic. The SiteRubix website builder actually puts sites together in less than a minute. The building out process varies per niche and the ultimate functionality of your site.

      Either way, it takes time, dedication and the proper training to guide you to success. It can happen, but it depends on you to take action and make it happen.

      Hope that helps,


  20. Hi

    I really like the way you have gone into great detail to explain the advantages of using a website builder like SiteRubix over WordPress themselves.

    For someone looking for know how to build a successful website will definitely find the right path using these guys, there’s just too many benefits that other website builders don’t offer.

    Thanks for the recommendation, much appreciated.


    1. Hi Gary, thanks for your kind feedback and glad to have helped. If I would have found a website builder like SiteRubix I would have saved thousands of dollars in unnecessary fees.

      It’s really easy to create your own site with the right step by step education, anyone can do it.



  21. I absolutely love Site Rubix, it’s my website builder of choice. And from the way you presented and explained things, it seems that building a site isn’t that hard, really.

    I love that it immediately checks and tells you whether the domain name you picked is free or not.

    And yes, I do plan to stick with SiteRubix, it’s just so easy and simple for everyone. 🙂

    1. Hi Ashley, thanks for your feedback using SiteRubix. I feel if your looking for the best website builder to offer you the most benefits, nothing compares to SiteRubix. Free sites and services, but if you’re serious about creating a successful online business that produces regular income, their advanced training is the best source I’ve ever seen online.

      I’ve been a member for almost 2 years now and I’d consider myself a life timer, there’s just no reason to leave. My online business pays me thousands of dollars a month, and the services at Wealthy Affiliate cost me less than $1 dollar per day – too easy.

      Thanks and take care,


  22. Hey I have a website on siterubix and it really is the best website builder around. It makes the process so easy and I’ve seen people start a website in under 30 seconds with it.

    Also, they have really nice designs and great customer support. Plus you get the hosting and all the free training. There really isn’t any other place like it.

    SiteRubix is one awesome website builder.

    1. Absolutely Dylan, SiteRubix is my favorite website builder for all the reasons you’ve mentioned. Add in the Premium Wealthy Affiliate membership and you can build and host up to 50 websites on their cloud hosting servers – Not to mention the incredible training platform that WA provides.

      Thanks for the feedback and best of luck to you on your online business, if you need a hand, just reach out to the community or myself.



  23. Hello again Todd,

    Site Rubix is definitely the best place to build a free website as compared to Weebly, Webs and Wix. Its much easier and you have so much more benefits.

    The website builder has a website health analytics and for me, I think that is golden – No other free website platforms have that and as for webhosting, you’ll get high speed dedicated hosting too.

    Highly recommended for those serious in building an established site that ranks, I wish I had come across Site Rubix much sooner!

    1. Hi Riaz, I too feel this way. I paid a friend $1,000’s (before sites were so easy to put up) to create my first site. He tried to explain to me how things worked and so forth. But the reality is that I would have saved my self that money and been way further ahead if I had been introduced to SiteRubix. With the advanced training and hosting, it makes them a no brainer.

      Good feedback on SiteRubix, much appreciated,


  24. Thanks for the quick reply and explanation on using SiteRubix to build a simple free site or the option to build a real more advanced online business. Very thorough explanation and much appreciated.

    So really SiteRubix is just like building your site with WordPress but you get the free hosting and internet marketing business training courses. Am I missing anything else?

  25. Great post. I’ve always had difficulty with putting WordPress websites together, its never as straightforward as people make out….what apps are best? what impact the performance of the website? I’m still not sure if SiteRubix irons these problems out or is it still a guessing game? Can you give me some insight into this?

    1. Hi Brendan,

      I can really relate to your situation when I tried to put my first site together after a friend put the foundation to site together and then gave me a crash course on using WordPress.

      Really the basics of using WordPress aren’t that hard. There’s a few tricks to learn and I know there’s many WP gurus out there that know a heck of a lot more than me, but SiteRubix is special for a couple good reasons.

      Now depending on your skill level with WordPress and your reason for wanting to but up a website are important factors to consider. If you just want a site to play with and learn WordPress, SiteRubix offers 2 Free Sites and Free Hosting, plus 10 Free classes produced by Wealthy Affiliate.

      So these classes will give you a basic understanding of how to use WordPress, how online business works, and writing tips/editing tips. So this works for those that want to just have fun and learn the basics of building a website/online business/internet marketing.

      However, Wealthy Affiliate offers a Premium Business Training Center that offers you Free Cloud Hosting for up to 50 websites, 2 distinct courses with daily classes and tasks to build your site/online business, a community that is super experienced and supportive with using WordPress and internet marketing concepts/questions, Weekly Webinars (that pertain to website development and online business), and domain names.

      So for me, it took me a month or two to learn how to produce content to build out my site and learn most of the tricks to use WordPress. The first month membership is $19 dollars, $49/mo after that or yearly for less than $30 dollars. So for two months and excellent training, you’ll be good to go working with WordPress.

      I went through 9 months of training (to finish the bootcamp training course) and still haven’t made it through all the webinars, so that let’s you know how extensive the training center is. But from that I’ve learned to do a lot with online business and everything I learned that I applied to my business has had a positive effect (and a financially rewarding effect).

      To answer your other questions: By apps, do you mean plugins? I buy premium themes and keep my plugins to a minimum. Social sharing, protections, speed, lead capture. But less is more with plugins. Depends on what functionality you want on your site.

      More plugins leads us to your next questions, the more plugins, the slower your website speed will be (in most cases – except with speed booster plugins or cache plugins). Also, make sure you optimize all your photos and keep the size low. 20-40 KB’s for post photos, 60-120 KB’s for headers or larger photos.

      Honestly, everything I learned about setting up sites I learned using SiteRubix’s WP system integrated with Wealthy Affiliate’s training and support. You can learn this stuff by Googling everything, but what an ineffective use of one’s time. I was serious about my online business and wanted to get the info right from the get go, and that’s what I found.

      Hope this helps,

  26. Great article Todd!

    I was confused about what exactly is a website builder and you explained it in such an easy to read manner. SiteRubix sounds really helpful as well with the extra training and hosting included.

    Really informative and helpful for people starting out like myself. Your use of images adds a lot of clarity to the article and I like how you link your readers to your other website, that must be helpful with getting traffic.

    Best Regards,


    1. Hi David,

      Thanks for your kind feedback on SiteRubix and our post about website builders. I know not everyone understands all this stuff, but that’s OK.

      That’s one of the best things about working with a company like Wealthy Affiliate, the producers of SiteRubix, Jaaxy, and all the other cool aspects freely included within their SiteRubix website builder.

      I’m talking about Site Feedback, Site Comments, Site Health, Site Support and excellent customer service.

      What you’re referring to is interlinking and it is good for good SEO, which means good rankings, and yes, that means good traffic.

      It’s just putting hyperlinks into your posts to take your user to other relevant posts within your site or to other sites.

      The key is to try to provide a good user experience, another thing taught by the gents at WA.

      Thanks again,


  27. Hi,

    I’ve been thinking about starting my own blog and making money from it(hopefully) but I haven’t had any clue how to start so I’ve just put it off.

    I’m glad I stumbled onto your website because you’ve pointed out a pretty cool looking program, meaning SiteRubix and NOT the Wix website builder. I’m really shocked that you can start building a website with this for free.

    I mean I guess there’s no harm in trying because at the very least I’ll probably learn something from it. And best case scenario is that I’ll have a website that makes me money. Pretty sweet thought.



    1. Hi Robert,

      Thanks for your feedback on SiteRubix and Wix. I say go for it, put together a free site using SiteRubix and take the free classes from the Wealthy Affiliate training center. You’ll learn a great deal just in a week.

      Then if you think it’s something you’d like to pursue, go for the premium membership and get to work taking classes and you will learn exactly how to make money online. But don’t to expect it to happen right away.

      It takes some time to develop content and get it ranking, but you’ll learn how at WA.

      Not sure to go for the Starter Membership or Premium, check out the difference right here.



  28. SiteRubix is a great website builder Todd, it creates clean, simple, and effective WordPress websites and I love the extra free training you get.

    The extra information provided by Wealthy Affiliate’s online business training center makes all the difference in creating a successful online business.

    At least it has for me 😉

    Mishyboo X:-).

  29. I was searching to find out what exactly is a website builder when I found your post here about siterubix. It sounds great and I love the fact that you get free hosting. I was wondering how effective is the advanced training program offered by Wealthy Affiliate to start an online business.

    1. The creators of SiteRubix and Wealthy Affiliate pride themselves on creating internet marketing products that are extremely helpful for online businesses.

      The training is also very effective because its..

      – Easy to follow

      – Builds your online business correctly from the start

      – You start making online sales while learning

      – And gives you a proven path to online success

      But don’t take my word for it, join the free trial membership and take a look yourself, I think you’ll be very happy with the results if your willing to learn, take action on what you learn, and willing to put in the work.



  30. I also use SiteRubix and I think it’s a great website builder, and I am very satisfied with it except for one thing. I get a 0% rating on visitor engagement even though I respond to all my comments. Do you have any insights on why that might happen? Maybe I have to answer them all on the same day they were posted?

    1. Hi Kalie,

      I had the same question about a year ago and that is absolutely correct. By answering comments on your site right away, you’ll have better user engagement and higher ratings.

      The only metric on SiteRubix that I don’t pay too much attention to is Site Feedback. Now I think this feature is beneficial especially when you first start your site and you want know how people feel about your theme or menu arrangement, but once you’ve got this established, I don’t think it matters.

      There’s not any other website builders that I know that offer you the ability to get feedback on how your site is performing as well has a commenting platform that gets more social engagement. And social engagement is very important when your trying to get organic rankings to build more free traffic.

      Hope this helps,


  31. Interesting website builder. I’m teaching a class on developing a website in a couple of weeks. My favorite tool also happens to be WordPress.

    There are quite a few other website manage systems that seem to be popular for their ease of use. However, I love how well-supported WordPress is usng the SiteRubix platform. Though it’s not the simplest, it’s also not very difficult to master.

    Though SiteRubix has been around for almost a decade, I only recently heard of it. It seems like a great enhancement tool to go along with WordPress.

    Training, free cloud hosting, and easy to follow guides make SiteRubix the best website builder on the market.

    1. Hi Renee,

      Thanks for your feedback and personal testimony to using SiteRubix’s website builder. I agree, WordPress is the number one website builder platform in the world, and using SiteRubix makes it better because of the reasons you’ve pointed out.

      Did you know, for less than 1 dollar per day, you can get Premium access to host up to 50 sites on their cloud hosting? Not only that, but 1,000’s of hours of easy to follow training’s that positively effect anyone’s online business.

      I was setting up a local website for a business and took an hour webinar on Local SEO. I gained about 5 really good tricks to give my client an advantage to ranking quicker than their competition.

      Bottom line, SiteRubix is the best website platform to use based on all the benefits of advanced online business training, savings in website hosting, and ease of use to set up and run a website from.



  32. Hey Todd,

    I gotta say that learning how to create a website has always been a point of difficulty for me!

    I have always been able to write blogs, utilize social media, network with others, and things of that nature, no problem.

    But for whatever reason whenever it came to creating an actual website, I could never figure it out.

    I always just naturally assumed that complicated coding and programming was just a natural part of it, but I had no idea it could be so simple until I came across your site, and I want to thank you for that.

    If you would have told me weeks ago that I could have a fully functioning, beautiful looking website within a matter of minutes, I probably would have thought you were insane to be honest.

    What is a website builder? If that is something you are wondering then look no further then Site Rubix.

    You really simplified this process and the fact that it provides up to date stats on the ‘health’ of my website is an added bonus.

    Thank you for simplifying the process for me, take it easy man!

    1. You’re welcome Matt, it’s good feedback to hear about your experience with the SiteRubix website builder. I hear ya, it’s too easy and great to be able to put up a fully functioning website in a matter of minutes.

      And the site health monitor is nice, but I like the cloud hosting and training that SiteRubix offers, this is really the key to learn how to build traffic your site. And once you get the basics of how to complete this, you can really get that content out in front of your niche audience.

      Thanks for stopping by Matt and really appreciate your feedback, glad to have helped.

  33. Hello Todd, site building has come a long way from the days of writing HTML, now it is point and click.

    I love the convenience of using SiteRubix, with all the cool features. I have used GoDaddy’s website builder for years, they are not as easy to maneuver, and the quality of the websites are not the best unless you pay for it. I now only use SiteRubix, and I really like the website health monitor, it keeps you abreast of what is going on with your site.

    As you said, it shows you where you need improvement. I did not know the SiteRubix did daily backups, I have a plugin for that. I guess I don’t need that plugin! Thanks for a very informative review!

    1. Hey Linda,

      You’ve got it right. SiteRubix is the best website builder out there with all the additional features, cloud hosting included, and personal help and community support.

      As for the backups, I stopped doing mine to limit my plugins and improve my site’s speed. I used BackWPup, but asked the owner Kyle what he thought about it and he told me to delete it.

      SiteRubix sites are backed up 24/7, so no need.

      If you want to still backup your site, here’s the training on this, it’s tutorial provided by Welshy from WA, titled..WordPress Backup to DropBox.


  34. A very thorough and informative article. For anyone who has been considering building a website to promote their business or their passion, this article is a must read.

    I was in the same position not long ago, where I knew I needed to establish my presence online. Everywhere I looked WordPress was touted as the best platform to publish my content.

    My next problem was to find out how to use WordPress to actually build and present my ideas and concerns to the world. I looked at various possibilities including SiteRubix. After analyzing the several platforms that were recommended to me, I decide to try SiteRubix for several reasons.

    1. It was free to host two websites online. Well, you can’t get a better offer than Free!

    2. They provided the training how to set up the website and this also was at zero cost.

    3. They provided a community of people who could answer my questions and solve my problems within hours.

    I was so impressed that before one week was up I had a decent website online, but I also had the knowledge to build websites online so I could develop other websites for friends and family.

    And I had yet to spend one penny. This is real education – it benefits the students who want to learn.

    So how does SiteRubix continue operating if there is no charge? They offer a premium service that was such a great deal I just couldn’t refuse.

    The bottom line is I’m now a happy online camper!

    1. Hi PJ,

      I experienced the same feeling when I tried my first website. I was lost without direction.

      You see so many advertisements from various website builder’s and it’s a tough call where you should go to build a website when you don’t really have a good understanding of your options.

      I too feel lucky to have stumbled on SiteRubix website builder, I was actually dumbfounded on how they offer such an awesome service.

      The thing that I really like was that they are totally free to check out. You can see first hand how simple it is to use them.

      Use their free cloud hosting, get step by step directions on how to manage WordPress, then learn about using keywords to get content ranked quickly.

      What’s amazing is that after you look at what’s out there, from eCommerce platforms to drag and drop website editors, and NONE of them teach you how to build traffic.

      And this is easily the most essential element about putting a website together. Thanks for your feedback PJ on SiteRubix. So to answer the quesiton, “what is the best website builder?”, it’s clearly SiteRubix.

      They’re service is just too tough to beat.

  35. Hello Todd, thank you very much for this explanation. I really didn’t know how easy it could be to build a website.

    I have seen in the past, how much coding there was used to write a website, and decided back then, that it was nothing for me.

    On your advice I clicked the button, “Click here to create a free account”, to see inside what the heck you where talking about. In 10 seconds I a website without doing any coding was built. Perfect!

    I am not techie at all, and your free offer looked to good to be true.

    Once I was inside this, it really took me only 4 steps, and I came to the conclusion, this is really a great program! And the easiness to set up a website, surprised me heeps!

    The siterubix website builder can be done by a child!

    I want to thank you ever so much for introducing me to Wealthy Affiliate.
    And I think we will meet again when I have found my way around.

    Kind Regards

    1. That’s great Loes. The SiteRubix website builder is certainly easy to use. But it’s the step by step (FREE) 10 classes that help you install the right plugins, start your first pages, and give you the initial direction of how to build a foundation to your website.

      I think this is pretty important when establishing a website so that it get’s indexed into search engines right away, and even more important is the good SEO skills you use with SiteRubix.

      The premium membership that Wealthy Affiliate (click the link to read my review of WA) offers is also a screaming deal. For less than $1 dollar a day, you can host up to 25 sites on premier cloud hosting, have access to the SiteRubix health monitor, commenting platform, and super fast customer service. And even better yet, you have access to the Wealthy Affiliate community and 1,000’s of hour of video training and step by step training that teaches you how to take your website and build a profitable online business.

      All it takes is a motivated person who’s willing to learn and get to work. I can personally verify that the training is at a college level and one would save thousands of dollars using this program compared to going to even a community college to learn WordPress and internet marketing skills.

      See you on the inside Loes, I think you’ll be extremely impressed.

  36. Nice article! Tons of valuable information for those who are interested in building a website, but don’t fully understand what is a website builder, your post will definitely help add some clarity.

    I personally have been using siterubix as well for their premium hosting and love it, especially the health monitor. I would be lost without it.

    I’ve used other hosting providers in the past, but nothing compares to everything you get with siterubix… i.e. cloud hosting for up to 25 sites, feedback platform, step by step training to get started, and fast customer support.

    1. Hi Jennifer,

      SiteRubix is the best website builder that I’ve come across as well. You point out the main reasons that differentiate SiteRubix from platforms like HostGator or BlueHost.

      The value to host multiple sites on cloud hosting and have access to all the training for $30/mo is incredible. If you want your website to run uninterrupted and protected, SiteRubix is my preferred choice.

      Nice to hear from you Jennifer, take care.

  37. Hi there Todd,

    My site is almost 2 years old now and according to SiteRubix, my plugin health is rated at 0%. I have excluded a lot of unnecessary plugins and downsize to 14 which my site really needs.

    I am wondering if that could be affecting the loading speed or web ranking, but I can’t really reduce anymore of them.

    How do you maintain your health plugin at 100%?

    Thanks for your advice.

    1. Hey Cathy,

      It’s not always the amount of plugins that you have, obviously less is better for load times. But there’s no real rule on the amount because not every plugin needs the same amount of CPU and upload time.

      I have 9 plugins Cathy and my site is pretty fast. I also use 2 plugins to increase my site speed. They are..

      Speed Booster Pack

      EWWW Image Optimizer – although I optimize ever photo before I publish, I use tinyurl.com and picresize.com. I keep my cover photos under 100 kb’s and my photos within my post between 20-40 kb’s. So maybe I don’t need this plugin 😉

      Also, the photo wasn’t of my site personally, my plugin status is 0 as well. But using Google’s PageSpeed Insights I’m at 88/100 site speed on desktops and 76/100 for mobile devices. One day I’ll look into this, but every time I go on a desktop or mobile device, my site moves pretty quickly, so I’m not too worried about it.

      More important is producing quality content that’s beneficial for my niche audience and site interaction.

      Hope this helps and nice to hear from you,

  38. Hi Todd, you are the best when it comes to reviewing just about anything! You really out did yourself on this one on SiteRubix! At one time I didn’t know what a website builder was. But SiteRubix has all the features that one needs to build a brilliant looking website.

    I really love the website health monitor, what a great way to look at a glance and see exactly where I need to do to improve on my website.

    I like the website videos that help me to learn how to build my websites with ease. Building websites can be done in record time with website builders these days. Try 30 seconds, can you believe it? Too easy.

    The Kicker, one that I’ve never have seen anywhere on the Internet, is a website builder that allows you, when you’re getting started, to build two websites for free!!

    The whole concept of SiteRubix was designed to make building your own website as easy as 1,2,3. and it was for me.

    I will be letting everyone I know, family, friends and neighbors, on how you are the go to guy for knowing what to use to get the job done! Thanks again Todd,


    1. Hey Sharon,

      You’re too kind. I just wanted to point out some of the features that stand up above the rest when you compare SiteRubix website builder to some of the others that are out there.

      When I used them to build a few of my sites, I was very impressed with the ease of use, the metrics, and the training. I hadn’t ever seen that with other website builders and so I thought that was pretty cool. I also like the cloud hosting they provide for all three of my sites.

      If you don’t know, cloud hosting is more reliable with uninterrupted service even if one server goes down. You see, the other virtual servers pick up the slack so there’s no gaps with your website and the users.

      I have 5 websites hosted on SiteRubix. The total hosting and internet marketing training program cost me $30 dollars per month. That’s a saving of 50 dollars/mo for basic single (cram packed) service that you’d get at places like Host Gator, etc.

      SiteRubix also allows you to host up to 25 sites, so pretty awesome service. Thanks again Sharon.

  39. Great review Todd on how to set up a website and how easy it can be, at one point i was torn between GoDaddy and Siterubix as what website builder to use, one thing i love about the siterubix is the website Health monitor, really does put things into perspective 🙂

    1. Hi Gino,

      Thanks for your feedback. I used GoDaddy one time as well. But what I really like about the SiteRubix website builder is, not only the health monitor, but the step by step directions and video training they offer to help one get comfortable working with WordPress.

      This is the best feature because you get some hand holding when first getting familiar with using WordPress, so I think this really helps out people who are new to building websites or online businesses.

      Thanks for your feedback about SiteRubix’s website builder.

  40. Great article on building a website. I agree WordPress is by far the best platform for creating a website, especially if it’s for a business. There is such a wide choice of free themes and plugins you can get your site looking and doing what you want for the price of your hosting.

    The other online site builders often lack something or to get all the functions and features you need they are too expensive.

    For me SiteRubix is a website builder apart from the rest. Reason being is because you get that vital training. Even the 10 starter lessons could make a difference to someone building their own successful online business.

    The features such as site health or site comments are also things you see nowhere else. SiteRubix is ahead of its competitors, so if you’re thinking of building a website give it a try.

    Thanks for the info,

    1. Hey Peter,

      Thanks for your feedback on the article. Excellent points about the SiteRubix website builder platform. I’d totally had forgotten about the comments section of SiteRubix, how could I forget that.

      For those of you who don’t know a lot about search engine optimization, here’s why the SiteRubix commenting platform is really helpful to increase your website rankings and that increases traffic and hopefully profitability.

      The number one way that Google ranks websites is by quality content (written and video form) that is based on a niche subjects or topics. So if you are writing website content about products you want people to buy, then you want to write engaging quality content that helps your niche audience.

      As you engage people with your content, hopefully they share your content via the social share buttons to all their favorite social sites, and another important aspect that Google gauges audience involvement is via comments left on sites.

      Those comments actually become website content and add to the post or page. So by having meaningful comments on your site, you’ll climb the search engine rankings faster and hold your rankings once you get in that top spot.

      And SiteRubix offers all their premium members this service for free. You give meaningful comments and receive them at the same time. This feature also lets you choose what topics they want to comment on.

      The premium membership comes with a great amount of other benefits including website development classes, business training, understanding how to get organic/natural traffic by ranking your content, etc.

      To see a complete list/review of what this program offers, check out our review and maybe you’ll find you’ve been missing out on all the training you every needed or wanted.

      I know this first hand because I used them myself and they’ve made all the difference in my online business.

      Thanks again Peter for your feedback on our post, what is a website builder, hopefully everyone now knows that SiteRubix is the best website builder out there.


  41. Great overview of how to step up a website and you make it sound so easy.

    This is probably one of the largest issue people (who don’t know what is a website builder) have and you have solved it for them right here with this review.

    I will bee recommending this to anyone who asks me what, where and how to set up a site and I have also bookmarked for future reference. Good Work 🙂

  42. Great review of the Site-rubix website builder, explaining what a website builder is, as well as some very helpful website building tips!

    I think a lot of people put off building a website and starting an online business because they think it is too difficult and they don’t have the technical know-how.

    Your post explains that with site-rubix, all these issues are resolved.

    I personally have built several websites using site-rubix and have found it quick, easy and very robust! I would definitely recommend using site-rubix to build your very first, or any future websites that you may want or need!

    Great post!

    1. Hi John,

      Thanks for your feedback on using SiteRubix, the key that makes them special is the advanced help you get putting the foundation to your website together as well as understand some basic internet marketing principles and keyword research.

      The metrics provided by Jaaxy also help to understand where your website can be improved.


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