What is Ad Formula? Is It Worth Buying?

Wondering what is Ad Formula? Thinking about buying a copy? Can you really earn $3,000 a day with their system? I'll this Ad Formula review, I'll do my best to answer those questions. 

When you're done reading this review you'll learn about one product that you should avoid at all costs, and another one that's actually worth your time. Without further delay, let's dive in. 

Ad Formula Review Summary: 

Rating: 0/100

Pros: Can be used as an example of scams to avoid. 

The Cons: Too many to list. 

The Bottom Line: 

The bottom line is Ad Formula is one of those cookie-cutter clone websites that promise way too much and deliver nothing of value. It's basically a sales funnel. There are also many other websites out there using the exact same template and website content. Skip to the cons section to see what I mean. 

Overall, I do not recommend Ad Formula. It's a downright scam that leads you to random traffic exchange websites. Do not even think about buying into their program. I explain why in this Ad Formula review. 


What is Ad Formula? 

After hearing how much money Ad Formula is supposed to make you (Hint: $3000 a day), I'm sure you probably already guessed this is not a legitimate product. 

Ad Formula, by a marketer called Jack Heaton, is a supposed to be a  system that can generate money for you completely on auto-pilot, through banner ads posted on various traffic-exchange platforms. That's what they claim, although the truth is a little different. 

Nevertheless, on the surface what you'll see is a sales video, and a sign-up form that requires your name, email address, password (why?), and cell phone number.

Oddly enough, the password requires a mix of 8 characters, one uppercase, one lowercase, and one number. Even making a fake password is hard. 

I actually tried to enter some random information, but I got an error that says, "Currently, there are no available advertisers for your country." and I tried Canada, United States, and UK. 

The Sales Video is Too Much: 

It took me a grand total of two seconds to figure out this product is a scam, but I did think the pitches were quite funny. 

If you watch the sales video, the narrator goes on about how you have been exclusively selected to watch this super-exclusive video that's only available in your country and will be deleted after 100 plays.

He also promises that you can easily earn $10,000 a day online, backed up with random stock pictures of  cars and beaches as proof of his income. 

A screenshot from Ad Formula that says the video will be deleted after 100 views.

I thought it was funny how they say the video is only available in your country because the platform received a security breach from every other country, so it's only available in your area. Talk about desperate scarcity tactics.

The introduction to the video consists of stitched together clips from news clips that mention working from home. These clips are taken from random stories, but stitched together, and used to promote Ad Formula. 

Regardless, the hype is kind of ridiculous. The narrator goes on to say that you'll make so much money that you won't even know what to do with it. Indestructible wealth, he calls it. And as you can imagine, the pitch goes on for more than 20 minutes, and with little mention of what the system is about. Pure fluff. 

Eventually, there's some mention about banner ads. But it's more like an explanation of how banner ads work, which isn't really relevant. And then he launches into his sob-story, and more hype, and more of his background, and more about how much money can be made with banner ads. 

It's just too much.

Ad Formula is a Scam: 

I'll cut to the chase, Ad Formula is a straight up scam. The registration page will redirect you to an affiliate link of some random ad-exchange (their recommended provider changes) and there's really nothing to gain from the platform.

Yeah, traffic exchanges can help send a few clicks to your offers, but traffic from those platforms rarely converts, and they're really not worth it. Long story short, Ad Formula is an obvious scam. 

But don't take my word for it, here's the evidence: 

Jack Heaton is a Stock Actor

Whenever you come across these kind of products, I urge you to copy one of the images into a reverse image search service. The results will show you where the image is found online, and most of the time, they're stock images. 

That guy who claims to be the one to discover a loophole that generates billions of dollars online, he's a stock actor. The real person probably doesn't even know his image is on these kind of websites. 

Getting back on topic, the creator of Ad Formula, Jack Heaton, happens to be such an actor. Take a look at this screenshot from the homepage of Ad Formula: 

A picture of Jack Heaton, the so-called CEO and creator of Ad Formula.

Looks like a standard portrait image you might find on most business websites, right? Now look at what happens when you copy it into Tin Eye, one of the best reverse image search services. 

Screenshot of a stock photo of an actor used by Ad Formula to falsely portray the owner. Jack Heaton.

As you can see, the exact same image can be found in Adobe Stock Images, as well as a few other stock-image databases.

Suddenly the tiny bit of credibility Ad Formula had was lost. Right off the bat, we have a product with a fluff and hype filled sales video, and the so-called creator is a stock actor. Not off to a great start. 

Ad Formula Pros:

Here's what I liked: 

1. Is An Example of a Scam to Avoid at All Costs:

One thing I liked about Ad Formula is it's a classic example of an online scam. If you're wondering what a scam looks like, now you know. It's got all the hallmarks of an online scam, and tics all the boxes on the list. If you come across sales pages like this, run in the other direction. 

Image that links to a free course to learn online marketing.

The Cons with Ad Formula: 

Where to begin... 

1. Overblown Income Claims:

The hype is unreal, and not at all believable. They say you can earn at least $3,000 and eventually $10,000 a day without doing any work. It's not even close to possible. The types of businesses that make that kind of money require a lot of work on your part, and take a long time to build.

This product is similar to two other scams we've reviewed before: 7 Figure Freedom Formula and Home Profit System.

2. Stock Actors:

We know the so called creator of Ad Formula is a stock actor, but it looks like the testimonials are pulled straight from Fiverr as well. If you didn't know, on Fiverr you can hire people to do all kinds of things, one of which is create a video testimonial for your website. 

Click to read about all the paid types of Gigs you can find on Fiverr.

3. Funnel is Inconsistent:

In my case, it didn't even work. It kept saying there are no deals in my area, too bad. But other Ad Formula reviews mention the recommend traffic exchange varies, sometimes it's Banner Bit, other times it's Clicks Dealer, and so on. It looks like the funnel is updated to point to any random ad exchange website. 

4. Is a Clone Website Template:

These type of websites are essentially templates, and new ones pop up with slight variations to the name and sales videos. For example, one clone I found for this course is called The Ad Code, and it's almost identical to Ad Formula.

The only difference is the name and the creator, this time it's Rob Goldman who is the CEO and Founder. But on this other website, Ad Code, the hype is even worse, claiming that you can easily make $5,000 a day. 

After a bit more research, here's the full list of clone websites: 

  1. Ad Formula
  2. The Ad Code
  3. AZ Formula
  4. EB Formula
  5. Crypto VIP Club (UNSAFE!

5. Requires Phone Number & Password:

I never like it when a squeeze page requests your phone number and a password. You just know that this data will be sold as leads to random companies, there's no telling what list your information will end up on. 

On the subject of passwords, it makes sense to request a password if your creating an account on a platform. But it's not even clear why they're asking for a password. The button only says Get Started now. And they are very strict about the passwords you can use. For what, exactly?

When it comes to enter passwords on suspicious websites, it goes without saying that you should use random passwords, and never ones that you use for personal platforms or your email accounts. 

How Do I Make Money Online? 

Most people still think making money online is a myth, a pip-dream, and not possible. But I can tell you it is possible, and many people are doing it. There's no reason you can't, either. I won't lie, it does take work and time. And you need to follow a proven system, otherwise you won't see the best results.

Wondering what system you can follow to build an online business? How about the one I joined many years ago to build this website? Hit the button below to check out my top recommended training center! 

Ad Formula



  • Is An Example of a Scam to Avoid at All Costs


  • Overblown Income Claims & Stock Actors
  • Clone Website Templates
  • Inconsistent Funnel

About the Author

Hi, I’m the founder of Learn to Grow Wealth Online. My goal is to help you create a brilliant online business. One that is profitable and will grow wealth for you and your loved ones well into the future. If you're willing to put in the effort, I can help you create your own source of online income.


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  1. Hello Todd,

    When something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. The same applies to Ad Formula. Your detailed review proves than as well. It is exactly as you stated. It is a classic example of an online scam to avoid among the thousands that exist out there. I liked that you gave so low stars from the beginning, and you didn’t sugarcoat it or tried to find something positive about it. 

    1. Yeah Antwnhs, that motto is good to live by in the online money making world. Everyone wants the easy road to online success and so that’s what scams cater to. It’s sad but a reality. So hopefully people will do a bit of research before jumping into programs like Ad Formula.


  2. Hey Todd!

    What?… $3000 US or even $10000 a day? What do the people behind this Ad Formula program think of other people? Expecting us to believe such a fairy-tale about fabulous & instant earnings means treating us as… non-intelligent persons, to say it kindly.

    This approach is much worse than the one the top-scam ViralMarket site uses (at least that site pretends we can earn “only” $250 US a day). Also, Ad Formula uses an image of a person without their permission (although it’s a stock photo).

    People who would really believe what a site like Ad Formula says must immediately figure out how terribly wrong the situation is! Especially when the owners of the scam site want to steal sensitive personal data that not only may end up in the hands of some spammers, but there are also hackers that are able to empty the accounts of the too trustful persons.

    Thank you for posting this useful article so that other people may know a bit more about the scamming dangers lurking around the Internet.

    Wish you all the best,


    1. You got it Peter. Thanks for the feedback and for laying it out there so others can ready about these types of programs and decide against them. If they’re not profitable to the owners, then they’ll stop making them.

      Anyways, great feedback and thanks for stopping by the site.


  3. Wow, I never would’ve thought that people can actually go online to get a person to look like he is really the owner of the platform when the real owner is hiding behind the scam. I feel that this owner must be very heartless to do this. I also think that the authorities should look into platforms like the AD formula since they are only out to take people’s money. Nice review you have written here.

    1. Thanks for the feedback John. Yeah, it sucks to have companies like Ad Formula out there, the best you can do is report them to Federal Trade Commission.

      The problem is by the time the close Ad Formula down, another similar product will pop up and scam somebody else. The best thing is to take a little time and investigate any program that you’re looking into before you buy.


  4. I’m really perplexed by the way this article has defined what AD formula is all about, just by reading the summary, i was able to understand the fact that it is a no go area. Having a rating of 0/100 is nothing to come back from and it’s obviously a dead end business. Thanks for the straight forwardness and for the enlightenment, I really enjoyed reading through.

  5. Wow, this one is a straight-up no for a platform that anyone should even think of joining at all because of the fact that it doesn’t help at all. They have hyped the amount that one can possibly make in a day to an amount that is totally unthinkable and this is one thing that must have given them away. I am certain that a few ignorant ones must have joined the platform without knowing that it is nothing but a lie. Good research on this here.

    1. Thanks Henderson. There’s always some poor soul who believes everything they hear. The reality is that most people want to hear and believe things that sound easy. Everyone wants the easy way to make money online but it’s just not a reality.

      You have to offer something of value and of course, Ad Formula offers nothing of value except it’s a good example of a scam to watch out for online.


  6. Really I would not say I was once a victim of Ad formula or not, at first before I got on to the app it was introduced  to me by a friend and she claimed it’s a real site that pays  I knew she was sweetened with their great, but fake, offers. Then I also gave it a try but I ain’t new to the make money online system  immediately  I got out of there because I knew it’s a scam. Thanks for this great enlightenment  and recommendations. I really appreciate it.

    1. You bet Rose, at least you got it figured out before you wasted any time or effort on Ad Formula’s platform. Happy to help on the recommendations as well. I know how frustrating it can be when you first starting out online. It’s tough to know what’s legit and what’s not. If you ever need a hand online, just let me know.


  7. Wow, I never thought I would see a review that is absolutely this low, but kudos to you for giving absolutely zero stars if that is what the Ad Formula system is worth. It’s good to know right off the bat that this has no substance and is basically a copycat scam product. Thanks for putting together the comprehensive list of reasons to run in the other direction!

  8. Hey Todd,

    Great post! It always amazes me how over the top these scam products go with their sales videos. Good to see you’re uncovering scams on the internet. The amount of shady products that have come out in the last few months is definitely at an all-time high. 

    keep up the good work!

    1. Thanks for the kind feedback Rogier on my Ad Formula review. It does seem like these scams have gotten worse lately. Seems like there’s cycles to them or something. But yeah, you’ve got to be careful online. If you need any help weeding through the crap, feel free to check out my top internet marketing recommendations.



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