What Is Affilorama? Is Affilorama Worth $1,200+ Dollars?

What Is Affilorama Review Image

We’ve been getting pounded with emails asking us, “what Is Affilorama?”.

So we decided to review the program to see if it’s worth your time and money.

Affilorama is an online business training center that has been around for more than ten years.

Some people love it, some people hate it.

Today I’m going to share my opinion of the Affilorama program with you.

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Product Name: Affilorama

Product Type: Affiliate Marketing Business Training

Price: Free Membership, Four Paid Products

Best For: Anyone looking to start an online business. Those not on a tight budget.

Rating: 80/100

Summary: Affilorama is a solid training program that will teach you how to build an online business via a niche website using affiliate marketing.

It’s one of my most favorite internet marketing business models, my only issue with Affilorama is the cost.

With the extra money you spend on Affilorama, you could invest it into your niche website instead.

Recommended: Yes: Click Here to Check Out Affilorama >>

Although Affilorama is good, it’s not my No. 1 Ranked Training Program for a reason.

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What is Affilorama?

Affilorama’s goal is to make it easy for anyone to build a profitable website/online business.

The training will take you through how to find a niche, find affiliate products to promote, create a site, and send traffic to the site to earn cash.

What makes this company different from all the other training centers out there is it has three core products: Affilotools, Affilojetpack, and Affiloblueprint.

Affilorama’s website is very well made and they make it very easy to find the best product for your needs (there’s a little quiz you can take to find the right product for your situation).

I was immediately impressed by the quality of the website and the fact that there’s a lot of free training available.

You don’t need to make an account to take a look at the free training articles!

There’s also a blog which is updated regularly with helpful marketing tips.

In short, the company’s website and products look quite legitimate and professional.

The Affilorama Products:

A picture showing three tools included in the Affilorama platform.

Each of Affilorama’s products target a different audience.


Affilotools is a feature for the data analysts; it tracks all visits, clicks, and other information on a website.

It also analyze keywords on your site and makes it easy for you to see which keywords are bringing in traffic.

Essentially, it’s like Google Analytics but with more bells and whistles. 

You can also link accounts from other services, such as Click Bank, to see sales data all in one place.

Anther cool feature this product has is a back-link building section where you can browse for other sites in your niche to build backlinks on.

You should be careful with back-linking. If your back-linking strategies are based on getting original comments, social shares, or related niche backlinks within relevant content, you should be in the clear.

Just know that Google specifically states that false back-linking strategies are not recommended.

That being said…

You can choose the type of backlinks you want (comments, guest posts, article directories, reviews, sponsorship, etc) and the system will run a search for all sites with related content.

Price: Free for Members

Just make an account, link your website, and you’re good to go!

Image that links to a free course to learn how to build your own online business.


Affiloblueprint is the foundation of Affilorama.

It contains 190 + videos dedicated to the subject of building a website and turning it into a profitable business.

Affiloblueprint does contain a lot of valuable lessons and marketing ideas you can use to take your business further.

The course is supposed to show you how the creator, Mark Ling, built his seven-figure business.

So it takes you through all the steps – choosing a niche, finding affiliate products (or making your own), making a site, sending traffic to the site, and everything else.

As of recently, there are some bonuses included too, such as a year of free hosting and one month of Premium.

Regarding the month of free Premium, it’s important to remember after the first month you’ll be charged the full price for Premium, which is $67/month.

Make sure you know that before you sign-up! 

Affiloblueprint also includes access to their Affilorama Theme and Affilorama Website Builder.

In other words, they make it relatively easy to start a site!

The problem with having so many training videos in one place is people tend to feel overwhelmed.

I felt that way when looking through the training and I can imagine beginners feel the same as well.

With that in mind, the training is not bad, there are quite a lot of valuable video lessons.

The downloadable website road-map is also an excellent way to track your business progress.

Granted, it’s not a unique road-map, and most of the strategies discussed in the training material are quite common.

But they do work. 

Price: $199 one-time fee. 

The $199 one-time fee is a bit much and you’ll likely be charged for Premium after the first month.

On the other hand, it’s not too bad when compared to other products out there that offer less value and charge thousands of dollars.


The slogan for this product is, “Done for You Business”. 

Affilojetpack is an lead-gen system that will provide you with a free done-for-you website and some free reports you can use to build your email list.

Their “Beautiful” website is also quite basic and seems to use the default WordPress theme.

The problem is these free reports are PLR reports, meaning no one owns them, and tons of people are already using the same reports.

You’ll be given three reports to build a list. There are reports in multiple niches.

I don’t like the idea of using PLR eBooks to build a list. 

Affilojetpack also includes pre-written newsletters and email blasts that you can send to your email list.

Just add your affiliate links and you’re good to go!

Mark claims the secret to earning $20,000 a day is in email blasts.

Basically, Affilojetpack contains made-for-you email marketing material. If you want to learn more, read our Affilojetpack 2.0 review here >>

It also includes some content ideas for articles.

Personally, I liked the content ideas; the content cheat sheets are interesting to say the least.

But its also easy to come up with your own content ideas.

Want to learn more about how to write content that converts? Read this article: 10 Easy Writing Tips to Write Quality Content Online

How much does Affilojetpack cost?

Price: $997 – one time. 

That’s… a bit much.

Don’t Want to Spend Hundreds of Dollars to Learn this Stuff?

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Affilorama Review Conclusion:

What’s the takeaway from this Affilorama Review?

Well, for starters, its quite expensive. 

I don’t think beginners have over $1,200 to invest right off the bat.

In my opinion, its a bit too much.

You can learn the same strategies elsewhere, for much less, and then you’ll have a lot more cash to invest in building your site.

My conclusion is Affilorama is not a scam and they do provide useful training and information.

The free training alone is not bad and worth a look.

If you’ve got the money want to go forward with Affilorama, click the link below.

[thrive_link color=’red’ link=’https://learntogrowwealthonline.com/go/affilorama/’ target=’_self’ size=’medium’ align=’aligncenter’]Click Here to Get Started with Affilorama >>[/thrive_link]

The only problem – for me – is its far too expensive. 

So what do I recommend?

I’ve Got the Perfect Product For You: 

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What is Affilorama to you? A good education, a bit pricey, let us know.

Leave a comment below!

About the Author

Hi, I’m the founder of Learn to Grow Wealth Online. My goal is to help you create a brilliant online business. One that is profitable and will grow wealth for you and your loved ones well into the future. If you're willing to put in the effort, I can help you create your own source of online income.


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  1. Thank you Tim for giving your honest opinion on Affilorama. It seems to be a really great platform. The main issue that I happen to have with it is the fact that the pricing is pretty high. Wealthy Affiliates pricing is much more convenient especially for someone who is on a budget and isn’t making a ton of money (hints the reason why I joined Wealthy Affiliate in the first place).

    Wealthy Affiliate is definitely better for people who are on a tighter budget, although Affilorama seems to have great content that could be useful.

    Although, it is definitely a great idea to get the expert opinions of more than one person; therefore, since it’s free for a month, it may be a good idea to try Affilorama out to see if it is of any use for you. I might have to actually look into it.

    Because of the prices that they were asking for it, it in some ways appeared scamish to me but it’s good to know that it’s not.

    1. Hi Jada,

      There’s a few decent programs out there and Affilorama and Wealthy Affiliate both make the grade. I think for all the tools and resources that WA provides makes them the best value.

      You can always go through WA’s training program and then latter try Affilorama, but I found that it’s tough to leave WA (after 3 years there) due to all the tools I use on a daily basis.

      It took me 9 months to go through their program and I’m still learning new information thanks to their weekly webinars.

      If you haven’t checked them out, do so. There is always something that applies to my online business.



  2. Hey Todd,

    While the training is good I should not want to use the free report that are used by others.

    For me the Email Blast and Newsletter that can make $20.000 a day I will have to observe carefully as they could be some “Get Rich Quick” entities.

    If the tools/products can be purchased separately, then I would want to buy them. But now that I am involved with a company that I considered to be second to none, I would not need Affilorama’s whole package.

    Thanks for your review on Affilorama,


    1. Awesome Dorcas, there a handful of good internet marketing training programs and I think Affilorama is one, but I think in terms of value and support, Wealthy Affiliate would be the way to go. Solo Build It is another solid program.



  3. Hi Tim your post contains a lot of good information. Seeing that anyone learning about affiliate marketing will explore many options. There are a lot of them out there now, each offering wealth at a certain cost. Reviews like these help the rest of us realize if the costs for their content is worth our time. Thanks for sharing.


    1. Thanks Andy for your kind feedback on our Affilorama review. Very wise words for anyone contemplating internet marketing.

      It’s all about value to prospective students that want to take this online journey. One that I think is extremely worth it if you’re committed to your ideas and/or passions in life.


  4. All I could think as I read through this is that most of the useful features at Affilorama are included at Wealthy Affiliate at a much lower price. I’m not sure why anyone would pick that program if they knew of WA.

    One aspect that did look interesting is the tools product. Can you purchase products individually or do you have to buy the whole program?

    1. Not sure on that one Dustin but thanks for your kind feedback on our review of Affilorama and Wealthy Affiliate.

      Both are solid programs, but you statement is true to me about the value and price.

      I can’t even find the time to hit every topic covered at WA. My goal is to catch the weekly webinars. 

      Regardless, the tools and resources there have made me a life time member.



  5. Hi Guys! I have been looking for ways to earn money online and I’ve discovered Afffilorama through an ad on Facebook.
    After reading your review on Affilorama, I really think it is very expensive and too high risk to invest in this.
    I’ve got a question though, how would you compare the training at WA and Affilorama?

    1. From what I’ve seen and experienced, both solid programs. I happen to think it’s pretty tough to compete with Wealthy Affiliate.

      They’ve been teaching white hat SEO skills for over a decade and the owners are super dedicated to see you succeed.

      Plus, the site rubix platform alone is such a great part to my online business, I wouldn’t want to work without WA.

      At the same time, Affilorama is created by another experienced marketer who’s going to have a slightly different take on their approach.

      I’d go with our Free Internet Marketing eCourse and see what is the right path for each individual.



  6. Hey Todd, thanks for the review on Affilorama. Is not this an eye opener to let people know that they are to make good use of what they have after all?

    Taking your word for it. Affilorama has a lot of valuable stuff but the price is kind of high for beginners?

    Is it so? There seamed to be three separate prices. AffiloBluePrint, AffiloTools and AffiloJetpack?

    Is there any truth in making $20.000.00 daily from email blast?

    Considering the whole concept. I personally believe that Wealthy Affiliate has enough training, tools and resources that one can use to build a profitable business online. 

    With understanding applications, adding hard work to knowledge; the sky can be the limit to one’s success with Wealthy Affiliate. Do you agree?

    1. Hey Dorcas,

      Thanks for your feedback on Affilorama and Wealthy Affiliate. You know, for the amount of tools and value, I think Wealthy Affiliate is tough to beat.

      I also think there are a handful of solid program to get you rolling with internet marketing, Affilorama being one of them.

      It’s important to find the right style or combination to make online business work. 

      And to your money question, sky’s the limit online. There’s affiliate marketers that make over 100K/month.

      It’s usually done through similar systems that WA teaches. I think you’ll find a good combo is ranking video and written content to bring in traffic. As you get traffic, you then begin your email marketing.

      As your repeat this process, it can expand exponentially.

      I know a successful marketer who put it like this. Say I write 100 posts a year, the next year, I’m still getting that traffic, but then adding another 100 posts the second year and so on creates an amazing effect…

      TRAFFIC –  what online business or off line business isn’t dependent upon it?

      If you need help with this, get our guide book, Free Targeted Traffic eBook. You can use it step by step to learn how we rank fast and why this style of internet marketing can be so effective.

      But you do need to put in the time to get to those higher levels, the cool thing is you can start earning while you’re learning the ropes.



  7. There is a lot of good information here on Affilorama. I am going to bookmark this page so that I can come back when I have more time to explore more thoroughly. 

    It’s always good to get different perspectives on these types of online training coursess. Thank you so much for the helpful information.-Julie

  8. Hello there
    Really solid review of Affilorama, I think that for the cost, there are better alternatives out there. I like Wealthy Affiliate as well and have enjoyed learning from this training program.

    I think for the cost, WA is a better option. I like that you can host 25 sites for free with their system and I really like the website builder. 

    You can get feedback , comments, and hosting all in one place. 

    How long have you been working with Wealthy Affiliate?

    1. Hi Hayley,

      Thanks for your feedback on our Affilorama review. I’ve been working with Wealthy Affiliate for over 3 years. There’s always something new to learn and based on some of the things you stated, I’m a lifetime member of WA.

      There’s just too many benefits to being a member of this organization if you own an online business.

      Just take it one day at a time and build build build. It’s one of the best things I’ve ever done and you can do it too.

  9. Thank you for this review of the Affilorama Program. I think it is very interesting and quite informative. I signed up for the Affilorama free membership several months ago, because it appears to be presenting a very effective and practical approach to affiliate marketing. 

    However, to date I have not pursued it any further, and based on the required financial investments detailed in your review and I am not able to afford it at this time. I appreciate your frank and factual article.

  10. Hi Todd,
    I just read your review about Affiliroma. I had heard a lot about Affiliroma before but never knew too much about it.
    From your review, it seems that Affiliroma is a good tool for those who want to succeed online. But the only draw back seems to be its high cost.

    1. Yeah Amit, Affilorama has a lot of value just a bit pricey compared to some of the other top training courses.

      My favorite online business training program continues to be Wealthy Affiliate in terms of highest value for the education, support, tools and resources you need to get started on the right path.

      If you’ve got the money and want to give Affilorama a go, go for it.

  11. Thanks for your Affilorama Review, I’ve wondered what this program was about! It is important for people like myself (just beginning in online business) to learn about different assets and the pros and cons. 

    Affilorama is obviously WAY too expensive for a starter to use, which is why I will not be using it. Perhaps in the future though, I can see myself committing to this if I ever need it.

    Thank you for this review, I found it very helpful.

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