What is an Affiliate Marketing Niche? Find a Profitable Niche Today!

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“What is an affiliate marketing niche?” you ask. Good question.

The first step to creating a profitable website or online business is niche selection. Once you’ve got a niche, the next step is to figure out how to make money from it.

This is done by selling goods or services related to that niche.

Still following me here? Great!

Affiliate marketing is one of the easiest ways to make money online and almost any product you can think of has an affiliate program.

In today’s article, we’ll talk about…

  1. What is an affiliate marketing niche.
  2. How to find and promote products within your niche.

Let’s start..

What is an Affiliate Marketing Niche?

As an affiliate marketer, the goal is to find a product in your niche that has a decent affiliate program that you can promote on your website.

Thankfully, there are plenty of products that offer affiliate programs, and most affiliate marketplaces like Clickbank, Apple, and Home Depot have plenty of products in various niches.

Shoot, you can even get started with Amazon. There’s thousands of affiliate programs and products.

So before you start working on an affiliate marketing website, there are a few things that you should do.

Image that links to a free course to learn how to build your own online business.

Finding Affiliate Marketing Programs:

Assuming that you have already found a list of low competition keywords, the next step is to find something to promote.

If you don’t have anything to promote on your website then you won’t make any money; it’s that simple. 

Contrary to what you might think, the make money online niche is not as profitable as you might think. Other niches have a lot of potential if you’re willing to branch out a bit.

So what you want to do is head over to an affiliate marketplace such as the three mentioned earlier, we can start with Clickbank as it’s the largest and most popular database for affiliate programs.

Note: Keep in mind that there could be products in your niche that have excellent affiliate programs which are not listed on these three websites. It’s worth doing a little digging on Google for products in your niche by typing in a simple phrase such as, “Your keyword” + “Affiliate program”.

You can also visit the Clickbank affiliate marketplace, and select the topic of the left that is related to your niche.

A list of products will appear, with different metrics that you should understand.

Let’s use the “Arts & Entertainment” category as an example.

If you’re wondering what is an affiliate marketing niche, this is a prime example.

Affiliate Marketing Niche Product Example:

Take a look at the image below, we can immediately see a few products.

In the drop down menu, we can select how to organize the products, I chose most popular products.An image showing various affiliate marketing niches.

Now we have to figure out which product to promote, some products are not worth promoting at all.

One way to do this is to head on over to our favorite keyword research tool, and look for some keywords that we could use to drive traffic to one of the products.

Let’s use the first product on the list as an example, the first keyword you can search for is “Product name” + “review”.

Let’s take a look at the keywords:

Okay so here are the results, I took out the phrase “Online Singing Course” because on their website the logo is “Superior Singing Method”.

Searching on Jaaxy for “Superior Singing Method Review” gives us some interesting keywords.

Take a look at the image below.

A screenshot from Jaaxy for keywords related to the top affiliate offers.
Click Here To Start Researching Your Keywords

So we can see the keyword is marked green but there still are 198 competing websites for that keyword phrase. 

In other words, it will be difficult to rank for that keyword, and the traffic is not as good as it could be.

So if you were to write a review based on this keyword, it will rank in Google, but it will be difficult to get in the first result of the first page, especially for complete beginners.

Let’s not Throw in the Towel Yet:

There are plenty of other keywords that you could target to lead people into the program.

I always suggest that you try in some other keywords that are related to the product.

I tried a few, and after a few attempts, I found this simple keyword that not only has more traffic than the review one, but it’s also much less competitive. 

A screenshot from Jaaxy showing a potential keyword for the previously mentioned affiliate offer.

And with a bit more digging I’m sure you can find even better keywords to target!

Then, the next step is to write the article and publish it on your website. But your job doesn’t end once it’s published, now it’s time to promote it.

That means take the link to Twitter, Facebook, and other websites to get the word out.

We know that Google likes “Hot” articles that people are talking about on social media, so do your best to share the article as many times as possible.

For a detailed guide on how to do this, click this post.. How to find the best keywords for my website.

Affiliate Marketing Niche Websites are Awesome:

To conclude, in this article we used a rather popular niche as an example for finding affiliate products. There are many more out there, and there are many more opportunities to make money from the internet.

There are also other ways to promote a product as an affiliate, writing reviews is not the only way to promote a product.

That’s just the simplest. 

You can also consider email marketing and email blasts as well as selling advertising from Google Adwords or Amazon. You can use YouTube and Facebook as well.

There are many different paths that you can take to reach your goals. 

But if you’re completely new to making money online, I highly recommend joining an online business training program. My favorite training center is Wealthy Affiliate.

Even if you have some experience, but need to grow your online business, Wealthy Affiliate is loaded with the right kind of education to help you out.

This is the course that I love and used and I’m sure you’ll love it too.

Here’s My Top Recommended Training >>

Take a look and I’m looking forward to seeing you in the member’s area.

Now you know what is an affiliate marketing niche, I hope this post will inspire you to make your own affiliate marketing niche website.

It’s a great way to make money online and even passive income.

About the Author

Hi, I’m the founder of Learn to Grow Wealth Online. My goal is to help you create a brilliant online business. One that is profitable and will grow wealth for you and your loved ones well into the future. If you're willing to put in the effort, I can help you create your own source of online income.


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  1. Hey Todd,

    Great write up on what a niche is.

    I’ve heard so many definitions for that term. A target audience, a type of product, a specific group of people interested in a certain product type, etc.

    I like to just call it the main topic of your site. It’s simple, right? Easier. 😛

    Yeah, it’s one of the most important things in marketing.

    One of my first mistakes was actually in niche selection. I chose something that was bound to get outdated and I wasn’t really interested in it. I just thought it was cool. hehe

    Well, man, have a good day. Happy New Year!


    1. Happy New Year Julian, nice to hear from you and thanks for your take on affiliate marketing niches.

      I think you make a great point that many people struggle with, niche selection. And this is so important to one’s online success.

      I was in a course the other day at WA and they spoke of this topic. Point it, always go with something you love or want to learn more about compared to something popular or may have higher income potential.



  2. Hi Todd,

    Thanks for the affiliate marketing niche information. It solves the problem of coming up with a product on your own and allows people to enjoy the benefits of running their own businesses.

    For the beginner, it makes it much simpler to choose something that might interest them. Then combining affiliate marketing with good SEO keyword research gives that extra one two punch!

    Do you think that someone could narrow down the make money niche, with a few well chosen affiliate products to promote? Thanks for the information Todd.


    1. Hi Chas,

      I think affiliate marketing is the way to go for most everyone. Mainly because it teaches you so much about online marketing and improves your skills as a marketer.

      Later if you decide to do funnels with paid advertising, you’ll be so much more ahead of the game compared to marketers who haven’t had this experience.

      I think that if you have a solid product, in any niche, and know how to find low competition keywords, you can do great.

      It all depends on providing value to your niche audience. Just know that going into more popular niches will take more time to see results, but it’s not impossible.

      In my mind, it’s always best to go into an affiliate marketing niche based on something you’re passionate about, if that’s the make money online niche, so be it.

  3. Hi Todd. Your break down of an affiliate marketing niche made everything simple and clear. Love the way you show how a person would go about researching profitable areas of interest. That Jaaxy program sounds pretty solid.

    You mentioned that the make money online niche wasn’t as profitable as people might think. Why do you think that’s the case? Is it overpopulated with websites?

    I’m considering a few niches which all look promising and I always appreciate some honest insight. Did it take long for you to start seeing results? Best of wishes to you and all your efforts. Geoff.

    1. Thanks Geoff and you’re asking some great questions.

      The internet marketing niche is pretty darn saturated. You have a lot of people that enter the online world and don’t have a specific niche that the love and so the opt-in to the IM niche.

      I did this although I had many other niche ideas to pursue as well. I really think you’ll see more success choosing a niche you love.

      As to the amount of time it took me and how long you should expect to make money with a niche affiliate based website… READ THIS POST!!



  4. Hello,

    I think you did a great job describing what a niche is and how it fits in Affiliate Marketing. You shared platforms that are great to utilize like click bank. The information you give on keywords is accurate. The content overall is rich and very beneficial.

    Thank you,


    1. Awesome JRay, that’s great feedback. Anyone can create a cool niche site based on affiliate marketing and do great.

      You just need the right resources and the motivation to create your own online business. It’s a great thing once you build out the foundation based on quality info and helping out your niche..



  5. Hi there,

    Excellent article! thanks for sharing it. Kudos!

    Searching for products to promote on Clickbank for me is not as simple as just finding a popular product and then bam promote it. I check the gravity of the product to make sure it is selling well but I also set an upper limit as I don’t want to promote a product that every man and their dog is promoting (saturated market).

    I’ll also check out what the commission range is and then go ahead and check out the product page (is the marketing low quality or well done? I will also check out how old the page is (I want longevity!).

    1. Nice Derek,

      Thanks for sharing your affiliate product selection tips, that’s great info and can be overlooked by new online marketers.

      The affiliate always has to do their due dillegence when recommending products to their site users.



  6. Yes, the niche is imperative in the affiliate marketing world. One has to make sure they get the right slot that is comfortable for the person to operate in the market.

    You have clearly shown how to dig for the nice niche which will rank on the first page in Google. I like the way you do it working your way to the right slot.

    Yes working out to find the niche with a decent traffic and small competition and then follows the promoting of the site or affiliate product.

    I have a question for you about promotions. What kind of advertising will make your site get viral fast?

    Excellent post thank you.

    1. Hi Mariam,

      I’ve found content that’s a bit controversial that is also shared on social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc., has the best chance to go viral.

      If you’re new online, I think the most important thing is to strive to produce content that’s valuable to your niche audience.

      If this content is also targeted based on what your niche is googling, then you have a sure fire system to building consistent traffic.

      And with traffic comes sales. Strive for hitting singles and not home runs and you’ll do great.

      Need more help on targeting traffic, sign up for our free eBook, it works like a charm and you’ll love it.


  7. I recently got interested in affiliate marketing and joined Wealthy Affiliate. I agree its probably the best training platform out there. I realized my niche pretty quickly because I knew I had to write a lot about it, so therefore it had to be something I already do a lot, health and fitness is what Im into so thats my niche.

    1. Hey Kent,

      That’s a competitive niche, so your training at Wealthy Affiliate will be critical.

      By targeting, researching and knowing what you niche is looking for, you’ll have a distinct advantage.

      The key will be following the training and taking action. Do this and you won’t fail.

      Thanks for your feedback on affiliate marketing and your personal niche. Any niche is possible, the more competitive ones take more time, but have more potential.

      Specify your niche in small parts and you’ll do great.



  8. Man! This is a treasure chest for the people who wanna clear their doubts related to affiliate marketing niches and how to find products to promote for affiliate marketing.

    I agree with you that the three websites may not contain some products best for a particular niche so it’s always a great idea to do a little search and find affiliate products worth promoting.

    I really like the way you laid down things in detail yet you keep it so simple, so easily.


    1. Thanks Mr. Prince,

      Simplicity is always the best way to make your message heard. The reality is that making money with affilaite marketing is not that hard if you know how it’s done.

      If you don’t know, it probably won’t go well. For those that want to learn how to create an affiliate marketing niche the brings in the money, start with a solid foundation and make it happen.

  9. Hi Todd,

    This was the hardest part for me and I sometimes still second guess the choices I made.

    A niche is important and the backbone to all successful marketing plans on the internet today.

    With your article and its contents you have written, I am fully confident that I can make the right choices for choosing a successful niche.

    Thanks and Have a Great Day

    1. You bet Mark, I’m happy to help. I think choosing a niche is always a bit of pickle.

      You have to put in that initial research to see if you’ve got a viable topic. I really think that any niche is possible to make money as long as it has products and services that you can promote.

      Niche competition is important, but if you learn how to target low competition topics, you can certainly climb the rankings, get the traffic, and make the sales.

      Always go with a niche you’re passionate about or want to learn more about, it comes through in your content, site, etc..

      Thanks for the feedback and best of luck to you. One other thing, if you have problems with ranking organically, check out our free eBook on how to target traffic. It’s a how to guide so to speak, I use it on every post I publish.

  10. The reason I like affiliate marketing is you have no stock to purchase and hold, no packaging and postage times to deal with and no returns to sort out.
    Simply by providing an affiliate link provides the time to build your website out and increase trust with the Search Engines without any hassle.

    Are you using Jaaxy for your keyword tool?
    It looks very similar to Jaaxy. My favourite part of creating posts is finding the keywords for my titles by choosing high traffic monthly figures with low competition from other websites using the same keywords.
    The keyword tool is a powerful gadget that provides the gateway into the Search Engines results page.

    Informative post you have written here,

    1. Thanks Simon for your kind feedback and I do enjoy finding hot keywords that nobody else knows. Plus I love the fast rankings that come along with it.

      Having a good keyword research tool is imperative to do marketing research within any internet marketing based niche.

      Once I started using Jaaxy, I was able to start ranking content. Now, for the ultimate guide, get our Free eBook that gives you a guide to content creation and keyword use/placement.



  11. If you pick up a niche based on your interested and write great helpful content about it, you are surely going to have a lot of visitors, to convert those visitors, you need a good affiliate program.

    Your post pointed out all the steps the one should take to succeed.

    Good points, thanks for sharing

    1. You bet Anis, thanks for your feedback. You’ve got the right concept. Creating an affiliate based niche requires simple marketing research (outlined in this post) that will make all the difference in your website’s success.

      Take the dollar signs out and focus on learning and serving and you will reap the rewards of online success.



  12. Thanks for sharing this article. It cleared up the concept to me about affiliate marketing niches, and if done well could give you massive rewards.

    What you’ll find out is if you position yourself in the niche where you’re passionate about something, you will have a higher chance of succeeding. Good luck with your journey as an affiliate marketer!

    1. That’s right Dominic, you’re got the right idea. I think this is the biggest challenge and can be frustrating when one try’s to decide what niche they want to pursue.

      I think I was too serious in my initial thought process. It certainly helps when you love your niche topic or really enjoy what you’re learning about.

      Niches are everywhere, some large, some small. Follow your heart, if you spend a month and find you made the wrong choice, you can always start again. Only this time it will be easier as you start the process.

      I really think anyone can do this if they put their heart and mind into it.

      Thanks for the feedback,


  13. Finding a great affiliate marketing niche is super important, but I think you should make sure you have some or at least one really good affiliate within that niche.

    1. Great point Mya. It would be tough to run a successful affiliate marketing business without a really solid affiliate.

      This is something that everyone should look into before they explore a specific niche.


  14. This post is quite informative. I am already a member of WA and still learning how it all works. Your post gave me valuable information on choosing a niche, which I may apply when I start thinking of my second niche. I will try the strategies you suggest in order to find better keywords and products to market.

    1. Awesome Sara,

      Finding an affiliate marketing niche can be a challenge, and for good reason. You can always take a niche that you enjoy and develop it enough to produce regular online sales. If you lose interest in the niche, at least you can get it to a point of profitablilty.

      But I’d consider your passion and the long term demand of the niche. If that’s there, then you go for it. There are many affiliate marketers who have several sites that bring in multiple streams of income.

      If you feel your second niche site calling you, and your first is already profitable, go for it.



  15. Choosing the correct niche is so important and many find it one of the hardest things to do. You did a great job at showing exactly was an affiliate marketing niche is. It is very important to do some research on a product before you promote it. Building a good reputation for yourself is key to building your business.

    1. absolutely Cathy, that some great advice. Choosing a niche was tough for me and sometimes I still think I could have chosen a different niche. But that is the cool thing about building niche based affiliate websites, you can have more than one. My only two cents I would add is that you should stick with one niche basedaffiliate website and get it to be profitable before you start a second one. Thanks for your feedback, Todd

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