What is Appnana About? Is Appnana a Scam: Should I Use This App?

Chances are you’re here because you’re wondering what is AppNana about and if it’s legitimate.

There a bunch of mobile apps out there that let you earn rewards by doing various tasks such as downloading apps, watching ads, taking surveys, etc.

Now, AppNana uses that basic concept and builds upon it with a little spin to it.

How so?

Well, AppNana allows you to perform various tasks to earn points (the points are called Nanas), that you can use to buy paid apps.

AppNana Review Summary:

Product Name: AppNana

Product Type: Paid Online Tasks/Games App

Price: Free

Best For: Those looking for entertainment only. No serious income potential here.

Rating: 50/100

Summary: AppNana is a fun application to earn points that you can exchange for rewards. The earning potential is horribly low and we can’t recommend this product to anyone who wants to make money online. Best for those looking for some online entertainment.

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What is AppNana About?

In a nutshell, AppNana is a point earning application that works both on Android and Apple devices.

There are a few ways you can earn Nana points from this app.

But, the main way to earn points is to download apps.A screenshot from AppNana showing the benefits of the platform.

Of course, you can’t just download any app.

You will have to check in to AppNana and see what offers it has.

Also, a majority of the apps being offered are games. So, that means you will actually have to open the app and play the games a bit, before you can earn Nana points.

Make sure to check out how much time you have to play a game to earn points.

How Can You Use Nana Points?

Nana points can be used for a wide variety of things.

Here’s a quick list of things that you can use Nana points to get:

  • Amazon Gift Cards
  • iTunes Gift Cards
  • Google Play (Get other apps)
  • Xbox Gift Cards
  • Paypal Cards

How Can You Earn Nana Points?

While downloading games and playing them is the primary way to earn points on AppNana, it isn’t the only way.

If you are not really a mobile gamer, then you can also earn points by watching videos.

There might not be a huge variety of videos to watch, but it could give you a nice break from playing games.

Another way you can earn Nana points is through their referral system. 

Yup, AppNana has a very basic affiliate program.

The way it works is when you refer a friend to the app, and that friend signs up and starts earning points, then you will get a compensation (you earn points).

When you refer a friend, both you and your friend will earn 2,500 points. 

A decent amount, but nothing compared to other affiliate programs.

Your friend will have to use an unique code that is given to you if you decide to participate in the referral program.

A referral program like this is a win win for all parties involved:

For you, obviously, you will be “winning” because you will be earning more points.

As for the team behind AppNana, they will be getting very cheap marketing and exposure for their app and company.

They will get more users and partners which will in turn earn them more money.

How Much Money Can You Make with Appnana?

I will tell you right now that you won’t be striking it rich with this app.

In fact, I doubt you will even make a decent amount of pocket change.

Why do I think that? Well I’ve crunched some numbers and here’s what I found.

OK, so I’ve done some research and according to some reviews, 45,000 Nanas is roughly worth $2 USD.

You may think it’s not so bad, considering that installing and playing games usually give you more than 1,000 points.

Here’s the deal:

You will have to play those games for a certain amount of time, which will slowly eat away at your time.

On the plus side, you might actually enjoy playing those games.

But, I am saying as a business or money making opportunity, earning Nana points isn’t exactly ideal.

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Pros and Cons with AppNana:

So here’s a quick recap on the pros and cons of AppNana.


  • Free to use
  • Referral program
  • Lots of different ways you can use Nanas
  • You can have fun with the tasks


  • Not a good way to earn serious money
  • Not easy to earn a lot of points
  • Has a somewhat high minimum cash out
  • Not that many apps or videos

Wrapping It Up with AppNana

The bottom line is that while AppNana can be a fun application to use to earn points, it has an extremely low income potential.

In my opinion, use AppNana only for entertainment purposes only.

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The short version is the app is not a scam, but the pay outs are also really low, so we don’t recommend it.

You have to put way too much work in for peanuts.

Thanks for taking the time to read this AppNana review on what is AppNana about, let us know if you enjoyed it.

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