What is Aweber Autoresponder: Read Our In-Depth Aweber Review

Most marketers are quick to recommend Aweber as the go-to email management service for building an email list.

But is it really the best? Does it make things easy for beginners? 

Some people love it… others, not so much.

I have been using Aweber for several years, and I finally feel its time to write my own review of the product.

So if your planning to launch your website and you’re looking for the best email management service, continue reading this review.

Aweber Review Summary:

Product Name: Aweber

A picture showing Aweber's logo and description.

Product Type: Email Autoresponder Program

Best For: Anyone who’s building a marketing email list.

Rating: 90/100

Summary: Aweber is a great email marketing autoresponder that I’ve trusted and used for years.

The pricing is economical, the customer service is excellent and they are perfect for beginners to get started with email marketing.

Recommended: Yes

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What is Aweber Autoresponder?

The Aweber Autoresponder is an email or lead management service.

Aweber allows you to collect leads from your website, then send out automated messages to market to these leads.

There are lots of different ways you can use the service to generate income and expand your business.

We’ll discuss some of those methods later on in this review. 

With Aweber you can create sign-up forms, manage subscribers, send out automated campaigns, and more.

Every new website owner should focus on building leads for day one, and that is where Aweber comes into the picture.

In short, Aweber is a service you can use to collect and manage leads, and of course, market to those leads once they’re signed up to your list.

How to Get Started with Email Marketing and Aweber?

If you want to make the most of this service, its best to register when you have an offer to giveaway.

In order to get leads to sign up for your email marketing, you need to offer something of value to them.

Otherwise why will they give you their email address?

My recommendation is to focus on putting together a nice offer, like a how-to guide for a problem in your niche, and then grab an Aweber membership.

Its also just easier to configure everything when you have everything ready to go!

Once you have an offer, its time to make a sign-up form and start collecting leads.

Creating Sign-up Forms with Aweber:

One thing I love about Aweber is their database of professional sign-up form templates.

A screenshot from Aweber showing a series of email sign-up templates.

Notice the template list in the left hand menu?

There are plenty more!

Just keep in mind these are not full-page sign-up forms, but smaller widgets you can place in the sidebar of your website or within specific areas.

Its always a good idea to place sign-up forms in a few different areas of your website to squeeze in the most leads.

Most marketers place a sign-up form in the side-bar, within the content, and as a pop up or overlay – its up to you. 

I mentioned its best if you have a giveaway, so we’ll need to make a cover image for the giveaway that we can add to the sign-up form.

You want to make it clear to people what they will get when they subscribe, and a descriptive image is one way to do it. 

Don’t worry, there’s no need to be a Photo-shop wizard – designing a cover image is not hard.

I used a free designer tool called Canva to make most of my covers… even business cards with qr codes!

Once you have a cover image, select a form template, and click the image button to upload one to the form.

There are a few different ways to send people your offer when they subscribe to your list.

This article, taken from Aweber’s Blog does an excellent job of explaining the steps.

Creating an Email Campaign with Aweber:

In my opinion, the email campaign feature is one the best and most useful features.

The campaign-editor is drag-and-drop based so you can build a wide variety of campaigns.

One of the most common campaigns is to launch an email series, share value, and include some promotional offers.

These email campaigns can be an excellent source of income, especially for affiliate marketers.

To take a peek at the campaign editor, hover over the Messages tab and select Campaign (BETA).

Add a name, and start dragging in elements to build a campaign.

I’ll briefly explain how this works, more information can be found on Aweber’s website. 

Start by selecting a trigger: when someone subscribes or when a tag applied.

The first trigger is the most common and easiest to set up, so we’ll start with that.

An example of the actions that can trigger an email campaign with AWEBER. Notice actions tab? 

You can drag these into the campaign editor to create a cascade of actions that will start whenever someone subscribes to the list.

The most effective email sequences are ones that don’t focus on you – but rather your audience.

In other words you want to write helpful messages that provide value, even if you don’t directly benefit from it.

So I would start a campaign off with a Send Message, something helpful related to the giveaway, and then drag a Wait action in there.

The Wait action pauses the campaign for a specific amount of time; either minutes, hours, or days. 

I like to wait a day or two between messages because most people don’t like being bombarded with emails.

And then you can send another message, and continue building the campaign.

A few days into your campaign you can send a promotional message, a message that points people to your products or an affiliate offer. 

The Apply Tag Feature:

The Apply Tag Feature is actually super useful, but most people don’t use it to its full potential.

Remember the list of triggers at the beginning of the campaign builder?

“When a Tag is Applied” is one of the triggers.

Well, inside the campaign editor you can add an “Apply Tag” feature.

So you can link campaigns, and send subscribers to different campaigns.

It sounds a little complicated but this feature is perfect for narrowing down leads.

Here’s one way marketers use it… 

Lets say you want to launch an email training series.

You can start building a campaign for the beginners, and at the end of that campaign, add an Apply Tag feature to tag all the subscribers who completed the course.

Then, create a new campaign with the trigger “When a Tag is Applied” to start a more advanced training series.

Learning how to use tags is super important for creating a laser-targeted email list.

How Much Does Aweber Cost?

One thing I love about Aweber is the first month is free!

An image from Aweber showing the payment plans.

Then, it costs $19/month and the price increases as your list grows.

In other words you have one month to build a campaign that can bring in cash to pay for the service.

The price is quite low and I think its perfect for the features included. 

Of course, there are other email management companies out there, but I have found this one works for me.

Our Conclusion on Aweber:

To summarize, I really like Aweber, and I think its perfect for beginners.

Just remember its best to have a good idea of what your email campaign will be about; the offers you’ll promote, the messages, and the giveaway you’ll use to attract subscribers.

Another note is these sign-up forms are not full-page templates, rather small side-bar style forms.

If you want full-page forms, I recommend checking out Thrive Architect (it’s what we use on this site), click here to read our Thrive Architect review

Combine Aweber with a tool like Thrive and you’ll see some amazing conversions!

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Thanks for taking the time to read this Aweber review: What is Aweber Autoresponder. The next step is to take action and integrate Aweber into your online business.

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