What is Click 4 Surveys? Is Click 4 Surveys Another Scam?

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What is Click 4 Surveys?

Click 4 Surveys isn’t actually a website that will pay you directly for taking surveys.

Instead, they offer you a “program” or “secret way” that is supposed to earn you $500 to $3,500 USD a month.

What is this program you may ask?

Well, it is more or less just a bunch of links to different survey websites that the people behind Click 4 Surveys are affiliated with.What is Click 4 Surveys Scam Review Image

You can only access these “secret” links if you pay $97 USD and become a member of Click 4 Surveys.

The Way Click 4 Surveys Works:

You won’t be participating in any affiliate programs.

Instead, you will be giving Click 4 Survey more earnings by using their affiliate links.

So, in reality there isn’t some secret never-before-seen technique that will make you rich.

In fact, there are actually quite a few red flags with Click 4 Surveys.

For example…

Click 4 Surveys Testimonials: Most Likely Fake

Check out the fine print found on the bottom of the home page of the Click 4 Surveys website.

What is Click 4 Surveys Scam Review Image

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This basically means the testimonials you find on the right side of the page are made by people who were paid to give those testimonials.

Let that sink in for a second. 

For me, that makes it hard to believe any of the video testimonials.

I mean, they’re getting paid to say it, so does it matter?

They’re not authentic. 

Now, when you search for reviews scattered over the internet, you’ll realize there is a stark contrast to the ‘”testimonials” found on Click 4 Surveys website.

Sample Surveys Doesn’t Prove Anything:

As you can see in the image below, you are given a sample survey that is supposed to show “how easy the job really is”.

There are only 11 questions in the survey and you are supposed to be compensated with $15 for answering them!

An eleven question survey will only take at the most 5 minutes to complete.

What is Click 4 Surveys Scam Review Image

If surveys are really that easy then you can theoretically make $180 USD a hour!

Now, if that were true then pretty much anyone with a decent command of the English language will be very rich. 

Seriously, not even pilots or doctors make even close to that amount of money in a hour.

They claim the surveys are so easy to take that even a child could finish them.

Sounds like a load of B.S right?

Well it gets worse:

You Pay To Take Surveys with Click 4 Surveys:

As you can see, for some reason you are going to have pay close to a 100 bucks to become a member of the Click 4 Surveys website.

We talked a lot about red flags with taking surveys in a previous articles and we discussed how one way to spot a scam survey website is if they ask you to pay a membership fee.

What is Click 4 Surveys Scam Review Image

Now a membership fee makes sense if a program offers value (ex. training, assets, tools, etc) other than work.

However, if a website wants you to pay just so that you can work, then you should stay clear of them.

As for the only value Click 4 Survey offers is that that they provide affiliate links to several different survey websites.

Something you can find yourself using a quick Google search.

Definitely not worth 97 bucks. 

The Truth About Online Surveys..

Yes, you can earn money from survey websites. It is true that companies are looking for input from people in certain demographics.

However, these paid surveys are nothing like how Click 4 Survey claims they are.

They tend to be more difficult and long to complete and they pay far less.

That doesn’t mean all survey websites are scams. In fact, we’ve reviewed quite a few websites that are completely legit.

Here is a list of some the better ones:

  1. Swagbucks
  2. Survey Junkie 
  3. Clix-Sense

However, survey websites in general will usually only pay you a few dollars for a survey that will take up the better of a hour to complete.

Basically, survey websites are ideal only for making some fast pocket change.

That’s why Click 4 Survey claims are most likely not true. 

What is Click 4 Surveys Scam Review Image

Is Click 4 Survey a Scam?

While you probably can earn money from Click 4 Survey’s affiliate websites, we strongly recommend against paying for a membership.

The reason is because the Click 4 Survey seems very dishonest about their claims.

You can say that the website is a scam, because they use false advertising. 

But they do link you to surveys.

What We Recommend Instead:

There are plenty of money making opportunities online, and most of them are more lucrative and legit.

Our personal favorite is affiliate marketing. You get to be your own boss and generate a nice monthly income! 

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Here’s What I Recommend: 

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