What Is Crazy Cash Club? Scam, Legit, Let’s Find Out

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What is Crazy Cash Club?

Crazy Cash Club is another so called money making opportunity, it’s supposed to make it possible for new members to earn up to $16,000 in their first day as a member.

I don’t know if it’s possible to make a more unrealistic claim.

Of course, we are immune to hype since we busted so many scams on this website.

Let’s strip away the hype and see if there is any actual meat leftover.

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Product Name: Crazy Cash Club

Product Type: Make Money Online Pyramid Scheme

Price: Free with multiple up-sells.

Best For: Nobody.

Rating: 0/100

Summary: Crazy Cash Club is a perfect example of an online scam. You should avoid this product!

Recommended: No

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What is Crazy Cash Club?

I went ahead and made an account with Crazy Cash Club (it’s free) so I wanted to take a look and write a review for you so you don’t have to go through the trouble.

Here is a screenshot of the member’s area: 

A screenshot of Crazy Cash Club's member's area showing their menus and features.

First impressions?

Not good. 

I immediately noticed that there is no tutorial or welcome message.

I thought that was a bit of a bother because I really have no idea how to make money with this so called opportunity and it would be nice to be told what to do.

It’s also clear the website was built on a very small budget, I could make a better website with WordPress in a couple of hours.

The design is just bad, if the company is making millions of dollars a day, wouldn’t it make sense to create a decent website?

Guess not..

On the right side, there’s a counter for paid and unpaid invoices.

Image that links to a free course to learn how to build your own online business.

How does Crazy Cash Club Work?

From the looks of it, it seems like members earn money by completing tasks and referring new members, at the bottom of the screen you will be able to find your affiliate link.

The idea is to promote this link like crazy in order to make some cash.

I did find an introduction video, that’s hosted on YouTube, here’s the link. It’s a 16 minute video that introduces the basics of the opportunity and how it works.

In the video, there is a lot of emphasis on how exclusive the club is and how you need to rush and recruit new people otherwise you might lose your position.

Then the speaker goes on about how the first members earned millions of dollars during the first days of Crazy Cash Club’s launch.

The video is basically total hype – there’s really nothing special about it – just a lot of promises and pressure to be one of the first few people in the company so you can earn the most money.

Doesn’t that sound fishy? Sounds exactly like a pyramid scheme!

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Making Money With Crazy Cash Club:

So, if I understood correctly, the idea is to refer new people to the club and collect a bunch of people in your down-line and earn commissions from the people in your down-line as well as from matching bonuses.A screenshot showing Crazy Cash Club downlines and levels.

How it works is that when you recruit someone the company gives you a matching bonuses, and then when that person recruits someone you also receive a matching bonus.

But, in order to qualify for this feature you will have to purchase a paid membership.

There are also four products that you are supposed to promote to new members, none of which are particularly useful.

  • Monster Cash Mini Webinar System – $177
  • Hands Free AR Splash Page – $147
  • 20,000 Targeted Traffic Hits – $57
  • 5,000 Targeted Traffic Hits – $17

Is Crazy Cash Club a scam? Absolutely

Basically, Crazy Cash Club is one of those pyramid schemes where all the money flows to the top where you’re supposed to be sitting happily on a pile of cash.

But to secure your position at the top you will need to buy some products first.

It’s clear that this company doesn’t really have much to offer the public besides false promises.

Where’s the value? There’s absolutely no training material. No useful services or tools. And ZERO community support.

But there are a lot of promises of wealth.

A screenshot showing the top earners from Crazy Cash Club with first names and no other details.

There’s a top list of members which is supposed to reveal the people who are making money with the system, but it’s not very convincing because the names are all first names, and there are no links to profiles or other information.

Take a look, it just looks like a list of random names.

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Final Word on Crazy Cash Club:

I predict that this company will fall apart sometime soon if it hasn’t already; the foundation that it’s built on it’s ridiculously flimsy and ready to give out at any moment.

It’s just a scheme to make money – that’s all it is.

Here’s what will happen if you do decide to promote this company full-time…

You will attempt to recruit as many people as possible and maybe you’ll recruit a handful of people because there’s no initial sign-up fee.

Once your recruits begin to realize that a lot of hard-work is necessary to make money with this company (and that money is not necessarily worth their time) they’ll pack their bags and leave.

It’s a really tricky scheme that does not offer anything of value.

Unfortunately, some people do fall for these schemes. I was once like that too, I always wanted to be a part of the next best thing!

Stop Chasing Scams – Believe in Yourself:

Until I realized that the best way to make money is to take matters into your own hands and create your own business or website.

It’s not smart to invest all your time and cash into a multi-level marketing scheme. What happens when the government shuts down the whole operation?

What happens to all your hard work? It happened to the MLM company Vemma just a month back (August, 2015) – click here to read more.

It’s all gone – poof – in a split second.

So avoid opportunities like Crazy Cash Club that promise millions of dollars, there’s always a catch. 

The good news is that once you spot one of these scams it’s easy to spot others, and it will be more difficult for these tricky salesman to convince you to join their schemes.

If you want to make real money, don’t sign-up for a scheme – sign-up for a business course.

I was able to learn how to create marketable online skills, build websites, get site rankings, traffic, and eventually make wake-up money (I made $375 bucks this morning when I woke up – what a nice way to start the day).

Got Comments: Thanks for reading our review of Crazy Cash Club and if you have any comments please leave them below.

Hopefully you now know what is Crazy Cash Club and you’ll stay away from yet another online scam.

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Hi, I’m the founder of Learn to Grow Wealth Online. My goal is to help you create a brilliant online business. One that is profitable and will grow wealth for you and your loved ones well into the future. If you're willing to put in the effort, I can help you create your own source of online income.


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  1. Crazy Cash sure is a scam, I was in it from the start (purchased their splash pages, advertising), while waiting for it to launch officially. Big promises of anyone in the top 5% & 10% would make big money was promised when business blasters launched.

    They continued to revamp the system repeatedly, & while I’m not technical it was probably to move people around to get the money. My big money at launch was a little over $3 & after revamping they took that! I was in the middle of the top 5%! When questioning them as to why they would simply get defensive & angry

    Roger and Martin made a lot of promises about how much money a person can make with their program. I sponsored people into Crazy Cash Club and never made a cent , it as just a lot of BS and broken promises. After they had a few thousand members they joined Ingreso Cybernetico and again Roger and Martin told the members they where going to make money because we where going into this program as a team and will make good money. This was nothing but BS and I know a lot of people who paid into this and never made any money. After IC Roger and Martin opened their Business Blasters website and asked the member for more money promising everyone they would make thousands of dollars. My advice to anyone looking to join these programs Roger and Martin are involved with is to think very carefully and to do your homework yourself or you could get scammed too

  2. Nice review of Crazy Cash Club, another scam exposed. I have been a victim of such scams for a long time until i came across Wealthy Affiliate where i have settled since.

    The signs of scamming that you have pointed out such as having a low budget website are factors that i started considering in order to avoid being scammed. I hope you can gain top rankings so that this Crazy Cash Club review reaches more people and prevent them from falling victims.

    1. Thanks Cheek,

      That’s the plan, the more of these scams like Crazy Cash Club you can prevent people from getting involved in, the more time and money people save.

      The nice thing about Wealthy Affiliate is that they let you come in, check them out for free, and sit in on their classes and get a basic understanding of how anybody who has a niche ideas that they want to bring to life can do so using their training courses.

      Wealthy Affiliate’s education is easy to follow and the results are excellent for those that take action on what they learn.

      If you can communicate about about something that you like, know well, or are passionate about, you can find success with Wealthy Affiliate.

      Even if you’re selling eCommerce products, learning how to rank content that taps into your niche is priceless for any business.

      Thanks for the feedback on our Crazy Cash Club review.


  3. Great review of Crazy Cash Club Todd,

    Definitely a flimsy model, there are so many internet gurus today that create courses like this to hook people into buying by using money as bait.

    I used to fall into many programs non-stop so I’m glad that there are people like you standing up for us little people and exposing these scammers. I’m glad I was lucky enough to find Wealthy Affiliate too.

    Hope you can save many people their time and money from this. Cheers!

    1. Hi Riaz,

      Thanks for your feedback on the Crazy Cash Club scam, good to hear. Also, thanks for your feedback and personal experience of working with the Wealthy Affiliate Training Center.

      There’s a handful of truly good educational products out there, I haven’t found one better than Wealthy Affiliate for putting up successful online busiiness.

      But then again, it’s pretty hard to compete against a company like Wealthy Affiliate that’s invested over a decade to helping people create successful online businesses.

      Have a great week,


  4. Great review on Crazy Cash Club, thanks!

    I see they actually have more than one product, not that it matters because the product is just a plant, you are really recruiting people for the down line.

    Same old MLM with a different name for sure.

    How did you stumble onto them?

    Thanks for taking the time to review this program. 🙂


    1. Hi Shawn,

      I found about Crazy Cash Club through the JVzoo affiliate network. Every now and then I’ll take a look at their latest product and do an analysis on the value of the various programs they offer.

      Some have merit, some are just blatant scams. I say the program and the cold coins caught my eye. What is Crazy Cash Club? Just another waste of time.

      Hopefully those that are looking for real value and education will check out this post and make a better choice. There are some programs that offer a complete internet marketing education, unfortunately, Crazy Cash Club is not one of them.



  5. Hey Todd,

    Thanks for the Crazy Cash Club review. I was wondering what these guys were all about and had my suspicions.

    Thanks for putting together your review and helping me avoid wasting 5 hours looking into this program. I also have been looking into your top recommendations and would like to know more about this Wealthy Affiliate training program you recommend.

    Is it really free to check out?

    1. You’re welcome John and thanks for your feedback on our review. Yeah, don’t waste your hard earned money on crazy cash club.

      The training program that Wealthy Affiliate offers is like an online university. It’s loaded with resources, training, and everything you need to get your own online business put together.

      And yes, it’s absolutely free to join, you can read all about the program by checking out my review of Wealthy Affiliate.

      I didn’t have a clue how to start an online business, now I got one that works great for me, it just takes a little bit of time to learn the process, but is not that hard to understand and implement.

      Hope to see ya at WA,

  6. Hello Todd!

    What a delightful review. It is amusing, educating and engaging. Your writing flows and it’s a joy to read!

    After how long time did you earn that wake-up money?

    I also been pushed with this Crazy Cash Club, I did not fall for it, BUT I have fallen before .. So I’d like to know if this Wealthy Affiliate program is a the real deal.


    1. Hi Mathilde,

      Thanks for your feedback on Crazy Cash Club and glad you didn’t fall for this scam. Regarding Wealthy Affiliate and their training program, I’d say you can’t find a better quality education to teach you how to create a real online business.

      Everybody wants the fast track to success and they want to know how much money they’ll make. I was no different. What Wealthy Affiliate teaches works like a charm, but you’ve got to get money out of your head when you first start.

      I know that’s tough to swallow. But think about it like this, if you were enrolling in a university, would you be wondering which month would be the month that you’ll start making money. No, you wouldn’t think that you’d make any money. You’re there to learn, graduate, then get a job.

      This is a different situation. You can start earning while building your website/online business, but focus on the learning and helping out your niche, and the money will come.

      I see a lot of rookies go for the gold right away and they don’t put in the time to provide a quality resource for their niche audience.

      You can start seeing some commissions within 1 to 4 months, as you continue to build your site, you’ll build more traffic and the commissions will pick up. I’d give it at least 6 months of consistent work before you can assess the income potential of your site.

      Every site is different and every niche has different earning potential. I started seeing the wake up money after month 6. But it increases in plateau’s. And it jumps every couple months. After a year, I was making close to full time income. And still, it continues to build.

      Now I just manage this site, continue to find helpful internet marketing products and focus on what people need. Some days I make only $90/day, other over $600. So it’s a bit of a roller coaster.

      Hope this helps Mathilde, thanks again for your feedback on crazy cash club.

    1. Hi Gino,

      Crazy Cash Club is a bit silly, I must agree, I can’t see this scam sticking around too long, but I do hope to help people out by avoiding it.

      For those that are serious about learning to make money online, it always starts with education, and that’s where the Wealthy Affiliate Training Center comes in.

      You can choose to listen to BS scams that take money away from you time and time again, or you can roll up your sleeves, put on your thinking cap, and get to work.

      I’m so glad I chose to learn and build online businesses, there so much easier in long run.

      Thanks again Gino for your comments on my crazy Cash Club review, cheers.

  7. Hey, Todd!

    When first looking at the image of the Crazy Cash Club, you know it’s a scam straight away because anything that promotes cash, vacation destinations, Super cars and yachts etc, is very likely to be an online scam!

    WOAH!… Up to $16K in my first day?! That’s crazy! Sign Me up now!! LOL. OR perhaps NOT!

    After reading about the true facts and also your final word on the Crazy Cash Club program, this is one SCAM I will not join in a milliona years!

    On the other hand, your recommendation of Wealthy Affiliate is the same training center I used to launch my business, so I can certainly vouch for them. They taught me how to create an online business that has allowed me to quit my day job and work from anywhere in the world – without all the BS claims of making fast cash for doing nothing. 😀

    Great review of Crazy Cash Club – You’d have to be crazy to believe their marketing hype!

    1. Yeah Neil,

      It’s funny how all these cheap looking get rich quick programs seem and look the same. Preaching $1,000’s of dollars for little effort.

      But hey, that’s what we all want to hear. It’s funny how people go to college and don’t expect to make any money, but instead they know they have to work hard for at least 4 years and incur a shit load of debt.

      Everyone knows this, but when people look to learn how to make money online, they think it should come as easy as clicking a few buttons and calling it a day.

      It baffles me to think that people don’t expect the same thing in order to learn internet marketing, website development, and other skills that it takes to make real money online.

      What I like about Wealthy Affiliate is that they teach all the skills to be successful online, in a very structured manner. It’s like a real online university but with much better community support. And what I think is the COOLEST thing about it, is that you can start earning money within 2-3 months.

      And as you continue to grow your skills and online business, the revenue keeps growing. Within a year, you can replace your day job.

      Now how would that sound to an 18 year old going off to college… You tell them that within the first semester, they’re going to be making a couple hundred dollars per month, by the next year, several thousand dollars/mo, at the end of their 4 years of training, they’ll have a passive income bringing in anywhere from 5 thousand to 20 thousand per month – every college would be overflowing with students.

      Instead, society ingrains this, go to college, get a degree in 4 years, rack up a bunch of debt, and then you’ll get a good job. Only now days, less than 50% of those students actually get good jobs after they graduate.

      Good to hear from you Neil and good to hear of your online success as well.


  8. OMG! I can earn $16,000 as my first day as a member of Crazy cash club?

    I can’t believe that I have been wasting my time learning the ropes of building my affiliate marketing business when I could just do a few weeks work with crazy cash club and put my feet up!

    Seriously, once I almost feel off my chair, I definitely wanted to read the rest of your review and find out what other outlandish claims they would come up with, and it was totally what I suspected… another SCAM!

    About the only thing any good with this program is that you can at least start for free, but that is where it ends.

    I will be staying well away from Crazy cash club and continue working on my online business… scam free!

    Thanks for bringing this to peoples attention.
    Great review!

    1. Hey John, good to hear from you and thanks for your feedback on my Crazy Cash Club review, another online scam to be avoided.

      It’s a bit funny and ridiculous that people still fall for these types of scams. They just need to wake up and realize that making money online isn’t some automated system where you make a few clicks, watch the money roll in and call it a day.

      One has to provide value or a service to make money online, whether you’re selling stuff online or doing affiliate marketing, you’re goal is to help out a niche audience and offer value in the form of education to whatever they’re searching for online.

      There is no automated bush button type of online ventures that exist, it’s all BS. We all wish that was the case, but then again, we’d all love to have money trees growing out of our back yards, waiting to be picked when we need some cash.

      Thanks again John, appreciate your feedback on Crazy Cash Club, have a great weekend.

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