What is Elite Marketing Pro About? Is Elite Marketing Pro a Scam?

If you want to know exactly what is Elite Marketing Pro about, continue reading this review.

Chances are someone sent you an email or a link to a product called Elite Marketing Pro, and you want to know more about the product.

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Elite Marketing Pro Review Summary:

Product Name: Elite Marketing Pro

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Product Type: Online Business Training via Network Marketing

Creator: Tim Erway

Price: There’s a Free Membership but it’s not really free. Multiple up-sells. Prices on individual products vary, see below.

Best For: Marketers with a lot of money. For newbies with little money, this could be a financial nightmare just to try you hand in the online business arena.

Rating: 70/100

Summary: Elite Marketing Pro is a decent internet marketing course with some interesting twists.

I didn’t like the barrage of up-sells, nor the need to build a team. In internet marketing, the focus is typically on building traffic and converting sales, not networking.

Recommended: No

Why NOT? Although there’s a lot of things to like about this product, I don’t recommend it because of the price tag and up-sells. It’s not for beginners unless they’ve got $1,000’s of dollars to spend to make this business model work.

Especially considering there are much better training programs and models out there that don’t cost as much and offer a better long term online business solution.

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What is Elite Marketing Pro About?

Elite Marketing Pro is an online business platform with a wide variety of tools, features, and training materials.

The main purpose of the platform is to provide beginners with the training they need to build a successful online business.

They teach a wide range of strategies, such as:

  • How to get traffic from YouTube.
  • Facebook, Twitter, social marketing.
  • Native Ads.
  • Email Marketing and many other methods.

But it works a little differently than most educational centers that teach internet marketing or online business.

How is Elite Marketing Pro Different?

For one, the focus seems to be placed on how to build a team as a network marketer, rather than building your own website.

There is also a lot of mindset videos designed to empower people to reach their goals.

So there are frequent seminars and summits, places where people can go to get motivated about their projects. 

The focus seems to be on mindset and motivation, rather than nose-to-the-grindstone work.

You’ll also notice they show you how to promote their products more than how to promote your own, or other products.

We’ll talk about the up-sells and products in the next section.

Secondly, every day at 1 P.M there is a 15 minute live video call, basically a live stream with the owners.

There are also frequent meet ups or seminars, where members can interact with one another.

And another interesting thing is you gain re-seller rights to the products you buy. 

In other words, when you buy a product, you can choose to become a re-seller to earn 100% commissions.

So on the surface Elite Marketing Pro seems decent.

How Much Does Elite Marketing Pro Cost?

There is an introductory Free membership. The standard, initial membership costs $297 annually.

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You can choose to pay in three payments or one single payment.

Their refund policy only lasts for 10 days!

Here is a breakdown of all the Elite Marketing Pro products:

  • Elite Marketing Pro: $297/annually
  • 10 Minute Traffic Machine $997/one time
  • The Ultimate List Building System 2.0 $147/one time
  • $30 Million Video Sales Letter Workshop $47
  • The 90 Minute Profit Machine $47
  • The Copywriters Guild $197
  • The Ultimate Email Profit Machine $47
  • Attraction Marketing Formula $47
  • Social Media Recruiter $97
  • LinkedIn Recruiting Playbook $197

And that’s it.

Quite a few additional products in there!

You can also choose to promote each of these products as an affiliate, once you’re inside.

Long story short, you’ll have to spend quite a lot of money just to get started with this course.

And, of course, you’ll also need money for ad campaigns.

As a member you’re entitled to a few free tools, such as Page Creator Pro, Private Community Mastermind, and one-on-one coaching calls, to name a few.

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Any Cons with Elite Marketing Pro?

There are a few things we didn’t like about Elite Marketing Pro.

When I was trying to use the site, everything was ridiculously slow. And it wasn’t my imagination either, I ran the site through GT Metrix and the results were pretty bad. 

Besides the Slow Website Hiccup, I Didn’t Like the Hype:

On the Elite Marketing Pro homepage, there’s not much information about the products, but there are big Buy Now buttons everywhere.

There’s not much Transparency with Elite Marketing Pro: 

Another downside are the multiple up-sells.

If you choose a starter membership, almost every page inside the member’s area will have an advertisement for another product.

There are a lot of up-sells inside the member’s area!

I also didn’t like that there is no option to start a free trial. 

Correction: There is a free trial, but you have to specifically ask for it through their support system.

You have to start with an annual membership, which costs $297 a year, full payment required. 

So you don’t really have the opportunity to check out the platform, unless you pay the full fee.

Another thing worth mentioning is you and thousands of other members will be promoting the exact same products.

That can lead to some conflicts down the line. 

The Pros of Elite Marketing Pro:

Having said that, here’s what we did like about Elite Marketing Pro:

The training material is value-driven. 

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The educational library is extensive – there are videos about pretty much every topic related to making money online.

Most of the videos follow a progression system, where you learn to build a simple site, and the basics of building an online business.

You can also hop on a free call with a coach, which can be quite helpful. 

The mastermind Facebook group is great too!

It’s also nice to have a course that focuses on mindset and empowering its members.

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Wrapping it Up with Elite Marketing Pro:

All in all, Elite Marketing Pro is an interesting course, albeit expensive. I wasn’t a huge fan of their extensive up-sells but most of them were reasonably priced.

The training center is great too, chock full of helpful videos to guide people towards their goals.

But I don’t recommend it, mainly due to the price tag and the up-sells. 

It’s also a little more advanced, so complete beginners might struggle with the concepts.

Nevertheless, you’re free to take a look if you want, and it’s definitely not a scam.

What Do We Recommend?

After years of testing out products, there’s still one product that we recommend over the rest.

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Hopefully now you know what is Elite Marketing Pro about and you can decide if it’s the right platform for you.

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