What is Ezoic.com? Is It Worth Adding to Your Website?

Wondering what is Ezoic.com? Are you looking for an unbiased review of the platform before you sign-up? In this Ezoic review, I'll cover: how it works, if it's easy to set up, how much money users can expect to make, the included features, and answer some common concerns about the platform. 

Ezoic Review:  


  • Easy to Integrate & Activate
  • Total Control Over Ads
  • Big Data Analytics for Detailed Reports
  • Decent Ad Revenue
  • Easy Access to Funds (Four Payment Options)


  • Can Slow Down Your Website
  • Requires Lots of Customization
  • Advanced Features are Tricky
  • Add-on Features Can be Expensive


What is Ezoic.com? 

Ezoic is a technology platform designed to improve website ad revenue, speed, and other factors, using machine-learning artificial intelligence. The platform uses AI to optimize ad placements on your website over time. The platform can be a bit confusing for the average user.

A screen of Ezoic's official description on their website's homepage

A common misconception is that Ezoic is an ad network.Ezoic is not an ad-network, but they do partner with many ad-networks (including Google Adsense) which is how they can pay members.

Besides the ads, the platform has other features worth looking into, such as Site Speed, big-data analytics, automatic layout adjustments, and other features, which we'll be covering in this review. Before we get into the details, there are some things you need to know:

Important: Website Requirements for Ezoic.com 

To use Ezoic.com, your website needs to meet certain requirements, especially for the monetization features. 

Ezoic website requirements: 

  • 10,000 sessions a month
  • Original content on website
  • Adhere to Google's ad policies
  • Google AdSense must be in good standing with Google

In some cases, websites are accepted even if they don't meet the exact requirements. For example, if your website has 5,000 sessions a month, but it shows a steady increase every month, chances are they'll accept you. 

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If you're approved, an ad manager will send you an introduction email, and they can also setup ad placements for you. The ad managers are quite helpful, and it's a nice way to communicate with someone on the platform. After that, you'll have to configure the settings on your own.

How to Connect Your Website to Ezoic.com

There are a few ways to connect your website to Ezoic: 

1 - WordPress Plugin

 but the easiest would be to use their official WordPress plugin called Ezoic Integration. The plugin might not be compatible with all of your current WordPress plugins, and it can create issues with your website. 

2 - Cloudflare (Recommended)

Another easy way to connect your website to Ezoic is through Cloudflare, a free (for one website) content delivery, cache, and anti-spam service. Simply enter your Cloudflare API into the Ezoic platform and it should integrate within 24 hours. I used this method. 

3 - Nameservers

Finally, the platform allows you to add your website's nameservers to their platform. You would do this much like how you change your nameservers to your hosting company. But Ezoic won't become your new hosting company, it will simply act as a proxy, much like Cloudflare.

More information about integrating with Ezoic can be found here. Once again, Ezoic support and ad managers can help with all the technical details. Connecting a website doesn't take too much time. 

Turn on Ezoic

Once connected to Ezoic, you don't have to do much besides configuring the ad placements and flipping the on switch. What's interesting about the platform is you can choose the percent of your website traffic that sees the ads.

A screenshot showing the amount of traffic assigned to Ezoic

For maximum revenue, you want to leave that on 100%. But if you want to split-test with another monetization platform, you can manually configure the traffic. 

Understanding Ad Placements: 

The basic version is this: you add ad placements on your website, and the Ezoic software will test the performance of ads in those locations, collecting data, and optimizing for best results overtime. 

The Ezoic manager who contacts you can configure the placements for you, and you can also do it on your own. The point is to ad a bunch of placements, so the software can test which ones perform best. 

A screenshot showing the ad placements for Ezoic

Look, it's important to understand that an ad-placement is not the same as an ad. It's more like a location where an ad could be, if the software thinks one should be there. In other words, adding lots of ad placements does not mean that an ad will be in every one of those locations. You can relax. 

How do You Add Ad Placements? 

The easiest way to configure ad placements with Ezoic is to install the Ad Tester extension for Google Chrome. The plugin will let you click on areas of your website to insert ads. It's great for visually adding placements. One tip I learned is you need to logout of WordPress before you use the Ad Tester on your website or it will malfunction. 

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How Do You Make Money with Ezoic.com?

Once the ad-placements are on your website, and the software is turned on, the earnings will start to come in. In the dashboard, you'll see the day's earnings ("Estimated Earnings"), website traffic, and other data. 

Ezoic earnings can vary dramatically depending on a number of factors such as country of visits, ads shown, device type, industry, ad types, and many others. It's never the same across the board, but an average of $1 for 200 visits can be expected. 

Here's a screenshot of my Ezoic earnings for the last week: 

A picture showing Ezoic's earnings and EPMV

What's interesting about Ezoic earnings is they calculate earnings based on Earnings Per Thousand Visits (EPMV) and that value can change from day to day. 

Let's take about the important details: 

Does Ezoic Slow Down Your Website? 

Unfortunately, Ezoic can significantly slow down your website, especially if there are a lot of ads to load. After turning on the platform, I ran a site speed test, and was shocked at the results. Everything was in the red. 

Luckily, there are ways to optimize the speed once again. Ezoic will recommend their Site Speed Accelerator feature, which is not free. I personally haven't tested this feature, but they claim their uptime is better than Google and Amazon.

An easier, and cheaper, option would be to simply limit the number of ads that are shown. You can set a maximum number of ads based on page word count, remove placements all together, or exclude them from certain pages.

After a while of playing around, I managed to bring my site's speed back to a reasonable level. 

Big Data Analytics

For the data enthusiasts, Ezoic has a feature called Big Data Analytics which tracks all kinds of data from your website, even more than Google's Analytics.  You can also link your Google's Search Console data to see everything in one place and generate reports about every aspect of your website.  

A picture showing a few of Ezoic's data tracking points

Obviously the data will change and become more accurate overtime. There's a lot of data points to talk about but I'll boil it down to the ones I liked the most. 

1 - Content

You can see things like earnings per page, pages without revenue, content age, content word count, and many others. I found the "Pages Without Revenue" data quite interesting because it can help you improve underperforming articles (Improve your writing with these 10 tips). 

2 - Site Speed

Here you can gain an insight into your website's site speed by narrowing it down to specific factors. For example, "Bounce Rate by Load Speed", "Pages with Redirects", "Slowest Pages", and other data. It will also show your page's average load time. 

Ezoic Payment Methods: 

Ezoic makes it easy to access your earnings. You have a number of options: 

  • Bank Transfer
  • Prepaid Card via Payoneer
  • Check
  • PayPal

I like how they make it very easy to access your earnings, PayPal is probably the most convenient option. The minimum threshold to withdraw funds is $20 and the funds are accessible after 30 - 45 days. Payouts are processed on the 27th and 31st of every month. 

Would I Recommend Ezoic? 

Ezoic offers website owners an easy to way to increase revenue, but for some, it can do more harm than good. I would say for the average blogger, Ezoic is definitely worth looking into. In some cases, it can increase your website's revenue by 100%. It's a very good alternative to Google Adsense.

However, for websites like business pages, lead-gen, or e-commerce, it's probably not a good idea. Ultimately, it's up to you to decide if the earnings from displaying ads is worth the negative impact to the user experience of your website. 

Here's something else to try: 

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Hopefully now you have a better understanding about what is Ezoic.com and how it can work for you. Drop a comment if you have any questions! 





  • Easy to Integrate & Activate
  • Total Control Over Ads
  • Decent Ad Revenue


  • Can Slow Down Your Website
  • Requires Lots of Customization
  • Add-on Features Can be Expensive
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