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October 1, 2020

Field Agent app cover

I recently came across an app called Field Agent that claims you can make money from your phone by visiting locations in your area. What is Field agent app? And can you actually make money with it? I decided to take it for a test run, so you don't have to. I'll share what I found in this Field Agent app review. 

Field Agent App Review:  

Verdict: Worth a Look


  • Reliable Payment Processing via Direct Deposit
  • Cashout Once a Week
  • Min Cashout $2


  • Works Best with a Vehicle
  • Income Depends on Location, Jobs, and Agent Score
  • Each Task Need to be Manually Reviewed


What is Field Agent App? 

Field Agent app is on Google Play and IOS and pays members (called agents) for completing a variety of on-site tasks. Most of the tasks are relatively simple and pay between $2 - $20 and payments are made via direct deposit. What makes Field Agent different from the usual gig-platforms is you have to visit a location in person, complete the tasks, and then wait for approval.

A screenshot of Field Agent app listing on Google Play

Most of the tasks require you to take a picture of something in the store, such as a list of payment options (Google Pay, Credit Cards, etc) and whatnot. Another common task is simply confirming a Google Maps store address. Let's take a closer at how the Field Agent app works.  

What type of tasks can you complete? 

  1. Mystery shopping
  2. Checking item prices
  3. Confirming addresses
  4. Confirming signs
  5. Complete a store survey
  6. and many others. 

What You Need to Know: 

1 - Country & Location Specific

To be clear, the Field Agent app is only available in certain countries. At the moment, it's only in the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Australia, Mexico, South Africa, and Romania. You can double check the Google Play listing to see if it's available in your region. 

Besides the country, there's no guarantee that there will be work in your area or city. It seems like most of the tasks are in capital cities, such as California, but there are some jobs here and there.

2 - Cashouts Once a Week via Direct Deposit (No PayPal)

Next, at the moment, Field Agent only pays members via direct deposit (in Canada, they use Interac e-transfer). They do not pay with PayPal, electronic gift cards, or any other kind of rewards. The downside is you need to connect it to a local bank account. 

Field Agent processes cashout requests once a week, on Mondays, and the money should arrive the next day. Bear in mind the task status needs to be verified, which can take a maximum of 3 days. However, once the money is approved and added to your account, you can cashout once you receive a minimum of $2.50. 

Another similar app you might like is Gigwalk, and it's often rated as the best on-site gig-based app.

How to Make Money with Field Agent App

Assuming you live in a country where the app is available, all you have to do is make an account, grant the app permissions, and you'll see a map with icons. From there, reserve a task, which will take it out of the feed until you can complete it. Most tasks have a 2 hour countdown. Make sure you can complete it. 

The tasks themselves can take between a few minutes to 35 minutes, depending on the details required, most are relatively straightforward. For example, one of the most common tasks is to simply enter a store, locate an item, and take a picture of the price and barcode. Another is to check if a store is open and at the correct address.

A screenshot of the Field Agent app map

Here are some of the categories: 

  • Priority Tasks
  • Audits
  • Scavenger Hunt

 Each task will have detailed instructions, and most of the time, they're easy to follow. The easy ones usually pay $3 - 5 but some can pay up to $75, although those are very rare, and require a lot more work.

Watch Your Agent Score:  

Every member has a "Agent Score" which increases or decreases depending on your performance. If you claim jobs and don't complete them, the score will lower, and you might not be able to find more tasks in the future. Make sure you can complete the job in the time-frame! 

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How Much Money Can You Make? 

How much money you can make with Field Agent depends on how many jobs you can knock out in a day and how many are available in your area. Some remote cities don't have any tasks on the map. I think it's possible to earn between $5 - $50 a day. You might be able to make more, but it depends on a lot of factors. The short version is Field Agent is legit and it pays, but the income is very unstable. 

Field Agent App: What I Liked 

1 - Reliable Payment Processing

What I liked most about Field Agent is it's not one of those basic take-surveys-for-cash platforms. They don't use a point system, and they don't offer gift cards and other rewards, it's all based on cash. The direct deposit method can be a pro or con depending on your situation.

I think it's good because you avoid third-party payment processors, and the fees involved with that. Field Agent's payment processing system works pretty well. It's also very easy to cashout which is great. Naturally, these gig-style platforms won't make anyone rich, but it can be some nice side income. 

2 - On-site Tasks are Fun

It makes you feel like a detective! While I understand not everyone has a vehicle, I think it's fun to do these tasks, and most are pretty easy too. Just remember that most of them are based on mystery shopping so you shouldn't tell the store's employees what you're working on. Anyways, in most cases, you won't have to talk to anyone.

But you do need to follow the instructions, and take clear pictures (or videos), otherwise your work might not be approved. If there are tasks in the area that you're planning to visit for errands, then you might as well knock some jobs out for a few extra bucks. 

Is Field Agent Worth It? 

To summarize, if you live in a region where Field Agent is available, I think it's worth trying out. You might be surprised to find a lot of easy jobs in your area that you can complete for some quick bucks. Worse case, there will be no tasks for you, and you can uninstall it. I think it's worth a look, it's free after all. 

Just keep in mind, it's a not a get-rich-quick scheme, and most jobs don't pay very well. I would say that the hourly income tends to be better than taking surveys but you also need to factor in commute time. 

Having said that, do you want to learn how to make steady passive income online? Consider joining my No.1 online training center to learn how to build a legitimate online business. 

Hopefully now you know what is Field Agent app, and you have a new venture to test out in your area.

Leave a comment if it works for you. 

Field Agent




  • Reliable Payment Processing via Direct Deposit
  • Cashout Once a Week, Decent Payments
  • Min Cashout $2


  • Works Best with a Vehicle
  • Income Depends on Location, Jobs, and Agent Score
  • Each Task Need to be Manually Reviewed

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