What Is Inbox Blueprint 2.0 & Will it Teach You How to Make Money?

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What is Inbox Blueprint 2.0? In our Inbox Blueprint review we’ll discuss the training material and tools and see if it’s a good product for you or not.

When I first started researching Inbox Blueprint, I was under the impression that it’s another one of those hyped-up opportunities that rarely delivers results.

I have encountered a few too many of those opportunities and I can almost instantly tell if a product is legitimate or a scam.

Though Inbox Blueprint 2.0 does share some red-flags with known scams, I believe it can be a useful training program.

Of course, there are pros and cons to this product, one of the main cons being that it’s quite expensive.

If you aren’t already making a full-time income online, investing in an expensive course might not be the best decision.

Regardless, in this Inbox Blueprint review I’ll walk you through the system and you can decide if it’s right for you.

What is Inbox Blueprint 2.0?

So what is this program that people keep talking about?

Inbox Blueprint is an online business training course designed specifically to teach people how to make money with email marketing and lead-gen.

Besides the training videos, there’s an opt-in page creator, and a few other tools that we’ll discuss later on in this review.

In other words, Inbox Blueprint is a package of training material and tools for email marketers.

The product has undergone a couple of upgrades since it’s original launch two years ago, now it’s a more well-rounded courses with a lot of useful tools.

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Anik Singal – Business Week’s Top Entrepreneur

The creator, Anik Singal is well-known within the internet marketing niche and is responsible for many other similar products as well.

He’s also one of the creators of Profit Academy

What you’ll be doing with Inbox Blueprint 2.0 is rather simple; use the system to build landing pages, collect email addresses, send out regular email blasts, and send out the occasional promotional email to earn cash.

You’ll also be using solo ads for traffic, so that’s an additional fee.

Email marketing is a legitimate way to make money online, and everyone should start building a list from day one.

With Inbox Blueprint, the standard list-building model is used: offer a free report or video in exchange for an email address.

So now let’s take a look at the pros and cons of this product…

Inbox Blueprint 2.0 Review – What I Liked…

Here’s what I liked about Inbox Blueprint 2.0.

  • Good training material on how to build a list and make money from the list. 

The course takes you through a 8 step system that is supposed to guarantee income. I took a look at the system and I do believe it has solid potential.

Basically, it’s all about building a list; create a free report (The Bait), send out regular emails, send out promotional emails, and maintain your relationship with your list.

Then repeat in different niches! 

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There’s always something to promote, every niche has a product with an affiliate program that you can join to start promoting and making cash.

In general, the training videos were quite useful, and it really makes it clear how an email marketing business should be setup for maximum profits.

  • Tools that make it easy for you to craft emails so you always have something to send your list. 

I liked the tools that are included, these includes a system that lets you create a funnel of emails that will be sent out one after another.

And instead of spending time writing these emails, there’s a lot of pre-written content for you to choose from.

SEO Note: Don’t ever publish pre-written (a.k.a. duplicate content) to a post on your website. Google will spank you for that. This won’t apply to landing pages but more to online businesses based on content generation.

Now I was a little disappointed that a lot of these articles are very poorly written, but perhaps they’ll upgrade the content in the future.

Either way, there’s the option to write your own emails with the system.

This gives your list fresh content so they don’t forget about you and your report.

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More Pros to Inbox Blueprint

  • Access to exclusive Inbox Blueprint member’s only forum. 

It’s always awesome to be able to connect with people who are working on similar projects as you and have similar goals in mind.

That’s one of the main reasons why I love the Wealthy Affiliate Community because it’s a really social website, there’s always a lot of people in the chat rooms and it’s super easy to message people to get help when you need it.

The Inbox Blueprint forum is a cool area where you can communicate with other members and ask for advice and tips!

  • Well-made landing pages that convert.

I took a look at some of the templates and they’re very well-made and I can see that they’ll convert once traffic arrives.

The templates are pretty simple and there are tons for different niches, most of them are for online business topics though.

Inbox Blueprint – What I Didn’t Like

Here’s what I didn’t like about Inbox Blueprint 2.0. Like most of Anik Singal’s products, they are..

  • Too pricey! 

This is the main downside to this product; it’s too expensive.

There are two payment methods available, a three point payment plan or a one-time flat fee.

The one time flat fee costs $1,497 but you can choose to pay overtime, three $597 payments.

That’s quite a lot of cash!

I think it’s not really necessary to spend so much money to learn how to build an online business, there are plenty of cheaper resources out there.

It’s also not that hard to find decent opt-in templates that you can reconfigure to match your niche for free.

So these tools are decent, and the training is not bad, but I think it’s a bit too much for beginners.

  • Spend more cash on solo-ads.

But a system is worthless unless people are interested, and to get people into your email list you’ll need to use solo-ads.

There are other traffic sources that you can use, but they recommend that you use solo-ads, and that’s more out-of-your-pocket cash.

In other words, don’t expect to setup this system without a lot of initial cash to spend.

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Inbox Blueprint Review – Our Conclusion

So to summarize this Inbox Blueprint review, here’s what we learned:

We learned that Inbox Blueprint is a cool email marketing training package that does have some useful tools and makes it easy to set up opt-in pages.

But it’s also really expensive and it will be awhile before you start making cash.

So it’s important to consider these points, if you have the cash, it might be worth a look.

Personally, I prefer to stick to cheaper and more in-depth courses that not only teach you how to build a list but teach you how to get traffic from targeted keywords.

This is the best way to setup a legitimate website that brings in cash long into the future.

If you want to learn more about this program, hit the image below! 

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If someone asks you what is Inbox Blueprint 2.0, send them our way. Just hit the social share buttons and get the word out. You never know who you may help.

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