What is Instamate 2 and Does it Work?

Have you found yourself wondering what is Instamate 2? 

If social media marketing is important to you, I'm sure you're always on the lookout for marketing tools that can make your life easier. In the case of marketing on Instagram, this tool could be worth it. 

Instamate 2.0 is a marketing tool that has been creating quite a buzz in the internet marketing sector. To find out if the tool is worth your time and cash, continue reading this review. 

Instamate 2 Review Summary: 

Product Name: Instamate 2.0 

Product Type: Instagram Marketing Tool 

Owner: Luke Maguire

Price: $37

Best For: Social Media Marketers. Instagram enthusiasts. 

Rating: 90/100

Summary: Instamate 2.0 is an all-in-one web-based marketing tool for Instagram. It's not a product that will teach you how to make money online, it's a marketing tool, and a great one at that. 

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What is Instamate 2.0? 

Instamate is a little different than the products we usually write about because it's not a make money online product or an internet marketing training tool.

Instamate 2.0 is a tool for the social media platform Instagram

A picture showing Instamate 2.0 on a laptop frame

The product makes managing an Instagram account much easier, mainly because it lets you upload stuff from your PC, instead of your phone. 

The following are some of the features included: 

  • Schedule Posts
  • Upload Stories from Your PC
  • Direct Message from Your PC
  • Discover Niches and Top Accounts
  • Follow & Un-follow Easily
  • See Recent Trends
  • And Much More

Instamate 2 is a web platform tool, no download required. You just make an account, sign in, connect your Instagram account, and that's it. From there you have access to the above features, and a lot more. 

So that explains what is Instamate 2. 

Instamate Core Features: 

Instamate 2.0 is quite user-friendly, and you don't really need to study any material before you can use it. Just find the feature you need on the left-hand sidebar, and follow the steps on the platform.

Auto Schedule Posts (Upgrade Required):

One feature you'll probably use a lot is the schedule post feature. With Instamate you can schedule posts, complete with a wall of the most relevant and popular hashtags, far into the future. So that there's always some fresh content going up on your account for your fans. 

Find Most Popular Hash Tags:

Speaking of hashtags, with Instamate 2.0 you can type in your interest, and see all the most popular accounts in that niche, with their most used, and most popular hashtags.

You can also save your most used hashtags and simply copy them over to each picture you upload or schedule for upload, instead of manually typing them in from your phone. 

Easily Upload Pictures from Your PC:

Uploading pictures is made simple too. You can drag and drop an image into the upload area of the platform, and the post will be ready to be published in a matter of seconds.

Copy in your saved hashtags and that's it. You can easily schedule months worth of posts with these three features alone. 

There are plenty of other features too, like direct message, leave comments, manage your followers, re-post, and what not. 

Can You Make Money with Instamate? 

The product by itself won't make any money for you, it depends on how you use it.

You can use Instamate to promote your Instagram account, and on your account you can include links to your website or products, but you need something to promote at first. 

Certainly there are ways to use the product to drive traffic to a sales page or products, so in a sense it can make money for you. 

But to be clear, this is a marketing tool, not a "make money" tool. 

A picture linking to a course where you can learn how to build an affiliate marketing business.

Instamate 2 Pros: 

The core features mentioned earlier are my favorite things about Instamate. The platform just makes it so easy to manage content and hashtags, something that would normally take quite a long time to do.

The platform is also remarkably fast and responsive, and you don't need to download anything to use it, only a web-browser. 

Any Cons with Instamate 2? 

Here's are some downsides: 

  • Lacks Personal Touch
  • Can't Capture Images as You See Them
  • Can't Use Filters
  • Quite a Few Up-sells
  • Auto-schedule Feature is Locked
  • Limited Members

Let me explain... 

Though I do like the product, there's one thing that is lacking and that's the personal touch. Instagram is built to quickly capture and share pictures and videos with the world, complete with artistic filters. But if you use a tool to do that, the whole idea of "sharing the moment" is lost.

Not to mention you can't use filters with Instamate. There is an image-editor, but you have to upgrade to premium version to use it.

So those fancy filters you like so much on the mobile version of Instagram are not available in Instamate 2. 

Besides that, there's not much to dislike from the product. It offers a ton of excellent features that can really ramp up your Instagram game. But you should know there are quite a few up-sells inside. For example, there's one VIP Training section which costs $37 to unlock. 

Another downside (depending on how you look at it) is they limit their member count. Currently, the doors are closed, but they will likely open in the near future. 

Is Instamate a Scam? 

Absolutely not. Instamate 2.0 is one of the better Instagram marketing tools we found to date, especially considering the price.

It's really quite cheap! 

Is There a Better Alternative? 

For Instagram marketing tools, it's hard to say. Currently, we haven't found any tools we like more than Instamate.

But if you're looking for a way to make money online, this isn't the right product for you.

Instamate is more for people who already have a website or product, not for people who are just getting started with their online business journey.

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Thanks for taking the time to read this What is Instamate 2 review. If you have any questions leave them in the comment section below.


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Instamate 2




  • Auto Schedule Instagram Posts
  • Find Most Popular Hash Tags.
  • Easily Upload Pictures from Your PC.


  • Lacks Personal Touch. Everything is Automated.
  • Can't Use Filters or Edit Photos.
  • Lots of Up-sells.
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