What is Junglescout.com? Honest 2020 Jungle Scout Review:

Wondering what is Junglescout.com and how it can work for you? Is the tool worth it, and is the data accurate? In this Jungle Scout review, I'll provide you with as much important information about Jungle Scout as I can, and you can decide if it's the right tool for your Amazon business. 

Jungle Scout Review:  

Recommended: Yep!


  • Plenty of Tools to Validate Product Ideas
  • In-depth Amazon Research Data
  • Browser Extension for Seller Research
  • Excellent Customer Support
  • Most Accurate Data in the Industry


  • Web Extension Requires Lots of Permmissions
  • Basic Membership Quite Limited
  • A Little Expensive


What is Junglescout.com?

Junglescout.com is an online Amazon-seller research platform that provides a number of tools, about 14 to be exact, to find new products ideas to expand your business.

The most notable Jungle Scout tools are the Jungle Scout web extension, product tracker, keyword scout, and a supplier database. When used together, these tools can help you uncover exciting product opportunities. 

A screenshot of Jungle Scout's features

Besides the features, Jungle Scout also has resources for complete beginners that cover topics such as how to launch your first product, how to build a brand, how to get reviews, and many others. Overall, it's a very in-depth suite of tools and training that are all designed to help you make more money from Amazon. 

But does it really work? Are these just fancy marketing terms for a sub-par product? Let's take a look behind the curtain and see what is Junglescout.com really about. 

Jungle Scout Price:

Jungle Scout offers a handful of subscription options, but none of them are free.

Here are the Jungle Scout membership prices: 

An image that shows Jungle Scout's membership prices

The good news is they offer a 14-day trial, which should be enough to become familiar with the platform. The trial isn't technically free, but they do mention they'll send you back the money if you don't like the tool.

The browser extension (more on that later) is unlocked with the first membership. Most of the products are unlocked at Suite or Professional, and Suite seems to be the better deal. 

Too expensive? A cheaper alternative is IO Scout. 

Who is Jungle Scout For? 

Jungle Scout has a little something for everyone. It's  mainly for people who already have an Amazon business and are looking to improve it and expand with more products. The tools automate most of the manual product research. 

Jungle Scout is not one of those get-rich-quick products. While they do have some resources on how to build an Amazon business, that's not the focus of the platform. They make no income claims, which is a breath of fresh air. Besides that, they also have solutions for first time sellers and agencies. 

The focus is on in-depth product research and analysis. The tools are meant to uncover sales opportunities. In other words, the information is very helpful but there's a lot of data to sift through. It might be a little overwhelming at first because the tools track so many metrics. 

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Jungle Scout Browser Extension:  

When people ask what is Junglescout.com, the extension is the first product that comes to mind. The Jungle Scout browser extension is one of the platform's most popular tools, and for a good reason. It creates a toolbar on your browser that automatically creates a snapshot of sales data from an Amazon page. It can work either on an Amazon search or product page. 

A screenshot of the Jungle Scout web extension showing seller data in columns

The insights the Jungle Scout browser extension reveals are crazy. It creates a spreadsheet-like list with the average product prices, estimated monthly sales, daily sales, monthly revenue, reviews, ratings, and many other metrics. You can also sort the data by each metric, for example the highest monthly revenue, or the most sales. 

Out of these, there are two metrics here that really stand out.

1 - Opportunity Score 

The most interesting metric would be the "Opportunity Score" which gives the product a rating based on the competition and demand. It's perfect for beginners.

The tracker considers a number of factors, such as the number of sellers for that product and the amount of monthly sales. It shows the product demand and competition next to each other, along with a score, to make things easier to understand. 

2 - FBA Profit Calculator

Another one is the FBA Profit Calculator. One of the problems Amazon sellers face is figuring if a product would deliver a return on investment, after all the fees. With the Jungle Scout chrome extension, click on the values in the Net column, and the FBA Profit Calculator will open. 

From there, fill in the product cost, and play around with the product price, to find a nice middle ground where you have a decent profit. It will also show a ROI percent. The FBA Profit Calculator is super useful. 

If you have a Jungle Scout membership, the browser extension is going to be your new most-used tool.

Now let's talk about the data... 

Is Jungle Scout Data Accurate? 

Jungle Scout data is not 100% accurate because it uses estimates and predictions. However, the data is fairly accurate, I would say in the 80% - 90% accuracy range. They claim the data is the most accurate in the industry. 

The thing with online tools is the data is never 100% accurate. The sames goes from Jungle Scout. Unfortunately, every product category is unique and changes all the time, so it's very hard to get an actual number. 

The product makes a lot of estimations, some are overestimates, and some are under, but it's usually quite close to the correct data. One tip would be to use the average of several Jungle Scout reports to find a baseline. Just remember, the numbers aren't set in stone, it's better to use them as a guideline. 

Jungle Scout Downsides: 

The platform does have some downsides and issues you should know about. Besides the accuracy issue (no tool is 100% accurate) there are a few other things you need to know. 

Permission Concerns: 

When installing extension, you might notice it requests access to a lot of your data. For instance, read and change your data on all Amazon Services, read your browsing history. 

Take a look: 

An image showing what permissions the extension requires

For some, that's a little invasive.

The truth: most browser extensions require similar permissions, and the way they use the data varies. In most cases, it won't read your entire browsing history, but rather history on certain websites like Amazon and others, which makes sense. A Jungle Scout rep on Reddit that had this to say: 

An image showing an explanation of the browsing history permmission

In other words, the history permission is needed for the extension to remember what data it has open in other tabs. It doesn't collect or read your browser history. 

Limited Basic Membership

For the price, the cheapest Jungle Scout membership ($49 a month) is quite limited. While you get access to the extension, other features like Opportunity Finder, Product Database, Keyword Scout, and Supplier Database are not available. The best membership would be Suite, which costs $69 a month. 

Other than that, most Jungle Scout complaints are subjective, such as the user interface and other small issues. I think none of these are deal breakers. There's also the fact that there are so many features to work with, it takes you quite some time to simply learn how to use them. 

Similar Tools & Products: 

Image that links to a free course to learn online marketing.

Is Jungle Scout Worth It?

Jungle Scout is worth it for the Amazon research data. It makes product research super simple and saves you a lot of time. 

Hopefully now you have a good idea about what is Junglescout.com. I can't say for sure if it's the right tool for you because I don't know what stage of your Amazon business you're in. I can say with confidence that Jungle Scout is a great tool for Amazon sellers. 

Even if you don't sell on Amazon, it can be a way to validate new product ideas. In my opinion, it is worth a look and you can always cancel the trial and ask for a refund.

Have you tried Jungle Scout? Let me know below!

Jungle Scout

$39 - 129/month



  • Plenty of Tools to Validate Product Ideas
  • In-depth Amazon Research Data
  • Browser Extension for Seller Research


  • Web Extension Requires Lots of Permmissions
  • Basic Membership Quite Limited
  • A Little Expensive
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