What is Lucky Dollar? Is It a Lottery Scam? Find Out Here

So you recently came across an app called Lucky Dollar that promises daily cash rewards and you're wondering if it's legitimate.

In this Lucky Dollar review, we'll take a close look at the app, how it works, how much it pays, and if it's something we can recommend. 

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Lucky Dollar Review Summary: 

Rating: 40 out of 100

Pros: Unlimited scratch cards.

The Cons: It's the lottery, the chances of winning are crazy small. The app is only in three countries and the pay outs are inconsistent. 

The Bottom Line: 

Looking at Lucky Dollar for a way to make some extra income? It's not something I recommend because it's too random. You might earn some dollars, but it's not reliable, that's for sure. 

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What is Lucky Dollar? 

Lucky Dollar is an app that where you can play simple lottery scratch games to earn real money and gift cards. They claim the odds to win $1,000 are 1 in 1,000, and it's on Google Play and Apple IOS store. 

Here's their video advertisement (take their claims with a grain of salt): 


Most of these kind of apps offer limited scratches or spins, and your chances of winning something are incredibly low, while you're bombarded with advertisements. Sometimes you can even watch ads to improve your chances of winning some cash. And there are lots of these kind of apps! 

A screenshot from Lucky Dollar's website.

Lucky Dollar is a little bit different. With Lucky Dollar, they offer unlimited scratch cards. It's a matter of tapping on the cards to see if you won. You can also play games and do other activities or tasks to earn some extra money. We'll talk more about the earnings later on. 

Overall, Lucky Dollar has a decent rating on Google Play, with a 4.5/5 rating on the platform. According to their reviews, most people are happy with the app and claim it's an easy way to make some quick cash. 

Well, I decided to take a look, and here's what I discovered... 

Making Money with Lucky Dollar: 

Before we continue, I would like to remind you this is lottery app. It comes down to chance, and the chances are usually not in your favor.

Here's the thing:  

Depending on the lottery for income is never a good idea because it's completely random. In other words, if you're in desperate need of some quick cash, Lucky Dollar is probably not right for you.

Here's an article were a mention some ways to make fast cash online. Having said that, let's take a look at how Lucky Dollar works. Another thing to remember is this app is currently in the beta test stages! 

Where Does it Work? 

At the moment, the app only works in a few countries, it's not worldwide. From what I could find out, it's only in United States, Canada, and United Kingdom. The problem is you only receive a notice about this after you enter your email address, which was a little bothersome. 

Creating an Account:

Creating an account is straightforward. ​​ They only require an email address to get started. Once you enter your email address you'll be able to see the dashboard and start using the app. 

A screenshot from Lucky Dollar showing the games you can play to earn coins.

The way the app works is pretty simple. Here's a list of some ways to earn with Lucky Dollar: 

  1. Raffles
  2. Scratch Cards
  3. Play Games (Soccer, Blackjack, Slots, etc) 
  4. Lotto 
  5. Earn Free Tokens (for Watching Ads)

So there's always something to do. I like how there are unlimited scratch cards. Most of the people who have tried this say they made money relatively quickly. 

Getting Paid with Lucky Dollar:

Moving on to the most important subject. Currently there are two ways to redeem coins; PayPal cash or Amazon gift cards. Since the app is brand new, the policies regarding cash outs are a little unclear and likely to change. 

At the moment, it looks like the minimum cash out ranges from $1 to $40. In some cases, people were able to cash out a couple dollars, while others had to wait until they reached $40.

Keep in mind, you do need a PayPal account to receive cash. They don't use any other payment processors at the moment. And PayPal has the tendency to eat up a lot in the way of fees!  

It seems like the pay out is on a case to case basis, most people agree more than $10 is usually enough. On that note, they do promise instant cash outs on every gold card.

Let's take a look at the pros and cons. 

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Lucky Dollar Pros:

Here's what we liked. 

1. Unlimited Scratch Cards:

As I mentioned before, most of these type of apps limit your chances to win. Lucky Dollar is great because you have unlimited scratch cards. Granted, most of them don't offer any rewards, but at least you can try it out. 

2. Lots of Lottery Games to Play:

Not only can you scratch cards but also play a few other games, such as Blackjack, Soccer, Slots, and more. If you win the simple games, you'll earn some tokens. It's basically like a digital casino.

3. Can Make a Few Quick Dollars:

I'll be honest, it's possible to earn a few quick dollars with Lucky Dollar. The app usually favors new members, and you can earn some cash relatively fast. Some users claimed to earn $10 in a week, and some said they earned that in a day, it varies.

Now let's move on to the cons. 

The Cons with Lucky Dollar: 

1. Winning is Chance Based:

I'm not a fan of these lottery apps because what it boils down to is chance. I don't want to depend on chance for income. And the odds of you winning could be purposely skewed in their favor. 

In their terms and conditions you can find a chart that shows the odds of winning the specific prizes.

See for yourself: 

A screenshot showing the odds of winning with Lucky Dollar.

Not very good odds, that's for sure. Notice the max number of winners? That's another limitation you should know about. 

2. Inconsistent Cash Out:

I understand that app is brand new, so some bugs and delays are expected. Nevertheless, I wish they were clear about the minimum cash out and payment processing time.

Most survey platforms and similar apps have a page where you can read about their policies, Lucky Dollar doesn't have such a page.

You pretty much have to try it out to see what the deal is. For example, it could take 2 days or 2 weeks to process your cash out payment. Very inconsistent. 

3. Earnings Stop After a Certain Point:

After trying the app and researching it further, it looks like the earnings stall after a certain point.

Earlier I mentioned Lucky Dollar favors newcomers, and that seems to be the case, but the downside here is the income for long term users gets stuck. 

I have seen lots of reviews a comments online from people saying their earnings have been stuck right below the minimum cash out for months.

For example, one person said he was stuck on $9 for an entire year. 

Hopefully the developers can fix that problem. 

4. Lucky Dollar is Only in Three Countries: 

At the moment, the app is only available in United States, Canada, and UK. I would expect this from survey platforms, but not lottery apps. 

The problem is they don't tell you this until after you download and install the app. I feel like there should be a public notice for this issue. 

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Is Lucky Dollar a Scam? 

After reading our list of cons, you're probably thinking Lucky Dollar is definitely a scam.

On the contrary, I don't think Lucky Dollar is a scam. From what I can tell, they do pay members, and you can easily find payment proof online. In short, not a scam. 

On the other hand: 

Lucky Dollar is not something I can highly recommend. For starters, it's brand new and still has a lot of issues to deal with.

Secondly, trying to win the lottery is never a good idea.

The odds of you winning are ridiculous. 

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Thanks for taking the time to read this Lucky Dollar review.

Hopefully now you know what is Lucky Dollar and what to expect. 

I hope you learned something new.

If you have any questions or want to share your experience with this app, then leave a comment below.

I would love to hear from you. Thanks! 

Lucky Dollar




  • Unlimited Scratch Cards
  • Lots of Lottery Games to Play
  • You Can Make a Few Quick Dollars


  • Winning is Chance Based
  • Inconsistent Cash Out's
  • Earnings Stop After a Certain Point
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