What is Maskcara About? Unbiased Opportunity Review!

What is Maskcara about? Is it really possible to earn a decent income with their opportunity? What about the quality of the products? Or is it all a pyramid scheme? Let's find out. 

Maskcara Review Summary:

Rating: 20/100

Pros: Decent quality products, with beautiful boxes. Wide selection. 

The Cons: Typical of MLM companies; expensive products, high cost entry fees, strict monthly requirements, and low commission rates. Not recommended. 

The Bottom Line: 

If you're looking for ways to make money online, I don't recommend Maskcara. It costs over $200 to join and that doesn't even entitle you to the full compensation plan, only a small portion of it. Instead, I recommend affiliate marketing because it's free and has higher commission rates. Check out my recommended program to learn more. 


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What is Maskcara About? 

Maskcara (not be confused with Mascara) is a network marketing company in the cosmetic industry. The company offers a wide range of products, from hair-care to outfits, and everything in between. Ironically, they don't actually sell Mascara. 

Image of Maskcaras makeup shade and slogan

Founded in 2013 by a fashion blogger known as Cara Brook, the company is one of the newer network marketing companies to hit the market. Their goal is to empower women by providing them with the tools they need to look their best. 

Is Maskcara a MLM? YES! 

On the surface, Maskcara looks like any other makeup brand, but it actually operates as a traditional MLM company.

Though this company does do things a little differently than traditional MLM companies, it still falls under the same category, and you should be careful how you proceed. 

We'll discuss Maskcara's compensation plan and sign-up requirements in the next section, so don't go anywhere! 

Read this for more information on why MLM systems are not a good idea:

Wait a Minute! 

Promoting a MLM Company is NOT a good idea.

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Since we don't plan to use cosmetic products, instead of reviewing the actual products, we'll review the companies compensation plan and business opportunity. 

Making Money with Maskcara: 

First things first... 

What is a Maskcara Artist?

Instead of calling new members distributors, Maskcara uses their own term which is Maskcara Artist. It's exactly the same concept as a distributor, only the name is a little different. As an artist, your goal is to promote the products, and encourage more people to sign-up under you. 

Maskcara's Terms: 

Since MLM companies are known for their unnecessarily complicated terms, here is a list of the abbreviates you'll be seeing a lot in Maskcara's compensation plan. 

  • CV - Commission Volume - commission rate on down-lines sales. 
  • SV - Sales Volume (1 SV = $1) your sales and personal purchases. 
  • TGSV - Total Group Sales Volume (Total Volume in your team)
  • Active - an account that meets their rank requirements. 
  • Compression - referrals move up a level when one is inactive. 
  • Active Leg - a leg that has at least one active ELITE HAC-ER


To start off, here are the list of requirements to participate: 

  • Purchase an Artist Kit 
  • $11.95/month Back-Office Fee
  • Meet Monthly Sales Requirements

These are the basic requirements for the first level in the compensation plan, called HAC-ER (we'll talk more about the ranks later on). 

Kit prices:

  1. Basic Artist Kit - $199 one time
  2. Pro Artist Kit - $399 one time

These include enough samples and catalogs to use as promotional materials. Oddly enough, the Pro Artist kit includes some free temporary tattoos, as well as many more brochures, catalogs, and post cards. From the looks of it, the kits include more promotional material than actual product. 

As far as requirements are concerned, Maskcara's are straightforward and simple. Commissions are based on your rank in the company, the first rate for every new artist is 20% and the maximum is 40%.

Team Goals: 

Naturally, a compensation won't be complete without the team-oriented cash bonuses. These bonuses are tracked using Commission Volume or Sales Volume, and you can earn a percentage of commission volume from everyone under you.

What this means is you can earn commissions from every sale or purchase someone under you makes. So if someone under you buys a new kit or something from the back-office you will earn a percent of that. Commission volume can be five levels deep, though you'll need to advance in rank to unlock deeper levels. 

Rank Qualifications: 

A chart showing Maskcara's commission structure and ranking system

Click on the image to enlarge it

Of course, each rank in the compensation plan has it's own set of qualifications, and if you fail to meet those requirements you'll lose your status. Losing a rank means you won't be able to earn commissions. 

Monthly rank requirements: 

  • HAC-ER, Purchase kit, complete training period. 
  • TOP HAC-ER - 300 SV, 2 Active Legs, and 1,000 TGSV
  • ARTIST AMBASSADOR, 600 SV, 3 Active Legs, 5,000 TGSV
  • TOP AMBASSADOR, 600 SV, 5 Active Legs, 10,000 TGSV
  • INFLUENCER, 900 SV, 5 Active Legs, 25,000 TGSV
  • TOP INFLUENCER, 900 SV, 7 Active Legs, 100,000 TGSV
  • Executive Director - same as above, but with 200,000 TGSV. 

These are the monthly requirements for each rank, if you fail to meet the requirements you'll move down a rank or your account will be labeled inactive, and you won't be able to earn commissions. 


One thing to remember is the TGSV is the total sales volume, including personal purchases. What most people do to increase this number is purchase a bunch of product for themselves, so they can remain at their current rank.

What ends up happening is the same that happens in most MLM companies, the distributors collect way more stock than necessary. As you can imagine, training the average house-wife or stay-at-home mom to reach these sales goals is a challenge. Not many people succeed. 

Moving on to the good stuff. 

Maskcara Pros: 

Here's what we like about the company, even though it is a MLM. 

1. Wide Selection of Products:

Whether you want to become an Artist or not, there's no denying Markscara has plenty of products to choose from. Their catalog spans four major categories; Face, Eyes, Skin, and Brush and Tools.

Since Artist can earn a percentage on all direct-affiliate sales, there's the chance to earn some cash here and there. You're not stuck to promoting one product only, there are plenty to promote. 

2. High Quality Products:

Despite the MLM system, it looks like Maskcara does produce quality products. Unsurprisingly, most of the reviews I read online about Maskcara products include an affiliate link, but there are some reviews which are honest and unbiased. As far as make-up kits go, these seem to be decent. 

The Cons with Maskcara

Unfortunately, it's not all great. 

1. No Income Disclosure Statement:

Granted, the company is new, but an annual statement is expected. Currently there's no way to tell if distributors are earning or losing cash. But if I had to guess, they're probably losing it if there anything like every mlm opportunity. 

2. Strict Monthly Sales Requirements:

When people are pressured to meet a certain sales quota, they'll resort to unethical methods to make it happen. These people are often extremely pushy, and even when you tell them - politely - that you're not interested, they won't leave you alone. It can be bothersome to say the least.

Reaching the monthly sales requirements is challenging for the average person as well. Who wants to spend $200 + and then lose their chance to earn commissions? Not a great start. 

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3. Payments Only Through Paylution:

Paylution is Maskcara's payment portal, where you can sign-up for a Maskcara Debit Card. The card is pre-paid and issued by MetaBank. I don't know much about this card, but if you want to receive payments you need to acquire one, they don't handle payments through PayPal or bank-transfer. That doesn't happen with affiliate marketing.

4. Training Period:

Once you sign-up by buying a kit and paying the monthly back-office fee, you can start promoting the products. The catch here is your account will be in a "Training Period" until you generate a minimum of $800 in sales.

During the training period you won't be able to make commissions on direct-referrals, or people who join under you. Essentially, it's only the most basic affiliate program - 20 % commission rate on sales - but the rest of the compensation plan is unavailable. 

In my opinion, $800 is quite a lot. Since most of the money is made by referring new people, it will take a long time to generate $800 in product sales, especially since the commission rate is so low. The upside is you don't have a time period to reach this amount. 

Image that links to a free course to learn online marketing.

Is Maskcara a Scam? NO

Now that you what Maskcara is about, does that mean it's a scam? Doesn't it look like a pyramid scheme?

To be fair, Maskcara is not a scam or a pyramid scheme. They offer legitimate cosmetic products that seem to be of good quality.

Nevertheless, it still is a MLM, and MLM systems rarely work out, for reasons mentioned in the guide we linked to earlier in this review. 

If you missed it, here it is again: the Ultimate Network Marketing Vs. Affiliate Marketing Guide.

Summing it Up with Maskcara: 

Let's break it down. To start promoting Maskcara you need to pay a minimum of $199 + $11.95/month and that entitles you to only promoting the products as an affiliate, for a 20% commission rate. That's not a great opportunity. 

There are affiliate programs out there, which are free to join, and you can earn a much higher commission rate, with no sales requirements or stress. If you could promote something that you like, for free, and earn 50% or more in commission rates, wouldn't you do it? 

In my opinion, if you're looking to make extra money online, affiliate marketing is the best option for you. Why? Because it's so easy to start. Plus you can turn an affiliate site into an eCommerce site, membership site, whatever.

But you do need traffic, and my recommended program teaches you all about how to build a website that drives targeted traffic to your affiliate offers.

Hit the link below to learn more.  

Thanks for reading our Maskara review. Hopefully now you know what is Maskcara about and how the opportunity works and the requirements you need to meet. I hope you have enough information to make the right choice. Leave a comment if you have any questions. 

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