Math Cash Review: Can You Really Solve Math Problems and Earn Rewards?

So you came across an app called Math Cash that promises to send you money for completing simple arithmetic problems.

Wondering what is Math Cash? Does it really work? Is Math Cash a scam or a reasonable way to make money online? 

The answer to those questions, and more, can be found in this Math Cash review. 

Math Cash Review Summary: 

Rating: 40/100

Pros: Quick payments, decent mental exercise.

The Cons: Takes too long to reach the minimum cash out. 

The Bottom Line: 

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What is Math Cash? 

Math Cash (also known as Math Rewards) is a free app on Google Play that says you can earn some simple rewards for solving math problems.

The concept is rather simple, and it tends to work as promised. I went ahead and gave the app a go, to save you the trouble. 

A screenshot the Math Cash app listing on Google Play.

Currently, Math Cash has a good rating on Google Play, with 4.5 out of 5 stars. Impressive, to say the least.

On the surface, it looks good. Nevertheless, most regular users have reported a number of issues, which we'll discuss later on. 

How Math Cash Works: 

There are a number of different ways to earn with this app. 

1 - Math Duel:

The main way to earn is via Math Duels where you challenge other players to math battles. The person who solves all the problems the fastest wins. There's also a top 100 score, creating a competitive element. 

Each duel has a time limit. Most of them involve addition problems, but there's subtraction, division, and a mixture. To win, you have to be the first to complete the challenge before the time runs out. And the time runs out quick! 

The faster you solve problems, the more points you earn.

There's a bonus for winning too! 

2 - Guess and Win:

Another way to earn is via the Guess and Win game. To play this game you have to guess a secret number between 0 and 999999.

Obviously, that's near impossible.

But they do offer 10 free tries, with hints after each entry, such as "The number is higher than x" and "The number is lower than x". 

Personally, I feel like the Guess and Win game is basically impossible to win. If you do happen to win, the reward is 3,000 points, which is about three dollars.

3 - Offer Walls & Watching Ads:

Inside Math Cash, you can also find the typical survey-style offer walls. These offers usually pay quite well but require more work, such as downloading other apps, or filling out extensive surveys. 

The easier one is to watch ads for some extra tickets, which can be exchanged for points. Currently one ticket equals about 3 points. It's not really worth watching the ads, in my opinion. 

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Note: There were more ways to earn on Math Cash but cheaters took advantage of the service, so the developers had to disable the other modes. Now the app is only limited to these three, and that may change in the future. 

Moving on to subject you're waiting for...

Making Money with Math Cash: 

The idea is simple, but I'll explain how it works. When you complete a math problem or win a duel you'll earn points. These points can be exchanged for PayPal cash. 

You're probably wondering how many points you need to reach the minimum cash out. Take a look at the screenshot below.

Redeem Points for PayPal Cash: 

The minimum payout is $5.00 via PayPal and you need 5,000 points for that. What it comes to is about $1 for every 1000 points. 

Take look:

A screenshot from Math Cash showing the amount of points you need for PayPal cash.

Keep in mind, PayPal charges a fee for each transaction, so you need to factor that into your earnings. 

Now on to the next issue... 

How Long Does it Take to Process Payments?

I'm happy to say Math Cash processes PayPal requests rather quickly, it usually takes 2 - 3 days to see the funds in your PayPal account.

The only downside is they only use PayPal, and PayPal is not available in every country. Nevertheless, still much better than those survey platforms that take months to process small payments. 

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Is Math Cash a Scam?

I know you're weary of these apps, but Math Cash is not a scam. I can vouch for them. Granted, the rewards aren't the best. Nevertheless, it wouldn't be fair to call the app a scam.

They do pay members, and rather quickly at that. Of course, there are some bugs here and there (which we'll talk about in the cons section) but it's still a legitimate platform. 

Now let's take a look at Math Cash's pros & cons. 

Math Cash Pros: 

1. Great Mental Exercise:

Personally, I like the idea of using this app as a type of mental exercise. It definitely helps keep your mind active. It also helps improve your basic math skills, especially when under a strict time limit. I think it's fun. 

2. Quick PayPal Processing Time:

It usually only takes 2 -3 days for the cash to appear in your PayPal account. It's not instant, but it's a decent time-frame. 

The Cons with Math Cash: 

Remember I mentioned there were some things you need to know? 

1. Removed "Solve to Win" Mode:

In the early days of the app, there was a mode called Solve to Win where you could solve math problems, on your own, to win some points. This was a favorite, and lots of people were earning a good amount of points. 

Unfortunately, as I mentioned earlier, too many people were taking advantage of this mode and abusing it. Recently (I think last month) the developers removed that mode, making it much more difficult to earn points. 

2. Laggy Servers & Bugs:

While taking a look at some reviews, it seems like Math Cash is prone to a lot of server bugs.

For example, new math problems don't load, points not being awarded, surveys not loading either, app crashes, and other issues. 

Granted, not everyone encounters these issues, there are plenty of positive reviews too. Still, it's something that you need to know about. 

3. Difficult to Reach 5000 Points

As you may recall, 5,000 points is the minimum require to cash out $5 in PayPal cash. Since the most lucrative mode was removed, now it's very hard to reach that minimum.

Each math duel only rewards you with a handful of points, and the "Guess to Win" game is impossible. Therefore, earning enough points to cash out is very difficult. Definitely not something I can recommend. 

Having said that... 

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Thanks for taking the time to read this Math Cash review. Now you can tell your friends you know what is Math Cash as well as a better alternative. 

Got a question? Leave it below! 

Math Cash




  • Great Mental Exercise
  • Quick PayPal Processing Time


  • Removed "Solve to Win" Mode
  • Laggy Servers & Bugs
  • Difficult to Reach 5000 Points or Make $5 dollars
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