What is My Advertising Pays? Is My Advertising Pays a Scam?

What Is My Advertising Pays Scam Review Image

What is My Advertising Pays? Is My Advertising Pays a Scam?

My Advertising Pays is now outlawed in United States, has pending legal cases, and is basically done for.

So yes, My Advertising Pays is a Scam.

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What’s Up with My Advertising Pays?

What is My Advertising Pays, also know as MAPS?

Have you heard this is a great way to make easy money online, and want to know if it’s really true?

Today I’ll explain what the My Advertising Pays business is, and why people are throwing so much money into it.

I’ll also explain to you why it’s nothing more than a Ponzi-like scam that should be avoided at all costs.

A screenshot of My Advertising Pays showing a man smiling and the headline, "If you can click a mouse you can earn with us!".
FYI: Clicking A Mouse & Making Money Are Hallmarks Signs of A Scam

Even if you’ve already signed up to MAPS and are participating in it (even making money with it), you are going to want to read this review in it’s entirety.

My goal is to help people avoid future heartbreak and loss of income in yet another online traffic generating scam called, My Advertising Pays.

My Advertising Pays Review – The Basics

Product Name: My Advertising Pays, aka (MAPS)
Owner: Mike Deese
Price: Free starter membership the first month, then $20/mo thereafter. $49.99 to $1,000’s in Credit Packs (see below)
Overall Ranking: 0 out of 100
Verdict: Online Scam

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Short Review on MAPS

MAPS is your classic online ponzi scam, just like Banner Brokers and Bernie Madoff.

You invest with them and they promise a 120% return on your investment.

This appeals to anyone who wants to see high returns from their savings.

It’s normal to want this and MAPS is appealing to our carnal instincts of making easy money by clicking a few links and then watch the money roll in.

But in order for MAPS to pay high dividends, they have to have a product or service where they’re using your money to make more money.

And nobody outside of MAPS (meaning only MAPS members) are using MAPS advertising services.

MAPS is simply paying dividends from the money they are making from bringing in new members.

Plain and simple. People get paid by MAPS thus creating more confidence in the system which then encourages MAPS members to put more money into the system.

But like all good ponzi scams, nobody makes the connection until it’s too late and MAPS becomes the next Banner Brokers.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

What Is My Advertising Pays System

My Advertising Pays is an online traffic exchange program.

The way traffic exchange programs work is by allowing fellow internet marketers and businesses to advertise their own products or websites.

And in turn for this free advertisement, the advertiser agrees to click on a certain number of ads per day. As well as to stay on those ads for a certain period of time (usually between 10 – 60 seconds).

My Advertising Pays serves as paid traffic exchange program. They sell their advertising in the form of 50 dollar credit packs. So you have to buy credit packs that may or may not qualify you to be in their profit sharing program.

Confusing I know, but see below for details.

From a business owner or online marketer’s perspective, this should be a warning flag.


Because you want targeted traffic that is already interested in your product.

And with traffic exchange programs, you are not going to get quality traffic.

So this is the first problem with MAPS. They provide poor quality advertising that is very expensive for what you get in return.

Now you can say, well hey, your getting your money back in the form of the profit sharing plan, but this is all part of the elaborate scheme, (see below for further details).

“Please don’t get ripped off by the My Advertising Pays scam. There are REAL, ethical make money programs online.

My Advertising Pays is a Scam!

First, go to their website and see if you can recognize one legitimate company that uses the My Advertising Pays service.

You won’t find a single recognizable brand name company that advertises with MAPS.

So what is My Advertising Pays really selling?

They’re selling you on the concept that you can make tons of easy money using their profit sharing plan. They actually call their business a revenue distribution advertising platform.

If you’re scratching your head right now, you’re not alone.

Basically with MAPS, you have two ways to earn money.

1). Refer people to the program and get a 10% referral commission on the credit packs purchased by your referrals.

2). Participate in the profit sharing plan by purchasing MAPS credit packs (Advertised at a 120% return on investment, but not guaranteed).

Most people do both, but the real focus with MAPS is buying the Credit Packs. And of course to buy as many packs as you can afford.

As a matter of fact, during my investigation of MAPS, I signed up for a free account. Within the first few minutes of my signup, this was the letter I received from my sponsor…

A screenshot from My Advertising Pays saying you need to buy as many credit packs as you can.

To be eligible for the benefits of the profit sharing plan, you have to…

  • Buy at least one credit pack for $49.99/pack
  • Click on 10 low quality ads per day.

They offer a 120% return in this profit sharing plan. So in theory if you spend $50 dollars on a credit pack, you will eventually get back $60 dollars.

There is no guarantee as to how long this will take or a guarantee on your investment.

For every credit pack you buy, you are eligible to receive one share of profit every 20 minutes if your are participating in the 10 clicks/day.

  • Yet they can’t disclose the value of one share nor guarantee profit sharing. Below is the MAPS Profit Sharing Disclaimer.

A screenshot from My Advertising Pays disclaimer saying there's no answer to the question of how much you can earn from profit sharing.
This is the My Advertising Pays Profit Sharing Disclaimer from their website.

You also have to pay a solid trust pay fee of 2.5% + 30 cents per transaction.

So if you buy 100 credit packs, you’re looking at paying over $5,100.

Here’s the equation below from the MAPS website.

A screenshot showing the price for 100 Credit Packs from MAPS.

So MAPS isn’t really selling advertising, or at least quality advertising.

They are selling the concept of buying as many credit packs as possible. And encouraging you to get as many followers referred to the MAPS program in order to do the same thing.

Here’s some of the MAPS training in the form of a sample letter you are supposed to send out to your email contacts, friends, and family.

A screenshot of a marketing email you're supposed to send to your friends to advertise My Advertising Pays.

A Little Perspective With My Advertising Pays 

The keyword in the My Advertising Pays name is Advertising.

So this should be the focus on whether or not you want to be involved with a system like MAPS.

The advertising is poor quality because the only people who are advertising with MAPS, are other MAPS members.

If you have a business or product to promote, you want qualified targeted traffic that is already interested in the product or service you provide. And you won’t get that with My Advertising Pays.

So you have a bunch of unqualified leads hitting on your advertisement, staying there for 10 seconds, and then leaving.

Is this really the type of advertising that you want to pay for? People who, for the most part, won’t read about your product or service. Then they click out of the ad and you accomplish absolutely nothing for your business.

This is not a good business move for anyone who is trying to convert traffic into sales for their business.

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The people who are using MAPS are clicking these ads to earn their commission in the profit sharing plan. So it really is a closed system.

And that is, in essence, what makes My Advertising Pays just another ponzi scheme. Sure, there’s the supposed investment of the Credit Packs.

But there is no real value in this style of advertising. The value is to bring more and more people into the system to spend more money on…that’s right, Credit Packs. Then redistribute that money to those same people.

Feels like a bubble about to burst here doesn’t it?

How To Make A Ponzi Scam Take Off – Pay People!

If Mr. Deese can get people interested in his “magical advertising dividend system” just for clicking a few ads per day, what do you think he’s going to do next?

He’s going to want to pay investment earnings right away.

Once people start earning, they get excited and they start telling everyone and their Grandma about this miracle system.

This is how you start a good scam. Just like any ponzi scam that pays great returns on your initial investment.

You guys still Remember Bernie Madoff from 2009, right?

Once you see your investment take off, it’s human nature to want to invest as much money as you can and bring in as many of your friends into the system.

Remember the 10% referral commission you make by bringing new people into My Advertising Pays.

Pretty soon, the scam catches on like wildfire.

Everyone wants in, everyone wants to invest as much money as possible.

And the scam strengthens it’s reputation.

And maybe that’s where you’re at right now, you feel confident that other people are earning and you want to jump in on the bandwagon.

But once you have more referrals in the MAPS system than people buying Credit Packs, guess what happens?

The income stream dries up and the dividends cease.

All your credit packs become worthless.

Either the FED’s step in and cease the money back from Mr Deese and his partners in crime, or they get away with it and live happily ever after.

One other piece of information that I just discovered about My Advertising Pays is that it’s top producer, Simon Stepsys, has been associated with online scams in the past – Go Figure?

You can read the snip-it below.

It basically discusses how this MAPS top producer, Simon Stepsys has had trouble with the law in England for other online marketing scams. Check it out.

A warning from a customre saying the creator of My Advertising Pays, Simon Stepsys, is not to be trusted.

Other Negative Tidbits About My Advertising Pays

90% of the reviews of My Advertising Pays are positive. That’s because they are coming from affiliate marketers that want to get you into their team. They want to earn that 10% commission off of you.

If you watch the MAPS infomercial, time and time again, you are encouraged to buy as many Credit Packs as possible and to get as many referrals into the program as you can.

Now this makes sense to increase your earnings, but it’s stressed so much more over the quality of advertising or the benefits of the MAPS training. It’s all about clicking away and making easy money.

The earning potential for this program is extremely low, yet the advertisements and infomercials for MAPS talk about making $17,000 dollars in a week. Limitless potential, especially if you’re Mr Deese   😉

Read the My Advertisement Pays income earning disclosure statement below.

An image of My Advertising Pays disclaimer saying the average annual earnings is between $500 and $2,000.

$500 – $2,000 gross income per year, is that what you want for clicking on pop-up ads all day long?

But just for fun, let’s play with some numbers.

If you buy 100 credit packs. It will cost you $5,124.28. There is no certainty that you will receive profit sharing, but assuming you get back $60 dollars per credit pack, you will have made $875.72. If it takes 3 months to make that money back, you will have earned a whopping $291.90 per month.

That’s not a lot of money. As a matter of fact, that’s a huge risk to invest in a company that sells poor quality advertising.

If this company goes belly up like I am predicting, then making less than $300/mo isn’t worth the $5,100 dollar risk. But that’s just my opinion.

Also, the majority of people who invest in MAPS are investing with little money, maybe a $1,000 dollars or so. In order to make a decent monthly return, you’re going to have to buy at least 1,000 credit packs. That will cost you $51,242.80.

Who in their right mind would invest that kind of money in something so shady as My Advertising Pays?

Lastly, do you really want to be clicking on a bunch of pop-up ads all day? Not me, I’ve got better things to do with my time.

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Conclusion on MAPS:

My Advertising Pays is a traffic exchange system that sells poor quality, non targeted advertising.

What the MAPS system is really selling is the concept of making easy money through their profit sharing plan.

Although, per the MAPS website, there is no GUARANTEE of profit sharing.

My Advertising Pays is trying to sell the maximum amount of Credit Packs that they can, and to get as many people to buy into their system as possible.

They are able to pay out dividends right now because they have an influx of new advertising clients buying their credit packs.

Plus they want to encourage as many people as possible to buy into their system. It’s Ponzi-Scam 101.

The only ones who will be laughing all the way to the bank are the people who started MAPS.

Meanwhile, all the thousands of people who have invested their hard earned money will have their accounts closed, Credit Packs that are worthless, and will never see a dime of their online earnings. Just like the investors of Banner Brokers – maybe you should Google them to see how it worked out.

Final Product Overview Of My Advertising Pays

Product Name: My Advertising Pays, a.k.a (MAPS)
Owner: Mike Deese
Price: Free to start membership the first month, then $20/mo thereafter. $49.99 to $1,000’s in Up-sells
Overall Ranking: 0 out of 100
Final Verdict:

What Is My Advertising Pays Scam Review Image

If you would like to add anything to my review about My Advertising Pays, please leave a comment below and I’ll get back to you right away.

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I hope you now have a better understanding of what is My Advertising Pays.

My Advertising Pays

Free starter,, then $20/mo. $49.99 to $1,000's in Credit Packs


  • Traffic Exchange Program That Sells Poor Quality Traffic Packs
  • No Guarantees You'll Make Any Income
  • Focus on Recruiting Members. Classic Pyramid Scheme.

About the Author

Hi, I’m the founder of Learn to Grow Wealth Online. My goal is to help you create a brilliant online business. One that is profitable and will grow wealth for you and your loved ones well into the future. If you're willing to put in the effort, I can help you create your own source of online income.


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  1. Hi Todd,
    Unfortunately, I joined MAPS and feeling sorry for this extremely bad decision and having invested app $3000 for buying credit Packs. Despite some withdrawals at stages, i wish to slap myself for having caught in mislead-ed HYPE seeing people making 1200 Credit Packs and using luxurious cars.
    Unfortunately most of the sponsors only advise their leads to accumulate as bigger credit packs as possible without guiding right way to marketing, sales, Blog etc. primarily because the sponsors are getting rich day by day through their leads purchases and worst sufferers are the leads who first make heavy investments and later only thrust on accumulation of profit shares for buying Credit Packs only.
    Is this the Quality of On line earning where your investment takes several months, years to convert into good or real profits. Personally, I have started to hate such bullshit and treat it worst for newbies.
    Even in terms of Revenue sharing sites, many other sites are good performers in terms of profits, ad conversions ,limited investment and referral builders.
    Many products owe a good sales value and conversions.
    Getting advertised through MAPS means good bouncing rates due to the presence of huge number of 10 clickers

    Now, just see, the profit sharing of MAPS are at standstill since last two months. The main reason — Maintenance of their VX Gateway processor.
    Here, what’s the logic of any system having gone down just for the failure of Payment processor?
    To me, it seems some another failure borne out of mismanagement which administrators want to hide from their customers and could be heading for scam. This will be the biggest blow to innocent investors.
    The site claimed having upgraded to MAPS 2.0 but profits amount has been lowered with cost of Credit Packs raised to 49.9 euros or equi $62.2. The membership fees which was used to be charged at one time annually is now charged monthly. A missed payment means deduction of 5 euros/day.

    The MAPS traffic is a wholesome garbage with most are only 10 ads clicker counters.
    Now, see VXGateway the electronic payment processor through which I made several withdrawals is now again asking to upload ID, Address proof documents which is resulting in considerable wastage of time and ultimate delay in payment. Also, not guaranteed whether or not I will be able to receive payment of my hard earned money and efforts.
    Now, here a question arises what is the logic for payment processor asking to upload documents again where same customer has already received many payments? Is this real or eyewash?
    I feel having invested the same amount of money in Wealthy Affiliate even my country is not supported for free membership, I would happily be a regular monthly of one time yearly paid member.
    Now, many big Dogs Mappers having accumulated huge credit Packs with big team of referrals dont’s wish to expose the real ugly picture to keep up their MAPS market growing.
    So, I personally like to advice people to refrain from such world class misleads and start doing real on line business, doing intensive research to avoid Big sorry in future.

    1. Hi Yatinder,

      Thanks for your update on My Advertising Pays 2.0 as well as you overall experience working with these guys.

      Internet marketing gets a bad rap because of so many online scams and mediocre programs that don’t offer any value or substance.

      Making money online is a reality and growing everyday. You just have to decide what is the path for you. I’ve chosen different paths over the last 5 years and the one I’m on is the best one for me and I think the best way for anyone to start out.

      I think anyone contemplating a real online business needs to know what it costs and the time frame. And for that I encourage you to read this post.. How Long Does It Take To Make Money Online..

      Affiliate marketing a building websites are a great place to start. Check out the post for all the reasons why. But essentially you can easily pivot into email marketing, selling physical products online, funnels, PPC, etc..

      Hope this helps and thanks again for the MAPS feedback.

  2. Hey Todd, Im 15 years old and my Parent(trying to not specifically tell who the person is) forces me to do myadvertising, not just 1 account, 4 ACCOUNTS. It takes me +30 mins ON 3 DEVICES. My parent gets so mad when i dont do it for 1 day. It makes me MAD because ADULTS are suppose to do this not a 15 year old like me WHO should be studying for school and GETTING HIS SLEEP at night. I can never be happy everyday because im forced to this. Even if im sick, my parent forces me to do it. I want this website to get shut down so i can have nice regular days and i don’t have to worry doing this. I read all of what you said and this website is garbage and barely even gives you money. I like your commitment to get this website down. Currently I was busy playing games and I do the advertising really late( around 11pm and it’s not 2am because I legit forgot about it and my parent will get extremely mad at me.) I’m trying to change the time so I can do it either between afternoon and the evening. The funny thing is that I can’t stay outside past like 10pm because my parent will call me and tell me to come home and do them. Talk about NO FUN at all. Can’t even hang with friends past that time. There have been times where I have been extremely sleepy and not been able to do them and my parent gets so mad at me. Parent doesn’t care if I’m sleepy, if my advertising is lagging, parent wants it done. Worse thing is there was another website called telexfree. I was legit doing 10 accounts everyday. When it got shutdown I never felt so happy. I don’t know why I didn’t say no to my mom when she offered me this. I regret the decision. I hope this website will get shut down soon..

    1. Hi Claude,

      I’m so sorry to hear this Claude. This is one of the saddest stories I’ve ever heard. Have your Parent read my review of Wealthy Affiliate.

      Just in this short sad story you’ve done a great job articulating your thoughts and so I think creating a niche website based on helping people would be perfect for you.

      If your parent would pony up the money they’re paying for these BS investment packs with My Advertising Pays and put that toward a real online education with Wealthy Affiliate, you could have a full income producing online business before you graduate high school.

      Keep it up instead of going to college and you could be making more money than your parents will ever make. Hindsight is always 20/20, don’t be kicking yourself in 7 years after spending 100K going to college just to get an average job.

      Have your parent read this review then my WA review and encourage them to make a wise decision. I’m so glad I did 😉

      Best of luck to you Claude,

  3. This idea has just been sold to me(us)in Nigeria. Because of the poverty level, unemployment and the likes we have fallen for it though no money has been earned. Which online business would you prescribe? Thanks.

    1. I would prescribe the lowest risk, lowest cost and has incredible potential to make money online, but only if you are willing to treat it like going to college.

      That means be willing to learn, ready to work, and to simply take action on what you are taught.

      And for that, I give you my #1 recommended online training program. Enjoy!


      1. Hello Todd,

        I heard from many people about MAP and other online programs similar to MAP, most of the people strongly recommend those programs and claim that they achieved financial freedom. They also shows emails and other proofs for their earnings.

        In India many people are doing this business but i am not sure how it is works and if it is really authentic? I have read your review and i think this review is helpful. I was also about to be a part of this MAPs business but now i doubt if i will do that or not.

        Can you please suggest me some really authentic way to earn online be at home and achieve financial freedom? Thanks.

        1. Hi Neha,

          Thanks for reaching out about your concerns with my advertising pays and with making money online. I’ve made a lot of money online and it’s no different than any business making money online or offline…

          – You’ve got to sell Products or Services.

          That’s it. Think of MAP’s from this viewpoint. There is no automatic income system online, that’s bullshit, plain and simple. And MAPS doesn’t sell anything of quality.

          If MAPS was selling adverting to brand name companies, and your job to earn your 120% return on investment was to go to their sites for 10 seconds, then I could see how MAPS can pay this return. But that’s not the case. The service is traffic, and quality traffic is not what you get. So the service really isn’t traffic, it’s a disguise. The service is a ponzi scam based on you believing that you are making a return on your initial investment, plain and simple. 120% for doing nothing but clicking!

          Does anyone really think there is a service that pays 120% ROI for you clicking at some ads. It’s kind of funny when you think about how many people believe in this My Advertising Pays scam.

          As to making money online. The only quick way to make money online is to sell a physical product or service. That can be accomplished from various sources.

          If you have physical products, you can sell them off your own website and either rank content based on that product to bring in free traffic, or pay for that traffic via PPC (Pay Per Click Campaigns). That traffic then lands on a web page and either convinces the reader to buy the product or not.

          One of the best ways to do this is to sell on eBay and Amazon. The traffic is already provided. You can either sell used stuff you already own, or buy products (or import) to sell. I have several resources that I’ve created based on my experience of selling on these platforms.

          If you want to sell used products, check out my guide to selling on eBay. It will give you some helpful tips on how to make a profit on eBay or Amazon.

          If you want to import goods, than check out this Power Seller’s guide to selling successful on Amazon/eBay.

          How I make money online everyday, now somewhat on autopilot, is primarily through affiliate marketing. That is what this site is all about, teaching you how to make money through affiliate marketing.

          I teach people who have a love for something; passion, hobbies, knowledge, or skill set also know as a niche, how to take that passion and through writing quality content based on their niche, they produce natural traffic from search engines like Google.

          Then you recommend helpful products to your niche audience. That’s it. They make purchases based on solid recommendations and you receive one time sales or reoccurring sales commissions.

          Again, you’ve got to provide a service or product for people to buy online. So the reality is that if you can spend a few months working on the foundation to a niche based website (a.k.a – online business), and develop your writing and sales presentation skills, you can make a ton of money online.

          Today I just woke up to 5 new sales and 3 reoccurring sales ($373 usd’s). And this happens every day. It takes time and the desire to learn and take action on what you learn to make this happen. There is no automated income systems online – again, this is bs.

          I didn’t make much money the first 6 months creating my first online business. But as you learn to utilize the internet, social marketing, and Google search results, you can learn to make incredible money online.

          Whatever service or training program you’re looking at, ask yourself if they’re helping you really learn something of value.

          My advertising pays brings nothing of value, their traffic is shit. Their hook is their profit sharing plan. This scam will eventually explode like all scams, I hope you’re not a victim to it.

          For those that want to create a real online income who aren’t afraid to work at it, then use the same system that taught me online success. Build something of value and you’ll make money online.


      2. Hello Todd,Thanks for sharing info,I am about to start this MAP business but now I m not sure whether I should go for that or not? In India itself many people are doing this MAPs business and other online based business similar to MAPs and they people claimed to achieve Big money and financial freedom. I am in need of some online program to generate income if you suggest some online genuine programs then pls let me know and also guide me earn online money.Thanks

        1. Hi Neha,

          Please read my response to your first comment. The source of online education to make great money online is my #1 recommended training program, Wealthy Affiliate.

          I recommend you enter this system as if it were a university or college. You have to build your online skills like any profession, so expect to take some time. You will be creating a real online businesses that can produce income within the first month, but that’s not the usual case. It takes some time.

          All scams like My Advertising Pays flourish off the fact that humans are conditioned to make money based on a job performed. Meaning you do some work, you get paid some money. Makes sense? You work 8 hours and get X amount of dollars per hour or have a salary.

          Real businesses don’t work off these principles. There’s more risk in the form of time and money, but businesses come with the long term benefits of potentially more money and freedom. A business, in my mind, is something that potentially offers you passive income. You’ve set the stage, put in all the pieces, and the business produces monthly income.

          Can we agree on that?

          Making money online is no different. It took Facebook 4 years before they were even profitable. The last time I checked (in 2013) they were making 18 billion dollars (net) per month.

          This is a rare example, but speaks the truth to online businesses. The work that you put in is cumulative and it’s pay off can last for years. For example, I have one post I wrote almost 2 years ago. It has been bringing in 3,000 to 6,000 visitors to the site for over a year. I do nothing to it. The affiliate links and adverting are already in place and every month this post produces a good amount of monthly income.

          Here’s my source to guide you to making money online.

          Best of luck and let me know if you have any other questions.


        2. My advertising pays, banner brokers, traffic authority – all blatant traffic exchange scams and you’ve done a good job pointing out the obvious problems and flaws with these systems?

          It’s tough to believe that any intelligent person can not dissect these scams for what they are. Hopefully your review will help. How did you get it to rank so high in Google. That’s what I’m really looking to learn. Solid review nonetheless.

          1. Thanks Ellis and I hear you, it’s like the writing is on the wall but everyone’s blind with clicking a mouse to make money – utter rubbish as they say.

            Anyway’s, I get a lot of people asking me about how to create a real online business and how I rank my content so quickly in Google and so I made a easy to follow eBook for others to enjoy the same success that I have online.

            Here you go… Click here to get our free eBook on creating Targeted Traffic That Converts – this is all you need to know to covert sales online.


  4. Hi Todd, you keep saying “the question is, will they just fold like Banners Broker?” Why ask the question if you don’t really know the answer. You are assuming this because of previous advertising platforms which are very similar have folded. You really have no idea or fact to base your comments as MAPs is up and running still now. An app MAP 2.0 is soon to be released, surely in this day and age they could not introduce a mobile phone app to the market if it was a genuine scam? I feel you are too caught up in Banners Broker and are slating MAPs without fact, and also to try promoting your WA business….

    1. Hi Elliot,

      I only promote products that I believe are beneficial to people to help them make real online businesses or that will benefit their online business or personal financial situation.

      I promote about a dozen products and WA is my number one recommendation because they took me, as a person with very little online knowledge or technical experience, and have helped me become very successful with my online businesses/websites.

      So it’s real knowledge, real training, and that turns into really powerful skills. I’m getting to the point with one of my sites where I invested $1200 dollars in Google ads to return a profit of over $20,000. Plus I have a couple other sites that now generate around $2,400/mo of passive income and that number continually climbs as I build out those sites.

      Because I’ve gained so many valuable skills and know what they represent to other people who want to attain the same success, I highly recommend Wealthy Affiliate. If you had a program that really impacts peoples lives and teaches them these skills, you’d do the same thing.

      I wouldn’t use My Advertising Pays personally as an investment tool nor in advertised traffic for a number of reasons which I’ve clearly outlined in this review. So I’d don’t feel the need or have the time to reiterate myself.

      If you want to put your hard earned money in a traffic exchange with non guaranteed ROI of 120%, more power to you. I prefer to offer real services for real money.

      If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, call it a duck. Enjoy your MAPS investment.

      And for other MAPS believers, please don’t leave comments like this again, I don’t have time to address these issues. If you have doubts and are just trying to defend MAPS, build your own blog and make it happen. If you don’t know how, you can learn here.


      1. Hi Todd! I ve already sign up on maps but now as my trial version has ended i would like to resign and get my money back because i realized that maps is a internet scam and i dont know what to do. can anybody tell me how to resign from maps and how can i get my money back?!! please…

        1. Good question Pawel and I’d love to see if it’s possible. I’d recommend you call their customer support or email them and see what kind of response you get.

          I’m not a member of MAPS and so I don’t know this information. But I’m sure you can contact them and see what happens. You wouldn’t be the first to be taken by an internet scam.

          Best of luck,

  5. Hi Todd, Congrats on your well done research. I liked it so much. Last week i traveled together from Vienna to Cyprus with a number of various Europeans of MAP members, mainly wearing “diamond” written rubber wristbands on an extremely overloaded Airbus. I couldn’t stand not to pay attention to their conversations. They were discussing the recent development of their own business, making thousands of EUROs monthly. One German guy reported proudly that he has just been back from a ~70 days long all-around-the-world vacation and earned more money passively than he was able to spend during the trip. His video-report is available on his own website documenting the whole vacation focused on the visited exotic places and the current balance of his MAP account. The passive earning is above all things… It was funny, however i can imagine that desperate people can be easy targets for these scammers.

    1. Hi Gabor,

      Sounds like a fun travel trip for the German. Thanks for your feedback on our my advertising pays review. I’ve felt the increased curiosity around the world about MAPS seeing this post go from 600 new visits/organic searches per month to my current Google Analytics numbers of 3,826 people who have checked out this MAPS review in the last month.

      So hopefully this post is reaching those out there that want to create a real online business and not get suckered by the MAPS scam. It really is sad and when this thing crashes, there’s going to be a lot of disappointed people.

      Looks like the MAPS scam is catching on like wildfire. This isn’t too different then Bernie Madoff ponzi scam. Think of all the big wigs who were investing millions of dollars with him only to be screwed out of all their money. The actual total number was around $50 billion dollars for the Madoff scam.

      Kevin Bacon and countless others lost millions. Nobody sees it until it’s too late. Well MAPS members, don’t say you weren’t warned. The concept of easy money by clicking away is nothing new, but people just get blinded by this concept. What can you do.


    1. Thanks for your feedback Ryan on our review of My Advertising Pays. It’s hard for a lot of MAPS members to see the light but hopefully this review will get through to some of them.


  6. Hi Todd
    A good friend of mine has been with maps since December. Has 146 cp and just $47.64 available balance. He also has a lifetime profit share earnings of $3219.66. If he wants to withdraw the large amount will it go pear shaped?
    Also, have you reviewed project breakthrough?


    1. Hi Steve,

      Not sure what you mean about pear shaped. But if I was you’re friend, I’d pull all that money out and start investing it in something of real value. People forget that Ponzi scams can run on for years. It happens all the time, even in safe little communities by seemingly reliable companies.

      Just the other day I was talking to a client from the mid west who I help with his local website’s SEO and he was telling me about a supposedly reliable insurance company that was offering 120% return on investment. People had known the company for over 5 years and out of the blue, they vanished and everyone was dumbfounded. Remind your friend of Banner Brokers and Bernie Madoff.

      Bernie scammed people for almost 2 decades. So if he can pull out with full value, do it now. Most things in life that seem too good to be true usually are.

      As far as Project Breakthrough, click the link to read our review to get more info. I have reviewed High Traffic Academy by Vick Strizheus/Vitaliy Strizheus and I am aware of he was charged with insurance fraud and that many of his past programs, like Big Idea Mastermind, are flat out scams, but I can’t say anything about Project Breakthrough at this time. Maybe the guy’s changed and is trying to help people (people can change in life).


  7. I joined up with my advertising pays last summer. I didn’t want to buy their credit packs because, like you, my first impression of MAPS was that it was a scam.

    I did get an affiliate link and put in some high traffic social groups and got some people to join maps.

    Last week I went to see if I had any commissions for about a dozen people that signed up under my affiliate link and guess what? They cancelled my account, I couldn’t even log in.

    I’ve read a little bit about this and have heard of other maps affiliates had this happen to them too. Is my advertising pays a scam, I think so. Who cancels an affiliate after sending about 12 referrals?

    Shit company in my opinion, glad I didn’t buy any credit packs at least.

    Great review btw.

    1. Hi Steve,

      Sorry to hear about that. I’ve heard of this too when I first researched My Advertising Pays. Just another good reason to stay away from this company.

      Thanks for your feedback, hopefully it will help steer others away from the My Advertising Pays program.


    2. My advertising pays is ponzi scam 101. Are all the MAPS members so naive that they can’t see MAPS for what it is?

      Has any MAPS members heard of Broker Banners, it’s the same freaking program. How about Bernie Madoff? Any MAPS members heard of this guy.

      He scammed 1,000’s of investors out of billions of dollars for almost 2 decades. Do people not see the connection here?

      Great review, spot on, get the word out before more idiots invest in MAPS and lose their money.

      1. Hi John,

        I don’t think the MAPs members are idiots, I think they just want to believe their is a good investment vehicle for the little guy. Not everyone has hundreds of thousands of dollars to create real investments that pay off.

        That’s why ponzi scams like my advertising pays sucker so many people in. If you’ve got a hundred to a couple thousand dollars, it would be great to have a program that provides you a 120% return on investment.

        Then when MAPS pays them consistently, they become believers. Just like the 1,000’s of investors that put their money with Bernie Madoff. He just kept on paying people out of the money he was taking from others until the whole scam backfired.

        MAPS will eventually implode and sadly, the my advertising pays members will be the ones that suffer.

        Thanks for your comment,

  8. In one point you said MAPs traffic Is not targeted. When you target the members then it becomes targeted isn’t it?

    Your recommendation is WA. Very well. But what’s makes you think that in WA people will be able to make sales in order to make money?

    Is there any problem if a company wants to share the revenue with their members?

    Let’s break down your points using your recommended business.

    1). Don’t you think every business needs new customers? How would WA survive if you guys stop referring people?

    2). Of course there are no guarantee. In any business you can not guarantee how much sales you will make in future. Does WA have a guarantee that you will make money?

    You said, “MAPS isn’t really selling advertising, or at least quality advertising” . If you know your marketplace you can maximize your sales. In an IT fair you do not go and open a stall to sale Real Estates. Do you?

    By the way I wonder what qualifies you to judge an advertising platform when it is clearly states that you do not know nothing about advertising at all. Is it just to promote WA?

    Don’t get me wrong because somehow WA teaches you lot to setup a review blog and start reviewing anything around you. Most most of the time the examiners are 5th grade students examining a 10th grades.

    I will put a screen shot of this comment on my blog Revenue Sharing With Us where there is an article about MAPs: You are welcome to visit the page: (LINK REMOVED)

    I hope my comment gets published without any moderation.

    1. Hi Masudul,

      Thanks for your comment on our My Advertising Pays review. Much appreciated.

      To respond to your comment:

      First I removed your link, that’s bad SEO and I don’t allow that kind of advertising on my site.

      To help you understand my position better with advertising platforms like MAPS is that it’s basically a poor investment in time and money. There’s absolutely nothing bad about a company that shares revenue. And maybe My Advertising Pays isn’t another Banner Brokers (Hint: You should Google them and see how things turned out for their investors and their ad share packs.

      But in general, you’ll find your ROI in time and money isn’t there. And to let you know, there’s WA members who are also MAP’s members, not too many, but a few. And I’ve met WA members who originally tried online traffic exchanges only to realize that this way (the MAP’s way) was a big waste of time learning the wrong things to do in order to make money online.

      I’d also really like to give you a little better perspective on Wealthy Affiliate (WA).

      Wealthy Affiliate teaches you a ton of online internet marketing things. Like how to rank content that people are searching for (your customers) online in places like Google and YouTube. That’s good information to know if you want to make online sales.

      Their main emphasis is not having you be a promoter of Wealthy Affiliate (although their affiliate program is awesome and easy), but to help you build your own income producing website.

      That can be in blogging, creating landing pages and email marketing campaigns, pay per click campaigns, writing courses for website content and ads, eCommerce business, and on and on and on.

      You probably have been reading a lot of reviews on the My Advertising Pays program and all of the top ranked reviews are by people who learned how to create reviews by Wealthy Affiliate. So it’s no wonder that all these review sites rank on page one of Google and YouTube.

      These WA’s sites are also targeting poor educational programs and online scams because they offer what the person who wants to make money online wants. And that’s to make a profitable online business. This is what WA does.

      But what you don’t understand is that WA encourages you to build a website based on anything. Anything that you’re passionate or knowledgeable about can be turned into a cool affiliate website, a blog, an eCommerce biz, etc.

      So if you like fly fishing, cars, music, yoga, fashion, electronics, whatever, you can make a site that makes money online.

      Whether you want to build a helpful blog based on a niche or an online store, WA teaches you how to bring in traffic to your site and then bring in sales.

      They teach you to help people in your niche (your niche audience). And through that, you naturally recommend helpful products to your niche audience and make sales commissions.

      As your site grows, you include Email Marketing to establish trust with your audience, provide resources, and sell products. It’s no different than any other business in the world. Just without a lot of expenses or overhead. I haven’t been doing any PPC advertising for 6 months and I get 500 – 800 people to this site each day through organic traffic (tapping into what people are searching for online).

      So in this situation, you have come looking around for a review of your next ad share program you’re checking out (My Advertising Pays), and because this review lands on page 1 in Google, you land on my site. Hopefully I’ve provided sound reason and logic to you in my review.

      But maybe I will have opened your eyes to a real online educational program that is designed for those that want to make online businesses a reality.
      WA is an incredible resource that teaches anyone to do just that.

      Masudul, Wealthy Affiliate absolutely makes no claims or guarantee’s of success. They straight up tell you that you will have to work hard, be open to learn, and be willing to take action on that knowledge.

      That’s a hell of a lot better than, “if you can click a mouse, than you can make money online”.

      And the price of WA’s education is incredible when you compare their education with something that is on par with a university level education for less than a dollar a day.

      Yes Masudul, I’m proud to promote WA, it’s a no brainer. I also promote about 12 other products that I know help people create successful online businesses. You can see some on my homepage.

      Forget being a clicker and wasting your money on traffic that only other clickers are clicking to earn some bull shit share plan, and learn to create your own traffic producing website. Learn to create your own online businesses. You can read more about Wealthy Affiliate right here.

      Don’t give a man a fish, teach him how to fish.


  9. Hello, i am woundering what you have to say about a NEW platform MAP 2.0 who is going to start within couple of months.
    I agreed that MAP has a bad traffic but with MAP 2.0 that will be all changed..
    You said that MAP is a SCAM but 2 years has passed and MAP is still here.. How long it’s takes to crashed down

    1. Hey Vladimir,

      I don’t believe that paid traffic exchanges are of any value in the form of traffic or my time. I prefer targeting keywords that I already know my niche audience is searching for and then I target those keywords if they are low competition with a decent number of monthly searches.

      I learn what people are searching using my favorite technique called – The Alphabet Soup & Jaaxy Technique. Click the link to read and see a video on how I rank so quickly.

      As for MAPS 2, I don’t really want to be involved with something that I already feel is a scam nor do I support paid traffic exchanges. Been there done that.

      You mention the time MAPs has been in business (2 years). This really isn’t too long for a scam, sometimes they get blown out of the water because people wise up quickly, other times the authorities step in but that usually takes a bit of time.

      I’d like you to read this post about Banner Brokers, a very similar designed company that screwed over hundreds of thousands of people. They scammed people for over 2 years until the Feds stepped in and closed them down. And everyone lost their money. Then come back and read my review again and I think you’ll have a better understanding of the My Advertising Pays scam.

      If you really want to make awesome money online, it takes real work to promote a product or service that provides REAL VALUE TO PEOPLE. And the money can be great, I made just shy of $900 this weekend during the holiday, so it works well once you taken the time to build the foundation to your business and learn the skills to do it.

      I learned all my skills from the Wealthy Affiliate Training Center and they teach white hat SEO and everything else an online entrepreunuer needs to make their online dreams a reality.

      And what’s better is you can sign up for free and check them out without any obligations and NO Up-Sells. It’s refreshing.

      Click here to check them outs…

      Hope this helps,

  10. Hello
    I’m a new Map, and I would like to ask you a little help in order to pursue my adventure
    Unfortunately I do not have a job right now, and I would ask if you could help me with a small donation of
    $ 5-10
    This help you can afford to buy new CP and continue my path in MAP
    Thanks and excuse the trouble

    1. Hi Alessandro,

      Maybe you didn’t read my review of My Advertising Pays. I can’t support a charity to feed a scam like My Advertising Pays but I’ll give you a tip. Don’t waste your money on this programs, it’s just a matter of time before they belly up just like Banner Brokers and screw over all their members.

      If you want to start an online business with super low start up costs, get started for less than $1 dollar/day using the Wealthy Affiliate Training Center. It will be the best investment you’ll ever make.

      Best of luck,

  11. Hey Todd,

    For all those out there that are reading this review of My Advertising Pays and wondering about Wealthy Affilaite, I got a few words for you.

    MAPS is a COMPLETE SCAM – Don’t Join this piece of crap advertising platform!

    I spent $500 dollars in ad packs to get traffic to a landing page that I paid too much for as well as a few other affiliate links I wanted to promote.

    Results, well initially I thought I was doing great. My credit packs grew by $50 in the first week, then nothing. Now I’ve used all the money from the credit packs including the supposed $50 dollars I earned from them and have nothing to show for it.

    I got zero sales to my affiliate products and now value left in my credit packs.

    So I wrote MAPS only to find out that ALL SALES ARE FINAL and that their only words of encouragement were to BUY MORE AD PACKS – Go Figure!

    After being upset for a while, I went online and found this review. I couldn’t believe how accurate it was and how in hindsight, it made no sense to work with a traffic exchange program like MAPS.

    I then went on to check out this Wealthy Affiliate program and signed up for their free membership. The first thing I did was check for training’s on how to set Google Analytics for my landing page. It took me about 5 minutes and the training was easy to follow. Then I realized exactly what your review of MAPS is about.

    I noticed visitors to my site had a very high bounce rate, almost 100% (for those of you who don’t know about bounce rate – you want a low rate that shows people are engaging in your site). I also noticed people staying for about 15-20 seconds and then leaving. This is exactly what you were talking about in your review of getting Clickers to your site – This is absolutely NO VALUE!

    I also learned in this Wealthy Affiliate training that this too looks horrible for search engine rankings with Google. So I next started digging around more and taking a few classes.

    Todd, I am EXTREMELY IMPRESSED with Wealthy Affiliate, they are exactly what you said they would be – A true online business training center that teaches everything about internet marketing, building websites, making money online, and building an online business.

    The people who have commented on this review that are pro MAPS are all employees of MAPS or MAPS members that are in denial. Again, anyone reading this that wants to build a real online business, Wealthy Affiliate is an incredible resource.

    They also are not just promoting the “make money online niche or solely promoting Wealthy Affiliate” but really help you explore niches that your are passionate about.

    Conclusion: Wealthy Affiliate is a real online educational training center, MAPS is a scam. I wish I would have read your review and saved myself $500 dollars.

    Thanks so much,

    1. Hi Don,

      Thanks for coming back and leaving your feedback about MAPS and Wealthy Affiliate, nice to hear that you are enjoying their training program.

      Look forward to seeing your site and online business grow and develop.


  12. Your review is unfortunately only based on your opinion, and not on facts as it should be.

    Fact is: I am in My Advertising Paid member since February 2014 and I have been paid every 20 minutes ever since. I have never been pushed by anybody to “buy more” or “refer more” as it is very often in other systems.

    I also made some money with their traffic exchange by promoting affiliate links and with more than 75 million page views My Advertising Pays is an advertising platform that cannot be overseen anymore and even big companies now take a closer look and start with big advertising campaigns.

    You will see, that MAP will survive and surely will become a household name like the big names we all know …

    Whether you like MyAdvertsomhPays or not, I STILL GET PAID!

    1. Thanks Christian for your feedback on my review of My Advertising Pays. Sounds like they’ve got you working part time for them to advertise their services.

      I’m glad you’ve had success and that’s the big question, will MAPS belly up like Banner Brokers and everyone lose their investments, or will you keep making pennies with them using their traffic exchange program. Most traffic exchange programs are poor forms of advertising, but good to hear you’re having some success with MAPS.

      I personally don’t know any successful affiliate marketers who recognize MAPS as an intelligent way to get traffic to your site.

      If you don’t want to drive traffic to your site by writing quality content or producing quality videos, maybe you should look at some white hat SEO back linking strategies.

      Hoth has got a great program. Maybe you could reinvest you MAPS money in Hoth and double your profits.

      Best of luck,

  13. Thanks for your awesome review of My Advertising Pays! I really enjoyed reading it and will be avoiding this online scam thanks to your review. Quick question, what is the best way for someone to start making money online who doesn’t have much experience?


    1. Hi Saura,

      I think the best way, and most economical way, is to start with affiliate marketing. You don’t have to invest much, you just need to build a website based on a niche you like and write content that helps your niche out.

      It’s free to join affiliate programs and you make commissions with products that help your niche audience out. To learn how to do this, go with my #1 recommended program Wealthy Affilaite.

      They’re free to join and check out. Then if you feel affiliate marketing is right for you, their educational program is less than $1 dollar a day to be a member.

      You can sign up right here for free. If you want to do eCommerce, you can build a site with Shopify, but you still will need to get traffic to your site, and that’s easiest through writing content that ranks or by social medial (Facebook, Twitter, etc).


  14. Hi Todd,

    It is really very nice to read your review about My Advertising Pays!

    I was thinking to start with this fraudulent scheme. But not Now :). Thanks to you!!..

    But can you tell me instead of MAPS is there any other legit online business i can do after my office time to earn money?

    i will be very thankful to you to give answer of my question.

    Thanks and regards

    1. Hi Sam,

      Glad my review of My Advertising Pays has helped you, that means a lot to me, many thanks. The best way to start creating an online business to earn extra money at home is through affiliate marketing. This means setting up a website and learning how to rank content based on affiliate marketing products based on a specific niche.

      For that I recommend a few companies, but the most complete training program is the Wealthy Affiliate Training Center. It’s free to check them out and see if their a correct fit for you. If you want to sell products online in places like Amazon or eBay, I recommend Skip McGraths training programs.

      I’ve placed links to various reviews and articles on my site to help you out with this process. Let me know if you have any other questions and I’ll do my best to help out.


    2. Hello Everybody,

      I would like to share here my review regarding M.A.P. It’s just a number game & it had paid me $10 if you want I can show you Proof also. Not Only mine but my sponsors also they are with the company since a year & they have earned $10,000. It’s not a SCAM or Legit company.

      If anyone would like to join & give it a try of $50 only buying 1 Credit Pack that’s it.

      Try It Here! (LINK REMOVED)

      Thank you for your time.

  15. Why all the argument? Making money online is not so easy as gurus had made us to believe. The failure rate is very high no matter how skilled you are.

    Don’t bash other programs to promote your own, but we should not also fail to expose Ponzi schemes if we see them.

    We should be fair and sincere in our motives, and help one another by means of education so that we can succeed by making money to enable us live the dream lifestyle we are looking for.

    1. Hi Jim,

      Love it, great attitude and great advise. I certainly hope that I didn’t portray that I’m bashing My Advertising Pays, my true intention is to help people accomplish this very goal of making money online and living a better quality of lifestyle.

      Wealthy Affiliate is easily one of the best, if not the best, online training centers to learn how to create money online. They truly teach people how to do keyword research, rank their content (written and videos on YouTube), and they teach you how to create an honest online business.

      My Advertising Pays is a paid traffic exchange center and caters to inexperienced website owners and internet marketers. Most of the people that are using My Advertising Pays are promoting “Make Money Online” programs, so you have a bunch of people who are all going for the same thing. And that is to push their make money online programs to other people. So of course, some people are going to make sales, and even some members from Wealthy Affiliate have used My Advertising Pays to bring in affiliate commissions to their businesses.

      But I truly don’t believe in promoting push button online money making scams or pyramids, I think their bogus and don’t really help people. But I do believe in real education and applying what you learn to make money online. And those that do, deserve the rewards that come with working online.

      My Advertising Pays is supposed to get you traffic to your affiliate products, correct. So how’s it working for people. Wealthy Affiliate teaches, like I said, keyword research, website development, and a ton of other things.

      For example, with this site Learn To Grow Wealth Online, I have used the training from Wealthy Affiliate and 50% of my posts are ranked on page one in Google with my chosen keywords, 25% of my posts are on page 2 and moving up, and the rest rank on page 4,5, etc.

      But those are pretty darn good results of bringing traffic to my site for someone who was brand new to online marketing, I currently get over 16,000 hits to this site per month using the methods taught by Wealthy Affiliate – how’s that for traffic? Plus, the visitors are warm leads, people interested in my niche of making money online.

      This post alone gets 2,023 hits this last month via Google as of July 24th, 2015.

      I rank this article with keyword phrases as follows along with the position I am in using Google: Search Results provided by Jaaxy Keyword Tool
      my advertising pays scam – position #4 in Google
      is my advertising pays a scam – position #3 in Google
      what is my advertising pays – position #5 in Google
      my advertising pays – position #10 in Google

      So my point is that if you are really striving to make money online, go for it, get educated and use whatever resources are available to you. Wealthy Affiliate certainly will teach you how to create a website, rank content, find a niche, and make money online. Then if you want to use My Advertising Pays to promote your products, go nuts.

      The only thing that I worry about with My Advertising Pays is that it’s just another Banner Brokers and will scam everyone in the system at a certain point. If I’m wrong, more power to the MAPS users, if I’m right and I help protect people and educate people than that makes me feel good about what I’m doing in life.

      Thanks again Jim for being positive and for your comment and you belong at Wealthy Affiliate creating your own online business.


  16. My Advertising Pays is a freaking scam, thanks for the awesome review and those out there that want to make real money online. Invest in a solid education and quit wasting your time with BS programs like maps.

    Keep up the honest work Todd, there’s so much shit online it’s not funny.

    1. Hey Mike, you’re breaching to the choir. And you’re 100% right, making money online takes real work, knowledge, and a bit of a passion. Wealthy Affiliate is my top recommendation for beginners for good reason.

      Thanks for your feedback and support.



    1. Hi Rene,

      People who are working with My Advertising Pays are inexperienced internet marketers like yourself. Clickbank, In the last three years, has sold over 300 million digital products and paid out over 3 billion in commissions, but that doesn’t mean all the programs that CB offers are real, many of them are scams. Their CB University is a real training program that I recommend, but unlike My Advertising Pays, it requires more than being a clicker. You actually have to work to make your digital product successful.

      Do a little google search on Banner Brokers, and you’ll see who your basically dealing with with My Advertising Pays. You are promoting a ponzi scam and spending money on MAPS credit packs that will not be worth a penny when the company robs you blind.

      At the same time, you’re promoting CB products, hopefully they are not scams. But for example, Google Sniper is an internet marketing training program that was all the hype a few years ago and continues to re-invent itself. It teaches some good stratagies, but also has some horrible methods (black hat) on internet marketing that could get your social accounts suspended and kill your website rankings.

      If you want to learn to be a real internet marketer, start with the #1 ranked training program online.


  18. Hey Todd,

    i personally have also written a review in german for my advertising pays and i also believe that their traffic is worthless and many people will be left disappointed when MAPS goes bust…

    If you tell people that you believe MAPS is a scam, many MAPPERS go mad as they are all earning money. In Germany MAPS is already over 40.000 people strong…Everyone and their grandma is joining at the moment!

    Let’s see how much longer MAPS will be around…



    1. Hi Dennis,

      Thanks for your feedback on my My Advertising Pays review. Yeah, people are funny like that. It’s almost the same mentality of people that get caught up in MLM’s and Pyramid systems. It’s like a cult. Blinded by the almighty dollar.

      To me, it’s so easy to see this as a pyramid scam, but people really want to make money online and so they fall for this MAPS scam.

      Good for you for telling the truth and if you are looking for a solid affiliate program for the best internet marketing training available in today’s market, your should check out what the Wealthy Affiliate Training Center has to offer.

      I’m working on my second niche site as we speak. The links here are all to training sources with my site, Learn To Grow Wealth Online.

      Have a great day and thanks again for your feedback,

  19. My Advertising Pays is a joke, I’ve bought $500 dollars worth of their bull shit credit packs and haven’t made any sales from advertising with them nor have my credit packs earned a dime. My Advertising Pays, what a crock of ####.

    Quick question, can this Wealthy Affiliate really help me build traffic for my website and affiliate products?

    Thanks for the review and I’d appreciate it if you could let me know.

    1. Hi Loyd,

      Thanks for your feedback on My Advertising Pays Review. I feel your frustration and I wish you would have read this review before investing your money with My Advertising Pays – that sucks.

      Regarding your question. Wealthy Affiliate teaches you how to recognize keyword phrases that people are searching on a daily basis that are easy to rank for and this is one of their specialties.

      After going through a month of Wealthy Affiliates training program, I was able to really understand how to find the right keywords for my site as well as structure my posts to provide quality content to my niche audience.

      This has allowed me to drive tons of traffic to my site in order to make online sales.

      50% of my posts rank on PAGE ONE in Google and another 25% rank on PAGE TWO. That’s not to bad for I guy who didn’t know what SEO was when I began creating websites.

      So short version, absolutely yes, Wealthy Affiliate can help you with your traffic problem without wasting your money on BS traffic exchange programs like My Advertising Pays.

      Here’s a direct link to Wealthy Affiliate if your ready to get started with the best internet marketing training center in today’s online market.


  20. I wanted to know something….I understand that this is suppose to be a review…but is it really or is the owner of the site just using the popularity of the so called “ponzi” to gain recognition and traffic to their “wealthy affiliate” opportunity? Could someone please tell me what is the difference between the two if they are both riddled with deceit to gain momentum and attention. Meaning if Mike Deese is using a “Maps” to create a “ponzi” to run off with people’s money then isn’t the owner of the site using the “attention” of the “Maps” following to gain affiliate commissions for Wealthy Affiliates? What is the difference.

    1. Hi Justloopymaybe,

      I’m Todd and I’m the owner of Learn To Grow Wealth Online and I’d be happy to clear up your confession.

      This site is about teaching people how to create real online businesses through developing niche based affiliate websites that build traffic organically as well as through paid advertising like Pay Per Click Campaigns through sites like Google Adwords, Bing Ads, Facebook.

      Niche sites make money through affiliate marketing by providing readers, within a specific niche, quality content to help them in whatever aspect of whatever niche.

      My niche, when I started this site was to help people learn these concepts, but to also help people avoid being taken advantage of by the 1,000’s of online scams that are online.

      So in this situation, I came across MAPS and looked into their service as a form of getting more traffic to my site. As I evaluated their process and learned of what My Advertising Pays really is, it became painfully obvious that this was another online scam.

      Other people come into My Advertising Pays and hear of their revenue distribution advertising plan and think, “hey great, I can market some affiliate product or other online money making system, and I’m going to get 120% ROI (Return On Investment) at the same time”. So they dump in as much money as they can into the system.

      But Ponzi scams that offer no real value for your investment, meaning they are not selling advertising plans to anyone else who isn’t a participant of MAPS, makes it painfully obvious that there will not be enough funds to pay everyone their 120% ROI. Plus it’s clearly not guaranteed per My Advertising Pays. Check out their site under the FAQ section.

      Plus, if you know anything about internet marketing, you know that you want to have traffic coming to your site that is already interested in whatever product you may be selling. So if I’m marketing kite surfing equipment, I want to market to people who are already into kite surfing who have questions or need help find the correct gear – Makes Sense?

      With paid traffic exchange programs, like MAPS, you are getting “Clickers” to your site or affiliate product. This is not a warm lead, it’s someone who stays on your site for 10-30 seconds and then they’re gone. This is not the kind of traffic you want to build to market a product or to develop your website.

      When their are more MAPS affiliates than participants, the money will dry up and all the MAPS participants will be shit out of luck. Have you ever heard of Banner Brokers? You should google them and see what happened to their participants.

      So #1 I’m trying to help inexperienced internet marketers and website owners avoid getting scammed.

      And #2 I’m trying to help inexperienced marketers/website owners by guiding them to a company that can teach them how to get real (organic traffic or traffic from qualified leads via PPC campaigns that is relevant to whatever affiliate product they are selling).

      Wealthy Affiliate is NOT A SCAM.

      It’s like an online university that teaches Website Development, SEO, Content Creation, Affiliate Marketing, PPC marketing, email marketing, etc. It’s loaded with 1,000’s of hours of content to teach those that want to put up REAL HONEST ONLINE BUSINESSES.

      And as you may have noticed, this review is usually on page one of Google and I didn’t need to pay $50 dollars to get it there. I just wrote an honest quality review on a scam product (My Advertising Pays) with the intention of helping others.

      How’d I learn to get 85% of my traffic to this site organically? With the skills that I learned from Wealthy Affiliate.

      Hope that helps you understand the situation better. If you want to see how to build a niche based free online business, I just started Part One of my course and you can check it out right here. It’s about helping people cure physical disorders like tennis elbow, plantar fasciitis, back pain, etc., without having to go to expensive doctors and therapists. BTW: I’m an Occupational Therapist by trade – so hopefully I can help more people out through this medium. Check it out if you’d like to learn the process of affiliate marketing.


      1. You know what I realised? You say you are the owner of….and you try to blame My Advertising Pays or to named like scam,and the same way you want to call people to come to your site to do what? The same thing like all others scams.

        1. Hi Guru,

          If I understood your comment correctly, I’ll do my best to answer you. My Advertising Pays is your typical online scam like Banner Brokers or similar to what Bernie Madoff did years ago. They’re just taking the money they earn off people buying their credit packs and then redistributing that back to those that bought the credit packs.

          MAPS offers this non guaranteed ROI of 120%. This should warn you that you’re looking at a system that can’t sustain itself. When you hear of a system the offers 120% return on your money with only the risk of spending 50 dollars, this should be enough to tip you off.

          What I offer on this site is lots of good information on how to rank content organically, education on affiliate marketing, and online money making programs. The reality is that there are a handful of good training programs out there, but there’s 1,000’s of online scams.

          My #1 recommendation is Wealthy Affiliate because they are a true educational program that teaches people how to create real online businesses. The concept isn’t, if you can click a mouse, you can make money online. As a matter of fact, there is no claims that you will make money using Wealthy Affiliate.

          Instead, Wealthy Affiliate claims that they will teach you how to put up an online business, and that in the last decade, they have never seen someone fail who didn’t quit. From an inside perspective on WA, check out my review.

          But in a nutshell, it’s a supportive education to teach affiliate marketing, website development, PPC training, building landing pages, ranking in Google and YouTube all with a supportive community that helps each other.

          So I’m not pushing any scam. I compare good and bad programs to Wealthy Affiliate alike because most programs that are pushing this (how to make money online) concept attract people who… want to make money online. Which is what Wealthy Affiliate teaches.

          So if you want to learn how to put up an effective online business, willing to learn and take action, then Wealthy Affiliate is a great place to be.

          If you want to click a mouse daily in the false hopes that you’re making money online, then MAPS is for you. Don’t say that I didn’t warn you when they do what Banner Brokers did.

          OH, btw, thanks for your comment. It’s comments like these that keep this post on the first page of Google. There’s your first online lesson for free.


    1. Hi Sunny,

      That’s the whole point of this review. My Advertising Pays is a ponzi scam like Banner Brokers. Do you know what happened to them, do you know what happens in Ponzi Scams? With Banner Brokers, the FEDS shut them down and 1,000’s of people lost their money.

      Same thing happens in any ponzi scam, you get scammed out of your money with the false illusion that you are making money.

      Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

      Thanks for your comment,

      1. My Advertising Pays and Traffic Monsoon are the biggest waste of money.

        I tried them pretty much at the same time, to see who was better and it turned out that both are just a waste of money. I need advertising that is directed at my specific products, not just paid clickers.

        In hindsight, I feel foolish even falling for MAPS n Monsoon. How did you learn to get your content ranked so fast, I see so many of your posts and reviews rank on page one of Google, some in the first position?

        Any information would be helpful, thanks.

        1. Hi Ralph,

          That’s too bad you didn’t see my reviews before you spent money on Monsoon or MAPS. There both the same business structure and pretty much a complete waste of time for anyone serious about online business.

          You said it perfectly Ralph. You want warm leads that are already searching your specific product that are landing on your website that are already 70% through their purchase cycle. Meaning, you don’t want to be just introducing them to your product, you want them to have already done some research and now their specifically looking for your brand or service.

          That way the sales conversions are much higher. To get traffic, you need to learn what your niche audience is searching for and then drive traffic based on that information.

          To learn how to do this, start taking classes and learn White Hat SEO (this is what Google likes) and you’ll start seeing an incredible difference in your sales.

          Hit this link to get started with the classes. Or hit this link to read my review of the training center.

          Best of luck and let me know if you have any other questions,

  21. Great post and detailed explanation of what is my advertising pays.

    I would not advise anyone to join my advertising pays as a certain someone called Simon stepsys is
    Promoting this.

    Anything he promotes usually sounds too good to be true.

    Much respect for the post

    1. Thanks Jordan for your feedback on My Adverting Pays. I couldn’t agree more, lot’s of hype and not much substance.

      Making money online takes more than clicking away all day, you’ve got to produce quality content about your chosen niche and provide a service of substance to your niche audience. Then you can sell products that you recommend and believe in.

      At least that’s what has worked for me best in my online career.

      Thanks again Jordan and have a great week.

  22. I keep getting told My Advertising Pays is paying me etc, and have been tired of them trying to talk me into joining, but i looked and wasn’t really sure it was genuine.
    Sure enough as told here, it sounds nothing more than a ponzi scheme, and having been scammed myself in the achieve community, it looks like i called this 1 right!
    Anything that now offers better returns than you put in i would recommend keeping away from.
    Instead stick to proper, legit businesses , not this load of crap.

    1. Hi Wayne,

      Thanks for your feedback and sharing your personal experience working with My Advertising Pays. And I’m happy you came to the right conclusion with MAPS.

      And you’re absolutely correct, fast and easy sell, but you get nothing in return, proper/legit businesses take time to nurture and grow, but end up rewarding you 10 fold in the long run.

      Thanks again for leaving your impression on My Advertising Pays, much appreciated.

  23. I tested MyAdvertisingPays I stopped after a few months because not enough remunerative. I get my money back and I put on TrafficMonsoon advertising as MAPS, unlike the package costs $ 50 and pays $ 55 but each pack really pays $ 1 / pack / day guaranteed!
    Cycling packs is so much faster cycle it in 2 months.

    1. Hi Bastien,

      Sounds like you’ve come up with your own scheme to work the traffic exchange programs.

      I personally think there all a waste of time. You can put your energy into something positive, something that you have a passion for and create an online business that will produce real, legit, ETHICAL results that you will be proud of.

      When you’re tired of playing with Traffic Exchanges/MLM’s/Pyramids/etc., and you’d like to build a real online business, start with a solid online education that helps educate you while you create your online business.

      That’s more than any college or university can say for themselves.


  24. Hi Todd,
    I was actually contemplating joining MAPS when I came across your article.

    But unfortunately, the objectivity of your review is questionable since you were advertising Wealthy Affiliate at the same time that you were condemning MAPS.

    I saw another negative review of MAPS and again, it was written by someone trying to promote Wealthy Affiliate. It looks like some folks in Wealthy Affiliate feel threatened by MAPS. Why?

    It’s almost beginning to feel like politics where you have to find out the weak points of your opponents to use against them in order to give yourself some leverage.

    So that for me draws a line across your review even though there are some good points that you made concerning MAPS,

    Like the saying goes, those who live in glass houses should not throw stones!


    1. Hi Mai,

      Thanks for your message. Wealthy Affiliate is a true educational program for those that want to learn how to put up real online businesses. Through step by step training, Wealthy Affiliate teaches people how to develop and design niche websites that are based on affiliate marketing principles. If you haven’t heard about affiliate marketing, I would encourage you to read this article to get a better understanding of why niche/affiliate websites can be lucrative as well as understand the other many wonderful benefits to affiliate marketing.

      My niche is teaching people how to build niche websites, understand SEO, and of course growing wealth online (and a bit offline too). One of the things that I also do on this site is review other online “money making” programs.

      My Advertising Pays claims that if you can click a mouse, then you can make money online with them. And clicking away to earn money online is just a ridiculous notion. This concept attracts many people because people would love to make good money online with a few hours of clicking each day, but that’s just not how it works.

      My review covers why this is not a good program and that it’s most likely going to end like Banner Brokers did, which was another traffic exchange program that was shut down for scamming people.

      So in this review of My Advertising Pays, I want to educate people about this program to help people stay away from what I feel is a Ponzi scam. I’m trying to protect people from putting their money into these “investment” credit packs. I would hate to see you put in 5 or 10 thousand dollars thinking you are going to get 120% return on your money in 3 or 4 months only to see this company go down and you have no recourse to get your money back.

      I would imagine the other review your read was also based on someone who is in the same niche as me, so they also did a review of My Advertising Pays and came to the same conclusion.

      When you’ve been burned by an online scam and when you go through Wealthy Affiliate’s educational program, you learn how to spot scams. They all have similar signs, you are welcome to read my article on How To Spot A Scam to get a better understanding of what I’m referring too.

      If you really want to make money online, you need to start with an education. There are no click away opportunities that make people real money online. And there are no get rich programs out there that work. There’s a ton of MLM (multi level marketing) programs out there, but I’m not a big MLM fan.

      To build a real online business, you need to get educated and then create an on online presence (through a website), and then build your business based on sound marketing principles. It takes real work and dedication, but so does anything that’s worth while in life.

      Wealthy Affiliate provides an honest online education to learn how to put up a real online business that makes money. I strongly recommend them because they have educated and trained me how to do this. I’ve gone through their program and it’s step by step training and loaded with information on how to make money online.

      All you have to do is take action with what you learn and apply it to your online business.

      Please visit my review of Wealthy Affiliate to learn more about how you can get started building your own REAL online business today. Stop wasting time with My Advertising Pays and get started creating something that you are passionate about.

      Thanks for your comment and have a great day,

  25. Hy Todd,

    Anguilla is a caribbean Island with a extradition Treaty with the US. Angola is a State in South Africa with no extradition treaty. In your post you wrote Angola and in the Maps faq they write anguilla. What is the truth now?

    1. Hi Luis,

      I just went back and checked the My Advertising Pays website and you are correct, they have listed Anquilla as their location for their headquarters. I originally received my information from the My Advertising Pays website several months ago. So I must have made a mistake. Although that seems a bit off since I usually copy, cut, and paste pieces information like that to investigate. But it’s not the first time in life I’ve been wrong. Thanks for pointing this out. I’ll remove this point from the review.


  26. Hi Todd,

    on the FAQ Section (myadvertising.com) has written that MyAdvertisingPays (MAP) Limited is operated from its offices in Anguilla. The question was, where is MAPS headquartered ? Where can i check the address ?


    1. Hi Michael,
      When I originally investigated My Advertising Pays, I couldn’t find the exact address of their headquarters in Anguilla, just that it had recently been moved from Mississippi, USA to Anguilla, Africa. And the fact that Anguilla doesn’t have an extradition treaty with United States makes me think that Mr Deese (the MAPS owner) is setting up his shop in a country where the US has zero legal pull in case he needs to escape for legal reasons.

      This is a huge warning flag in my opinion. Bottom line, My Advertising Pays has all the warning signs of a scam and the quality of their “supposed” product, the advertising, is crap. I wouldn’t get involved with MAPS for anything, it’s nothing more than a ponzi scheme and that’s my recommendation.

      If you want to focus on creating a real online business that will truly appreciate in time, check out my number one recommendation, Wealthy Affiliate.


  27. Also I think you need to get some more education in the area of Geography. South Africa is a country and so is Ghana. They are both found on the African continent. Ghana is not a country in South Africa as you stated in one of your responses.

    I just love people like you who writes reviews about other programs that they do not join just to push their own programs.

    It seems to me like you fixated on what you wanted to write that MAPS is a scam. I guess you did not see this so I’m sharing:

    Does M.A.P. have a reserve fund?
    Yes! Aside from the initial reserve fund provided by the Company, a portion of all incoming funds are re-directed to a reserve fund ensuring level payouts continue over the long-term.

    – How does M.A.P. plan to sustain and ensure its growth and expansion?
    First of all, with the way we are set up, we do not have to largely depend on new sign-ups to maintain payouts. This is because the rate in which our business must grow is drastically reduced because of our payout structure. We pay referral commissions instantly so this is the fastest way to increase ones earnings. With profit-sharing, we provide a smooth and steady way to increase your earnings over time and as such, the sales of our wide range of advertising products immensely helps fill the profit gap between Credit Pack purchase price and the profit you receive on top.

    1. Hi Barbara,

      Thanks for your comment on my My Advertising Pays Review. I don’t think you read the review correctly. I never mentioned the country of Ghana. The country where Mr Deese is using to eventually escape to, or at least where he is registering his company/address is in Angola, which is a country in South Africa. If you would like to see the resource on this information, it’s from Wikipedia. Here’s the link…https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Angola

      It directly says…Angola, which is a country in Southern Africa…

      Anyways, thanks for you comments on My Advertising Pays and best of luck to you in MAPS.

  28. I saw this formula on MAPS, but can’t make heads or tales of it. I found the same formula from a 3rd party website and linked it.

    (link removed due to 404 error)

    1. Not sure what it means as well Joe. You could always try to email My Advertising Pays and see if they can explain their profit sharing formula with you. I would imagine you won’t get a straight answer, but it’s worth a try.


  29. Todd,
    I agree with the no guarantee and I’ve never seen a profit share exactly like this before. I would love to get some hard numbers and facts from these guys. Like, is is possible to have every single member maxed out at 1,200 Credit packs. All of them re-buying each pack and withdrawing the remainder.

    They claim to have just over 83,000 members. So, lets use 80,000 for a nice rounded number. Lets say, All 80K members have 1,200 CP. That’s….WOW 96 million CP total.

    Each pack cost $50, so multiplying $50 x 96 million CP equals $4.8 billion

    The company says it shares 95% of its profits. It keeps 5%, and that equals $240 million

    95% of $4.8 billion is $4.56 billion. Notice the 240 million difference. Remember each $50 CP is supposed to earn $60. That is a 20% return.

    20% of 4.56 billion gets paid out as profit share so 960 million needs to be distributed to all 80K members.

    960 million divided by 80K members equals $12,000 paid to each person if each pack made $60. (These values do not reflect compounding)

    $4.56 billion minus the $960 million equals, $3.6 billion.

    That means the company would have 3.6 billion dollars floating around MAPS at any given time.

    I challenge everyone to check my math and please correct me. This question is one that keeps me up and drives me. I’m not great at math, but I like to figure things out. So please help me desifer the MAPS formula. I’m sure I missed a lot of variables, such as membership and referrals.

    1. Hi Joe,

      Your numbers crunch to me. I think the important figure to put in your equation is the amount of the profit sharing. If MAPS keeps 5% and they are bringing in 80K members that buy 1200 CP’s at $50 dollars, then they REPAY that $50 dollar CP for $60 dollars. Where’s the money coming from to pay the profit sharing?

      Using your scenario, that would be a total payback of 5.76 billion dollars if they paid profit sharing to all of their members. So if they are bringing in $4.8 billion from their members who bought CP’s, where are they coming up with the 5% to pay themselves (240 million) as well as pay their members profit sharing.

      Do you see my point? They have 4.8 billion coming in, they pay themselves 240 million, and they’re paying out 5.76 billion. They would be short by 720 million in this scenario.

      I wouldn’t perseverate too much with MAPS, there are way too many other things to do when you run an online business.

      What does your gut say about MAPS? If you feel sketchy about MAPS, then follow your instincts and stay out of their program. It’s obvious that I don’t support MAPS and think it’s a scam and a waste of people’s time. Too sketchy with all the information that I have dug up during this review.

      For those that are interested in making money online, or creating a real online business, I encourage investing your time in a proper online education. Not just clicking away for a few hours and watch the money roll in. It sounds great, but it’s not a reality. Any program that comes off as an easy way for anyone to make money online is pushing a scam.

      It doesn’t work that way. It takes real work, dedication, and an in-depth understanding of how to do it.

      Thanks for your comment and let me know if you have any questions on how to create your own “REAL” online business and I’ll do what I can to help you out.


  30. Todd – It is not a closed loop system , many of the banner spaces and guaranteed visitors are purchased from external advertisers.

    It clearly states out profit share earnings are NOT guaranteed – to guarantee an ROI would make it illegal.

    MAPS is NOT an investment.

    Its not rocket science how it works Todd, Please stop bashing other companies just to promote “Wealthy Affiliate”

    1. Hi Mike,

      Thanks for the update on the advertising question. I still find it hard to believe that anyone would pay for advertising at MAPS. Their site looks so obnoxious, and their popup ads are even more invasive. You can’t recognize one well known company advertising there. So I can’t see anyone, who’s not participating in MAPS Credit Pack “Investment”, spending advertising money on this site.

      But I’m sure you know better than me.

      Thanks for backing the two major selling points that MAPS uses to lure marketers into their program. And this is really the biggest point that I’ve been making about My Advertising Pays. And that’s that everyone who gets drawn into MAPS thinks that their investment is guaranteed and that these credit packs are investments.

      I’m not bashing MAPS, I’m pointing out obvious flaws in the system and making it very clear that profit sharing is NOT Guaranteed and that MAPS is NOT an Investment. Thanks for reinforcing this point.

      As for the other main point. I guess we’ll have to agree to disagree. I don’t believe that traffic exchange programs provide targeted advertising. When you have participants in traffic exchange programs where there is financial incentive to click on an ad, I don’t believe you are getting a good form of advertising. Like stated in this review, you get “clickers” that click on your ad, stay the minimal time of 10 seconds and then they’re gone.

      If you feel that’s a good form of advertising, more power to you. You’re obviously having some success there. But I wouldn’t count on your profit sharing as part of your success. When the MAPS system closes down and you want to really learn about internet marketing, come on back and we’ll help you out.


  31. Hey Todd, I searched the web high and low for good lintel on the site My Advertising Pays, but always fell short. All the opinions and reviews were always too far to one side, Either praising it or condemning it. I wanted real answers and facts. I knew I’d have to test the waters myself. So, I bought 1 credit pack and let the free 30 day membership run its course.

    This is what I found out.
    (Values are rounded to nearest dollar)
    (Credit pack expires in 60-100, based on my own projections.)
    (I participated daily and full filled my end of the bargain)

    I’ll keep it simple with math first, so correct me if I get it wrong.

    I bought 1 credit pack for $50, thinking it will net me $60. I was wrong in a sense.

    I earned less than $1 a day most of the 30 day free trial period, about $30 total. My day 30 day free membership ended and it entered into a Basic Free Membership. The basic free membership does not allow you to earn a profit share. You must purchase at a minimum a $25 annual basic membership to continue collecting a profit share. (The fallowing figures do not include compounding)

    1 Credit pack: $50
    1 Credit pack earns: $60 (In 60-100 days)
    30 Days free: expires before I reached $60
    Basic Annual Membership: $25
    Total spent: $75
    Total earned: $60
    Total loss: -$15

    This provoked me to ask, “How many packs do I need to buy, to actually make money.” So, I got to crunching some numbers and this is what I found out.

    2 Credit packs: $100
    2 Credit packs earn: $120
    30 Days free: expires before you reach 120
    Basic Annual Membership: $25
    Total spent: $125
    Total earned: $120
    Total loss: -$5

    After 2 packs and a lot of days clicking Ads, I would still loose $5. So, what will 3 Credit packs get me?

    3 Credit packs: $150
    3 Credit packs earn: $180
    30 Days free: expires before you reach 180
    Basic Annual Membership: $25
    Total spent: $175
    Total earned: $180
    Total profit: $5

    Now I knew the minimum risk I could take to earn a profit. Which lead to another question. “How much money would I need to risk to make this lucrative?”

    The answer for me was too much.
    Is it risky?….yes. Can it turn a profit? Yes, especially if you compound the credit packs.

    I wouldn’t recommend MAPS either way, but if you want to test it out DO NOT buy 1 credit pack like I did. As seen from above you will loose money on a trail run.

    Everyone should know the risks before
    making a purchase and first hand knowledge is paramount. IF you simply must try this site out, please fallow this safe beginner model.

    Buy 3 credit packs
    Click 10 ads a day
    Let the 30 free days expire
    Then buy the $25 basic membership
    60-100 days later (possibly more)

    You would have made all your money back, plus $5. Gaining vital first hand experience of what it takes to make MAPS work.

    I crunched the numbers and It came out the same every time. The more credit packs you have the more money you will earn. The risk factor also goes up, and that’s why I opted out. But, for others out there willing to take some risk, It can make you money.

    I kept my basic free membership on MAPS to help those through the trial process. If you want to join my support team and get no B.S. advice, just use this link below.

    It will send you to the MAPS main page, but a pop up will hide it. It will ask you your name,email, and phone number. DO NOT fill it out. Just close it out with the X on the top right corner. It’s the MAPS guys trying to get your info to send you there company referral link.

    1. Hi Joe,

      Thanks for your comment. I’m not going to display your referral affiliate link to MAPS here on this review of My Advertising Pays. But I appreciate your post. The breakdown that you give on MAPS is appreciated, but that’s not the point of this review.

      You are assuming that the investment on the credit packs is a given, that it will automatically happen. And this is what MAPS uses to try to get more people to join MAPS. However, if you dig into the FAQ’s on the MAPS site, you’ll see that the investment on the credit packs are not guaranteed. The whole system is, like you’re pointing out here, based on people buying as many credit packs as possible. There is no refund on the credit packs and when there are less people entering in the MAPS system, you will see that the investment distribution will cease.

      And MAPS can legally do this. I would encourage any person that uses MAPS or is considering MAPS to thoroughly read the FAQ section on the MAPS website. You will see many statements that should scare you straight.

      Joe, I do appreciate and recognize that you are looking to find ways to earn money online. And you’ve already made the connection that you can get an affiliate link to refer people to MAPS. But don’t limit yourself to just this program. The world of affiliate marketing is immense. And if you’re interested in really making money online, I would encourage you to get into affiliate marketing.

      If you want to learn more about it, I would encourage you to check out these two articles:

      What is an Affiliate Website, and Internet Marketing Online Affiliate Programs to help you get started.


  32. Why do members of wealthy affiliate call nearly every program a scam?
    At MAPS you are buying ADVERTISING PRODUCTS, weather they be credit packs for text ads, banner space or guaranteed visitors (pop ups).
    The Advertising is RED HOT and Converts like CRAZY.
    Each credit pack gives you over 500 impressions on the text ad exchange.
    The people clicking the Ads are CONFIRMED BUYERS. These usually cost over $2 per click to reach!

    A Pyramid is something where there is no real product – At MAPS traffic/Advertising is the product.

    A Ponzi is something where new investors pay old investors – At MAPS the revenue from the advertising products is shared among members – it is not reliant on new members joining.

    If you are in an online business and want to promote it, advertise at MAPS you will not be dissapointed.

    1. Hi Mike,
      Thanks for your feedback. I’m glad you’re having some success with advertising at MAPS. I actually know a few Wealthy Affiliate members who participate in MAPS. And not ever program out there is a scam, but the majority are. Most online money making systems out there are not valuable programs. Wealthy Affiliate is a legitimate program because it’s a true educational system that teaches people how to build niche websites that make money. It takes time and work like any real business.

      The reason why MAPS is a “Ponzi” scam is because it’s a closed system, there are no other outside investors using MAPS solely for the purpose of advertising. Ever person advertising on MAPS is a member and believes in the MAPS system of the “Investment Credit Packs”. You have to ask yourself where’s the profit is coming from. The only revenue that is coming in, is coming from MAPS members that are buying credit packs.

      Then, MAPS is crediting accounts/credit packs without any logical reproducible mathematical formula. So ever credit pack costs $50 USD and is going up to $60 USD. Where’s the money coming from to pay back the original $50 plus the $10 credit pack investment? Where’s the profit?

      If you can explain this Mike, that would be awesome. I know that MAPS collects a membership fee, but this can’t cover the cost of $10 dollar profit on every members credit packs.

      The better question is, why does ever member of MAPS believe that all their credit packs will continue to rise to the $60 dollar value that is advertised by MAPS. Yet, it clearly states on the MAPS website that the investment is not guaranteed. Do you see the contradiction?

      The reason is, because when people get caught up in an online money making scheme, they truly convince themselves and believe they have found a legitimate system. Almost like they are completely blind to logic and reasoning.

      Maybe part of the reason that you are converting on your MAPS advertising is because you are selling another online money making program and you’re selling it on MAPS, which is mostly composed of other people who want to make money online. So in that sense, you have somewhat of a warm lead or a targeted ad. What would be the result if you were selling consumer products, would they convert on MAPS?

      What we learn at Wealthy Affiliate is how to generate traffic organically by writing quality content that ranks on the first pages of Google along with PPC ads (Pay Per Click). So Wealthy Affiliate teaches you how to advertise on sites like most normal businesses use to advertise. Places like Google Ads, Bing Ads, and Facebook. They teach you to make relevant ads that target a specific market so that you advertising converts to sales.

      Many Wealthy Affiliate members are people who also want to learn to make money online, that’s why they join, to get an real professional education. However, many of these members have been scammed before coming to Wealthy Affiliate. If they’re in the online money making niche, they write about scams in order to steer people away from these programs and offer them a real online education for those that want to create real online businesses.

      Most online money making systems that are being promoted these days are scams. That’s why “Online Money Making Systems” have such a bad reputation. There has been soooo many scams online. There’s a few other good programs that do what Wealthy Affiliate does, they teach internet marketing/affiliate marketing.

      Why’s that? Because that is the best way to make money online and produce yourself a real online business. I promote Wealthy Affiliate because it’s the most complete online educational system on the market. I believe in it because I have seen first hand how it has allowed me to create a real online business. Not to mention the 1,000’s of other WA members that have done the same thing using the Wealthy Affiliate program.

      When MAPS eventually implodes, you’ll understand what I’m talking about. If you want to learn how to create a real online business, you should start out like any real career. Get educated and build your own online business.

      Thanks for your comment,

  33. Thanks for your post, this was what I was looking for. My Advertising Pays is exactly what you say it is, a scam. But nobody want hear the truth.

    You’re totally right, with the meaning : buy more to get more, that’s a ponzi and time will show what happens. we have addresses where “Mr. Deese” should be but they are all virtual one’s.

    Yes, the person who comes first, get all the money in MAPS. The later you join, the later u will get 0 $, yes that’s how a ponzi works.

    King regards

    from Germany

    1. Couldn’t agree with you more GP. Thanks for adding your take on what is My Advertising Pays, another closed system Ponzi scam. Glad to have helped steer you away from these scoundrels.

      If you are looking to really looking to make money online and create an online business, I encourage you to check out the Wealthy Affiliate University and start your online marketing career with a proper education.

      We wouldn’t go see a doctor or any other professional who didn’t take the appropriate time to learn their profession. And making money online isn’t any different. You need to be educated on how the process works.

      Anyways, best of luck to you and thanks again for your feedback.

  34. Hi Todd,

    Many people like you come out with websites just to knock down other up & coming opportunities just to be noticed. I’m not sure if this is what you’re doing but it sure looks like it. I’ll be honest with you I actually quit networking back in 2009 after 20 years because of all the BS online so I know about online scams. I started back up a few months ago and that’s when I joined MyAdvertisingPays. I personally think the Credit Packs are well worth the $49.99 because of the exposer it gives me for my main opportunity which I won’t mention here. I have had many signups for this opportunity just because of My Advertising Pays so the money invested in the advertising is well worth it. I’ll be honest with you…….. When I ran into your site and read your report on MAPS it made me upset. I wasn’t upset about you writing about it because this is a free world and you can write publicly what ever you want. I was upset because of the false writing or other wise inaccurate review on MAPS which you still haven’t addressed from my last letter. When reporting or reviewing a business or anything really, you need to be accurate on what you’re writing. Will MyAdvertisingPays last?………….I can’t give you that answer because nothing in life is guaranteed. The only thing I do know is that it works for me.


    1. Dennis Thrasher all the information that I got on My Advertising Pays comes directly from their website. Check out the FAQ section and you can validate all my information there.

      I’m just trying to help people avoid what I think is clearly a scam and I am also providing people with a legitimate way to make money online by creating niche websites that are based on people’s passions, experience, and skills in life.

      Wealthy Affiliate is an honest educational system that teaches internet marketing, website development, and anything else you’d like to know about making money online. But in the case with My Advertising Pays, let agree to disagree. I wish you the best of luck with whatever you do.


      1. Hi Todd

        Well done on your review. It’s pretty comprehensive and despite there being a misunderstanding around the cost of membership with MAPs, I agree completely with your conclusion. Some people may have made money (by make money I mean withdraw more than they have put in, not the accumulated ‘wealth’ they have in their ‘ewallet’ which may as well be monopoly money)

        In general though it is a terrible website and loosely veiled pyramid/ponzi scheme. Simon Stepsys’ reputation is singularly attached to fraudulent schemes. The disappointing thing is, if he put his energy into a legitimate business as a sales person, he’d be very good at it. But selling fools gold is different to a real product where there is competition and real margins at stake.

        As Dr Bridges says ‘a fool and his money are soon parted’.

        I have no ill feeling towards the people taking part in MAPs. I did myself and bought a credit pack on the back of a friends encouragement, having experienced it though i soon regretted taking their advice) I just wish they’d realise it’s not a real business.

        It resembles nothing like a real world business. They are not entrepreneurs or ‘gurus’ as many appoint themselves. This scheme is so similar to Banner Brokers, which has been liquidated and left thousands out of pocket, it is incomprehensible to me, that people getting involved with this don’t realize its all BS. Some people will make some money and withdraw more than they put in. The majority won’t.

        When MAPs goes under, the people who have been pushing it and singing it’s praises will get no sympathy at all, they will have just learned an important lesson. If something seems too good to be true, it probably is’.

        Lastly, the reason people who are involved are so touchy when it’s flagged as being bogus, is because i think on some level, they probably have their doubts. When people are found to be wrong, some lash out and some learn from it and become better, smarter people.

        The defenders of MAPs on this blog are lashing out. I hope when it goes under, they admit they were wrong and it was a scam all along.

        All the best


        1. Hi Luke,

          Thanks for taking the time and posting here on our My Advertising Pays Review. I really appreciate your honest and personal perspective using the MAP’s system. It’s great for other MAP participants to hear this as well.

          I am often blown away by how many people fall victim to these types of online scams. But it makes total sense when you just look at the nature of human beings. We want to make lots of money, be rewarded quickly, and live an easy life. Who doesn’t want that?

          But the reality is that people can create real online businesses that eventually produce passive income. But there’s a secret to it, it takes education, passion, and hard work. Not the most popular topics, but that the reality.

          If you or any other My Advertising Pays members are looking to create an online business, you need to start with an education. I encourage everyone that I know to use Wealthy Affiliate.

          Why’s that?

          It’s like an online university. I went to college for 7 years to become an Occupational Therapist, and this program is on par with any higher level educational program I’ve seen. I paid over $40,000 dollars for my education. Wealthy Affiliate costs next to nothing in comparison.

          With Wealthy Affiliate, you have daily classes, daily tasks, and thousands of hours of training. All geared towards creating your own online business.

          And what’s great about the program, is that like most universities, you can come in and check them out for free. They provide you with complete access to their program for 7 days. You get training in their Online Certification Course (10 classes), 2 free websites, and hosting to those 2 sites.

          If you decide it’s not for you, you can still keep the sites/hosting/classes. All of it is online and they use video Webinars for the training.

          Then if you want to join to continue building your business. It costs $19 dollars for the first month, then $47 dollars there after ($30/mo on a yearly program). Now that’s an honest program.

          Anyways, for those that want to build an online business, that’s who I’d encourage to use. Access your Free Starter Membership and begin creating your online business.

          Thanks again Luke for you insight and advise with My Advertising Pays. And great comparison with Banner Brokers and MAPS btw. Sadly, I think that is exactly what is going to happen to all the MAPS participants.


  35. Hi Todd,

    Just to let you know I am a member of MyAdvertisingPays. I found this page http://www.learntogrowwealthonline.com and started reading your so called comprehensive review of this Ponzi/Pyramid scheme called MyAdvertisingPays. I’m sure you will not leave my comments up once I’m done so that’s why I’m recording my comments on your page as I’m typing and will post the video if deleted.

    First of all I personally don’t think you even know what a Ponzi or Pyramid scheme is.

    What is a Pyramid Scheme?

    The main characteristic of a pyramid scheme is that participants only make money by recruiting more members. With MyAdvertisingPays you can earn money without recruiting one person. When you purchase a Credit Pack it gives you advertising credits for other people to view your business
    or product that you are selling and in return you earn profit shares from the company. I believe Google, Facebook, etc, etc, etc, make billions of dollars from this kind of advertising but they don’t pay you any of the profit shares.

    A Pyramid Scheme Example:

    1. A distributor recruits 10 salespeople who each pay a certain amount for a starter kit of products to sell.
    2. The distributor gets 10 percent of each starter kit or product that’s sold.
    3. The distributor also gets 10 percent of each product that any of his recruits sell, including more starter kits.

    Conclusion: MyAdvertisingPays is NOT a Pyramid Scheme because you DO NOT get paid for your personal recruits people.

    What is a Ponzi Scheme?

    A Ponzi scheme is a fraudulent investment operation where the operator, an individual or organization, pays returns to its investors from new capital paid to the operators by new investors, rather than from profit earned by the operator.

    Conclusion: MyAdvertisingPays is not a Ponzi Scheme because members of MyAdvertisingPays earn money from the companies daily profit which do change on a daily basis.


    Price: Free starter membership the first month, then $20/mo thereafter. $49.99 to $1,000’s in Credit Packs


    When you sign up for MyAdvertingPays you get a free 30 day membership which earns you 10% on every Credit Pack sold (This Is The Top Membership) …….. After that you can remain a free member for life but you only earn 4% on every advertising credit pack sold. If a company does not have a free membership installed so that you can earn money without investing then yes it is a Ponzi Scheme.


    With My Advertising Pays, they serve as traffic exchange program, but they sell their advertising in the form of expensive (50 dollar/pack) credit packs. So you have to buy expensive credit packs that may or may not qualify you to be in their profit sharing program.

    Todd, are you just making this up…….. It isn’t may or may not…….. When you purchase a Credit Pack you automatically receive a % of the companies daily profit share…………. AGAIN FALSE INVESTIGATING.

    I won’t go on which I could and I’m not trying to make you look bad but your article here is way off.

    It’s really sad that people like you post just to be noticed, when in reality you never really did do a thorough investigation of MyAdvertisingPays

    I DO THOUGH WISH YOU THE BEST ———– Because people like you can ruin something good before it even gets started

    Dennis Thrasher

    1. Hi Dennis,

      Thanks for your comment and I take no offense in what you have written. Let’s agree to disagree. Just look at the comment below yours and you will see that the owners of MAPS have legal issues and are known for other online scams.

      Part of the problem is that people all want to make easy money online. And so when they get into scam systems like My Advertising Pays, they get blinded by their ambition.

      My Advertising Pays is selling poor advertising blocks and is paying distributions (at least on your computer screen) for every credit pack you buy. Where’s the money coming from? From new members. The system is completely about buying as many Credit Packs as you can and getting as many other people to do the same thing.

      In the My Advertising Pays sales pitch, this is reiterated over and over again. You buy a credit pack for 50 dollars and within an unspecified time it’s now worth 60 dollars.

      I wish you the best of luck with My Advertising Pays and hope I’m wrong and you make great money and the company becomes a major success. Unfortunately what I believe will happen with My Advertising Pays is that the owners will get to a certain level of profit and then shut down the system. Everyone who “thinks” they have built up money in the form of these credit packs will go to cash out only to realize that there is no money left.

      Where will the owner be? Outside of United States, maybe in the South African country of Angola with all the money that people invested in their Credit Packs.

      I prefer businesses that provide valuable services, and I don’t believe that My Advertising Pays is one of them. I also wrote this article to benefit those out there from getting caught up in this type of scam. Time will tell I guess. In that time though, I will continue to invest in quality products and services.


  36. Hi Todd, I can see why people would be weary of MAPS after your report, but I have to disagree with you because as a member of 7 months I have more then made my money back with MAPS. This isn’t a scam and btw if you are planning on downing the competition it would sound a lot more plausible if a: you got your facts right and B: you weren’t trying to promote your own business. There is nothing worse then a fellow online marketer trying to gain referrals by putting down the competition. The facts you got so badly wrong are that after your 30 days free you will only have to pay $24.99 for the YEAR not $20 a month. Plus you are GUARANTEED to make $10 on every pack you purchase. Some of mine have expired and all at $60. The advertising although simple has given me the most lead generation then any other programme I’ve used and you don’t have to keep investing your own money for the duration of your membership because the profit shares you get will allow you to re-invest with what they generate. I am making between $300-$350 a day and I haven’t invested a single cent of my own money for months and I’m not even halfway to the 1200 pks. Maybe your efforts would be better spent on working on your mindset . There’s room for everyone in online marketing and you will get your slice of it if you focus on gratitude and positivity. Wishing you all the best.

    1. Thanks for your comment Sandi. It’s clearly stated in the My Advertising Pays program that dividends are not guaranteed. Check out their FAQ’s section. I like your take on gratitude and positivity, and there is no hostility on my part about MAPS.

      I just think it’s a scam for so many obvious reasons that I have clearly outlined in my review. Part of the problem for many folks that get involved with these types of online scams is that they want to believe in them.

      Scams nurture ideas like easy money, guaranteed ROI, etc. Look at their slogan, if you can click a mouse, you can make money with MAPS. I’m glad you’ve made back your money. Now it’s time to pull it out and get involved in something of substance.

      I recommend Wealthy Affiliate, because it’s a real online educational program. It takes work, passion, and dedication. And I know those aren’t the most popular concepts compared to clicking away on your mouse to earn. Let’s see what happens to My Advertising Pays in a year. See if their still around or out of business.

      Thanks for you comment and best of luck to you.

  37. Todd, Thank you so much for writing a comprehensive review of this Ponzi/Pyramid sheme. We have put your review on our MAPS-Scaam Facebook page. I’m afraid the only winners in this scam will be Simon Stepsys and Mike Deese. Stepsys has already involved in numerous Internet scams, naely the defunct Ponzi scam Banners Broker. He is currently been taken to court by a Ex Banners Broker Meember for fraud. Here is my FB page https://www.facebook.com/pages/My-Advertising-Pays-Scam/788704724492200

    1. Hi Lorraine,
      Thanks so much for commenting on my My Advertising Pays review. I checked your page and added the information about the courts on Simon Stepsys to this review. It’s unbelievable that these types of scams swindle so many people.

      Hopefully we’re getting the right information out to the people who need it before they invest thousands of dollars in this online scam.

      Good work on your Facebook page as well. Lots of good information and I added a link to your site as well.

      Take care,

  38. Oh thank you for this review! I would not want to invest my money with a company
    that can not come up with the value of their own profit sharings because they
    can not figure out their own mathematical formula that varies based on many
    different data points… just a lot of misleading bullshit!

    And so many ways to put money into their program with the credit packs… we all know who is getting the
    credit and it isn’t us! Their email message even says making money is as easy as 1, 2,3 you simply: 1 sign-up, 2 view ads, and 3 get paid… where was the step where you have to buy credit packs??? more lies! Thanks for your revealing review!

    1. Hi Busy Girl,
      It’s good to vent and I can hear it from the tone in your message. But I agree, scams like these make a few people rich and the rest wondering where they went wrong. My Advertising Pays disguises it’s ponzi scheme in the form of education. But that’s not the focus here.

      If you want to get a real online education at a college level, go to the pro’s who actually teach and do affiliate marketing on a daily basis. Not from some self help CD’s and books.

      No doubt that My Advertising Pays is just another online scam to stay away from.

      Thanks for your feedback on the review Busy Girl.

      Take care,

    2. I joined MAP back in October 2104 and purchased $1000 worth of advertising for my car leasing business. I have sold cars via the site and had as of today had $15249.24 in profit share. These blogs do not tell the whole story but are used to plug their own affiliate links.

      I notice MAP gets pasted with 0/100 but the site he promotes get 98/100.

      i wonder if his motives are not quite correct

      1. Hi David,

        I wonder if you even read my full review. I’m glad you’ve got your funny money with my advertising pays and I hope they don’t steal it from you when they go belly up. Have you ever Googled Banner Brookers? You should and see what happened to all the people there that thought they were making a killing using the traffic exchange site.

        The reason I give MAPS such a poor rating is because it’s a classic Ponzi Scam, have you ever heard of bernie madoff. Maybe you can take your 15K to Bernie and let him invest it for you.

        The other reason I give Wealthy Affiliate a 98/100 is because it’s a real valuable service, of course I’m affiliated with them, I’m an affiliate marketer and I recommend only products of high value. WA helps people create real online businesses and provides an incredible education.

        Plus they’re incredible economical if you’ve every gone to college and paid for an advanced education. $1 dollar a day to learn super valuable skills that you can use in your own online business and you’re professional career.

        Best of luck David, get your money out of my advertising pays while you can and learn how to build a real online business.

      2. Yes you are correct and I am also a member of My Advertising Pays. I make money every day and it is not a get rich quick business. But is easy as 1,2,3.

    3. Well anyway I am member of My Advertising Pays, what i can say is it’s a very good company. we make money every day. It’s not a get rich quick program. but i make money without referring anybody. I got my money back. so who ever said is a scam. So they can promote what they have, that is not right. Is true you can make money easy as 1,2,3. but you have to build up. This is the eases business online if you can click a mouse you can make money.

      1. Hi Adela,

        Thanks for your feedback on my review of My Advertising Pays and I’m glad it’s working for you. I would encourage you to read my full review to understand why I don’t encourage MAPS as an online business strategy. It’s poor advertising and traffic based on questionable credit packs.

        Do yourself a favor and Google Banner Brokers. See how this ponzi scam is pretty much like MAPS. I’d get your money out of there while you can and see if they actually will return your money on all your credit packs you have with them. Then I’d take that money and invest it in actual training that can help you create an online business that you can build slow and steadily.

        Eventually you be able to create passive income online that doesn’t require clicking a mouse, it just comes to you while you sleep, while you’re playing with your kids or even enjoying a good movie.

        This is where I got started and I love making passive money online. I encourage people to check out Wealthy Affiliate because it’s a real online educational program that teaches people how to create REAL online businesses.

        MAPS will fade and you’ll never build anything of substance there, but you will with Wealthy Affiliate – believe me, I know first hand.


  39. That’s why I stick to the basics of getting traffic through blogging or some good ole PPC. People fall for programs like this trying to find the easy way out. Thanks for sharing a great post man!

    1. Hi John,
      Thanks for your feedback on My Advertising Pays Review. Yeah, people fall for the quick get rich scams all the time. And man, recently, it seems people are pushing traffic advertising like crazy. This system is so clearly a ponzi-like scam that is completely reliant on new members buying these advertising credit packs. As soon as people stop wasting their money on the credit packs, watch this scam disappear.

      The sad thing is that the majority of people involved in My Advertising Pays will loose their money. If I was a member, I’d start pulling my money out immediately.

      Thanks again John for your feedback and have a great week.


    2. This is product does not exist. It is a scam – people pay money to get in, and more people pay money to get in, and you never get any money out. Ponzi scam, pure and simple.

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