What is My Advertising Pays? Is My Advertising Pays a Scam?

What is My Advertising Pays? Is My Advertising Pays a Scam?

My Advertising Pays is now outlawed in United States, has pending legal cases, and is basically done for.

So yes, My Advertising Pays is a Scam.

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What’s Up with My Advertising Pays?

What is My Advertising Pays, also know as MAPS?

Have you heard this is a great way to make easy money online, and want to know if it’s really true?

Today I’ll explain what the My Advertising Pays business is, and why people are throwing so much money into it.

I’ll also explain to you why it’s nothing more than a Ponzi-like scam that should be avoided at all costs.

A screenshot of My Advertising Pays showing a man smiling and the headline, "If you can click a mouse you can earn with us!".

FYI: Clicking A Mouse & Making Money Are Hallmarks Signs of A Scam

Even if you’ve already signed up to MAPS and are participating in it (even making money with it), you are going to want to read this review in it’s entirety.

My goal is to help people avoid future heartbreak and loss of income in yet another online traffic generating scam called, My Advertising Pays.

My Advertising Pays Review – The Basics

Product Name: My Advertising Pays, aka (MAPS)
Owner: Mike Deese
Price: Free starter membership the first month, then $20/mo thereafter. $49.99 to $1,000’s in Credit Packs (see below)
Overall Ranking: 0 out of 100
Verdict: Online Scam

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Short Review on MAPS

MAPS is your classic online ponzi scam, just like Banner Brokers and Bernie Madoff.

You invest with them and they promise a 120% return on your investment.

This appeals to anyone who wants to see high returns from their savings.

It’s normal to want this and MAPS is appealing to our carnal instincts of making easy money by clicking a few links and then watch the money roll in.

But in order for MAPS to pay high dividends, they have to have a product or service where they’re using your money to make more money.

And nobody outside of MAPS (meaning only MAPS members) are using MAPS advertising services.

MAPS is simply paying dividends from the money they are making from bringing in new members.

Plain and simple. People get paid by MAPS thus creating more confidence in the system which then encourages MAPS members to put more money into the system.

But like all good ponzi scams, nobody makes the connection until it’s too late and MAPS becomes the next Banner Brokers.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

What Is My Advertising Pays System

My Advertising Pays is an online traffic exchange program.

The way traffic exchange programs work is by allowing fellow internet marketers and businesses to advertise their own products or websites.

And in turn for this free advertisement, the advertiser agrees to click on a certain number of ads per day. As well as to stay on those ads for a certain period of time (usually between 10 – 60 seconds).

My Advertising Pays serves as paid traffic exchange program. They sell their advertising in the form of 50 dollar credit packs. So you have to buy credit packs that may or may not qualify you to be in their profit sharing program.

Confusing I know, but see below for details.

From a business owner or online marketer’s perspective, this should be a warning flag.


Because you want targeted traffic that is already interested in your product.

And with traffic exchange programs, you are not going to get quality traffic.

So this is the first problem with MAPS. They provide poor quality advertising that is very expensive for what you get in return.

Now you can say, well hey, your getting your money back in the form of the profit sharing plan, but this is all part of the elaborate scheme, (see below for further details).

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My Advertising Pays is a Scam!

First, go to their website and see if you can recognize one legitimate company that uses the My Advertising Pays service.

You won’t find a single recognizable brand name company that advertises with MAPS.

So what is My Advertising Pays really selling?

They’re selling you on the concept that you can make tons of easy money using their profit sharing plan. They actually call their business a revenue distribution advertising platform.

If you’re scratching your head right now, you’re not alone.

Basically with MAPS, you have two ways to earn money.

1). Refer people to the program and get a 10% referral commission on the credit packs purchased by your referrals.

2). Participate in the profit sharing plan by purchasing MAPS credit packs (Advertised at a 120% return on investment, but not guaranteed).

Most people do both, but the real focus with MAPS is buying the Credit Packs. And of course to buy as many packs as you can afford.

As a matter of fact, during my investigation of MAPS, I signed up for a free account. Within the first few minutes of my signup, this was the letter I received from my sponsor…

A screenshot from My Advertising Pays saying you need to buy as many credit packs as you can.

To be eligible for the benefits of the profit sharing plan, you have to…

  • Buy at least one credit pack for $49.99/pack
  • Click on 10 low quality ads per day.

They offer a 120% return in this profit sharing plan. So in theory if you spend $50 dollars on a credit pack, you will eventually get back $60 dollars.

There is no guarantee as to how long this will take or a guarantee on your investment.

For every credit pack you buy, you are eligible to receive one share of profit every 20 minutes if your are participating in the 10 clicks/day.

  • Yet they can’t disclose the value of one share nor guarantee profit sharing. Below is the MAPS Profit Sharing Disclaimer.

A screenshot from My Advertising Pays disclaimer saying there's no answer to the question of how much you can earn from profit sharing.

This is the My Advertising Pays Profit Sharing Disclaimer from their website.

You also have to pay a solid trust pay fee of 2.5% + 30 cents per transaction.

So if you buy 100 credit packs, you’re looking at paying over $5,100.

Here’s the equation below from the MAPS website.

A screenshot showing the price for 100 Credit Packs from MAPS.

So MAPS isn’t really selling advertising, or at least quality advertising.

They are selling the concept of buying as many credit packs as possible. And encouraging you to get as many followers referred to the MAPS program in order to do the same thing.

Here’s some of the MAPS training in the form of a sample letter you are supposed to send out to your email contacts, friends, and family.

A screenshot of a marketing email you're supposed to send to your friends to advertise My Advertising Pays.

A Little Perspective With My Advertising Pays 

The keyword in the My Advertising Pays name is Advertising.

So this should be the focus on whether or not you want to be involved with a system like MAPS.

The advertising is poor quality because the only people who are advertising with MAPS, are other MAPS members.

If you have a business or product to promote, you want qualified targeted traffic that is already interested in the product or service you provide. And you won’t get that with My Advertising Pays.

So you have a bunch of unqualified leads hitting on your advertisement, staying there for 10 seconds, and then leaving.

Is this really the type of advertising that you want to pay for? People who, for the most part, won’t read about your product or service. Then they click out of the ad and you accomplish absolutely nothing for your business.

This is not a good business move for anyone who is trying to convert traffic into sales for their business.

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The people who are using MAPS are clicking these ads to earn their commission in the profit sharing plan. So it really is a closed system.

And that is, in essence, what makes My Advertising Pays just another ponzi scheme. Sure, there’s the supposed investment of the Credit Packs.

But there is no real value in this style of advertising. The value is to bring more and more people into the system to spend more money on…that’s right, Credit Packs. Then redistribute that money to those same people.

Feels like a bubble about to burst here doesn’t it?

How To Make A Ponzi Scam Take Off – Pay People!

If Mr. Deese can get people interested in his “magical advertising dividend system” just for clicking a few ads per day, what do you think he’s going to do next?

He’s going to want to pay investment earnings right away.

Once people start earning, they get excited and they start telling everyone and their Grandma about this miracle system.

This is how you start a good scam. Just like any ponzi scam that pays great returns on your initial investment.

You guys still Remember Bernie Madoff from 2009, right?

Once you see your investment take off, it’s human nature to want to invest as much money as you can and bring in as many of your friends into the system.

Remember the 10% referral commission you make by bringing new people into My Advertising Pays.

Pretty soon, the scam catches on like wildfire.

Everyone wants in, everyone wants to invest as much money as possible.

And the scam strengthens it’s reputation.

And maybe that’s where you’re at right now, you feel confident that other people are earning and you want to jump in on the bandwagon.

But once you have more referrals in the MAPS system than people buying Credit Packs, guess what happens?

The income stream dries up and the dividends cease.

All your credit packs become worthless.

Either the FED’s step in and cease the money back from Mr Deese and his partners in crime, or they get away with it and live happily ever after.

One other piece of information that I just discovered about My Advertising Pays is that it’s top producer, Simon Stepsys, has been associated with online scams in the past – Go Figure?

You can read the snip-it below.

It basically discusses how this MAPS top producer, Simon Stepsys has had trouble with the law in England for other online marketing scams. Check it out.

A warning from a customre saying the creator of My Advertising Pays, Simon Stepsys, is not to be trusted.

Other Negative Tidbits About My Advertising Pays

90% of the reviews of My Advertising Pays are positive. That’s because they are coming from affiliate marketers that want to get you into their team. They want to earn that 10% commission off of you.

If you watch the MAPS infomercial, time and time again, you are encouraged to buy as many Credit Packs as possible and to get as many referrals into the program as you can.

Now this makes sense to increase your earnings, but it’s stressed so much more over the quality of advertising or the benefits of the MAPS training. It’s all about clicking away and making easy money.

The earning potential for this program is extremely low, yet the advertisements and infomercials for MAPS talk about making $17,000 dollars in a week. Limitless potential, especially if you’re Mr Deese   😉

Read the My Advertisement Pays income earning disclosure statement below.

An image of My Advertising Pays disclaimer saying the average annual earnings is between $500 and $2,000.

$500 – $2,000 gross income per year, is that what you want for clicking on pop-up ads all day long?

But just for fun, let’s play with some numbers.

If you buy 100 credit packs. It will cost you $5,124.28. There is no certainty that you will receive profit sharing, but assuming you get back $60 dollars per credit pack, you will have made $875.72. If it takes 3 months to make that money back, you will have earned a whopping $291.90 per month.

That’s not a lot of money. As a matter of fact, that’s a huge risk to invest in a company that sells poor quality advertising.

If this company goes belly up like I am predicting, then making less than $300/mo isn’t worth the $5,100 dollar risk. But that’s just my opinion.

Also, the majority of people who invest in MAPS are investing with little money, maybe a $1,000 dollars or so. In order to make a decent monthly return, you’re going to have to buy at least 1,000 credit packs. That will cost you $51,242.80.

Who in their right mind would invest that kind of money in something so shady as My Advertising Pays?

Lastly, do you really want to be clicking on a bunch of pop-up ads all day? Not me, I’ve got better things to do with my time.

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Conclusion on MAPS:

My Advertising Pays is a traffic exchange system that sells poor quality, non targeted advertising.

What the MAPS system is really selling is the concept of making easy money through their profit sharing plan.

Although, per the MAPS website, there is no GUARANTEE of profit sharing.

My Advertising Pays is trying to sell the maximum amount of Credit Packs that they can, and to get as many people to buy into their system as possible.

They are able to pay out dividends right now because they have an influx of new advertising clients buying their credit packs.

Plus they want to encourage as many people as possible to buy into their system. It’s Ponzi-Scam 101.

The only ones who will be laughing all the way to the bank are the people who started MAPS.

Meanwhile, all the thousands of people who have invested their hard earned money will have their accounts closed, Credit Packs that are worthless, and will never see a dime of their online earnings. Just like the investors of Banner Brokers – maybe you should Google them to see how it worked out.

Final Product Overview Of My Advertising Pays

Product Name: My Advertising Pays, a.k.a (MAPS)
Owner: Mike Deese
Price: Free to start membership the first month, then $20/mo thereafter. $49.99 to $1,000’s in Up-sells
Overall Ranking: 0 out of 100
Final Verdict:

What Is My Advertising Pays Scam Review Image

If you would like to add anything to my review about My Advertising Pays, please leave a comment below and I’ll get back to you right away.

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I hope you now have a better understanding of what is My Advertising Pays.

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