What is Proven Private Label? Take a Look at Our PPL Review to Find Out

What is proven private label? To answer that we need to learn more about Amazon.com.

Everyone knows about Amazon.com. It’s only one of the biggest eCommerce companies in the world. To top it off, the company brings in billions of dollars of revenue every year.

If you are not taking advantage of Amazon.com in some way or form, then you could be missing out on some seriously lucrative money making opportunities.

“I know Amazon makes a ton of money, but how can an average Joe like me take a slice of that pie?”

Well, there are actually a few ways you can make money through Amazon.com.

The first method is quite obvious. You sell stuff through Amazon.com.

The cool thing is that Amazon.com has several services such as Fulfillment by Amazon and Amazon Advantage, that makes an Amazon eCommerce business a whole lot easier to run.

Another way that you can make money online through Amazon is by providing marketing services.

Specifically, you become an affiliate marketer and you promote Amazon products. If your advertisements are successful, you will get a pretty nice compensation.

What is Proven Private Label

So you may be asking why do I need to know all of this stuff about Amazon?

Well, Proven Private Label is actually a training program that helps you launch your own private label/brand on Amazon.

Now as you can see, this is slightly different from the other Amazon money making methods I mentioned above.

You won’t be selling or promoting other brand names for Amazon. Instead, you will be launching your very own brand.

Even for experienced entrepreneurs, this task can seem intimidating and complicated. That’s why there are quite a few courses out there that teaches you how to launch a label.

However, most of those courses are expensive and over complicate things.

That’s why Proven Private Label’s selling points are that they are both cheap and easy to understand. 

Who Are The Leaders Behind PPL?

Ryan Reger, Jenni Hunt, Bret Barlett, and Jim Cockrum are a few names that come up when you are talking about the “leaders” of PPL.

A picture of Jim Cockrum and a description of his experience.

However, the most important name is Jim Cockrum. He’s actually the main guy behind a wide variety of tools, training programs, services, etc, that are supposed to help entrepreneurs create thriving online businesses.

Here are some of the other products he is involved in:

Proven Private Label’s Affiliate Program:

Now, you should know that PPL, and all of Jim Cockrum’s products, have the same affiliate program that you can use to earn money online.

See, the product provides training materials and mentoring that you can use to launch your own label. This is one road you can take to earn money with PPL.

Alternatively, you can just promote PPL and earn commissions every time you make a sell.

A screenshot of Proven Private Labe's affiliate commission structure.

This is called affiliate marketing and it is actually a very popular method of earning money online.

However, it is important to note that there are some programs that are scams, so you shouldn’t jump in head first at the first “attractive” product.

That being said, can we trust PPL’s affiliate program?

Well, after accessing the program, we can verify that Jim Cockrum’s affiliate program is not a scam.

His products are also considered legitimate in the BBB rating system, which can be located on the bottom of the PPL home page.

I also haven’t found in reviews where user’s have been cheated of their money.

Talking about money, you should know that the full PPL product costs $397 USD.

A screenshot of Proven Private Labe's mentoring program

Keep in mind, that if you want to make money, other people have to buy this product through your affiliate link. 

I assume you’ll also have to buy the product to qualify as an affiliate.

What Value Does PPL Provide?

OK, so now that you know about the affiliate program connected to Proven Private Label, lets talk about the actual training materials.

PPL will show you how to:

  • Get a logo for your brand
  • Find and then contact potential suppliers
  • Find in demand products that are not already on Amazon
  • Create a product listing that will be successful
  • Make actual sales
  • and more

You learn this stuff through PDF lessons, webinars, and an eBook, which are all included in the complete PPL package. In addition, you will have mentoring modules and access to a community (Facebook).

Image that links to a free course to learn online marketing.

What Is The Verdict on PPL?

To recap, there are two ways you can use PPL to earn money.

The first method is to use PPL’s training materials and launch your own private label on Amazon.

The second method is to use PPL as a product for your affiliate marketing business.

You can of course use both, but let’s talk about the pros and cons of each method separately.

I’ve come across conflicting reviews on PPL’s training materials. However, most agree that this program is easy to use and fairly inexpensive.

However, some people complain that there isn’t enough content and the community isn’t the most helpful.

When comparing PPL with other similar online programs, nothing compares to our No.1 Recommendation to sell on Amazon.

As for the second method, it seems that you can make money through the Proven Private Label affiliate program.

How successful you will be depends largely on how you advertise the program.

Check our the best way to make money online through affiliate marketing.

We hope you enjoyed our “what is proven private label” review. Feel free to share and comment below!

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