What is Rain International? Is Rain International a Scam?

If you have been trying to figure out what is Rain International, this review is for you.

Rain is a multi-level marketing company is the health supplement industry, but instead of creams and pills, this company's flagship products are based on seeds.

The idea being that the nutrients, minerals, and the vitamins found in seeds are vital for anti-aging and fighting toxins, thus improving your overall quality of life.

Does it actually work? Or is Rain International a scam? 

When you're done reading this review you'll know for sure. 

Rain International Review Summary: 

Product Name: Rain International 

Product Type: Seed-based Supplements MLM

Owner: Byron Belka

Price: $249

Rating: 20/100 

Summary: Rain International is a multi-level marketing company. To earn, you have to spend a lot of time making direct-sales and building a team. Overall, the products are quite over-priced (with questionable health claims) and it's not something I recommend. 

Recommended: No. 


What is Rain International? 

To expand on the description earlier, Rain International doesn't just sell a seed-based product.

It also has a "Partnership" program where you can join as a distributor to make money through direct-selling and building a team.

You know, the same stuff most multi-level marketing companies promise. 

But is this one different, and is it worth the investment?

We'll get to that in a second. 

Rain International Products: 

Rain International distributes a few different products, which are all supposed to be derived from seeds, specifically, the black cumin seed.

Each product is designed for a specific activity or purpose. 

  • SOUL
  • CORE
  • BEND
  • PURE
  • FORM
  • And various combinations of the above products. 

Let's talk about these products for a minute. 

SOUL is their flagship product, it's what the company is based around, and it was the first product to be added to their roster. 

What Exactly is SOUL?

A picture of Rain International's main seed-based product called Soul.

Soul is an anti-oxidant derived from seeds. Its supposed to build energy reserves, promote healthy muscles, and neutralize free radicals. The product is made from black cumin seeds.

The product is shipped in packages or pouches, and you're supposed to consume them directly with water, like a powder-based drink (similar to protein powder). 

On Amazon, the reviews for SOUL are mostly positive, so that is a good sign.

On the other hand, scanning through the negative reviews reveals some insights worth mentioning here.

One reviewer claims the product has about a  teaspoon of sugar in each pouch, which is not great. Other complaints mention the price and some side-effects like hot-flashes

But the majority of the negative reviews are about the taste (terrible) and lack of actual health benefits. Most of the people who took it seem to report no difference in their overall health. 

And it's expensive.

The other products are similar, but with various flavors and ingredients. 

Is Rain International a Scam? 

Rain International's compensation system with a pyramid shape

It kind of looks like a pyramid scheme though. 

A lot of readers have asked us if Rain International is a scam or a pyramid scheme (they're pretty much the same thing).

According to Wikipedia, a pyramid scheme attracts people with the promise of earning more cash, as long as they recruit new people, and those people recruit more people, etc. 

This is what is Rain International is really about. Rain International is based on a recruitment system, but it also offers a product, so technically it is not a pyramid scheme.

Wait a Minute! 

Promoting a MLM Company is NOT a good idea.

Read this to discover the ugly truth about MLMs: 

But you can understand why people are asking if it's a scam. 

The product is made from real natural ingredients and it can improve some areas of people's lives, though it is expensive. 

Long story short, Rain International is not a pyramid scheme or a scam, but it does have some thing in common with them. 

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How Do You Make Money With Rain? 

You can make money a few different ways: 

  • Various Bonuses (Referring Customer, First Order, Leadership, Lifestyle, Team Commissions, etc. ) paid weekly. 
  • Direct-sales Commissions. You can buy retail and sell for a markup through your personal website, usually 30% commissions.  

There are also quite a few "Levels" to progress to, with various benefits. You move up the levels by earning a certain amount of Volume in each leg of the binary system, and remaining active. 

For instance: 

  1. Associate (No fee, but you need to buy a Virtual Business Kit $39.95)
  2. Rain Associate (50 Personal Volume Required) 
  3. Manager (50 PVQ and 300 CV in Lesser Leg and so forth) 
  4. Senior Manager
  5. Bronze Executive
  6. Silver Executive
  7. Gold Executive
  8. Platinum Elite
  9. Pearl Elite
  10. Sapphire Elite
  11. Diamond Elite 
  12. Black Rain Diamond

That's a lot of levels. Obviously, the higher level you are, the more bonuses you can earn. It's unclear how much money you can make with Rain International because there is no official income disclaimer.

Why is there no income disclaimer? We don't know. 

But I found this in the policy report... 

At Rain International, we firmly believe that the Rain International income potential is great enough to be highly attractive, without reporting the earnings of others.

Whatever that means.

So there's not much information about the actual earnings from this program. 

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The Good:

I didn't like much about this company, it seems like another multi-level marketing company with little to offer. But there's one thing I thought was cool. 

At least Rain International doesn't go over-the-top with their income promises, like the last company we talked about. In fact, there's very little mention of any income at all, which is nice. I think we are kind of tired of the classic sports cars and yachts anyways. 

Rain International Cons:

Other than that, it shares the same compensation plan with a ton of other multi-level marketing systems, and the products are classically expensive too.

Why spend hundreds of dollars on some seed-based powder when you can just buy fruits and vegetables?

The compensation resembles a pyramid scheme, and there's very little information about how much you and other members can earn. It's mostly based on "What IF" scenarios, little actual data. 

All in all, Rain International is not a company I recommend. 

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What You Can Try Instead: 

Instead of buying into expensive schemes and trying to make sense of weird binary-leg-matrix-volume systems, why not work on something that actually works?

  • Build your own website
  • Earn traffic
  • And use it to promote products you love.

That's a lot easier. And you can make a lot more (while spending a lot less). Where to start?

So now you know what is Rain International. In short, it's an expensive and complicated opportunity, and the results are not worth the trouble.

Thanks for reading this Rain International review. If you have experience with this company, leave a comment below. 

Rain International

$249 to Start.



  • Not Too Much Hype. No Promises of Income.


  • Based on a MLM Scheme. These Rarely Work.
  • Not Much Information About How You'll Earn.
  • Not Recommended.
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