What is SEO Powersuite? Read this SEO PowerSuite Review Before You Buy!

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So you're wondering what is SEO Power Suite and if it's worth it. You're looking for an unbiased an honest SEO Powersuite review. Many marketers claim it's the best SEO tools out there, but is that true? Can the average blogger benefit from SEO Power Suite? Let's find out... 

SEO PowerSuite Review Summary: 

Quick Review: 

SEO PowerSuite is a bundle of four SEO tools designed to automate many SEO tasks, such as audits, backlink reports, keywords, competition, and more.

Price:  $299 for Professional, $699 for Enterprise. Lifetime access. 

Verdict: Decent tool. It's worth checking out. 

What is PowerSuite? 

SEO PowerSuite is a pack of four tools combined into one platform, an all in one powerful SEO tool that simplifies and automates a wide range of SEO tasks. The software grants you access to their four tools, which we’ll talk about later on. 

SEO PowerSuite is a product by Link-Assistant, a digital marketing agency that focuses on link-building for search engine optimization. It’s a downloadable program that you have to install on your computer.

How Much Does SEO PowerSuite Cost? 

There are two options: Professional or Enterprise. Professional costs $299 for lifetime access, while Enterprise costs $699. 

Enterprise is better for SEO agencies or other people offering SEO services. Professional is for personal use. 

Keep in mind, the license includes 6-months of free Search algo updates, a service that keeps your version updated with Google’s algorithm changes. 

Once that 6-months expires, you’ll need to continue paying for the Search algo service. 

The good news is there is a 30-day moneyback guarantee. 

SEO PowerSuite Core Features: 

So you might be wondering what you can do with this software. SEO PowerSuite has a number of useful features. 

1 – Perform a Website Audit 

The SEO website audit is an important starting point for every website owner. It shows you how your website is performing in search engine results, as well as areas that could use improvement.

SEO PowerSuite offers a Website Auditor service that automates the process for you. It scans your website and shows you a detailed report of your SEO performance. These audits are often called tech-audits, and SEO experts charge a lot for this kind of information. It’s a very useful. 

2 – Keyword Rank Tracker 

With the Keyword Rank Tracker feature you can see exactly which keywords are bringin in traffic. It let’s you see exactly where your site ranks in Google. You can also compare PPC campaigns, find keyword suggestions, and much more. I use Jaaxy for keyword research. 

3 – Track Your Competition

With SEO PowerSuite it’s easy to spy on your competition. You can enter your competitors domain name to find their backlinks, anchor text, rank, traffic, and many other important details. With this feature you’ll be able to beat your competition for top spot in Google. 

4 – Monitor Backlinks

Backlinks are still one of the most important factors of a SEO campaign. With SEO PowerSuite you can examine all your backlinks. You can even make a list of backlink leads and use their built-in email system for outreach to build backlinks for free

And that’s a quick summary of what SEO PowerSuite can do. 

Now let’s look at the details. 

SEO PowerSuite Review: What’s Inside? 

Inside the membership you’ll find four SEO tools: 

Rank Tracker:

Rank Track is the tool responsible for tracking and finding keywords and monitoring your their search engine rank. With this tool you can get a rank summary, a keyword map, a list of rankings, top 10 keywords, and other keyword information. 

WebSite Auditor:

This tool creates a free SEO tech audit for your webiste, as mentioned earlier. Here’s a list of some data it tracks: 

  • Pages with 301 Redirect
  • Indexing and Crawlability
  • Redirects
  • Encoding and Technical Details
  • Visualization (For Site Structure) 
  • Issues with Security Certificates
  • Sitemaps
  • And many other features. 

SEO SpyGlass:

As you might have guessed, SEO SpyGlass is the tool you can use to spy on your competition. Basically, it makes it easier for you to not only find your competitors backlinks but also audit their websites.

With this information, you can formulate a strategy to beat their pages in search engine results. You can also use it to find all the backlinks to your website. 


SEO PowerSuite’s LinkAssistant is designed to make your link-building campaign easier. You can choose from a number of link-building strategies (Guest Posts, Reviews, Giveaways, Comments, etc) and the tool will reveal some steps to help start the campaign. I like the link prospect feature. 

There is also an additional tool, Buzz Bundle, which we will discuss later on.

Image that links to a free course to learn how to build your own online business.

 Getting Started with SEO PowerSuite: 

Now that you understand the basics of what SEO PowerSuite can do, let’s walk through the initial steps. 

(Note: These tools use Java, it is best to make sure you have the latest version of Java installed on your computer for ideal performance).

Immediately, when I clicked on Setup, Windows warned me that I’m installing a program from an unrecognized company.

A screenshot from seo powersuite showing windows doesn't recognize the program.

I figured Windows might just have a thing against these kinds of programs, so I went ahead and installed it anyways.

The installation went fine, and it didn’t trigger my anti-virus. The final installation size comes to about 600 MB.

Once it’s done, the shortcuts will be added to your desktop. I decided to start with SEO Spyglass and work my way through the rest of the tools. 

What is SEO SpyGlass? 

SEO Spyglass is a tool that lets you analyze and examine your website’s back links. It’s pretty useful to get an idea of your back link profile and which areas need improvement. Enter your website URL and let it scan the website for your site’s back links.

A screenshot from SEO Spyglass asking to enter a website address to analyze for backlinks.

The results were quite accurate and informative, to say the least.

One takeaway I noticed is sometimes comments you leave on other people’s websites count as a backlink. So it doesn’t hurt to leave comments on other sites! 

You can also see a nice summary of your back link profile; how many are no-follow, do-follow, and more.

I really like the back links over-time graphs, they make it really easy to watch your backlink building strategies work.

You can also sort backlinks by Anchor & Page Text and Referring Domains.

For a solid back link profile, the more referring domains and do-follow back links, the better.

All in all, SEO Spyglass was quite an eye-opener for me and revealed a lot of information about my back-link profile.

This tool is ideal for marketers who want to focus on building as many back links as possible.

Lets take a look at another tool.

How to Use Rank Tracker:

To use this program you need to connect either your Google Analytics or Google Ad-words accounts so it can fetch the information from there.

A screenshot of SEO Rank Tracker, a SEO Powersuite product.

Website Auditor:

This tool is mainly used to monitor three aspects of your website: Site Structure, Content Analysis, and Domain Strength.

Take a look at the screenshot below:

A screenshot of seo powersuite's website audit tool.

It does take awhile for the software to fetch all the information, especially if you have a larger website with more pages to load.

Some of the content is fetched right away, such as: Page, Page Title, Links From Page, and Word Count. 

New information is added as its discovered, so you don’t have to wait for too long to start looking over the data.

You can also click on each individual Page to see more information.

Keep in mind, the Word Count is the total word count on the page, not the article word count.

In other words, this includes word count from comments and other content.

If you have a lot of comments, the word count will be much higher.

Out of curiosity, I sorted pages by highest Word Count, and my highest page has 24,000 words!  

I had to wait over 40 minutes for everything to finish.

Chances are looking over all this information will make your eye glaze over, so there’s a simple Site Audit report you can look at (its under the Site Structure menu).

This will provide you with a nice report listing all the errors and other issues worth fixing on your site. 

Below is a screenshot of some of the problems the program searches for:

A screenshot of SEO Powersuite's website audit tool showing the errors it looks for.

You can click on each one for more information.

I learned a lot by going through these problems and reading the information about them.

If the program detects one of these issues on your site, it will provide more information about it so you can fix it.

Above the menu, you’ll see the total number of errors, sorted by order of importance.

Ideally, a website should be free from any of these errors, at least the critical ones. 

On the other hand, I noticed a lot of these errors seem to be false positives or glitches in the system.

For example, most of results for broken images on my site were actually not accurate (when I visit the page, the images load fine).

So don’t worry too much about some of the results, most of them are out of your hands anyways.

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Buzz Bundle:

Buzz Bundle is an interesting little tool that lets you scan various sectors of the internet for content that matches certain keywords.

The tool is ideal for people who are looking for content to curate or trying to come up with article ideas.

You can also take a peek at your competition to see what kind of content is already out there for your targeted keywords.

The cool thing about this tool is it tracks varies websites categories; social media, Q&A sites, forums, and more.

So this is a neat little tool for content creators and marketers. 

SEO PowerSuite Cons:

Though I do like the tools and think they can be quite useful, there are a few downsides as well.

1 – Some Errors are Repeated Multiple Times ?

For starters, I didn’t like how some of the errors seem to be repeated over and over, making users think they’re website is horrible. Actually, a lot of these errors don’t really matter, so its not worth getting in a fuss about them.

2 – Geared Towards Advanced SEOs ?

Another point worth mentioning is the tool is geared towards advanced marketers. Complete beginners don’t have a clue what all these numbers and terms mean. 

3 – RAM Hungry ?

It can eat up a lot of your computers RAM. The program isn’t very well optimized and lags quite often. It takes a long time to open reports. 

4 – The User Interface is a Bit Confusing ?

A lot of people have been complaining about the program’s user interface. It is a bit complicated to navigate. 

5 – Subscription is Required ?

Although the core product, SEO PowerSuite does offer lifetime licenses, in order to receive accurate data, you need to subscribe to Search Algo Updates. What this service does is update your version of the tool to match Google’s latest algorithm update. 

When you buy a license, the subscription is valid for 6 months. After that, you’ll need to pay for  the Search Algo Update service. It comes as a bit of a surprise. You have to really read the fineprint. 

SEO PowerSuite Pros: 

It’s not all bad. Here’s what we liked about SEO PowerSuite… 

1 – Plenty of SEO Tools and Features ?

If you read this far, then you know SEO PowerSuite offers a wide range of SEO tools. These tools can provide you with data and help with tasks that will have a huge positive impact on your SEO efforts. The audit alone will reveal your website’s weak areas, so you can improve on them. Overall, I think the suite of tools offer plenty of value. 

2 – Not Too Expensive ?

At first, the price looks a bit expensive. When you think about it, the suite is actually not expensive. The price is for lifetime access and you have four tools to work with. It’s a bundle. Most SEO tools will cost at least $99 a month for one. With PowerSuite you get four. It’s a good deal. The refund guarantee is nice too. Good value for your money. 

3 – Good Customer Support ?

I can vouch for their customer service team. They reply to emails very quickly and they even reply to reviews on public forums. You can get in touch either by submitting a ticket or live-chat. 

4 – Free Training ?

On their website, you can search through their tutorial database to learn how to use the tools to their fullest potential. They even have free SEO guides, glossaries, webinars, how-to guides, and video tutorials. I was quite impressed with their free tutorials. They even have guides on how to find keywords. 

Conclusion on SEO PowerSuite:

To conclude, SEO PowerSuite is a decent set of SEO tools for advanced marketers. On the other hand, I feel like most of the information can be found on other websites for free. Even Google Search Console has a decent set of guidelines you should follow. 

In my opinion, if you’re tight on money, I would avoid this one for now. Take a look at the free alternatives. 

It is worth a peek but I wasn’t too impressed, I still prefer my favorite keyword research tool.

Thanks for taking the time to read this SEO PowerSuite review. Hopefully now you know what is SEO PowerSuite and how it can benefit your business. 

If you would like to learn more about online business, hit the button below.

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Thanks, and don’t forget to leave a comment.

SEO PowerSuite

$299 or $699



  • Plenty of SEO Tools and Features
  • Not Too Expensive
  • Good Customer Support


  • Subscription is Required
  • User Interface is a Bit Confusing
  • RAM Hungry

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  1. Thanks for reviewing SEO Powersuite. I’m always looking for ways to increase visitors to my site… either by learning more or using tools, such as those for SEO. This seems like a tool worth checking out sometime in the future, but is probably still a bit advanced for me right now.

    Thanks for the information!!

  2. Hello Todd, thanks for sharing your review of SEO Powersuite. It was extremely detailed and very informative. As a relatively new Affiliate Marketer, I believe that it is too advanced for me personally. I appreciate the fact that you pointed out that fact, that it is for an advance level. And I was happy that you included an option for the beginner or intermediate learner. Best of everything to you and God bless.


  3. Lots of things I liked about your website. The comparison between WA and SiteGround. It was very well written. Having never used SiteGround it is easy to see the differences, WA is the complete package while SiteGround is a hosting only platform. 

    I guess if you knew everything about Affiliate Marketing SiteGround would be your place. This blog was post on SEO Powersuite is great also. Thanks for the Jaaxy lesson. Continued success

    1. Awesome Chip, thanks for the feedback on the site, Jaaxy, SiteGround/WA and Seo Powersuite. 

      We really try to provide quality content to help those make the best decisions when creating an online business.


  4. SEO Powersuite does seem like a pretty useful tool but I agree that it seems geared toward advanced marketers. Judging from the error screenshot, I wouldn’t know what most of those meant since I am still somewhat new to the online world.
    Does it give a more understandable explanation when you click on the error?
    I think the back link tracking is interesting. I didn’t know that my website link on a comment counted as a back link. I have tried Jaaxy, which is what you said was your favorite keyword research tool and it seemed to work pretty well for me. Thanks for the information.

  5. I just started trialing this service, SEO Powersuite definitely has very useful tools I’ve never used before. 

    A journal/graph of backlinks growing over time is a great way to build even more momentum because you see real results for your efforts and that’s motivating. 

    Success definitely feeds the passion. Is it possible to do this sort of backlink tracking in Jaxxy too?

    1. Hi Steven, thanks for your feedback on SEO Powersuite.

      To answer your question, Jaaxy doesn’t yet have a back linking tracking system added to it, but I get what you’re saying.

      And in a way, I use Jaaxy kind of like what you’re saying, but with my post rankings. 

      I like to check my website rankings once every now and then, especially after publishing new content. 

      Seeing my content rank quickly and at the top is my motivation. Plus, that consistent income coming is is also good motivation and awareness that progress IS taking place.

      Thanks again for your take on SEO Powersuite.


  6. Hadn’t heard of SEO powersuite before reading this. I don’t think my sites at the stage of needing such tools just yet but it’s useful to know a package like this exists. 

    It seems to incorporate all the necessary tools for online marketing. 

    Anyways a very useful article on SEO powersuite. How much does the suite cost?

    1. Hi Tony,

      Thanks for your feedback on Seo Powersuite. There’s two plans, currently SEO PowerSuite Pro is $299 and SEO PowerSuite Enterprise is $699.

  7. Wow. Great post. SEO is so important to website development and long term success online. Without SEO we can never get ranked by google and bing. The tools that we use to make this happen are also important.

    Thanks for sharing your opinions about SEO PowerSuite. I really love some of the various features. This is great.

    Do you use this for your SEO?

    1. Thanks for your feedback Jerry. We use Jaaxy for keyword research and Wealthy Affiliate for continued education on white hat SEO techniques.

      Our focus is always on quality content that helps out our niche audience. SEO Powersuite has some advanced tools that you can check out, but for the everyday internet marketing job, we go with keyword based content, researched of course, informative posts, social sharing and posting, email marketing, and social engagement through comments/social shares.

      This has allowed our posts to get top rankings and bring in around 1,000 free visitors per month. So we feel we’re doing a good job with basic white hat SEO techniques.



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