Today We Learn What Is Survey Voices And Whether Or Not It’s Legit

Some of you have been wondering what is Survey Voices and whether or not you can use it to earn cash.

If you’ve been reading our previous posts, you will know that taking surveys online is one way to earn some extra money on the side.

But, it goes without saying that some survey websites are simply better than others.

Not to mention there are quite a few scams out there that pose as paid survey websites.

In this post, we’ll ask the following questions about Survey Voices:

  • Is it reliable?
  • Do the surveys pay well?
  • How does it compare to other survey panels?

If you’re wondering the same thing then check out this Survey Voices review below.

Survey Voices Review Summary:

Product Name: Survey Voices

Product Type: Paid Online Traffic Exchange Network

Website: Paid Online Survey Website

Creator: Reward Zone USA, LLC

Price: Free

Best For: Nobody in my opinion. There’s better survey sites to earn extra money online. For most people, taking surveys isn’t the most stable or profitable way to make money online.

Rating: 30/100

Summary: Survey Voices is a legitimate site to take surveys but we personally don’t recommend it. Why? Survey Voices is a middleman for paid surveys, you can go directly to the survey websites instead. Survey Voices doesn’t even make the process much more convenient or easy.

Recommended: No

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What is Survey Voices?

Survey Voices is like a middle man of paid survey websites.

The way it’s supposed to work is their experts link you to the highest paying survey offers, and you pay for the convenience.

What I mean by that is this website doesn’t actually collect any information for market research.

Instead, Survey Voices gives you a list of websites that pay you for taking surveys. 

It’s basically designed to make it easier for you to find surveys better and faster.

They give you links to research companies that need to conduct their own market research.

To attract potential users, they claim that they are one of the best of its kind.

Plus, Survey Voices promise that all of the survey websites they are affiliated with are completely legit and trustworthy.

In addition, they say that users are capable of earning around $300 USD a week, easily.

That’s a tall claim for survey sites, let’s find out if it’s possible.

Image that links to a free course to learn online marketing.

Can You Really Make $300/week with Survey Voices?

First of all, we don’t think that Survey Voices is a scam website.

Their services look legit, and the majority of the survey websites they promote are legitimate.

However, there have been user reviews that say some of the links they use to survey websites have certain red flags that could indicate they are scams.

In other words, a few affiliated websites may not be trustworthy.

But, it seems that most of them are legitimate.

Another indicator that Survey Voices is legit, is that users have received payments for their work.

Yes, you will get paid for the work you do on Survey Voices.

But can you really make $300 USD a week just by doing surveys?

The reality is, it is not at all realistic to earn $300 USD a week just by taking surveys. 

So the short answer is no.

You can’t.

How Much Money Can You Really Make with Survey Voices?

Generally, Survey Voices pay you $1 or less for a survey that will take you around 15 minutes to complete.

It will be very hard to earn $300 USD a week, if you are only earning around $4 USD a hour, and sometimes not even that.

And you should know that this website only seems to be available to USA residents.

That means you will be earning well below the minimum wage of any state.

There’s also the fact that you don’t really need a middleman to find paid surveys.

You can always find them by yourself by doing a quick Google query.

Or check out our recommended paid survey platform: Survey Junkie

Is Survey Voices a Scam?

Survey Voices is owned by a company called Reward Zone USA, LLC, which seems to not have a very good reputation (click here to see company reviews/complaints).

The company received quite a few negative reviews, and there even was a lawsuit filed against it for hacking into someone’s email account.

On the BBB database, 56% of the reviews are negative, while the remaining are positive.

Survey Voices, specifically, seems to be running into issues.

When I examined their website, it was quite poorly made, and there are lots of broken images.

A picture from Survey Voice's website showing what they offer and their requirements.

Doesn’t look great.

To me, it seems like the site is going out of business, and is about to be abandoned.

None of the links work, and everything is a broken mess.

Conclusion on Survey Voices:

While you can earn money from Survey Voices, we personally don’t recommend it.

First of all, you can just go directly to the survey websites and get paid from there.

You don’t need a middleman. They don’t even make the process much more convenient or easy.

Furthermore, taking paid surveys isn’t the best way to make money online. 

It might be quick and convenient, but like I mentioned above, you will hardly be earning any money.

Honestly, one of the best online business opportunities available for the average Joe and Jane is to learn how to make a niche based websites.

You can start a successful business based on making small niche based websites.

And you won’t need an expensive degree to make it happen.

In fact, pretty much everyone can do it, if they have the right training and tools.

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Where to Go From Here?

So we established Survey Voices isn’t the best survey panel out there.

But what if you still want to make money online?

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