What Is The Best Free Website Builder? Here’s Our Top Pick

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What is the best FREE website builder you ask?

Great question.

Free websites can be a tricky thing, if you pick the wrong platform, you could end up with a slow search-less website.

I’m talking about a site that never gets ranked in search engines like Google.

In today’s market, without a doubt, the best free website builder is the WordPress website builder called SiteRubix.

It’s got everything you need to get started…

  • Two Free Websites
  • Free Cloud Hosting – that’s awesome!
  • Free Basic Training to Manage and Build Your Site – Even Better!

I mentioned the Free part, right?

Kidding!  😉

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What’s The Best Free Website Builder?

The best thing about having a free website built using WordPress is that you have the flexibility and control to have a website built the way you want it.

And at any point latter down the road, you can easily change the look and feel of your website with a click of a button.

Your website could be as simple as a personal blog, an online business, or even an eCommerce store.

WordPress is used by more than 23.4% of the top 10 million websites in the world as of March 2015 (source).

They’ve invested billions of dollars into their technology and they continue to strive for excellence.

Managing the basic functions of a WordPress website is about as difficult as sending an email, yet you still have the control to manage and customize your website HTML code/CSS.

So why should you choose SiteRubix’s WordPress website builder over the free version of WordPress?

Because it’s simple to use, fast, free lessons, amazing community support, and loaded with useful tools that give you an advantage when it comes to ranking and bringing in free traffic.

Building a Free Website with Seconds?

Take a look at this helpful video to see how simple it is to get your free site up and running in a couple of minutes.

What to Look For in A Free Website Builder?

With ANY free website builder, you are going to have a sub domain name like HomeBrew.wordpress.com.

Using Site Rubix… you’ll have HomeBrew.siterubix.com.

If you want to buy your own domain name, like a .com, .org, or a .net, then you’ll need to go to a domain registry to see if your domain name is available, if so, it will cost you around $15 dollars/year.

I recommend using WA’s Domain Name Service because they’re easy to work with, no up-sells, and they offer great service.

But if you don’t want to buy a domain name, you can still have a fully functioning, rank-able, website using SiteRubix along with some free training they provide.

With Free Websites – Think SEO:

If you put into Google, “What is the best free website builder“, you will get a result page filled with paid advertisements as wells as review sites of website builders.

A screenshot of Google search results for, "What is the best free website builder?"

There are a number of free website builders to choose from, but the biggest problem with most of these systems is ZERO education on SEO.

What is SEO (search engine optimization)?

I am referring to how a website is recognized and indexed by major search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

So in other words, we’re talking about how well your website ranks which ultimately effects how well your site brings in TRAFFIC.

And many of the popular drag and drop website builders make it difficult to get your website recognized in search engines.

An example of a website template from Site Rubix.
Free Responsive WordPress Themes by SiteRubix

Most of these types of website creators, like we saw with Wix Website Builder, are loaded with customer complaints that user’s websites don’t even register with search engines, while others take 3 – 4 months.

Get Your Site Indexed by Google Right Away!

Can you imagine waiting for your site to register with Google for anything over 30 minutes?

Not me.

That’s not what you want with any website, paid or free.

There are many complaints of too much HTML code is being utilized with these “Cookie Cutter” website builder’s and they make it difficult for search engines to index them.

This may not be important for your current website needs, but may become so in the future.

WordPress website’s code is consistent and not loaded with excessive HTML code so it’s easier for search engines like Google to index.

Guidance to Build Your Website:

Plus, with the right guidance on setting up your website (also provided by SiteRubix), you can optimize each and every post to give your site the best optimal position in the search results.

My WordPress SiteRubix websites register with search engines like Google in minutes, in some cases, the websites have even ranked within a few days after posting a few pages of content.

The other big issue we see with website builders like the eCommerce platform, IncomeShops, is that there is no structured education on how to bring free organic traffic to your website.

And this is the most important aspect if you are creating an online business or trying to drive traffic to a specific sales campaign or landing page.

Why a Free SiteRubix Website Over WordPress?

The big difference you get with Site Rubix is quality training to set up your website so that it’s geared for gaining traffic.

Site Rubix offers step by step training and an amazing community support system to help you as you build out your site.

The Site Rubix free training program is an invaluable service to help you get your website set up securely, optimized for search engines, as well as teach you how to manage WordPress’s content management system.

This is such a bonus if you’re new to putting up websites!

A picture of a demo website from Site Rubix called Accelerate.

The first website I tried to start was a complete flop. I needed a structured course to help me build out my online businesses.

Now that I have personally used Site Rubix to build several websites and can testify that you can put up a site in less than a minute.

If you are building a free website just for fun, still go with Siterubix.

Why’s that?

You will learn some great skills by learning how to manage WordPress!

Plus, you’ll have any easier platform with more control in the future if you ever want to change your website’s look, turn your website into a business.

Or use it in your professional career!

Site Rubix Free Website Builder Training:

The Site Rubix free website builder was developed in 2007 by the leading internet marketing educational program called Wealthy Affiliate.

They specialize in training students on internet marketing, affiliate marketing, niche website development, blogging, search engine optimization, and content writing.

Just to name a few of the many things they offer their students.

With Site Rubix, Wealthy Affiliate provides 10 FREE courses that allow you to…

  1. Get your site up and running
  2. Index your website into Google
  3. Set a foundation on how you can structure, control and build-out your website one step at a time.

Take a look at the first set of lessons.

A screenshot of Wealthy Affiliates 10 free training lessons to help build your free website.

Each and every one of these courses comes with daily objectives and tasks for you to complete to help you get your website up and running.

Build Your Free Website in 3 Steps:

There are four simple steps to get your site up and running as seen in the video.

A picture showing Site Rubix website builder's two steps to connecting a domain and building a website.

A screenshot of Site Rubix website builder's theme selection feature.

what is the best free website builder start button

Do you have a website name already picked out?

Put in the Name of Your Website and let SiteRubix do the Rest

Final Thoughts:

If you want a free website, I’d avoid the popular drag and drop style website makers.

They have a history of not being recognized by search engines. Most fail to provide propert training in order to teach you how to..

  • Build your website
  • Write quality content
  • Get your site to bring in free organic traffic.

Go with a website builder like Site Rubix and use WordPress to build your free site.

You can always go back and make whatever adjustments to your website that you see fit.

Site Rubix goes above and beyond other free website builders because of the FREE advanced training they provide.

Check Out My No. 1 Recommended Product Here >>

Now you know what is the best free website builder in today’s market, it’s time to go make yourself a cool website.

Got any questions, please leave a comment below.

About the Author

Hi, I’m the founder of Learn to Grow Wealth Online. My goal is to help you create a brilliant online business. One that is profitable and will grow wealth for you and your loved ones well into the future. If you're willing to put in the effort, I can help you create your own source of online income.


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  1. Pingback: John C
  2. Pingback: Ron
  3. Pingback: Eli
    1. Thanks Eli, that means a great deal to me. There are a good amount of quality website builders out there.

      I think that the cloud hosting and extensive internet marketing and online business training is what sold me. I doubt I’ll ever host another site on another platform for these reasons.

      Thanks again Eli, take care.

  4. Pingback: Kim
    1. Hi Kim,

      That’s a great question and 100% I feel that Site Rubix/Wealthy Affiliate is the better decision. Sure you can learn how to do keyword research on your own and blog day in and day out, but I would go right with the best internet business education out there, and that’s Wealthy Affiliate.

      Not only do you get everything with Site Rubix that you do with WordPress, you get structured training that will put you on the fast track to gaining traffic. Then convert that traffic to online sales.

      You also get access to the most supportive online community you’ll ever meet. It’s helpful when you need a question answered or some inspiration.

      There’s a friend I met through one of my Colombian guest homes, he could put out the posts day in and day out. Our sites were about the same age, but he wasn’t making any money nor had a fraction of the traffic I had.


      He underestimated the power of solid training. He had around 1,000 blog posts while I only had around 50 (at the time), but his site did nothing. He eventually abandoned website. Mine makes great money and now I just manage it about 5-10 hours a week.

      Hope this helps. Join the Free Starter Membership and see what you think yourself. You’ll be impressed Kim.


  5. Can you give me youre honest opinion about using siterubix when it comes to building a lead gen site. I’ve been told weebly is better when it comes to that. Honest opinon. Thanks

    1. Hey George,

      There’s a lot of lead gen builder sites out there. I think the question is how are you going to get your traffic and what you offer in terms of value once the lead lands on your page.

      Wealthy Affiliate is doing a webinar this Friday called.. Building Landing Pages that Rock! – the focus is on creating a great user experience that results in increased opt-ins.

      If you’re paying for traffic, you want to convert at the highest rate possible. I don’t think that matters if you build your landing pages with Weebly or SiteRubix. Here’s a review I just did on Online Sales Pro – I liked their pages and enjoyed my experience working with this platform.

      I need to do a review on Weebly, but I know they also have a good reputation.

      If you’re going to generate traffic organically, like this site does, you should really be taking courses at Wealthy Affiliate.

      I have another site that sole function is lead generation (https://www.homessalecolorado.com/). This site is for real estate and so I’m not using a WordPress Site Rubix site at all.

      The key is going to be traffic first, then a smooth experience to give your target audience an easy decision to opt-in their info.

      Hope this helps,

  6. Pingback: Princess
    1. Awesome feedback Princess on SiteRubix. It’s truly a unique service that so many online businesses and everyday people can benefit from.

      Thanks for your personal feedback working with these guys. My business runs much more efficiently with these guys too.

  7. Pingback: Steph
  8. The greatest part about online business in today’s world is that websites are extremely easy to create with website building services like SiteRubix. Expert coding skills are no longer necessary in order to be an online entrepreneur. Without that barrier to entry, truthfully anybody can take their shot at building an online income. Plus SiteRubix offers top notch training as well – can’t beat that.

    1. Exactly Matthew, the training is great but the owners are always trying to improve their service. Have a website builder with a training platform and a supportive community is perfect for anyone who want to start or improve their online business.

      Perfect for bloggers and eCommerce sites that need to get more traffic and generate more online sales.

      Learn more here!

      Cheers, Todd

  9. Pingback: Tim
    1. Thanks Tim for your feedback and your testimony to working with SiteRubix. It’s my favorite website builder for over 2 years now and I don’t see myself ever changing.


  10. Pingback: Max
    1. Thanks Max for your feedback on our Wix Website Review as well as this SiteRubix review. Clearly the winner is using a WordPress site powered by SiteRubix and training by Wealthy Affiliate.

      I’d also encourage you to check out our free eBook on creating Target Traffic. I break down keyword research and placement to increase traffic that’s already looking for the products or services your website provides.


  11. Pingback: Steve
    1. Thanks Steve for your feedback. I agree, for all those reasons SiteRubix is the clear winner to build a website and best yet, it’s with WordPress, so you can always adapt your site for your online business as it grows and changes.


  12. Pingback: Steve
    1. Thanks for your feedback Steve. SiteRubix is easily the best free website builder as well as the best premium service online.


  13. Pingback: Tommy
    1. Thanks Tommy on your feedback on SiteRubix and Wealthy Affiliate. Both these programs make my online business flow smoothly. Wealthy Affiliate offers a Free Membership that anyone can check out, no strings attached, no credit card and your in.

      It’s a great training program and the SiteRubix website builder is perfect for the reasons you mention. For me, I love to have access to all my sites in one place and see their health as well as be able to use some of the other great features from this platform like website feedback and comments.


  14. Thank you for writing this in depth review of SiteRubix! Also thank you for answering all the comments; I found a lot of good tips in there as well! I always thought WordPress is great on its own but I think I’ll like to give SiteRubix a go soon.

    Cloud hosting for 50 sites is pretty awesome for that kind of money not to mention the training you seem to be getting is probably worth a lot more. Thanks again!

    1. Thanks Jonathan for your feedback on SiteRubix, using them with the Wealthy Affiliate training is easily the best value for your dollar. The website builder is great because the process to set up a site takes less than 30 seconds, but the training to learn how to build traffic and an online business is what is really impressive about these guys.

      I’ve been a member at WA for over 2 years and don’t ever see myself leaving, not just because of the cloud hosting, but the constant updated knowledge the WA brings to internet marketing.


  15. This is great!! SiteRubix looks like a really easy way to build a website. I built my last site back in 1994 and it was a real chore. What is Word Press? Is this what makes it so easy? I’ve never heard of it.

    The themes available are terrific. I wish I had this kind of stuff in ’94. Thanks for making this info available for others to use. It makes the whole process of starting a website easy.


    1. You’re welcome Barry. And thanks for your feedback on what I feel is the best free website builder around. SiteRubix and Wealthy Affiliate create an amazing system that makes it easy to set up your website so that it’s search engine optimized and easy to rank.

      They also go into keyword research, styling, content writing, video marketing, you name it, they’ve got it.

      And yes, thank goodness we don’t have to go back 20 years in technology and have the chore of writing HTML code.



  16. Gonna have to agree that the SiteRubix website builder is the best in the business. I had some experience with Weebly, which is probably the closest to SiteRubix. But again, you have to try it to believe it.

    To be honest, I don’t even see that much alternatives besides those two. Maybe you can point me to something very new and promising? It’s always cool to test new things out.

    And from that point, WordPress is super easy to work with as well.

    1. Awesome Julius, thanks for your feedback on what is the best free website builder around, we think SiteRubix is pretty much unbeatable, but I’m sure I’m biased because of my extensive use and experience with this website builder.

      I’m just floored with how stellar the service is with SiteRubix and WA, and for that matter with Jaaxy. Three internet marketing tools that I can’t live without.

      For me what sells these guys better than any other site builder is their premium features. I pay yearly, but for $29/mo I get cloud hosting for up to 50 sites and the most incredible business training platform online.

      Simply by following the Wealthy Affiliate Training Center’s daily courses, I’ve been able to create a full time income alone with this website and I work 5-10 hours per week. All the resources and tools an online business needs for success in one place, too easy.



  17. Hey thank you for the article. Was very informative. Btw I wanna know, is wordpress the only platform where website builders or developers can start their own website? Or are there any other platforms where we can build? Would appreciate it so much if you could help. Btw nice visitor experience for your website. Its cool.

    1. Thanks Bartholomew for your feedback on our website builder post and my site, that’s great to hear.

      There’s tons of website builders online and many of the drag and drop style website builder’s like Wix (for example) are really poor at getting indexed in search engines like Google and can be slow an unresponsive.

      I love WordPress because it’s one of the best website builders (arguably the best) and it allows for the creation of so many unique sites that fit the needs for bloggers, eCommerce, membership sites, etc..

      I really love SiteRubix because it uses the WordPress platform but comes with all the perks like Wealthy Affiliate’s training courses and website training. As well as you can cloud host up to 50 sites.

      So it’s clearly the best free website builder out there. Hope this helps,


  18. Hello, Todd. I see that you provide information on how to build a website for free using WordPress and tools from Wealthy Affiliate.

    I think that this company (WA) is the best because they offer free websites. These websites can be created so fast, it just takes few minutes. People can write the content right away if they have knowledge and understanding how to write blogs.

    If people do not have skills, no worries. Wealthy Affiliate offers certification courses, webinars and the support from community members and the owners themselves.

    I do not know any place where everybody can create a free website and publish content right away as well as get an in depth look at the training platform and take free classes to build your website right from the start.

    Wealthy Affiliate is worth it to check them right away. They give so much more knowledge that any university can not give at this time.

    All the best, happy writing, Nemira.

    1. Hi Nemira, thanks for your feedback on working with Wealthy Affiliate personally. There a really solid company with the most comprehensive training center around.

      SiteRubix is easily the best free website builder and for those that are serious about making money online or creating a successful eCommerce business or blog, WA’s premium service can’t be beat to help you create a successful long term online business that has the potential to bring in passive income.



  19. Thank you for this guide!

    I went through most of the process for my first website, but I used Webs for my website builder, which has been a nightmare to use. Unfortunately, my domain name is already linked to my Webs-built website.

    If I were to switch over to Site Rubix, can I transfer my domain name AWAY from Webs and ON to Site Rubix, or do I have to use the .siterubix extension?

    1. Hey HipStar,

      If you are a premium member of Wealthy Affiliate, you can have cloud hosting for up to 25 SiteRubix sites and 25 sites where you already own the domain. You can also buy domain names at WA.

      So all you would do is go to your current host and input WA domain name servers and you’d be good to go. Although I’m not familiar with Webs, if they’re like Wix website builder, you may loose the domain. I’d ask Webs to be sure.

      I was lucky, I got started using WordPress through SiteRubix and it works really well for me.

      I think more important than the website builder is the awesome WA education that you get along with your website.

      This has made all the difference for me because I learned how to bring traffic to my site along with how to provide my site users with a good user experience.

      If you want to read my review of Wealthy Affiliate, you can see all the provide a online entrepreneur like yourself.



  20. Hi Todd,

    You have really simplified the process of getting a functional website set up, the way to go and the best one at that, which is WordPress through SiteRubix.

    Many out there are afraid to venture into the online business because they envision the difficulty in setting up a website and how to make a good choice of a website builder.

    I believe with your post, their doubts and fears have been laid to rest. The benefits to be gained are enormous, there is no website builder out there that can be compared to SiteRubix along with Wealthy Affiliate’s support and training.

    Thanks for providing solution to this nagging problem, all the best, God bless you.

    1. Hi Edemekaye,

      Thanks for your feedback on the free website builder SiteRubix as well as the professional services offered by Wealthy Affiliate. WA is really an impressive company and I think the reason they are so effective at helping people build online businesses is because they care about your success.

      They’ve also spend a decade teaching internet marketers how to leverage keywords and rank content organically as well as bring in traffic via PPC.

      I think when anyone is trying to put up an online business, it’s better to keep things simple. And that’s what WA does with all their tools and resources.


  21. Hi Todd,

    Always love reading your posts – they are so well-organized and easy to understand. This is no exception.

    I agree with you whole-heartedly that the website builders that are drag drop style out there like wix or whatever simply won’t get the same notice in Google as wordpress sites – which is why the free wordpress builder from siterubix sounds like a perfect option.



    1. Hi Maria,

      Very good point. Drag and drop website builders html is different than WordPress and a big reason you here so many Wix website owners complain about Wix’s poor SEO.

      But the really cool thing that SiteRubix has going for it that is miles ahead of any other website builders out there is that it’s run by Wealthy Affiliate, the leading online business training center.

      There you will learn all about SEO and how to leverage low competition keywords to bring in free traffic by ranking naturally. This was one aspect that you will notice right away once you start publishing content consistently.

      And so by taking a few months of the structured educational courses offered by WA, you get an advantage like nowhere else.

      And for anyone who wants to create an online business, this is critical. If you’re just building a site for fun, then you can build 2 free SiteRubix websites and get free hosting. If you’re taking the professional courses, then you can host up to 50 websites using the SiteRubix website builder.

      I host 5 of my sites on SiteRubix’s website builder and I pay annually. So not only do I have access to training when I want, but I pay $29/mo to cloud host 5 sites. That’s a pretty amazing resource for me.



  22. Hi Todd,

    I absolutely enjoy your website and this post, What is the Best Website Builder really cleared up some questions I had about different website builders.

    The simplicity with which you explain the intricacies of building an online business brought it much closer to home for me.

    I like the manner in which you write about your personal experiences on this journey and I find that the challenges are very similar.

    I am also impressed by the way that you have promoted WA on your site, in a detailed and concise manner.

    I think that the combination of the sincerity with which you share you personal experiences and the detailed simplicity you communicate the available affiliate marketing opportunities including WA definitely makes for a winner.

    I have learned much from you Todd. Great stuff!


    1. Hi Albert,

      That’s really great to hear and thanks so much for sharing your feedback with me. Building websites and creating online businesses can be a challenge without the right guidance.

      That’s what has always been easy for me to promote products that I believe in and that I know help people, a.k.a – Wealthy Affiliate.

      And this can be done time and time again with any niche, just pick a niche you love and make it happen.

      It’s a really cool thing.



  23. Wow, free websites, not one but two. Also free cloud hosting and free training on how to build a website. One can also buy a domain name here. SiteRubix is definitely a clear winner out of all the website builders out there. This is easily the best starting point for those who wants to create a website for their online business.

  24. Hey Todd,

    Amazing review of siterubix, I too love the website builder and in fact I have created a website using the same platform. As you mentioned, there are other options but their performance on seo is low.

    Also I am a WA member and definitely it’s a great platform for anyone to start any kind of start up on the internet. I am just 2 months old there and loving it. I am looking forward to creating another website using the same platform pretty soon. Thanks for the information.

    Have a nice day,

    Cheers 🙂

    1. Cheers Abdul, you made a wise decision to go with the gents at WA. I’ve built 5 websites using SiteRubix’s website builder and each time I can go through whatever classes I need to make sure my site is optimized for SEO.

      The education they teach is constantly being expanded on and so I find myself after 2 years being a lifetime member.

      I waited 4 months before I started buying yearly. Now my site pays for Aweber, Jaaxy, WA membership, and my content writers.

      All I do is 5-10 hours/week on the editing and SEO and make really good money. It takes some time, but totally worth it in the long run.



  25. Hello Todd, I know SiteRubix can offer two free websites with WA, which is awesome. Knowing this, do you think it’s worth it to pay 13-15 bucks a year for a domain name of your own?

    1. Absolutely Daniel. If you are going to put up the professional business that generates income everyday, you are going to want to have a .com, .net. or a .edu. website name.

      And like you said, it only cost $13 to $15 for a domain name. Heck, I buy them as investments and do keyword research on specific niche names for websites and then resell them for a profit.

      An online business doesn’t take much to get started, but I would definitely encourage you to get the right education, a great keyword research tool, and a domain name.

      I run my online business for $2.13 today, that’s pretty cheap, don’t you think?


  26. Siterubix is awesome!!!! Definitely the best free website builder I have come across. When I first started out in affiliate marketing, it really came in handy. I must have created like 30 free websites, hahaha.

    It was a lot of trial and error but it’s definitely a good starting point for anyone out there who’s looking to get into internet marketing in general. You can go crazy and build as many free websites as you want 😛 Thanks for the post!

    1. Hi Michael,

      Thanks for your feedback working with SiteRubix. I too found it really easy to build websites with this website builder. I didn’t go as far as putting up 30, but I can see how one can get carried away with it. Especially if you’re just putting up free websites without paying for domain names and so forth.

      Speaking of domain names, you can now buy domain names without worry of up-sells, security issues, etc. with SiteRubix.

      The creators of WA, JaaJaaxy Review, and SiteRubix have done a great service for internet marketers like you and me. They’ve taken the extra time to create easy to follow training’s that cut the learning curve down and streamline the process of learning how to build profitable online businesses.

      To your success Michael,


  27. Very interesting post and thank you for recommending siterubix as a platform to start I didnt know they offer so much. I was thinking about squarespace, have you heard of that? How would you say does squarespace compare to siterubix? Would love to know your perspective it seems you know a lot about building a website, I was thinking to start myself but not sure what is the best platform to do it with.

    1. You know Benedetto, I’ve heard of Square Space and I’m pretty sure it was nothing but good things. But I honestly haven’t looked at them.

      Once I found out that SiteRubix provides step by step video instructions, cloud hosting for up to 50 sites, site monitoring, feedback, and constantly updated webinars and online business training, I never looked back.

      And the proof is in the pudding. This site generates 500 to 1,000’s visitors per day organically and all I did was follow the training that SiteRubix/Wealthy Affiliate gave me.

      So I can’t answer your question. I have reviewed several website builder platforms, but once I found these guys, I didn’t really think anyone could compete.

      If you want to know what is the best website builder, check out Square Space and come back and let us know, I’d love to see how they stack up with SiteRubix. I imagine you can’t get the same SEO training, but would love to hear if anyone else is providing such detailed training.

      For those that want to start building your own online business, you can access the training program here.



  28. Hello!
    I want to make a website to sell my art. I would like to try SiteRubix, sounds very attractive.
    So, it’s free to build, free hosting.
    But what about Shopping Cart and payments? If I install this features, how much I will pay? And to who?

    1. Hey Irina,

      A website is your online presence to your Art business. So you will want to buy a domain name for sure, that will just look more professional than a site that reads myartsite.siterubix.com

      I buy all my website names now from SiteRubix as well, they’re easy to use, cost about $14 for a domain name and there’s no upsells and their customer service is super responsive.

      You can also host a SiteRubix site, get free hosting, and get the 10 courses to learn how to set up your site. As for adding a shopping cart and payment system, these are plugins that you can add to your site and I would imagine a good one costs something upfront. I don’t know about these features too much because I just do advertising and affiliate marketing.

      The WooCommerce plugin is a favorite for many folks, there’s a free version and many upgrade paid versions.

      If you’re serious about bringing traffic to your site, building a professional site, and having the eCommerce functionality, I would seriously look at getting the training from Wealthy Affiliate, the producers of SiteRubix.


      Because it will take you a month or two to learn how to build out your site and learn keyword research to target (warm) traffic that’s already looking to buy your style of art. This is much easier to sell art to someone who’s already pre-interested in what you have to offer versus a bunch of window watcher looky loos.

      The premium WA program comes with a ton of other benefits that will assist you with your online business and give you the fundamental skills to learn how to bring traffic and promote your site.

      When you look at your situation, you want a quick and easy to use website, traffic that’s interested in your products, and a payment system.

      You’ve got the products, the payment system can be figured out, but the support and guidance to do this and learn how to target your traffic are what will be key to your success.

      And for that, I’d start with the Wealthy Affiliate training center (click link to see my review of Wealthy Affiliate) and get to work, you can host your site, buy the domain name, and learn how to do all the things that you’re trying to accomplish.

      Hope this helps,

  29. I thought WordPress was the best website builder out there, but now I see that WordPress integrated with Siterubix is clearly the winner.

    The step by step video lessons and in depth training on keyword research and search engine optimization techniques taught using the Siterubix platform are impressive to say the least.

    I went to start a second site for my sister in law and was surprised that I didn’t have to pay anything extra to host her site. Do you know how many sites I can host on Sitrubix?


    1. Hey Mel, glad you’re enjoying SiteRubix. I’ve made about 5 sites with this website builder. And agreed, it’s clearly the best program on the market.

      You can actually have up to 25 site hosted on their cloud hosting for no additional charges. So for $1 dollar a day you get premium hosting and the educational program that is the best internet marketing training program available.

      Almost seems to good to be true. But that’s just the type of products that the owners pride themselves on creating. You should also try their keyword tool Jaaxy, it’s incredible.


  30. I thought drag and drop website builders were the best thing these days until I read your Wix review. The drag and drops are fun and easy, but I wouldn’t use one after reading about their poor SEO and search engine indexing.

    I tried your siterubix website builder for fun and was seriously impressed. I put up a site in less than a minute. But what was better is that the site builder has multiple functions like the site health monitor, comments forum, and free cloud hosting.

    Excellent product and thanks for your Wix review as well, you may have saved me countless hours and hundreds of dollars being that I didn’t go with Wix.

    Thanks so much,

    1. You’re welcome Andrea and that’s great to hear that you’re digging SiteRubix. I think it’s the best free and paid website builder on the market because of the exact reasons you mentioned. Although the best is the step by step business training that the owners provide. They give you 10 free intro courses and 1,000’s of hours of training and content to allow to create a major business website.

      I’ve worked with them for over 18 months and I’m amazed at what I have created. Not too bad for a guy with ZERO training in website development or internet marketing.

      Thanks for your feedback Andrea and I’m so happy I could help.

  31. I have been searching for hours about what is the best free website builder. I was originally going to try Wix, but it’s clearly one of the worst website builders due to it’s poor ability to get indexed by search engines, poor SEO and the fact that you can never move the hosting – it’s like a trap.

    But then I stumbled on to your post here on SiteRubix. I’ve got to say that I’m very impressed – which isn’t easy to do.

    Hosting for 25 websites, WordPress sites, and training on keyword research, building traffic, and support from the online community. Is this too good to be true Todd.

    If so, I don’t think there is a better website builder out there. I wouldn’t think it’s possible.

    Please let me know because if these guys are real, I’m in.

    1. Hey Mark,

      You’ve got it correct. The SiteRubix website builder has all the WordPress power and capabilities but with the Free hosting. Note: that’s premium cloud hosting so you don’t ever have to worry about your site going down. And the SiteRubix platform has two memberships.

      The free version which allows 2 free websites (with SiteRubix domain name) and 10 free classes to get your site set up. Or you can buy the premium service which is the best online education for putting up online businesses (at less than $1 dollar/day)

      Not only do you get cloud hosting for up to 25 sites, but you get two full programs to help you learn how to build organic traffic, rankings, good “white hat” SEO skills, build an online business, and access to relevant Webinars that are loaded with hundreds of internet marketing topics – Highly Recommended.

      When you sign up for the Free Membership, I’ll send you an email to help you get started.

      See you on the inside Mark,

  32. Hi Todd,

    Thanks for this post, I used SiteRubix to put up my website and it took me about a whole 30 seconds to get the site established, plugins installed, and security in place. Now I’m taking the classes offered at Wealthy Affiliate and loving it.

    Thanks so much, your site is such a great resource.

    1. Awesome Meagan,

      That’s great to hear. I love SiteRubix too and find WA’s free cloud hosting to be so convenient for my sites. Thankss for your feedback and I assume you’re in agreement that SiteRubix is easily the best free website builder in today’s market 🙂


  33. I blog quite often and I really appreciate your content. I thought Wix Website was a good website builder until I read your review, with the SiteRubix website builder, I like the fact that you get training on how to set up your site.

    The article has truly peaked my interest in the Wealthy Affiliate training center as well. Do they do YouTube training on how to rank videos?


    1. Hi Ernest,
      Thanks for your feedback and SiteRubix, in my opinion, is the best free website builder on the market simply because of the versatility it offers using WordPress as well the training provided by Wealthy Affiliate. But I would definitely buy a domain name for $12 dollars and then use Wealthy Affiliate’s training program plus their free cloud hosting.

      Join their yearly premium membership and it only costs you $1 dollar/day for a university level education on everything related to internet marketing and making money online.

      Take care,

  34. Thank you so much for this post Todd, I’ve was looking at building a website and wasn’t sure which route to take. I’m so glad I stumbled upon your post, Site Rubix is clearly the best free website builder and it’s because it’s a WordPress website builder along with the invaluable training provided by the Wealthy Affiliate learning center.


    1. Awesome Lara, glad to help out and I’m glad you are enjoying the training at Wealthy Affiliate. It’s made all the difference in my online career as well.


  35. GREAT POST TODD but I have a question for you, what if I already have a website and I want to use SiteRubix as hosting?
    I bought a template from themeforest.com I and would like to upload it.
    Could I use WA premium membership to do it?

    1. Thanks Hender for your kind words. Love themeforest themes by the way. Nice choice. Since you already have your own domain name, you would need a premium membership at Wealthy Affiliate to have your hosting there. WA owns SiteRubix and offers free hosting for SiteRubix websites (2 sites total), so you would have your domain name with siterubix on the end. Like MyCoolSite.siterubix.com instead of MyCoolSite.com

      Since you have your own domain, I would still strongly recommend you take a look at Wealthy Affiliate – click this link to read my full review of them and all the offer online entrepreneurs if you like.

      But just to name a few advantages with Wealthy Affiliate and their hosting service is as followos:

      – You get Cloud Hosting with SiteRubix/WA versus a single server. Single servers from HostGator for example cost 5-10 dollars/mo, but they stuff your site on a single server so it’s not as fast.

      Cloud Hosting is much faster, so your site loads better and doesn’t every shut down which will help your user experience, and your Google rankings. Google takes into account your site speed. If you go with your own server, you’ll pay around 30-70 dollars/mo. Wealthy Affiliate’s Premium Membership on a yearly basis is less than $30/mo, plus you get several other advantages.

      – You get a community of 200K plus that is extremely supportive, knowledgeable, and helpful as you build out your site and online business.

      – You get weekly webinars from Jay, an 8 year member of WA, full time online marketer, and an extremely talented and successful online marketer. Ever week there’s an hour webinar on tons of internet marketing topics. Check out my WA review to see a few.

      – You can host up to 25 websites using WA’s SiteRubix for no additional charge.

      – There’s a free keyword research tool, although I prefer and use Jaaxy because it streamlines the keyword research process and I rank my content super fast using it.

      – Lastely, depending on your knowledge level, you get 2 courses that you can go through daily to help you build your online business and website which includes training on keyword research, website development, Google/YouTube rankings, email marketing, and Pay Per Click training for Bing, Google, and Facebook. It’s (Wealthy Affiliate) a pretty much all inclusive training center for online business folks like you and me.

      So all that being said, I’d encourage you to check them out, it’s free to join, the first month is $19 dollars, after that $49/mo or like I said, join yearly for the $29.91/mo. That’s what I do and I currently host 5 of my sites there.

      Hope this helps and if you join, I’ll send you a message to help get you started as will the owners. WA’s a winner.

      Thanks again for your feedback and have a nice day. Let me know if you have any other ?’s.

  36. Hi Todd,

    I just got done creating my free website using your recommended WordPress website builder SiteRubix. It was so easy, it maybe took 45 seconds to complete. Now I’m taking the classes offered by the training center Wealthy Affiliate and I’m loving it.

    It’s so easy to follow along with the video training and the community is so supportive when I have questions.

    Thanks again for turning me on to what I now think is clearly the best free website builder, SiteRubix. Personally, I used Wix Website Builder and couldn’t even get my site indexed in Google.

    Thanks again,

    1. Your quite welcome Pete, glad you’re getting your website off to the right start. Not only does Wealthy Affiliate help you get your website set up, they offer a complete training program to help you turn your website into a profitable online business.

      Take care,

  37. SiteRubix is awesome because it’s so simple to make a professional looking website without any knowledge of coding or web design. I think it would be great for small businesses who can’t afford a web developer and want to be in the online space to increase their business’ profile.

    1. Hi Theo,

      Absolutely, SiteRubix is far superior because you don’t have all the issues that occur with drag and drop website builders as far as poor SEO/Traffic. But it’s a step above the rest because it’s a WordPress site builder and you have the support to guide you through the process to building out your website.

      That’s what’s lacking with every website builder that’s on the market. They have ZERO training on how to put together a secure site as well as how to build traffic to your website. And if you’re a small business, blogger, or want to build a site that makes you online money, there’s no better place to get started than Siterubix.

      Thanks for leaving you feedback and have a great week.

  38. Hi Todd,

    Having tried several of the free website builders or taken some site builders for a trial in the last few weeks, I am convinced that SiteRubix is the best option available.

    Although the other site builders are easy to use and it was fun trying them out, the WordPress platform provides more functionality and the choice of themes is far superior.

    If you take into account the training you can get with SiteRubix, which incidentally, none of the other editors provide, then there is only one site builder you should use. The free trial is definitely worth a try.

    Thanks Todd for the in depth review, Peter

    1. Hey there Peter, thanks for the feed back on Siterubix. Agreed, easily the best free website builder out there. And learning how to use WordPress isn’t that hard and eventually is a pretty resourceful skill.

      The Siterubix program is highly recommended because of the free training course provided. It’s easy to follow and a great way to start a blog or affiliate website.

      Thanks again for your feedback Peter, have a great week.

  39. Great post-Todd,
    Siterubix is the way to go, for anyone who is looking to build a free website…

    I just wanted to say that I also use siterubix and really enjoy it, there is no other free web site builder provides you training on how to build a website plus how to gain traffic to your website. Tons of great information, keep it up.. 🙂

    1. Thanks Jennifer for your personal feedback working with SiteRubix. It’s definitely the best free website builder I have come across and the main reason for that is..

      – Free training – You get 10 free courses to set up your site and understand keyword research and learn how to develop traffic.

      All the other free websites out there come with zero education on how to get traffic to your site, and this is by far the most important aspect of starting a website.

      Plus with SiteRubix, you get over 1600 free themes to make your site look professional and thousands of Widgets to make it functional.

      Thanks again Jennifer for your feedback and experience working with SiteRubix.

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