What is The Best Way to Increase Website Traffic?

What is The Best Way to Increase Website Traffic Image

So you’ve got a website and now you want to know what is the best way to increase traffic to that website.

Great question, you need traffic, but more importantly, you need traffic that’s interested in what you sell. In other words, you need targeted traffic that’s ready to buy.

In this article, I’ll list some tips you can use to start sending targeted traffic to your website. The very tips I use to build my sites!

To begin, we need to clarify a few things. 

For starters, this article will focus on completely white-hat SEO and free techniques to increase website traffic. There are black-hat, and even grey-hat techniques to send traffic to a website, but I don’t recommend them.

It’s always better to be safe and lead your site to long term success. Don’t try to trick your way to success. Let’s take a look.

What Is The Best Way to Increase Website Traffic:

It’s difficult to say which traffic technique is the best because each has their own pros and cons.

For example, some techniques deliver fast traffic that dwindles down over the course of a few days, while others deliver steady and slow traffic.

I think the backbone to any successful online business is a steady stream of targeted content that reaches their niche audience while the buyer is searching for specific product or service.

The best results occur when you use a combination of the two, and we’ll show you how to do that.

Slow & Steady Traffic Techniques:

Everyone has heard the phrase, “Slow and steady wins the race” and that’s partially true.

Search engine optimization, the act of optimizing a website for higher ranks in Google, is a slow and steady technique to increase website traffic.

There are a wide range of factors that Google uses to rank websites.

Most of these factors will improve with time while you work on your site.

The one thing that you should focus on is targeting keywords. 

If you don’t know about keyword competition and placement, get our FREE eBook!

Image that links to a free eBook where you can learn to drive targeted traffic to your website or online business.

Keyword targeted articles are the bread and butter to every online business. It’s almost impossible to rank a website without publishing articles.

To find keywords, I use this tool. Click to read a detailed review. 

Remember, Google regularly updates their search engine algorithm.

But there’s one thing that will always stand the test of time..

Quality Content is King! 

Small things like keyword density, word count, back-links, domain authority, and social media presence are less important.

Still important, but quality content that people are looking for makes all the difference in increasing traffic to your website.

In other words, if you focus on creating quality content that informs and entertains your readers, it will always rank.

So that’s what you have to do; write and write, and write some more. 

Everyone starts out small. The people who see success stick to the system and are consistent.

For people wondering what is the best way to increase website traffic, I always recommend keyword targeted articles.

And when your website starts to bring in cash, there’s always the possibility of hiring writers. This is the prime slow and steady method that you’ll use to bring in a steady stream of traffic.

The More You Write, the Bigger the Traffic Stream:

 In a nutshell, here’s the formula:

  1. Research keywords.
  2. Create top-notch articles.
  3. Include keywords within the article naturally.
  4. Include images.
  5. Repeat.

If you commit to writing two or three well-written articles a week you’re site will experience rapid traffic growth.

Don’t be scared. You can do it.

How to Get Fast Traffic: The Easiest Methods

Social media. Every time I share an article on social media, the traffic to my website spikes.

The only problem is that the traffic balances out after a couple days.

Where can you share your articles? Especially from a brand new websites?

Share the link with your friends. 

It’s the easiest and fastest way to not only get traffic but also some quality feedback.

Facebook Groups:

A simple search in Facebook for groups in your niche can unlock an amazing source of traffic. Twitter is another good traffic source.

One tip I recommend is reaching out to other people on Twitter and ask them to share your link.

It’s the oldest method in the book; outreach, and it can work wonders. 

I also suggest you make custom images for each of your articles if you plan to share them on social media.

These two social media platforms are decent for a quick spike of traffic, but there are others too.

Online Forums:

Most forums will allow members to include a link in their signature, an area seen below their profile when the post a comment.

So whenever you reply to a discussion, a link to your site will be there for people to see.

One popular forum is Warrior Forum, though there many other niche specific forums that you can visit.

Other Social Media Sites for Extra Traffic:

Obviously, it will be difficult to create accounts on all these sites, but that list will point you in the right direction.

Just remember, traffic from social media is fast, the results come in quick, but they die down fast too.

I like to write keyword targeted articles, and then share them on as many social media platforms as possible.

This brings in a fast stream of traffic, and when the traffic from social media dies down, the articles will rank in search engines. 

Ideally, whenever you publish an article to your website, take the link, and share it wherever possible.

That’s the best way to increase website traffic. Just remember, consistency is the key. Dedicate time to write for your website.

The process will become easier and you’ll learn a lot about writing and marketing along the way!

PPC Ads for Even Faster Traffic to Your Site:

PPC is Pay Per Click and it can be a power force to generate immediate traffic to your site.

You can do PPC ads in Goolge Adwords or Bing Adwords and Facebook to get started.

The key with advertising using this method is relevancy.

You need to set up a relevant ad, based on relevant keywords, that lead the user to a, that’s right, relevant landing page.

It’s a bit more advanced and if you do want to pursue PPC Ad’s, get training on it. My recommended training has entire classes dedicated to this topic.

PPC advertising can be effective, but it can also be a massive waste of money if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Trust me, I know  😉

Image that links to a free course to learn how to build your own online business.

What’s Next?

If you want to learn how to build an online business, then you need access to the right material.

The type of training material that will make it easy for you to avoid the common mistakes most beginners make.

You’ll save time and beat your competition. 

You can learn how to set up a website in a matter of minutes within my favorite online business training center.

Not only does the member’s area have valuable in-depth training material but it also has multiple tools you can use.

One tool, the Site Rubix Website Builder is especially useful as it makes it possible for you build a website in a matter of minutes, no technical skills required.

Check these guys out below.

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Thanks for taking the time to read this article. Now you know what is the best way to increase website traffic.

If you have any questions, leave them below!

About the Author

Hi, I’m the founder of Learn to Grow Wealth Online. My goal is to help you create a brilliant online business. One that is profitable and will grow wealth for you and your loved ones well into the future. If you're willing to put in the effort, I can help you create your own source of online income.


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  1. I am glad to hear you say that slow, steady progress works at least to a degree.

    I have seen people start and buy several sites and then get frustrated because they couldn’t keep up and they weren’t getting anywhere. I think sometimes that people try to do too much too fast and end up quitting.

    I only have one website and I have trouble getting one or two quality posts out a week. I am just getting into social media and I don’t like it and don’t know how to use it. But I’m trying.

    I know keywords are important; but I get frustrated if I can’t come up with a title to my liking and just call it what I want. Shame on me.

    Thanks for a great article.


    1. Hey Jeannie,

      I believe you should only work on one site at a time until you get that site set and are making consistent income.

      You need to have your funnels in place to capture your audience and convert sales.

      Don’t get too frustrated with your content or keywords. Remember, your goal is to help your niche audience.

      As far as keywords, keyword placement, and white hat seo tricks to rank quickly, I’d encourage you to sign up for our Free eBook on Targeting Traffic.

      This is the guide I use daily to make my content rank quickly and for long term results.


  2. Hi Todd,

    I greatly enjoyed your article. It gave me confirmation on a few things I’ve been trying with my own site and YouTube channel. I have been trying things like SEO and link sharing. They seem to be picking up too!

    I have wondered about the part you mention about the dwindling of traffic, especially in regards to YouTube. I hesitated to share my links at first because I wanted a steady flow of traffic. I realize now it’s important to share the links, but is it inevitable for traffic to dwindle as a post gets older or are there ways to prevent this?



    1. Hi Jaemi,

      Great question and the answer is based on the demand of the product or topic you’re promoting or investigating.

      I review a lot of scams on this site, so you can see that as these scams are brought to light, they eventually lose traffic.

      I’ve had a scam bring in 5,000 new visitors to my site and I’m on ranked in the top 3 in Google. That same post now sees like 130 new visitors/month. That’s a huge difference.

      However, if you take a topic that’s hot or always holds some interest for people, that will see traffic for years.

      I’ve had this happen as well related to an Amazon and Fiverr post. They consistently see lots of free traffic due to the topics of each.

      You should check out my free eBook on Targeting Traffic, it even breaks down keyword placement and post publishing tasks to improve rankings.

      Hope this helps,


  3. Great article. People think of SEO and they think all their hard work will go away on the next update. The only sites that lose their rankings are the ones who cheat the system for rankings they don’t deserve.
    But you hit it on the head. If you create quality content that help people out searching for that topic, then it will always stay high on Google rankings.

    1. Dam straight Randall. I’ve got posts that bring in 500 new visitors per month to 5,000. And they’re posts I haven’t touched in years.

      Sometimes I’ll do a quick update depending on the topic, but they maintain solid rankings because it’s solid and helpful content.

      As a matter of fact, my long term strategy is more based on How To posts because these types of posts are considered Every-Green Content. People will continue to ask these questions into the future, so just target them.

      For more great info on Free Organic Traffic, I offer a free very helpful eBook. It’s like a guide to posting, all white hat seo stuff.

      Even some great post-posting habits that will improve your Google rankings.



  4. I think you have a great approach Todd. Too many people are so focused on quick fixes and getting quick traffic to their site. That is of course also nice to get, but if it is by using questionable techniques, it can really end up hurting in the long run.

    I can see that people that are focusing on these black or grey techniques can get quick results, but everytime google makes an update there is a great risk that this will hurt these people. Better to aim for quality and honesty in the long run – not only to make google happy but also to give people something that is actually useful and honest.


    1. Well stated Mikael. To some extent, forget Google, total focus on helping your niche audience.

      I’ve got many of the Google tricks down to where I’m ranking posts extremely fast. Sometimes in seconds in the 3rd spot on Google, sometimes number one.

      This system of addressing keywords was a challenge for me at first. But after training at Wealthy Affiliate, I got myself a system that works nicely.

      If you want it, I offer it for free through our Targeted Traffic eBook.

      Check it out, it’s almost like a guide of how to post, keyword placement, and post closings steps to ensure the best chance of ranking naturally in Google.



  5. Hello,

    Thank you for sharing your article about increasing website traffic. This can be a challenge for most when first starting out.

    I have to point out, you really explain in detail everything beginners need to know about increasing traffic to their site.

    Obviously, a lot of bloggers have problems with increasing website traffic, your tips would definitely benefit them as well.

    Kind regards

    1. Awesome Karlo, thanks for your feedback. I think you’re right, I’ve seen so many travel bloggers and people with online business ideas who don’t know how to focus and drive targeted traffic to their sites.

      It’s all about focusing on a niche audience that you can help out and connect with organic traffic from Google or YouTube, Bing, etc..

      Best of luck to you and your online business. If you’re not connected with Wealthy Affiliate’s training center, you should.

      It’s made all the difference in my online success.

  6. Hi there Todd,

    Could not agree with you anymore. Content is king and writing out quality content on a regular basis, is the best way to get your articles ranked and ultimately the traffic it deserves.

    I like your idea of out reaching on Twitter. I normally just post my articles and that’s it.I will follow your advice and try the out reaching part.

    Some excellent tips here.Thanks



  7. Hey,

    Very informative post you’ve got here.

    I really liked your explanation about keywords. You have to have a targeted keyword but still, put content #1. Write as many quality contents as you possibly can.

    You are writing it for the readers and not for google. Google will find your post one way or the other. The most important thing is that your audience really enjoys your content.

    You’ve really put that in perspective.

    Thank you for explaining it!

    1. Thanks for your feedback Nick. You’ve got it, quality content to help a niche audience is the key to getting organic content to rank and ultimately that leads to increased traffic.

      Once you get ranked, the next step is to get to the top of the rankings. The first 3 spots see so much more in terms of volume of traffic. For that, make sure you continue to share your content in social platforms and get comments on it.

      That’s one of the best way to nudge up to the top spots and start raking in the traffic.



  8. Hello Todd

    Website traffic is every blogger’s nightmare, you seem to be doing everything right but no matter how well you think you`re promoting, no one is visiting your site, your well-written posts stay there unread.

    As you mentioned, one should try posting in social media, but many bloggers mistake this by thinking all they have to do is post their links in social media then forget all about it.

    But any social media you post, sooner or later the readers will start ignoring your posts so it`s important to be active and socialize within the groups.

    Another thing that i find to work well is just to go ahead and ask people to share, I know when I got started I felt I could not ask my readers to share.

    People get confused in social media, I think the best to do is concentrate in just 2 or 3 and get a following before moving to the next and in time, the traffic will start rolling in.

    Thanks for sharing, very informative.

    1. Excelent insight to increasing one’s website traffic. Engaging in social media platforms.

      I’ll admit, I’m horrible about this and may eventually hire someone to do the job. It was a stretch for me to build the networks I have.

      And I’m sure I’d do better with engaging. For me, the focus is on consistent quality content based on white hat SEO techniques and organic ranking.

      I feel that’s the most targeted traffic one can get because it takes a series of questions people ask when looking to buy something online.

      If you hit the research phase in the later stages like.. Top rated portable bluetooth speakers?

      This has 130 monthly searches, super low competition, and would be easy to rank for if I had a niche site about speakers.

      But great points on socializing to expand your social influence and of course, that will lead to increased traffic and sales.



  9. Thanks for these tips Todd.

    I have been looking at ways to get traffic for a while now, and your site has given me a fair few ideas.

    I think doing the SEO and keywords research is the best bet, especially for the long term in any online business.

    More and more people are using the wide web for research, training, services or products, and are basically searching on google and perhaps other search engines, and this is where doing homework on seo and keywords will get the best traffic and income results.

    1. Great points Amar,

      Building long term traffic organically is all about providing quality content that helps people in a niche.

      Include white hat SEO skills taught at Wealthy Affiliate and you’ve got the makings of a online business with great success.

      I think with organic content, you build out the layers to your business. You’re still going to leverage email, social, and even PPC marketing, but first build that foundation.

      Learn more about how it works here..



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