by Todd

February 29, 2016


There’s a product called The Quick Cash System that has been making the rounds lately and people are wondering whether or not it’s a scam.

Well, if you’re wondering what is The Quick Cash System than you came to the right place, in this review we’ll discover if this service is worth our time or if it’s just another scam to avoid.

Let’s begin.

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Product Name: The Quick Cash System

Product Type: Binary Trading Signals Software

Creator: Sarah Markel (fake name)

Price: $250 min deposit (advertised as free)

Best For: Nobody, it’s a scam.

Rating: 0/100

Summary: The Quick Cash System is yet another binary trading software scam. There’s no software that can predict financial markets.

The over-the-top hype of making easy money, unknown brokerage accounts, and pressure to spend more are all part of Quick Cash System’s master plan to get you to buy into this scam.

Recommended: No

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What is The Quick Cash System?

The binary trading industry has created a lot of scams, these scams are advertised as get rich quick schemes and the solution to all of your financial problems.

It’s almost laughable at the income claims that these products promise, it’s not usual to see statements such as, “You are guaranteed to be a millionaire in the next week” and other equally crazy statements.

The Quick Cash System is no different:

The name alone is a red-flag – anything that promises fast results with little to no work required is almost always a scam.

A screenshot from the sales video of Quick Cash System showing a woman standing in front of a house with the text, "In just 24 hours become a millionaire!".

That’s a rule that I discovered while searching for an ideal business opportunity.

The system is advertised as free but it’s actually not; a deposit with a broker is required in order to activate the software, and the broker is usually some little-known company based in a third-world country.

When you enter your email details and manage to navigate through the over-hyped sales videos, then you’re given the option to choose from two brokers, Big Option and Titan Trade.

You’re required to create an account with one of these brokers and there is a minimum deposit fee required, the standard amount is $250!

Once you follow through with all of these steps you’ll be able to access the Quick Cash System trading platforms that are supposed to automatically open and close trades for you based on expert signals.

These signals are supposed to come from top traders who can predict how the market will change and how you can make the most profit on each trade.

Image that links to a free course to learn how to build your own online business.

Special Note on Binary Trading:

There are a lot of these binary signal programs that promise guaranteed results, and they all seem to have a different reason for their magical ability to predict market changes.

Some claim that their exclusive software detects micro-changes in the marketplace to detect changes while others say that they received insider information from the worlds top financial investors, the reasons are always different but always unverifiable.

Quick Cash System is supposed to use a complicated algorithm to increase the chances of you winning a trade.

If you activate the auto-trade feature you’re supposed to be able to sit back and relax while the software does all the work and sends millions of dollars to your bank account.

The only problem is that these statements are never true.

There are a lot of these scams out there and Quick Cash System is no different, in fact, it’s exactly the same as other binary signal scams.

The Woman in The Video is an Actress – Go Figure

It’s pretty obvious that Sarah Markel is not the real person behind this product, but rather that name is completely fabricated and the woman in the video is an actor.

If you’ve ever looked into any other binary trading programs, they all look like this song and dance.

Actor, beautiful home, magical system, guaranteed automatic profit, and all for free.

A screenshot from the quick cash system sales video showing a stock actor sharing a testimonial.

See, it’s rather easy to hire someone to create this kind of video for you, anyone can do it, all they need is access to a fancy-looking location.

You can hire people who will praise your product or service for five bucks or even less!

I admit, the video production for Quick Cash System is a little higher than the usual scams, but you still don’t need much money to create that kind of video.

Basically, the sales video is completely full of hype and false promises, there are very few details about the service included, instead, the speaker goes on about how you are a few clicks away from becoming a millionaire.

What I Didn’t Like

For starters, all the crazy hype is too over-the-top and unrealistic. The product promises something that is literally impossible and doesn’t make any logical sense.

When it comes to these kind of products, we have to ask ourselves, “why would someone be giving away this system for free?”

The answer is always because it doesn’t actually perform as promised.

So, there are a lot of things that I don’t like about this product, mainly the false promises, and the fact that it doesn’t even work.

It’s also important to note that the recommended brokers are not available in the United States and they both have horrible ratings and plenty of complaints online.

The most common complaint being how difficult it is to process a withdrawal, many documents are required, and it takes a long time.

The second most common complaint is that, immediately after you deposit funds, the phone rings, and a sales rep attempts to convince you to deposit even more funds for no reason other than it’s supposed to increase you earnings.

It’s clear that Quick Cash System is a scam, even the name is enough to convince you that it’s a get-rich-scheme.

So what does work? Check out the link below.

After Years of Testing Out Products, Here’s What I Recommend:

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Conclusion on Quick Cash System:

So, if you are interesting in making money with binary options, then I highly recommend that you use a reputable broker, one that is well-known and allows you to create a demo account.

As a rule, one should never sign-up for programs that promise an unlimited amount of wealth with no work involved, programs that promise these results are always scams.

If you really want to learn how to create online income and passive income; and you are willing to roll up your sleeves and get to work, we have got you covered.

This is the same training I used to build my online business.

They’ve created an easy to follow training program to teach you how to build a successful online business.

Created by successful people and for successful people. It’s all right there for you to discover.

Take a quick look at our comparison chart and you can see value in a training program like Wealthy Affiliate offers. BTW – It’s free to check out.

So, what is The Quick Cash System? Well, I’m sorry to say that it’s a scam and you should avoid it at all costs.

Please be careful when checking out online money making products!


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Hi, I’m the founder of Learn to Grow Wealth Online. My goal is to help you create a brilliant online business. One that is profitable and will grow wealth for you and your loved ones well into the future. If you're willing to put in the effort, I can help you create your own source of online income.

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    1. Clyde,

      I’d highly recommend you not to join Quick Cash System – it’s a scam man.

      All the binary bots are scams – you’d be better off paying monkeys to picks stocks for you instead.

  1. Wow, I never heard of the quick cash system but am glad I have now because I know to stay away from it. So sad that people keep scamming hard working individuals online because they know people want to make money online and many will pay almost anything in hopes to change their lives. I know for a fact Wealthy Affiliate is good to join because I am a member there and it is worth every penny. It has helped me a lot and I’m still learning each day.

    1. Hey Nicole, yeah, there’s a lot of garbage online and Quick Cash System is just another scam to avoid. Thanks also your feedback on Wealthy Affiliate. Nicole, I’ve been a member at WA and I still have tons of courses to go through. Just go check out their Live Video Training courses and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

      There’s is so much value in what you get with a Wealthy Affiliate membership. Best part, it’s free to check out.


  2. I have heard quite a lot about binary options trading and I have to agree with you in that I think most of the time you need to be extremely wary of anyone promising you results without any hard work. It just doesn’t seem to make sense.

    If it really was that easy, would everyone already have bought this program? That is my opinion, if something out there is really that easy, then everyone would have already bought the program and we would all be millionaires.

    In the real world success obviously requires some work.

    1. Hey Alec,

      Excellent point, making real money takes time and commitment, but it can be done if you’re willing to work at it like going to college. If you have this ability or spare time, you can make it happen.

      And what does that mean? A stream of passive income once you’ve build out your online business correctly. For that, check out the best online training center around, Wealthy Affiliate, they have all the tools and resources for online success.

      With your insight Alec, you’ll do great. Cheers, Todd

  3. Hi Todd

    I enjoyed my time at your site and review on quick cash system. What a joke. I found your site to be well laid out, very readable and the content delivered what it said on the tin!

    I have to add that while having invested only around 20 hours in WA I have learned more about internet marketing and website design in that time than I have in the last 30 years in business.

    I hope you manage to continue your mobile online lifestyle! I think the pics of you at different locales hard at work in the surf or on the beach serve to highlight the benefits of being a digital entrepreneur more than any words can do!



    1. Hey Grant,

      Thanks for your feedback on my site and our review of Quick Cash System. Wealthy Affiliate offers a free membership to come in and check them out. That says a lot about the confidence in their training.

      Systems like Quick Cash appeal to people who love the idea of making easy money online and that’s just silly.

      Keep working with Wealthy Affiliate, set some goals, stick to the daily training’s to build out your site correctly and then most importantly, catch the Weekly Webinars.

      The webinars are so important to help you make your site an SEO magnet.

      Thanks for the great feedback on my site, too kind!


  4. Great review!! My mother-in-law got scammed by a Binary Options site claiming they could get her a ridiculous amount of money per day, if she just followed their tips. I think in the end she lost about $350 before she figured it was a scam. I just wish she read some the reviews around like yours. The get-rich-quick-schemes still suck people in. Why do you think that is?

  5. Thanks Todd for the helpful links and content. Some great post for those exploring affiliate marketing, building online business, and lots of great resources.

    1. Hi Teresa,

      Thanks for your kind feedback on our Quick Cash System review. I wrote a post on how to spot a scam, and maybe you might want to pass it on to your mother.

      I think the biggest reason scams work so well is that human nature causes us to always seek pleasure and avoid pain. So when people hear about fast cash and easy money online, they lose all judgement and jump in without thinking. Compare that to what this site teaches about making money online which is that it honestly takes time and hard work.

      Not the most popular statements to get people to fork over their cash. I wrote a post about how long it takes to make money online and I’d encourage anyone out there that’s serious about making money online to read it.


  6. Very good review of Quick Cash System. God I wish I would have read this before getting stuck in this binary option scam.

    Quick Cash System seems to be very critical and many times gave fake signals to me. I wasn’t sure what to do so I trusted some of the Quick Cash service people. Want to know my results.

    I lost my $370 deposit with 2 hours. Then the Quick Cash System said it would give me 10%-15% profit if I continued to invest. I went on to lose another $1,235. What a nightmare. I was able to contact my credit card so they can’t take any more money from me, but I thought I better leave this feedback for anyone else who is searching this company online.

    I hope this will help others from getting involved with the scammers at Quick Cash.

    1. Hey Ron,

      I’m really sorry to hear about this but not surprised. Thanks for your feedback and testimony to this typical binary option scams that are everyone online these days.

      I’m sure your comment will help scare straight other that are looking to Quick Cash System, hopefully others will realize there’s no such thing as quick cash online, unless you’ve built a real online business that helps people, then the cash comes in everyday.

      If you’re interested in earning some of that money back and creating a real long-term online business, check out this post.


  7. We know these type of programs like quick cash system all too well. It’s the shiny object in the internet we are told to stay away specially as a beginner.

    It could be very appealing to become rich overnight but this just isnt realistic. Making money online takes some very hard work and time to execute.

    Another great review by your side Todd.
    Best Regards,

    1. Hi Yunier,

      Thanks for your feedback on Quick Cash System as well as your advice. I think it depends on the niche you chose determins how long it takes to make consistent money online. I chose a tough niche and so it took me almost a year. If I would have chosen a niche like I was originally thinking, that naturally has more appeal and interest, I would have made money much sooner.

      There’s a 20 y.o. guy at WA that had a cool niche and by his 11th month, he was making over 4,300/mo. His name is Colton, and here’s his success post.

      But you are right, it takes some time and dedication. If you can go into internet marketing like you’re a college student.


  8. Hi Todd,

    I hate when I see products like the Quick Cash System being advertised as something that is going to make you get rich quick.

    Just like everything in life, there are no shortcuts to real success. If you want to make money online, it is going to take time and effort.

    I also like how this is a negative review of the Quick Cash System. Too many people write review of b.s. products because they can get a commission for getting people to sign up. Good work and thanks for the read!

    1. Amen Eric, preach on brother. After checking out so many infomercials of internet marketing products like the Quick Cash System, it gets a bit nauseating.

      Thanks for the feedback and glad you enjoyed the review. If you’re tired of the bs online and looking for a real and effective training program, that does require work and effort, Wealthy Affiliate has got you covered.



  9. Hi Todd,

    Thanks so much for this thorough and awesome review of Quick Cash System! I have heard about this program and always wondered how many people have tried it. I do understand it, because sometimes when you’re desperate, you’re so vulnerable and willing to do almost anything to succeed online.

    Unfortunately, I was one of them. I fell for a different scam (not the quick cash system scam) online and learned the hard way. I tried to get my money back but was unsuccessful.

    I commend you so much for posting this review and I sincerely hope that people come across it before they give these thieves any of their hard earned money!

    What you’re doing to educate people is wonderful!!

    1. Thanks so much Anna. That’s awesome feedback and I really hope that I can steer people away from online scams like Quick Cash System.

      There are so many online scams and poor training products marketed to inexperienced online marketers. If people want a real educational program to create their own online business, check out my #1 ranked training program. You’ll be glad you did.



  10. Hi!

    I really appreciate your review on Quick Cash System! I would like to say that I have tried many different programs in order to make some extra cash, but all of them were just scams.

    When I found Wealthy Affiliates, I felt that my dream can finally come true. They have a big community so people can help you anytime. Also, the trainings made by Kyle and Carson, the owners, are really good, even if you know nothing about computers. Thx

    1. Hi Tanya,

      Thanks for your feedback the Quick Cash System as well as your experience working with Wealthy Affiliate (WA). I see so many people who online that want to know what it takes to make quick cash online, but that’s just not the case.

      Of course you can sell stuff on Amazon/eBay, but to make a real business out of this takes time and a lot more risk than affiliate marketing or creating a site to advertise on.

      But I’ve found the education offered by Wealthy Affiliate was the difference in helping me create a successful online business.

      What is quick cash system? A waste of time, for those that are serious about creating a real online business that makes a long term passive income, WA is the way to go.



  11. Hi Todd,
    I have been through this video and to be honest it is one of the better ones I have seen. But obviously, for most rational people what they promise is just impossible. Something that’s advertised as free but will still cost you $250. The free software doesn’t work, so it’s pretty worthless anyway.

    If you want to trade binary options much better to do it on your own and choose a regulated broker, not the brokers recommended by The Quick Cash System.

    At the end of the day trading binary options is just like gambling so shouldn’t be used as a way to earn to earn money online. If you have a $200 you can afford to lose, you can give it a try, but it’s a much better idea to build your own business.

    This is hard work maybe, but it can provide you with a recurring income, which is way better than the recurring losses you are likely to achieve trading binary options.
    Thanks for your excellent review Todd.
    All the best,

    1. Absolutely Peter. I’m so happy I put in the initial effort to start my own online business. Yesterday I totally blew off Monday to spend time with my wife. And I was able to still bring in a couple hundred dollars on autopilot thanks to recurring affiliate commissions. How cool is that. For those looking for this type of success, it’s there and for the taking.

      Personally I think all these videos look so cheesy and the promises are ridiculous. It’s almost the exact same video as Push Button Commissions uses (another binary trading wonder product). Just like Quick Cash System, they use actors, a beautiful staged house, and of course people that have never met trying the system with instant success. It almost makes me want to throw up anymore.

      Thanks for your feedback and that’s good advice for those who do want to gamble with binary options.

  12. Wow! This site is legit man. Great work, from the content to the layout. Everything looks very well organized. I also like the social plug ins and I appreciate the thorough product review on the quick cash system. How did you insert a snapshot of the video on your page?

    1. Thanks Luis for the feedback on Quick Cash System and my site. It’s a fun process to put a site together and your feedback means a lot to me. As for the snapshots, you can use Monosnap, just google it and download. It’s super easy to use and it’s free.

      For another cool screencast tool, check out this post on How To Video Record Your Computer Screen.



  13. Hi Todd

    I’m glad you didn’t add the quick cash system video for this scam production, it would likely make me want to upchuck my supper.

    You hit the nail on the head! If they suggest quick money, in little time with no effort except to hand over your cash.

    Run, Run, Run, the other way as fast as you can!

    I totally dig your description and suggestion for those wanting to create an online and passive income. A proven place like Wealthy Affiliate is the way to go, it will take work but at least, it is real and it is up to you to make it a success.

    Good Stuff Todd!


    1. Perfectly stated Paul and thanks for your feedback on Quick Cash System. I know what your saying, the sales videos for these guys (and there’s several of these scams that use the same video concept) is disgustingly hard to sit through.

      When you see scams like this, you just wonder who’s falling for this type of marketing. But the ego wants that fast cash for no work and it scams people time and time again.

      And yes, WA is the best online training program I’ve ever reviewed.



  14. Oh Oh! Scam alert!
    Even before reading your review about “The Quick Cash System” the name itself had my alarm bells ring!
    Then reading the first few lines, $250 deposit advertised as free, and the fake name as the owner really had my spider senses tingling.
    It really is unfortunate that so many people take the easy option and fall for these easy money scams!
    If you really want to learn how to make money online, learn the skills from a proven performer such as Wealthy Affiliate, then roll the sleeves up and put in a bit of old fashioned hard work!
    Great review!

    1. Nicely stated John. What’s amazing is how many similar scams there are just like Quick Cash System. Auto Mobile Code and Push Button Commissions have almost the exact same sales presentation. After you’ve sat through 10 minutes of one of these types of infomercials, it’s almost sickening or laughable – depending on your mood.

      But you’ve got it right, people fall for the fast cash concept all too often. And you’ve make a great point, find a real online training center and come up with a plan and then take action on that plan.

      Over time you’ll be so happy you put in the work and created something of value that eventually works for you. I’m so happy that I started my online business. It took a good amount of work at first, but now it pays me back every single day with a 1/4 of the effort (if that).

      Great to hear from you and thanks for sharing your perspective as a fellow online business man.


  15. Thanks for laying out what the quick cash system is all about. The claims that you can become a millionaire in 24 hours is enough to know that the program is a scam.

    If it were that easy to make overnight millionaires, then everyone would buy the program, and the stiff competition would bring the prices back down.

    It’s such a shame that people actually fall for this stuff. Kudos to you for educating the public!

    1. I hear ya Alec, it’s baffling to me sometimes as well what people fall for in the online money making industry. It’s actually sad when you think about it. People are really looking for honest ways to supplement their income or create a positive change in life by being able to work online.

      That’s why scams like The Quick Cash System work on a lot of people. I promote real training programs and the reality is that you can make great money online, but you’ve got to be willing to invest some time into proper training and be willing to take action on what you learn.



  16. Nice review of Quick Cash System. One lesson I really learned the hard way was to do my research before shelling out the money for something on the internet.

    I believe the first system/scam, whatever you want to call it that I purchased was the empower network. Them guys screwed me blue.

    One thing we must keep in the forefront of our mind is that quick riches only happen in the movies. Torrey

    1. That’s some greats advice Torrey and for those reading this review who are analyzing a training program, just put the program name and add reviews or scam and see what you come up with.

      Sorry to hear about Empower Network, they’ve stung lots of new internet marketers. Hopefully this review will really let people know what is the quick cash system and to stay far away from yet another binary trading system scam.



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