What is Thrive Architect? Check Out Our Thrive Architect Review!

What is Thrive Architect? Can you use it to build landing pages with WordPress? Does it work as promised?

Today we’ll take a look at another product from Thrive themes, Thrive Architect.

What is Thrive Architect?

This product, Thrive Architect, is a visual page builder for WordPress, it makes it possible for you to design beautiful landing and sales pages.

Thrive Architect is an upgrade from Thrive Theme’s previous page builder, Thrive Content Builder.

The entire purpose of this tool is not only to build websites, but rather funnels to build an email list, something every marketer agrees is important.

There are a lot of things I liked about this product – and the more I learn about Thrive – the more I love it!

Thrive architect logo.

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Not only is Thrive Architect a very useful tool, with the Thrive Membership package (Read Our In-depth Review) you’ve got the ultimate tool to transform a normal WordPress website into a massive sales funnel.

So without further delay, lets dive right in.

Who is Thrive Architect For?

Thrive Architect is perfect for anyone who is looking to build a list or sell digital, eCommerce, or affiliate marketing products.

This plugin is a Conversion Magnet! Since we’ve switched over to Thrive I’ve seen a dramatic change in optin’s and sales conversions. Todd, founder of LearnToGrowWealthOnline.com

Building a list is one of the pillars needed to build a successful online business, so it goes without saying that everyone should be working on their list.

But to build a list you’ll need something to giveaway for free. 

If you already have that, Thrive Architect will provide you with the perfect platform to advertise it.

Otherwise, its best to wait until you have a solid offer in place.

Regardless, since every element on screen can be edited, Thrive Architect is perfect for people who are not familiar with HTML and website design.

In short, Thrive Architect is a very user and beginner friendly page builder for WordPress.

Image that links to a free course to learn how to build your own online business.

What I Like About Thrive Architect:

For starters, there are not many page builders for WordPress.

So it fills a need, and it does an excellent job at it as well.

I love the live-editor. 

With WordPress, when you write an article or make changes to a page, to see the changes you have to either click “Preview” or save the page and open it in a new tab.

Constantly switching tabs and waiting for the pages to load can consume a lot of time.

With Thrive Architect you can edit the page and see the changes in real time – it saves a lot times and makes things much easier.

I also really like the visual editor. 

Instead of having to tinker with code to get every element in place, hover over different areas of a page and you’ll see which areas can be edited.

Click on an area to input text or add another element, like a picture, video, testimonial, and more.

One other feature that is really interesting is the flexible element size adjustment.

With this feature you can adjust the size of any element on the screen.

For example, if you want to make an article title larger, select the title, and click and drag to increase the size – its really simple!

You can also drag and drop already-made widgets to add more features and functionality.

A screenshot of the widgets included in thrive architect.

The following are some of the widgets you can add: 

  • Buttons.
  • Text Boxes.
  • Click to Tweet.
  • Images.
  • Videos.
  • Columns.
  • Headers.
  • Banners.

You can also link your email management systems to make things even easier.

With these widgets, the editor, and a solid offer makes creating a high-converting sales page a walk in the park.

One More Feature I Loved is the Article Visual Editor

With Thrive Architect you can add all sorts of style-related elements to your articles to really make them leave a lasting impression on your readers.

You can drag in all the widgets mentioned earlier, or just use the text widgets to include a specific call to action.

This feature alone has the potential to drastically improve your website’s revenue!

More importantly, every well-known marketer agrees your content should not only be well written but also look good as well.

Thrive Architect makes it possible for you to add a whole new level of style to your articles!

It comes with plenty of already-made themes. 

The product also comes with a collection of already-made templates you can use; some of them just require a tiny bit of editing before you can use them.

I recommend beginners to use the already made templates because you only have to make a few changes to match the theme to your offer.

I also like the pricing structure. 

A screenshot of Thrive Architect pricing based on license pack: Single license for $67, 5 license pack for $97 and a 15 pack for $147.

Thrive Architect is included in the Thrive Theme membership, but you don’t have to subscribe to use the product.

You can buy the stand-alone version for a one-time fee.

For most people, the Single License is sufficient to get started.

The cool thing about this product is all the features are unlocked for every version of the product. 

So you don’t need to worry about missing out on some features, the Single License includes every feature.

Thrive Architect Con's

On the other hand, though Thrive Architect is a well made product, but are there any downsides?

The most common complaint comes from previous customers, customers who used the older version of the product, Thrive Content Builder, to build their pages.

Most of the complaints are regarding the upgrade process.

Customers have complained their pages have been messed up when being upgraded to the new version.

So the upgrade is not a totally smooth process, some editing is required to get your pages back in order. 

Other than that, there are quite a few settings panels that can be overwhelming for beginners.

There is a small learning curve, but as someone who has tried other visual-editors, I can say Thrive Architect is one of the best to date.

You also have access to Thrive Knowledge Base which provides helpful videos and tutorials on how to use every aspect of the product.

A screenshot of thrive architect to show you how to build pricing tables.

Also, you can NOT use Thrive Architect with older posts.

Instead, you have Thrive Short-codes to add some of the design elements to your older posts.

Generally, the product does its job amazingly well. 

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Our Conclusion on Thrive Architect:

To conclude, Thrive Architect is still a new plugin but it is one of the best landing page builders for WordPress and I highly recommend it.

The Single License version is perfect for beginners!

You also don’t have to use this tool to advertise an offer, you can also use it to add more style to your articles and website.

But to make the most of it, I recommend using it to advertise an offer to build your list. To get a better idea as to exactly what Thrive can do for your online business, check out out Thrive Themes Membership Review.

Now you know what is Thrive Architect! Thanks for taking the time to read our Thrive Architect review!

Thrive Architect

$67 for Single License



  • Great Visual Page Builder for WordPress. Plenty of Elements to Customize.
  • Includes Plenty of Done-for-You Templates
  • Single License is Cheap. Great for Beginners.


  • Doesn't Work with Old Posts
  • Upgrading Can be Troublesome
  • Learning Curve
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