Viridian Review: What is Viridian Energy?

If you're wondering what is Viridian Energy, and if you can make money with their  compensation plan, continue reading this Viridian Energy review. 

Chances are you someone has approached you trying to sign you on as a sales-rep for Viridian Energy through promises of a cheaper energy bill and other benefits. 

But are these benefits worthwhile? Or does Viridian Energy make matters worse? 

Find out here. 

Viridian Energy Review Summary: 

Product Name: Viridian Energy

CEO: Michael Fallquist

Industry: Energy MLM Program

Price: $299 enrollment + other fees

Rating: 20/100


Expensive to join. Terrible customer support. Consumers often end up with much larger energy bills than expected. Many small fees too, and sales requirements.


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What is Viridian Energy ? 

First things first. 

Viridian Energy (or Viridian Group) is an Irish energy-company that focuses on creating environmentally-friendly energy solutions through solar panels, wind power, and other means. The energy created from these methods is siphoned off to households for a fee. 

People can sign up as sales reps (distributors) and earn money by either selling energy-plans or building a down-line, the standard MLM compensation model. 

Types of Products:

  • Commercial
  • Residential Energy
  • Solar 

Viridian Energy is a member of the Crius Energy group which includes a wide range of other energy companies, such as Tri Eagle, Comcast Energy Rewards, Cincinnati Bell, and others. 

Sound familiar?

We reviewed an almost identical company, known as Stream Energy, and you can read our Stream Energy review here.  

The goal of both companies is the same. But can they deliver? 

First, let's take a look at their compensation plan. 

Making Money with Viridian Energy: 

As mentioned earlier, Viridian Energy operates a standard MLM structure, identical to other MLM companies. If you're familiar with MLM companies, chances are you know how this compensation looks already. Nevertheless, we'll review their compensation plan.

Wait a Minute! 

Promoting a MLM Company is rarely a good idea.

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Viridian Energy offers six ways to earn as a distributor: 

  1. Personal Pay
  2. Trio Bonuses
  3. Team Pay
  4. Leadership Match Bonuses
  5. VLIFE Bonuses
  6. Promotional Pay

We'll talk about the most important options below. 

Members who participate in the compensation plan are known as "Viridian Associates" and the goal is to build a business by promoting Viridian Products to friends. Let's run through the previously mentioned income options. 

Binary Leg System: 

Viridian Energy uses a two-binary leg system, a common system in the MLM industry. The idea is recruit two new people, and get them to recruit two new people, and so forth. This is called your Personal Sponsorship Lineage, or a fancy way of saying a down-line. 

When members on your team complete the Trio Bonus you can earn a Mentor Bonus, as well as Leadership Check Matches, and Generational Check Matches, among other bonuses. The goal is to earn weekly checks from this binary system. 

Personal Pay: 

This option is rather straightforward. Personal Pay is Viridian Energy's term for commissions, or the income that comes from personal product sales. As is usual with MLM companies, this method has the least income potential. 

There are two types of commissions: 

  1. Flat Rate - One Time
  2. Recurring

Recurring commissions occur when a personally invited member continue to pay for their Viridian Energy products. In the case of electricity, the payment for each Kilowatt of usage is sent directly to the person who recommended them. 

Look at it like this: 

When you purchase a Viridian Energy plan from someone, and you continue to use the service, the bills will be directly sent to the person who recommended you. So you're paying someone else, minus the 0.5% usage fee. 

The following are some Viridian Products: 

  • Electricity & Gas Accounts
  • Travel Light Memberships
  • Solar Installations
  • And others...
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Trio Bonuses: 

This is where the real pyramid-like structure is revealed. Trio Bonuses are assigned when a member completes a set of "Fast Start" tasks, within a 28 day time period. If the member completes all these tasks they can qualify for the Trio Bonus. 

To earn the Trio Bonus, a member must... 

  1. Enroll as a official Viridian Associate
  2. Become Active (15 PQV)
  3. Sponsor at least two people, on each side. 

If you complete these tasks, you'll earn $100 and your personal sponsor will earn a $50 bonus. 

Team Pay

Screenshot of Viridian Energy's Team Pay structure, with left and right side

You can earn Team Pay by balancing CV in both legs of your lineage. For example, if you have 1,000 CV on one side, and the same on the other side, the bonus would be 1,000 x 15% which comes to $150. These commissions are paid weekly, though a limit may apply. 


You might have noticed there are other ways to earn we didn't mention here, that's because those methods are far out of reach for the average member.

Those methods apply for "Phase 3" of the plan which is all about creating more leaders, a challenging task for most people. Either way, as long as you are clear on the basics, that's enough. 

Viridian Energy Pros:

Despite the model seeming innocent enough, there is something dark lurking underneath. Before we get into that, let's look at the positive. 

1. Focus on Green Energy:

Green energy is incredibly important, and more companies and businesses need to shift their priorities towards it.

Kudos to Viridian for doing their part in using energy created only from renewable methods, such as wind turbines, solar panels, and other methods. 

The Cons with Viridian Energy:

Unfortunately, Viridian Energy has a negative side you need to know about. 

1. Very Expensive to Join:

Notice I said join. We're not talking about their energy-plans at the moment. To participate in their compensation plan and join as a distributor, you need to pay a $299 admission fee. But that's not the worst part. 

2. Limited Locations, Income Only from Recruitment:

As an experiment, I entered some ZIP codes into the register-as-an-distributor page, and out of the 10 ZIP Codes, only a couple had plans available, though extremely limited. How are members supposed to make money when most of the states don't have plans available?

It's clear the only way to earn is by recruiting new members, a flimsy business model that requires a lot of work, for few results. 

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3. Viridian Energy is Not Transparent:

Weirdly enough, Viridian Energy doesn't make their prices public, unless you do a private investigator level of research on the company. Even on the customer registration page there are no prices, only a statement that says prices are tailored to your budget.

But you have to enter your payment information first, then you can see the price, which I found strange. Companies should be clear about how much a service will cost, at least offer a ball park figure so consumers have a general idea. 

4. Numerous Complaints, Poor Reputation:

While researching this company, I found an abundance of negative reviews. It is clear the company does not have a good reputation. For instance, their Yelp rating is 1.5/5 stars, with 34 reviews. The most common complaints about this company are the regarding fees and poor customer support.

From the looks of it, Viridian often switches energy plans without notice, leading to consumers paying incredibly high bills. For instance, I keep coming across complaints where the customer mentions they ordered a fixed rate energy plan but Viridian changed it to a variable rate.

For example:  

A review of Viridian Energy claiming they charge much more than advertised

Click the image to enlarge it.

Ironically, the company offers savings, but most consumers report spending more on their energy plans than normal. Not good. 

5. Terrible Customer Support:

Customer support for the company is practically non-existent, with support tickets going unanswered for months. According to online reviews, customers have an incredibly difficult time canceling plans or dealing with issues. It looks like the company has a habit of avoiding solving complaints.

Not something you want. 

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Is Viridian Energy a Scam? 

Viridian Energy follows all the legal guidelines, so technically it's not a scam. On the other hand, it's not something we recommend. The cons mentioned above are more than enough to avoid the company altogether.

Most MLM companies promise savings and chances of high earnings, while the results are always the opposite. But if you're looking for a way to earn money online... 

A Much Better Alternative: 

If you're looking for way to make money online, I recommend sticking to a program that is simple, straightforward, and doesn't cost an arm and a leg to join. When you start picking apart MLM companies, it's a shock so many people fall for them.

But what's the alternative?

Well, there are a number of paths you can take, but the main one we recommend (because it's the easiest) is affiliate marketing - and it's free. Find a product you like, and promote it as an affiliate for a cut. Very simple. Very easy. 

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Thanks for taking the time to read this what is Viridian Energy review. I hope you remain cautious when considering these programs, as they're rarely what they seem. Leave a comment if you have any questions or experience with this MLM company!

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