What is Volkno? Is It a Scam? Does it Work in 2020?

Volkno promises to reward users for watching videos and completing simple tasks. But many people are calling Volkno a scam. Is it true? Does Volkno work? Or is there an alternative way to make money online out there? 

Volkno Review Facts: 



Approval Period:


Platform Type:  

Earn by Watching Media

Payout Options:

Amazon Gift Cards


U.S. Residents

Min Payout:

$5 Amazon Gift Card

 Volkno Review Rating: 

Recommended: 50/50

I think if you want to earn some quick Amazon Gift Cards, then Volkno is not a bad platform. The tasks are very simple and you can earn an okay amount. Watching the same movie trailer multiple times is tedious but it's more engaging than filling on the same surveys over and over. My main complaint with Volkno is you need to be in the U.S. (or have a U.S. address) to request an Amazon gift card. 

Here's what I really recommend: 


What is Volkno?

A screenshot from Volno's homepage describing how to watch videos.

Volkno is an online platform where users can leave feedback on popular videos, mostly movie trailers, to earn points. There are a number of types of feedback you can leave, such as hot or not, emojis, tags, and overall rating. The platform uses a point system called Flow, and you can redeem Flow for gift cards. It's very similar to App Trailer

Is Volkno a Scam? 

Volkno is not a scam. They do award points (Flow) as promised and they send the gift cards within a reasonable period of time. The reason some people say Volkno is a scam is because the company, at times, can delay gift cards, and their customer support doesn't seem to work. We cover more of the issues in the Volkno cons section. 

What We Liked: 

 ✔️ Free Platform, Easy to Sign-up

I like how the platform is free and it only takes a few minutes to create an account. They do require some personal information, such as your age, gender, ethnicity, and status (single, married, etc). They don't require your phone number, or any other invasive information, which is nice (except for address, which we'll talk about in the cons section). 

✔️ Flow is Added Instantly, No Approval Period 

I like how the Flow is added to your account as soon as you finish watching a video. No need to wait. You can also instantly boost the amount by completing additional tasks, like adding tags, and whatnot. Very convenient. 

✔️ Just Watch Videos and React

Basically, the only thing that you need to do is watch popular videos, mostly movie trailers. These aren't random obscure videos, either, so at least you can stay up to date with the latest movies. I personally like watching trailers. It's very easy to do, and you don't need to fill in pages of data to earn a few cents. 

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What You Need to Know: 

👎 Works Worldwide, But U.S Address Needed to Redeem Gift Cards

While you can access the website and earn Flow anywhere in the world, you are unable to redeem gift cards unless you enter a U.S. address. I can see how this can be quite frustrating for people who invested a lot of time into the platform only to find out they can't even get a gift card. 

👎 Some People Never Receive Their Gift Cards

I noticed a lot of complaints that mention Volkno never sent them the promised gift cards. Bear in mind, that doesn't happen to everyone, but some bugs are to be expected. When in doubt, you can always email their customer support. 

👎 No PayPal or Cash-Options

It would be nice to have other cash-out options, maybe even gift cards from other companies. While the company might expend in the future, at the moment you can only earn Amazon Gift Cards. 

👎 No Social Media Presence

The company used to have a Facebook page but it has been taken down. There's really not much information about who is behind this platform, besides a name, someone called Joe. It would be nice if they were a bit more transparent and communicative.

Continue reading for more information...  

How Do You Earn with Volkno? 

Earning Flow with Volkno is primarily done by watching movie trailers and leaving feedback on those trailers. There are a couple of other ways to earn too, such as by completing simple surveys. The most popular method is watching trailers. 

A screenshot showing Flow earned from Volkno Platform.

The way it works is you watch a trailer, to the end, and then leave the requested feedback. You can either leave a 1 to 10 star rating or an emoji or even tags, it depends on what they ask you to do.

In some cases, you'll be asked to give feedback while you watch, as a way to make sure you're still on the page. These sessions are called "Rounds" and the more rounds you complete, the more bonus Flow you earn. 

The rounds: 

  • Hot or Not
  • Tag It
  • Emoji
  • Comment
  • Rate It

Overall, it's an interesting platform, and Flow is instantly added to your account. On the other hand, there are a few issues you need to know about... 

Cashing Out:  

A screenshot showing Volkno's Amazon Gift Card store.

Unfortunately, Volkno only allows users to cash out via Amazon Gift Cards. They do not use PayPal or any other payment methods. Currently, 1,000 Flow is equal to one US dollar. 

The Best Volkno Alternative? 

If you're looking for a Volkno alternative, I would recommend one of the other well-known survey platforms that offer moderate to high payments, such as Survey Junkie. Another one is Swag Bucks

On the other hand, you can't expect to earn money from survey and reward platforms. A few dollars here and there, and the most, for many hours of work. It's not sustainable, or a recommended income method. 

Instead, the goal should be to pursue passive income. It's not a myth, there are plenty of success stories. One way to earn passive income is by learning how to build an online business. It's much easier than you think. 

But you need the right place to start. You need a hand to guide you through all the scams and dead strategies to something that actually works. Wealthy Affiliate might be exactly what you're looking for... 

Thanks for taking the time to read this Volkno review. If you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comment section below. Good luck. 





  • Free Platform, Easy to Sign-up
  • Flow is Added Instantly, No Approval Period
  • Just Watch Videos and React


  • Works Worldwide, But U.S Address Needed to Redeem Gift Cards
  • Some People Never Receive Their Gift Cards
  • No PayPal or Cash-Options, Support is Not Great
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