What Is Wix Website Builder – Better Yet, Is Wix Right For You?

If you want to know what is Wix website builder, read this review in it’s entirety.

Wix has gained popularity in recent years as one of the premium website builders in the industry and it’s easy to see why.

With hundreds of brilliantly designed templates to choose from, and an easy to use drag & drop interface, it’s tempting to make Wix.com the new home for your next website or eCommerce store.

But Don’t Do It!

Keep reading to see the downsides of building a business based website with Wix.

A screenshot from Wix Website Builder showing a sample template.

Traveling Wix Website Template – Very Clean & Professional Looking

Why Wix is NOT the Right Website Builder:

What Is Wix Website Builder? An awesome website builder or a giant waste of time?

It depends on your needs.

Answer these 4 questions to see if Wix is right for you.

1.) Do you want a website that naturally brings traffic to your business?

2.) Want a site that is fast and responsive?

3.) Do you want your site to be original?

4.) Maybe you’re looking to create a long term business with your website?

If you answered YES to one of these questions, than the Wix Website Builder is NOT for you.

Sorry to disappoint, I know how cool their templates are, and the drag and drop editor is fun to play with.

A screenshot of a complaint about Wix.com saying it's not a great tool for creating a business website.

Recent Wix Customer Feedback – Not So Good

I have a tremendous amount of respect for the creators of Wix Website Builder and what they are trying to accomplish.

Who knows, in a few years and with some major changes to their system, they might be the next WordPress (btw: WordPress is the #1 website builder in the world for good reason).

But if you are really looking to build a stellar website that brings in the bacon, then Wix is not for you.

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What’s a Better Website Builder than Wix?

Instead I’d recommend sticking with the global winner, WordPress and in particular, using the WordPress free website builder SiteRubix to help you achieve your goals.

With SiteRubix (click the link to see our review), you get free step by step video training on how to build your own WordPress website, along with an education on building traffic and monetizing your site.

On the other hand, if you are a total newbie who wants to put up a website just for fun, than Wix might be great for you. Here’s a couple of their templates to see for yourself.

A screenshot from some of the Wix templates, one for Exotic Pet Shop and the other for Tennis Lessons.

Pre-made Niche Website Templates from Wix

Their templates look great, they’re very clean and and it’s easy to put up a website in little time with Wix.

But be forewarned, Wix websites are slow and do not rank well in search engines like Google (see user feedback below).

The Inherent Problem with Wix:

The problem with most drag and drop website builders is that they DON’T teach you SEO (search engine optimization) techniques. We saw this in our review of IncomeShops.com and this is true with Wix as well.

And Wix in particular, is very poor with their SEO naturally due to the way they display your post URL’s.

If I’ve lost anyone here, SEO refers to getting natural, or what’s called organic traffic to your site as well as getting your content to rank naturally through search engine optimization techniques.

Good SEO means your site is highly recognized by search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Poor SEO is simply the opposite.

If you are creating a website or online business, then the Wix is not the way to go.

What I Like About Wix:

Like I mentioned, it’s easy to get create your own website and fairly intuitive to add applications (widgets), pages, design a home page and create a functional site.

Here’s a site I created in less than 10 minutes.

A screenshot from a website I made in 10 minutes with Wix.

My Natural Healing Center Website

The paid plans are relative inexpensive and include a free domain name and hosting for your site. Other positive features of the Wix website builder include..

  • Impressive theme styles (templates) that are great for Artists, Bands, Photographers, Small Businesses
  • No programming skills needed
  • Easy & Free to sign up with your email
  • Easy to design and add widgets/apps
  • Checkout and Payment Features
  • Offers a free website with hosting services – limited functionality (see below)
  • Convenient to add videos, photos, slideshows, buttons

Wix Website Builder – Free Version No Thanks

You can enter Wix for free and start creating your own free site. This is a great way to allow you to come in and test out the website builder without any risk.

One thing I didn’t like with Wix’s free websites is that you have multiple Wix ads on your site. You don’t get this with free WordPress websites.

A screenshot of the Wix banner that is on every free Wix website.

Wix Ads on Free Sites at the Top & Bottom of every page on your site

Another problem with the free Wix sites is that you have a horrible URL (this is the address to your website).

For example, with the site I created for free, my URL is www.emailname.wix.com/toddshealthworld versus if you created a website at SiteRubix, the site would be called ToddsHealthWorld.siterubix.com.

I certainly would want to put the first site on my business card.

But this isn’t a major problem since it’s a free site. Both sites lack the traditional suffix that you’ll want to have of .com, .org, .net, etc.

Lastly with Wix free websites, you DON’T have access to many of the functional applications (or widgets) to make your site usable. This is not the case with free website builders like SiteRubix.

Not only do you get all the applications that Wix offers (216 total), you get access to 10,000 WordPress widgets. Plus you can add Google Analytics, Google Adsense, etc. for free.

So my website, ToddsHealthWorld.siterubix.com, although it has the siterubix suffix name, I can totally get the site to rank and add all the apps that would allow the site to accept payments for products just like any other website online.

If you want a free functional website without up-sells, plus step by step training on how to manage your website, get the right kind of help here with my top ranked website building/online business training center.

Image that links to a free course to learn how to build your own online business.

What I Didn’t Like

Unfortunately, there are many cons about using the Wix Website Builder that have spurred numerous complaints from multiple customers. Here’s a few of the issues listed below.

Pick A Theme and Only One Theme – That Sucks!

With Wix Website Builder you have 529 templates to choose from, but once you choose your template, you’re stuck with it.

You can NOT change templates without loosing all the content and work you put into your original website.

This is like going backwards in technology.

With WordPress for example, if you want to change the look of your theme with a new template, it happens at the click of a button. All your content, photos, and hard work are transferred into a new template in a matter of seconds.

This is due to the structural system of WordPress and is not possible with the framework of Wix’s drag and drop editor.

So if you choose Wix, make sure you’re happy with your template before you start working on your site.

Hosting Disadvantages:

With Wix’s paid plans, you receive hosting for free. Hosting normally costs you around $5 dollars per month. So with wix it’ll run from $4.08/mo to $19.90/mo which seems reasonable.

However, if you want to have more than one website, this can start adding up because you’d have to buy a new plan every time you want a new site.

A screenshot of a Wix customer complaint saying the platform is expensive if you have more than one website.

Case In Point

Now maybe this doesn’t apply to you. But for me personally, I have several sites and I get free state of the art, super secure, Cloud Hosting for up to 25 sites using my All-Inclusive Website Building Service.

Mobile Flaws with Wix:

What do I mean by mobile flaws?

Well, mobile, or responsive, websites automatically self configure to adjust to whatever device that a user is on. Laptops, smart phones, or tablets all require your site to be mobile. If not, Google will punish your site by taking you out of the search results for people using mobile devices.

The trend is mobile and it’s not going away – not good for Wix website owners.

Almost all free WordPress themes and all paid WP themes are mobile responsive automatically. You don’t have to do a thing to make them mobile.

With the Wix website builder, you actually have to set up your mobile site and choose the display arrangement and it’s actually a second site.

This may be an advantage for some, but I prefer things that work automatic and don’t require more work on my part.

What are your thoughts?

Where’s The SEO?

As mentioned earlier, Wix Websites are not SEO friendly. Check out this customer complaint.

A complaint from a Wix customer saying his website is not appearing in Google.

Wix Customer Complaint About Website Not Being Picked Up By Search Engines Like Google

Part of the issue has to do with the way they display your page and post URL’s.

For example, with this post, my title is What Is Wix Website Builder and using WordPress, my URL is displayed as: www.learntogrowwealthonline/what-is-wix-website-builder.

This makes it easy for search engines to recognize and categorize my post and start to rank my post based on my content.

With Wix – The URL’s are displayed like this websitename/page/title.html. This makes it difficult for search engines like Google to understand and recognize what this post is about.

Look at this Wix customer complaint about not getting their site indexed..

A complaint about Wix mentioning a website he created has not been indexed in 5 months.

Click To Enlarge. More Wix Customer Complaints of Search Engines Not Able to Locate Your Website

With the Education that I received from the Wealthy Affiliate Training Center, I can get my Posts to Rank in hours.

That’s targeted traffic hitting people at the right time and the right place.

It’s called warm traffic and it’s what makes businesses tick!

Secondly: I’ve seen a lot of complaints that Wix’s Javascript editor has excessively high usage and is slow to load. Complaints of slow load times ranging between 10 – 20 seconds.

FYI: A website typically has about a 10 seconds window of opportunity to capture the attention of their user. If your site can’t load in that amount of time, the user leaves. This is not a good user experience and not what you want in your website.

You need to have a site that is quick and responsive in today’s online world if you want to captivate your audience, and this won’t happen using Wix websites.

Wix Website Builder eCommerce Issues

Wix offers a eCommerce package for $19.90 per month yet has some major limitations.

1.) You can’t import or export your products using programs like Microsoft Excel. If you sell on Amazon or have an Amazon Store, you can upload hundreds of products at one time. With Wix, you will have to upload your product details/photos/etc one at a time.

2.) You also can’t add SKU’s (stock keeping unit), so this will make it difficult to track the purchase and shipment of your products sold on your online store.

3.) There is no auto feature to calculate shipping costs, you will have to calculate this too.

4.) There’s also only one set tax rate per country. So if you ship within United States for example, you’ll have to figure out your tax rate for each individual state.

5.) You can’t sell digital products using Wix’s eCommerce Plan.

Are you kidding me? This is ridiculous when Wix is marketing this product to artists, photographers, etc. These type of customers will primarily want to sell digital products, i.e – songs, ebooks, pictures, etc.

6.) No personal login for return customers to your eCommerce site.

7.) No customizable emails for order confirmations – so you can’t put your brand logo on your outgoing emails.

Stop Wasting Your Time with Wix!

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How Much Does Wix Website Builder Cost?

Here is a complete up-to-date list of the 4 plans Wix offers their customers. They’re fairly economically priced as you can see below. Below you can see the difference between the Monthly and Yearly Rates.

A screenshot showing the Wix payment plans and prices.

Who’s Wix Website Builder For?

I think Wix is perfect for those that want to put up a creative site for fun or for. People like artists, bands, or photographers.

But if you want to make money off your site, that takes traffic and knowledge of how to optimize your site and content for search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. And for that reason, I recommend WordPress.

WordPress has 1,000’s of free themes/templates, 100,000’s of paid themes, 10,000 apps/widgets and more control over the uniqueness of how your site looks and functions. Plus WordPress has had billions of dollars invested in it’s technology.

There are currently 529 themes/templates with Wix and close to 60,000 Wix Websites. Now I imagine those numbers are a bit skewed due to the fact that people go on to Wix, play with a site, publish it, and never do anything more with it. I could be wrong.

But with 1000’s of users and only 529 templates out there, I would imagine your Wix Website is similar to 1000’s of other websites online.

Where’s the originality?

Final Thoughts on Wix:

Wix Website Builder is an incredible concept and I can’t wait to see what they come up with in the future.

But as of this moment, based on the number of issues and complaints, I wouldn’t recommend Wix for anyone serious about starting a website with the goal of making money.

If your goal is to bring traffic to your physical business or to build an online business, then I would strongly encourage you to sign up to the Wealthy Affiliate Training Center.

They offer 2 free websites and step by step training on how to build your site using WordPress.

They also offer keyword research, state of the art Cloud Hosting, weekly Webinars, excellent community support and personal guidance as you build your website and online business.

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Have a look at the comparison chart below and you’ll see that Wealthy Affiliate is the superior training program for building a profitable business website.

I hope you have a better understanding of what is Wix Website Builder, if you have any comments, questions or have any experience working with Wix, please leave me a comment below and I’ll get back to you right away.

Wix Website Builder

Free, Various Paid Memberships



  • Design a Simple Website in Minutes Using Their Wide Selection of Templates and Widgets
  • Drag and Drop Website Design. Very Easy for Beginners.
  • Cheap Plans.


  • You Can't Change Your Template Later. You Have to Stick to One.
  • Wix Websites Don't Rank Well in Google.
  • You Don't Have Many Customization Options. Your Widgets are Limited.
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