What to Promote on Your Website: The Products You Promote Matter

Promoting your site is important, but promoting it correctly is the key to financial success. Today we’ll discuss what to promote on your website and hopefully you’ll start to boost your site’s earnings.

If you recently created a website, wrote some content, targeted some keywords, and are seeing a steady flow of traffic, then you’ll probably want to know what to promote on your website.

Surprisingly, this is where a lot of people fail.

They’ll create a website, and do just about everything right… until it comes to making money from the website.

Do you promote affiliate products? Should you make your own product? Do you just try to collect leads?

What to do? Well, it’s actually not that complicated.

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What to Promote on Your Website?

Once again, the easiest thing to promote on most websites will be affiliate marketing products.

For ideal conversions, the product should be related to the content of your website.

It’s easy to find products on ClickBank, it’s the largest affiliate marketplace out there, and thousands of internet marketers use it to find products to promote.

There’s just one problem; there are loads of scams in this marketplace, a bunch of junk products litter the affiliate area.

It wouldn’t do you any good to promote a scam!

A picture showing the steps to making money with affiliate marketing.

I recommend new affiliate marketers buy the product before you decided to promote it.

That’s the only way to tell if the product is a scam or actually useful.

Of course, to avoid the risk of losing money to a scam, research the product beforehand. Yes, there are a lot of fake reviews for scams out there, but it’s usually easy to tell if a product is a scam or not.

If you’re not sure, take a look at this article where I list a lot of scam red-flags to keep an eye out for.

Selling Digital Products from Your Site:

ClickBank will let you find e-books and other products that you can promote as an affiliate, and some of the products have pretty good affiliate programs too.

See, new marketers who want to launch their product and collect as many affiliates as possible who often pay 100% commission to new affiliates. This is not always the case, but it tends to happen from time to time.

The reason they do this is because they want as many people promoting their product as possible and they want a list of affiliates for future products, it’s a win-win situation for product creators.

Then, later on down the road, all they have to do is change the affiliate commission, and they’ll have a steady stream of cash from all their affiliates.

It’s a strategy that most product creators use to promote new products. 

It’s also a great way to make money from a website. I’m not saying that you need to learn how to make a product.

But if that’s what you want to do then by all means go ahead.

ClickBank University is a solid product from ClickBank that we reviewed and gave a solid rating that teaches you how to create digital products.

The point I’m trying to make is that you can find products that will let you keep around 100% of the earnings.

You Can Always Find a Product to Promote:

And let’s not forget that there are 1,000’s affiliate marketplaces out there! 

There are two other big ones, mostly for products in the internet marketing niche; Warrior Plus and JVZOO.

JVZOO makes it pretty easy for affiliates to see which products are performing well and which ones are not.

It lists the refund rate right there for everyone to see, and obviously the products with a high refund rate are likely low value and probably scams.

Look for products that are from reputable sellers and don’t have a high refund rate.

Promote Brand Name Products on Your Webiste:

Too easy, just throw your brand name product in the old Google Monster, add the words affiliate program, and you’ll get all the info you need.

You can apply to almost any niche related affiliate program and get accepted as long as you have a niche related website.

I found Apple’s affiliate program in 2 seconds with a Google search of… Apple Affiliate Program.

A screenshot of Apple's affiliate program.

Here’s The Apple Affiliate Program To Promote High End Apple Products, Apps, and iTunes.

You’ll find most every product in the world has an affiliate program.

It might pay less than 10% commissions, but people who land on brand name sites (sent by you via your affiliate link), convert online sales at a much higher rate.

There’s A Product for Every Niche!

I know that you’re probably thinking you have to promote products in the internet marketing niche.

But that’s not the case.

There’s always something to promote!

Even if you make a website about cooking or some obscure topic, there’s a good chance someone has a product in that niche with an affiliate program you can join.

A screenshot showing the many industries and categories of affiliate programs.

Just some of the many things you can promote on your website!

On JVZOO, there’s a section where you browse products per category – and there are a lot of categories!

There are over 20 categories to choose from and that’s just with this one affiliate marketplace.

If you want to promote a product as an affiliate, check out the three marketplaces I mentioned in this article; ClickBank, Warrior Plus, and JVZOO.

Physical Products Bring Bigger Commissions:

Then again, if you don’t want to promote e-books are other courses as an affiliate, there are plenty of other options for you too.

Amazon, the largest online store in the world, has an affiliate program too, and hundreds of people use it to make a good amount of income online.

For more information, read this story about how a teenager created an Amazon review website and paid off his student loans in record time!

So, all it takes is to find a product on Amazon that’s related to the topic of your website, and include the affiliate link.

Sometimes all it takes is to write a review about a product you bought on Amazon and point people towards the same product, except you’ll earn a commission when they make a sale.

Membership Affiliate Programs are Awesome!

There’s another type of affiliate program you can promote; membership websites.

There are a lot of courses that require a monthly fee, and you can earn reoccurring commissions with these affiliate programs.

Almost every dating site has an affiliate program, and many of them pay up to 75% commissions. So many of the sites charge $30/mo and you make a reoccurring $22.50/mo. Imagine if you have 300 members that stay on 6 months at a time? That’s $7,750 per month from one affiliate.

Two of my favorite affiliate programs (and they’re not my favorite because of the income potential) are Thrive Membership and Wealthy Affiliate.

Need Help Making Money Online?

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Turn Your Website Into an Cash Machine:

The two programs I just mentioned are not only amazing affiliate programs, they teach you how to promote stuff online.

You’ll learn to build websites, sales funnels, email optin’s, you name it, they’ve got it covered.

Thrive is what I run on this site. It provides amazing website themes and functionality to a website.

Like sales pages (landing pages) email optin’s, etc. It’s a higher level education to improve one’s online business, after you’ve already got one started.

Click here to read our Thrive Architect Review.

Wealthy Affiliate is where everyone should get started out online.

It has a community and online business training center, it’s where I learned most of what I know about how to make money online. Their affiliate program is also awesome.

You can read my review about Wealthy Affiliate here. 

Thanks for taking the time to read this article! Hopefully, you now have a better understanding as to what to promote on your website.

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