Where Does My Site Rank in Google Search? Here’s What I Do

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If you have been asking yourself, “Where does my site rank in Google search?” than this article is for you.

Internet marketers are constantly talking about how to improve their rank in search engines.

And for good reason! They know that if they get to page #1 in Google, they’ll get a ton of FREE traffic.

And that typically equates to more MONEY!

If you’re new to the scene, there are a few things that you need to understand about Google and search engine rankings.

In today’s article we’ll show you how to accurately find your site rank in the search engine result pages of Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

We’ll also cover some simple tips that you can do now to boost your website rankings.

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Where Does My Site Rank in Google Search:

One thing that you should keep in mind is that your website can rank for many different keywords at a time.

1. Google Your Keyword Phrase:

This is probably the easiest and most accurate way to determine where your website is located in search engine results.

For the most accurate results, use an incognito mode to search your targeted keyword phrase.

If you’re not on page 1 in Google, this is the most tedious way to find your site’s rank.

You just have to do a Google search for your targeted keyword and see if you can find your website.

Most of the time, if the keyword is not particularly competitive, the article will be on the first page – sometimes the second – page and you’ll be able to find it without a problem.

Other times you’ll have to dig through page results. This is a pain in the rear and a huge time waster if it’s not on the first or second page!

2. Use Jaaxy – I Check My Rank In Seconds with Jaaxy:

It’s just a simple tool that not only determines your websites rank in Google but it provides you with a lot of great data that you can use to improve your site.

You can read exactly how I check my site rank in Google search with step by step directions in this post.

With Jaaxy, you get 30 free searches with their free trial membership.

You can use these to search for keyword phrases related to your website or simple check you post ranking.

I use Jaaxy every day for 50 cents per day and I use it to find targeted keywords as well as check my website rank.

You simply type in a keyword phrase and see where you rank for that specific keyword.

Since I’ve been using it, I understand keyword research better and that has helped me improve my website rank.

Here’s an example of a keyword phrase that I targeted.

I checked the rank using Jaaxy and then confirmed the rank in a Google Incognito Search.

Google search results for what is an affiliate website

Compare this to Jaaxy’s results of my post rank..

Jaaxy tool showing keyword positions in Google

I also use Jaaxy’s rank feature to give me feedback on which posts I should improve on through some SEO tricks.

If the post is ranking like I feel it should, I’ll take another look at it and see if I can improve upon it.

Plus I’ll get more social shares and comments on them to also improve rank (discussed below).

These are 2 ways to find where your site post rank in Google search, the most efficient is with Jaaxy, the slow and painful way is searching manually in Google.

If you want to learn more about how I optimize my website for search engines, read this article. 

If You’re Website Isn’t Ranking, Try This…

So, let’s assume that you used Jaaxy, and also searched manually for your keyword phrase, but you can’t find your website in search results.

There may be a few reasons for this, some which require time, and some which require a little more work. 

The absolute worst scenario is that Google removed your website from search engine results, and this can happen due to a number of reasons.

Google No No’s:

For starters, the website might have had too much duplicate content. That’s content that was not yours and you simply copy and pasted from another website.

Another reason may be because you have been trying to “trick” Google. There’s a lot of bad info out there. This is something that a lot of scams recommend, and something that will lead to your website being removed from Google.

For more information on why a website was removed from Google results, read Google policy here. 

Most of the time, a website won’t show up in Google because Google just needs more time to rank it.

Nowadays, Google works quite fast, and it can rank a website in a matter of seconds.

Sometimes it can take longer, but here are somethings that you can do to get your website to rank fast.

Logo of Google's webmaster tools

1. Submit The URL to Google Webmaster Tools:

One way that you can let Google know you published a new article is to submit it directly to the database.

This does not guarantee that the website will be indexed but it can improve indexing speeds.

I submit the URL of each article I publish manually and you should too, I also submit mine to Bing Webmaster Tools.

This will get your site indexed faster in Yahoo and Bing!

2. Share Your Content on Social Media:

Articles that have more social media shares are ranked higher in Google results, so make sure to share each article on social media.

Read this article about how to get fast, targeted, traffic from social media today! 

The simple act of sharing an article with your friends might be enough to make the article go viral and get a boost in search engine results.

It’s always worth a shot.

3. Get Comments:

Getting comments on your individual posts will help improve the trust in your website. Comments also add credibility to your content.

It’s questionable as to whether comments helps rankings. I’ve personally seen it boost a post rank. At other times, it seems all the comments in the world won’t push a post higher in the SERP’s.

We also know that comments add more content to a post. So that can improve rank if it adds value to the topic discussion.

However, comments can be faked, so why would Google give more rank to a post with more comments unless it’s the fact that it simply adds more content.

Comments Provide Valuable Feedback:

If people like the article, they’ll let you know, if they have a problem with the article, they’ll let you know.

It’s a cheap and free way to get feedback, feedback that you can use to improve your website and learn more.

One way I get comments is through Wealthy Affiliate, a social online business training center that I highly recommend.

There’s a feature called Site Comments where members exchange comments on one-another’s articles!

They’re in depth, quality comments that improve rank.

Read my full in-depth Wealthy Affiliate review! 

4. Inter-Link Your Articles!

When you write a new article, make sure to link to other articles that are related.

It not only improves search engine ranks but also makes it easier for your readers to find the content that will make their lives easier.

Link generously!

Every article should include a minimum of two links to other, related articles!

It’s always important to optimize your website from day one, that way you’ll be able to stomp out issues before they turn into bigger problems.

Now I’m going to share with you something that can make a huge positive difference in your online business.

When trying to boost website rank, most people will look for loopholes to exploit, but that often leads to more problems. Here’s what you need to know:

The absolutely best thing that you can do to improve your rank in search engine results is to write useful content that people want to share.

That’s it, there’s no need for sneaky tricks or loopholes.

If your website is not ranking in search engine results, chances are you’re content is simply not good enough.

What qualifies as good content?

Articles that are unique, well-written, informative, and motivate readers to take action.

For more tips, read this post on how to write articles that will rank in search engine results. 

That’s it. Plain as day.

SEO, Keywords and Google Rankings:

Another thing to consider is your keyword selection and placement.

If you’re not utilizing the right keywords that your niche audience is searching, you’re missing out on easy rankings and increased website traffic.

If this is the case, get our free eBook to learn exactly how to find the right keywords and where to place them.

Image that links to a free targeted traffic ebook

With that in mind, let’s see how to find site rank in google search.

Conclusion on Finding Your Site Rank in Google Search:

Now that you’re done with this article, I’m sure you have a clear idea about where does your site rank in Google search.

Before you head out and test Jaaxy, there are a couple of things I want you to remember!

For starters, the focus of your online business should not be money, it should be on people.

Does your website help someone?

Does it make it easier for someone to reach their goals?

The more people you help the more money will flow in your direction.

Remember that and you’ll be unstoppable! 

Liked the article? Please leave a comment below and let me know what you think!

Next time someone asks you “where does my site rank in Google search?”, send them our way. And feel free to comment below or socially share this post.

Until next time!

About the Author

Hi, I’m the founder of Learn to Grow Wealth Online. My goal is to help you create a brilliant online business. One that is profitable and will grow wealth for you and your loved ones well into the future. If you're willing to put in the effort, I can help you create your own source of online income.


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  1. Hi there,

    Fantastic page on finding your site rank in Google search and also a great source of information. This is truly a work of art. I will be coming back here again myself as you have a lot to offer.

    There is a mixture of content and images and this makes for an engaging experience. Do you have any tips on social media?

    You have truly pushed the boat out here…

    Fantastic and enjoyable.

    Best wishes..


  2. Hi Todd,

    Great insights there on how to find if your articles are ranked in Google. Doing it manually is my favorite method to know see exactly where my websites are ranked. To give perfect results, it is recommended your view them in incognito window.

    I was also able to get the knowledge that interlinking articles can improve your search traffic. Most people dont take advantage of this.


    1. Hi Tony,

      Absolutely, linking your posts also gives you site a little Google juice because it shows that other posts on your site are now resources for your current post.

      I honestly don’t have time to manually search Google for my post position. I like to know where I’m at and then take the next step to get post comments and share the post.

      Post comments will also really help your rankings with Google putting more emphasis on site interaction from site visitors.

      I also can see the SERP’s using Jaaxy so I can check out my competition with one source. Jaaxy costs me 50 cents per day, so it’s easily worth it to me.



  3. Wow, this is a very informative post with so much useful info on finding your site rank with Google.

    Indeed Jaxxy is a very useful tool. Thank you for sharing and going into so much detail, the keyword selection in Jaxxy will really help a lot and you explain it so well to help others get perfect results.

    I will be sure to make Jaxxy my bread and butter tool on a daily basis just like you do and I am determined to get it right this time.

    1. You can do it, it’s the best tool that has given me an extremely great advantage online.

      I highly recommend Jaaxy. Site rank is fun to check, but put the bulk of your time into your keyword research.

      I also highly recommend Wealthy Affiliate’s training courses to guide you as you put up your online business.

      I’m a lifetime member for good reason. Hope this helps.


  4. A very informative post Todd! You cover not only finding where your site ranks in Google but you also give some good tips on getting good rankings.

    I agree that posting content regularly in very important, but the thing that I have found makes the most difference to achieving good rankings in the search engines is keyword research. Finding good keywords that have sufficient traffic and not much competition takes time. When I started my website I didn’t pay enough attention to this and wrote some articles that no one was searching for.

    As for finding where my posts are ranking, I use Google Search Console to get an approximate position and Jaaxy when I want to know the exact ranking. Jaaxy is so easy to use and you can see whether your post is ranking higher or lower since you last checked. I used to search in Google to find my rankings but if you are not on the first few pages this is far too time-consuming.

    As a newbie, I used to waste time searching for my site in the search engines, this time, would have been much better spent writing content. When you are starting I know you want to see where your sites are ranking but it’s much better to wait a few months before worrying about your search engine positions.
    Thanks for a great post,

    1. Hi Peter,

      Great advice and thanks for sharing your experience. I’d have to say your assessment is dead on. We immediately want to see results in our Google rankings, but that shouldn’t be the focus.

      I can count wasted hours my first year online doing the same thing. The reality is as you say, spend that time creating useful, helpful, and keyword based content that’s going to allow your site to get in front of your niche audience.


  5. Hi there,

    You mention using big G’s search and some sort of incognito mode, I keep hearing about this “mode” Would you mind explaining what that is and how to do it so that I can check my own site and how it is performing.

    Thank you kindly in advance.

    1. No worries Derek, just go to your browser tab and right click it. There will be a menu that appears and choose New Incognito Window. There you go, search away without any past searches messing with your search results.

      For faster results, use Jaaxy. I do this and keep a running score on all my post rankings using Jaaxy and a spreadsheet. I track the number of comments and position along with average monthly searches and QSR.

      Don’t know what QSR is? Here you go..



  6. Hey Todd,

    Its been awhile since I’ve heard from you, what a wonderful post, very detailed and well-written as always! I wish I had come across this article sooner, I used to waste time wondering where my site posts rank in Google search way too much.

    I can’t find my website anywhere even after a week and after that, I just forgot about it and focused on content writing and it suddenly would rise up much faster.

    I guess sometimes the best way to rise in the almighty Google rankings is not to chase it, but to make it chase you (i hope it doesn’t sound weird)

    1. No Riaz, you have got it down. I found the same to be true. Forget about Google rankings and focus on providing useful content that matches your keyword phrase. Focus on building versus seeing the rewards of rankings and soon rankings will follow you.

      It’s a great statement and very true in my experience. Google’s job to rank content is to get the most helpful content that people want right away. Their algorythm updates always spank the cheaters and reward those that create helpful content.

      Thanks for your kind feedback and input on the discussion.

  7. Hey,

    I always try to find and use low competition keywords. Not just to trying but actually using.

    I tried this technique by going to Google and typing my keyword phrase. I found some of my posts in page 3 but most of them were futher and some of them I couldn’t even find.

    I’m wondering it’s because my website is very new or maybe it’s just not enough user engagement. I’ve submitted all of my posts in Google Webmaster Tools but even after that I cannot even find some of them.

    Thank you,


    1. Hi Jolita,

      Don’t over analyse it, a big part is that your site is new. The fact that you’ve got some posts on page 3 are awesome results for a new site.

      Focus on the keyword research and find keyword phrases that your niche audience would be searching for on a regular basis.

      Then focus on producing helpful content based on these popular keyword phrases that are being searched. As your content improves as well as engagement continues, you’ll climb right up to the top positions in Google/Yahoo/Bing.

      Follow my guide to create targeted traffic and you’ll do great if you’re producing helpful content.

      I want to give you a quick example of ranking. I paid a Fiverr writer $10 dollars using the keyword phrase.. How Does Fiverr Work. Google it, I’m right after Fiverr, position 3, page one in Google. Then Google how to write for Fiverr, and I’m in the same position.

      I originally couldn’t rank for months. So I added comments from fellow internet marketers and asked them to socially share the post. I personally socially shared it and after 2 months of checking it’s rankings, I just forgot about it and moved on.

      Two months later it’s page one and has been for years, I get over 600 new visitors to this post per month. So focus on producing the content and build the layers of foundation for your online business.

      Strive to help others and you’ll reap the benefits.



  8. Hi Todd,
    I continue to be both amazed and educated whenever reading any of your articles on your website. Although I have been a member of Wealthy Affiliate for some 17 months now, I find that I learn so much from simply reading the many great and informative articles you have on this site. The content that you publish provides me a fresh perspective on what it takes to be a successful marketer.

    For a fact and as you discussed when comparing two websites – one doing poorly the other well, is that the person who has a highly ranked website takes the time to publish highly useful and relevant content on his/her site.

    They say that content is king. However just publishing articles that are of no usefulness to the reader and in a haphazard fashion will not lead to the site being ranked highly and down the road the owner making money in his/her online business venture.

    You do everything so well with your content material, including as you suggested to your readers linking your other articles together that share the same or close to the same topic content.

    Thank you for continuing to publish such incredible content articles Todd. The reader in simply following what really is your training would eventually have his/her website ranked highly.


    1. Wow Jeff, such a cool comment and thanks for the amazing feedback. You’ve got it down, providing quality content that helps your niche audience (based on keyword research for keyword phrase that you niche audience is looking for) is the key.

      Matching up what people are looking for with keyword phrases is what Google’s job is. So your job is to provide that content, get the traffic, provide helpful products, and make online commissions.

      For those that may want my guide to creating highly targeted traffic, click this link and get your traffic manual today!



  9. Great post on learning how to find your site rank in Google. On a side note, I want to tell you that I think your site is a very sharp looking website, and easy to navigate through.

    You have a lot of good information, to help one understand the the different aspects of online business. I like the sidebar filled with different links to help with many things. I didn’t know if it was a good idea to have that many things on the sidebar. Is that working well for you?

    1. Hi Richard, thanks for your feedback on finding post ranking’s in Google as well as your feedback on my site.

      You know, I’ve struggled with my sidebar at times because I know that in general, side bars loaded with ads are somewhat ignored by the reader.

      So I took all my sidebars and instead of linking them to affiliates, I link most to the actual post that the picture is about. Then at the end (as you scroll down) I have an opt-in form where I give away my free Traffic eBook as well as my niche online business course.

      So far I think it provides, like you said, a smooth navigation process, and at the same time it gives my site a bit more color since it’s so clean looking.

      I’ve also tried it with just my opt-in and like it with the post/photo links instead. This theme doesn’t allow for no side bar. And I do like sites that don’t have side bars and realize that helps people focus on the content.

      Maybe a change in the future, but for now I’m OK with it.



  10. Google is King! Any entrepreneur building his own business along with a website should understand ‘rankings’ are important through Google.

    With the vast majority of eagar online marketers looking to generate an income from home, the availability of ‘keywords’ is also important.

    To rank as high as you can in the search results page, is what the online entrepreneur should strive to do.

    Years ago when I first started marketing online, there wasn’t too much information available.

    Your site offers a person full understanding regarding affiliate marketing, search engine optimization, and how to generate an income online and the like.

    This Important information provided to the up & coming online marketer gives them the strength they need to move forward.

    1. Thanks Ronald for your kind feedback. This is what stumped me and I guess I became somewhat obsessed about it. If this info can help new or more advanced marketers, then I’ve done my job.

      I’ve found in my travels that there are so many bloggers out there that need to understand basic SEO and keyword research. To learn all my traffic secrets, check out our Free Laser Targeted Traffic eBook and you’ll be good to go.

      Thanks and take care,


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