WP Affiliate Machine: Is It a Scam? Find Out Here

Heard about WP Affiliate Machine and wondering if it's a scam? In this WP Affiliate Machine review, I take a look at the product to see how it compares to our favorite training center. Shocking details inside. 

​WP Affiliate Machine Review Summary: 

Rating: ​20/100

Pros: ​Free review templates. 

The Cons: ​​Loads 30 product reviews into your website. These are PLR reviews, so everyone who buys the product uses them too. Duplicate content. The reviews are low quality too. Expensive. 

The Bottom Line:

Not something I recommend. It attempts to skip the work and get right into the money, a strategy that never works. If you're really looking for something that works, try out my recommended program. They offer 10 free classes, no strings attached. And all the tools and support you need to become successful online.


Wanna check out our WP Affiliate Machine video review instead? Here ya go!

What is ​WP Affiliate Machine?

WP Affiliate Machine by Ankur Shukla promises that you can have a full-scale, high-converting affiliate website up and running in a matter of minutes, without having to lift a finger.

WP Affiliate Machine book cover

Sound a little too good to be true? 

Let me explain how WP Affiliate Machine works. The product is a WordPress plugin so you'll need a hosting account, and a WordPress installation.

When you activate the plugin, it will pull a bunch of affiliate marketing reviews of various products and load them into your website (total of 30 reviews). From there all you have to do is add you affiliate links and hit the publish button.

Then it's only a matter of time before the sales start coming in...right?

As it turns out, it's not nearly that simple, and there are a few alarming red-flags you need to know about...

​Who is Ankur Shukla? 

​Ankur Shukla is what I like to called a serial product creator. These are internet marketers who ​launch new products every month or so, and most of them are quite similar. 

This guy has so many products under his name out there, most of which are questionable in quality. ​Nevertheless, according to his website, he became the top seller on JVZOO by launching 19 products a year. 

​We won't be mentioning all of them here, but ​you can try searching for this on Google: "From the desk of Ankur Shukla" (with quotation marks) and see how many products appear (Google says ​​2,520 results). 

Google Search results reveal many similar products from the same creator of WP Affiliate Machine

​Some more products by Ankur Shukla...

​After looking at the Google results, it looks like most of the products are quite similar.

For instance...

  • Most of them are WordPress plugins.
  • They all use the same sales page template too.
  • Each one also has it's own private YouTube video. 

Although most of the products seem to be in the borderline scam territory, some are not too bad, albeit a bit expensive. It wouldn't be fair to say they're all scams.

Affiliate marketing success stories!

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​WP Affiliate Machine Warning: 

​The reviews loaded into your website are the same for everyone who buys the product. In other words, everyone is using the same reviews, which means everyone is using duplicate content

As we know, Google doesn't appreciate websites that have too much duplicate content. If you use WP Affiliate Machine's articles, and don't add anything new, then your website will be almost 100% made from duplicate content. 

These kind of websites will never rank well in Google organically because Google likes websites that provide value and unique content, not duplicate content. Since you most likely won't rank, you won't bring in any traffic, and that means no sales. That whole batch of content is pretty much worthless.

WP Affiliate Machine is similar to outdated products we've reviewed like Rapid Content Wizard, Killer Content System, and The Magic Submitter to name a few.

It's kind of like filling your website with PLR articles and eBooks and expecting to make thousands of dollars.

To summarize, if you fill your entire website with copy-and-pasted content, chances are slim they'll bring in any traffic, much less sales.

The worst part:

​The reviews aren't ​good. Most of them aren't even over 600 words. ​​​

Do this instead: 

Write your own content, or at least, hire someone to write for you. The website with the best content will always win. Not sure how to do that? Read this post about How to Write Quality Content.

I know, sitting down and writing for your website, over and over, doesn't sound like fun. But it doesn't have to be a choir, it can actually be fun if you are passionate about what you're talking about & you know how to do it correctly and efficiently. Shoot, with Google voice dictation tool, it's just like a simple conversation.

And the results are well worth the effort. Once you build traffic that ranks, it's easy to make money over and over again, 24 hours per day/7 days per week.  😉

Image that links to a free course to learn online marketing.

WP Affiliate Machine Pros:

​Here's what we liked: 

1. ​Free Review Templates! 

Yes, I don't think using the provided reviews for your website is a good idea. On the other hand, you can borrow the titles and headlines, switch them around a bit, and use them to write your own reviews. In short, they hand you some free templates, which could make your writing task a little easier. 

Cons to WP Affiliate Machine: 

​Where to begin... 

1. Expensive, for What It Is:

Essentially, the plugin loads 30 reviews into your website, and they charge you $14.95 for that. I don't think it's worth the money, honestly. If you're new to content marketing, you're going to have a challenge ranking if you don't know How to SEO your Website. Building a website that's optimized for search engines isn't hard, but you've got to have the right information, otherwise it's a waste of time. 

2. Duplicate, Spam Content:

​Everyone who buys the product will use the same reviews. When everyone is using the same reviews, no one will benefit. I know you don't want to hear it, but unique, well-written reviews perform way better than copy-and-paste junk. Write your own reviews! It's worth it, trust me. 

3. Each Product Needs an Affiliate Link:

You need to add your own affiliate links to each of the 30 product reviews. That means signing up for multiple affiliate platforms and applying to be approved as an affiliate, a process that takes time. Many affiliate programs don't accept low quality websites or those with little organic traffic.

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4. No Refunds, Unless for Technical Issues:

They'll only grant refunds if you run into technical issues with the plugin. They don't offer no-questions-asked refunds. Since chances are slim you'll run into an issue loading articles into your site, you can be certain they won't grant a refund. 

5. Owner is a Serial Product Creator:

​This is one of the ​hundreds of products he ha​s, which are mostly the same. For example, I found another product by the same creator called WP Auto Content which is almost identical to WP Affiliate Machine.

Except WP Auto Content straight up steals content from other websites and uploads it to yours. I wouldn't be surprised if WP Affiliate Machine is out there under a different name with the exact same sales page with the name swapped out. ​

Is ​WP Affiliate Machine a Scam? 

​Although the reviews aren't useful, it does deliver something so I can't say it's a scam. I can say it's a low quality product, and not one that will help your business in the slightest. Most of these products sound good on paper, who doesn't want to skip the writing work?

But it never works out. The only way it would work is if those reviews were unique, written by professional writers, and only sold to one person a time. That's not the case here.

If you need a custom built affiliate website, one with original content that's optimized for search engines, I'd encourage you to read our post..."7 Reasons to Buy Ready Made Niche Websites". It's produced by a well known and trusted company by the name of Human Proof Designs.

Overall, WP Affiliate Machine doesn't make it easier for you to reach your income goals. I mean, you'll probably spend more time editing the reviews than you would writing a whole new one from scratch. 

A Much Better Alternative: 

WP Affiliate Machine is not recommended. Instead, if you're looking for way to kickstart your online ventures, I recommend joining my favorite online business training center. One of the great things about my favorite training center is it's not just a bunch of training videos thrown into your face.

It's an online community full of members just like you trying to build successful websites. And tons of successful online marketers that have already been there, done that, to help guide you along the way.

The best part is you can take a sneak peak at their 10 free training lessons, with no commitments. 

​Thanks for taking the time to read this WP Affiliate Machine review. Be careful with these kind of products that are so obviously made from a template.

Chances are good there are plenty of different versions of the same product out there, trying to squeeze as much cash out of people as possible. Do you have experience with these kind of products? Leave a comment below.

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